I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 176

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carn (4)

Carn’s thinking stopped. Ben is lying on the floor, bleeding, and Ran is sitting next to him. 

“Ah, father!” 

Kaan, who suddenly came to her senses, approached Ben. She turned over his face and hurriedly checked his condition. 

However, his breath had already been cut off and he had become a cold corpse. with his throat cut.

Kaan used recovery magic. 

Of course, there was no recovery of the wounds of the already dead body. 

She poured all her magic power and continued to use recovery magic, but eventually gave up. 


Kaan shook Ben’s motionless body. 

his head hung down. 

is this a dream Are you having a nightmare? 

The dead Ben’s appearance was unrealistic. 

Doesn’t it make sense? 

I just went home after buying the muffins Ran asked for, why is this… 

Kaan was blank for a while, then looked away. 

Ran was just looking down at me with an expressionless face. 

“Yes, Ran. How did this happen? Why is my father…?”

Kaan discovered it belatedly. 

The bloody sword in Ran’s hand. Ran said in a dry voice. 

“Carn. I did it.” 

“······What are you talking about, that’s it.” “Can’t you see? I killed your father.” 

Kaan couldn’t understand what Ran was talking about. 


I could barely utter a single question. Ran answered. 

“I’m actually a demon.” 


“The first time I approached you was because you were an important material for the resurrection of the Demon Lord. 

“······What the hell are you talking about······.”

“So, I’ve been waiting for the devil’s seed to bloom, standing by your side and watching you all this time. But now there’s no need to do that. Because the Demon Lord has been resurrected.” 

Ran dropped his bloody sword on the floor and stood up. 

“I was originally going to kill both of you and leave, but I thought it would be more fun this way. I won’t specifically kill you, Kaan. Then get along.” 

Ran walked out of the room. 

Kaan sat stunned, then staggered to his feet. She and she left the room. 

However, Ran’s figure had disappeared before he knew it. 

Kaan’s legs gave way and she sat back down. 

She was left alone in a house where only the fishy smell of blood lingered. 


On the way back to Rapid City, Aindel sensed something strange and summoned the holy sword. 


Four lines of brilliant light were flowing from the holy sword. 

Aindel looked at the holy sword in disbelief. 


Why were all the conditions for the Holy Sword met? She picked up her speed as she felt her heart sink. 

······Could it be a demon? A source horse so powerful that even the 7 lords couldn’t handle it? 

What the hell happened to Caan while he was away for a while? 

Arriving at Kaan’s house, an unimaginable sight unfolded. 

Aindel, who entered the house, was able to find Kaan. 

The sight of her holding the dead Ben and staring down in awe. 


When his name was called, Kaan raised his head. 

His eyes were empty, like those of a dead person. 

Aindel swallowed dry saliva and slowly sat down beside her. 

With a sword wound on his neck, Ben seemed to have been dead for quite some time. 

If he had died not too long ago, he could have been saved with the power of the holy sword. But now it’s too late. 

Kaan opened her mouth. 

“······Ran killed it.” 


“Ran killed my father. He said he was a demon, and everyone was deceiving me…” 

Aindel’s mind was filled with confusion. 

The seven lords killed Kaan’s father… 

Besides, what do you mean by demons? 

The 7 Lords are absolutely not demons. And he’s a clear ally. 

There is no lie in that fact.

Aindel was able to come up with an assumption. 

Why did the Seven Lords kill Kaan’s father? 

‘no way.’ 

Aindel bit on his teeth. 



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She first took care of Ka-an, who seemed to be in danger. 

I put my hand on Kaan’s forehead. 

“Carn, rest for a while.” 

The power of the holy sword enveloped Kaan’s body. She lost her consciousness as if falling asleep. 

Aindel moved Kaan to a bed in another room and immediately left the house. 


As soon as I left the house, I felt a presence. The Seven Lords were calling. 

Aindel moved to the place where the 7 Lords were.

An alleyway close to the house, where the 7 Lords were waiting. 

“······Seven Lords.” 

Aindel’s expression froze coldly. 


The sun had set a little, and the darkness was slowly sinking. 

After coming out, I went into a deserted alleyway and sat with my back against the wall. 


My head is a little dizzy. It was hard for her to look at Kaan’s face any longer, so she ran away. 

did a terrible thing 

As I came out of the house full of blood and was exposed to the cold wind, the realization of what had happened became clearer.

‘······What should I have done?’ 

How should I have done it? in that situation. I can’t risk getting Ben close to Kaan. 

With all the facts out there, Ben had to deal with it one way or another on the spot. 

He couldn’t even tell Kaan the truth. 

Even if I explained the mystery of possession in the first place, could he believe it? 

The Demon King has been resurrected. 

Whether to give up the succession or somehow complete the succession, the decision had to be made hastily. 

In the meantime, Ben died… and a suitable situation was created to satisfy all conditions. 

All those thoughts were intertwined, and in the end I made this choice. 

There are regrets. 

But no matter how I thought about it, this was for the best. 

Kaan’s expression flashes through my mind again. I bowed my head. 

‘······Were all the remaining conditions met?

If all the conditions for the Holy Sword are met with this, the hero will soon return. 

As time passed, I felt the presence of the warrior returning to Kaan’s house. 

I channeled my magic and called the hero. 

Soon, she came to where I was and looked at me with cold eyes. 

“······Seven Lords.” 

I got up from my seat. The warrior walked in front of me. 


A sharp voice that seems like it’s going to cut your skin. I asked first.

“…Have all the conditions for succession been met?” 

The hero summoned the holy sword without a word.

Four beams of light flickered faintly from the holy sword. 

Looking at it, I could see that all the conditions for succession were indeed met. 

After all, to Kaan, it means that I am a person who believed enough to meet the conditions. 

“Did you really do this for succession?” 


“Is it all because of this that I have been close to Kaan in the same house?” 

“Not really. But it’s like this.” 

“Seven Lords, what the hell are you…!” 

The warrior’s face twisted fiercely. 

“Listen, warrior.” 

I slowly started explaining. 

What happened while she was away. 

About the person with the mystery of possession that I had been chasing for a long time, and about his purpose. 

From the information Asher brought to him, from the realization that Ben and Nome were the same person, to the conversation with Ben, to the fact that he took his own life, and in the meantime to come up with a way to fulfill all the conditions for succession, all the truth. 

After hearing all the explanations, the hero stood idly by for a while. 

Her expression changed moment by moment, and finally she opened her mouth quietly. 

“Seven Lords, what is the secret you are hiding?”


“Even when you knew about the succession, even when you talked to the Holy Sword separately, I didn’t ask anything. I didn’t try to dig into your secrets. Because I believed it.” 


“You always told me the truth. But now it’s hard to understand. That Kaan’s father has the mystery of possession, that he’s trying to take Kaan’s body, how did you…” 

I cut her off and answered. 

“Because I partially know what will happen in the future.”


“That’s why I knew about succession and the mystery of possession. That’s the secret I’ve been hiding all along.” 

The warrior stared blankly at me and then asked again. 

“Was this really the best?” 


“Betraying that child, making him lose his father, and letting him go through that kind of despair…” 


I still think this method was the best. But at the same time, I also thought it was the worst way. 

“I totally ruined that kid’s life. But now there’s no turning back.” 

I met the hero’s eyes and said. 

“Inherit the holy sword, hero.”

The hero was silent for a while, then turned around. 

“······Sorry, Lord 7. My indecision drove you that way.” 

The warrior left with only those words for the last time. 

Left alone, I just stared at the spot where she left. 


I went back to Caan’s house. she was still asleep 

Aindel waited for her to wake up without forcibly waking her up. 

Soon Kaan awoke. Raising her body, Kaan looked around her blankly, then looked at Aindel, who was sitting next to her. 

“······Del, I was dreaming, right?”

Kaan asked with pale eyes. 

“It’s a dream, right? There’s no way that could have happened. It’s impossible that Ran killed his father…” 


“······Answer me. Say it’s a dream, please.” 

Aindel shook her head without saying anything. 

Kaan gasped, then got out of bed and walked to Ben’s room. 

Ben was lying on a bed in a clean, tidy room. 

Aindel had erased the bloodstains and treated Ben’s body so that it would not rot. 

“Ugh, ugh…” 

Kaan collapsed beside him, sobbing. For a while. 

Aindel just stood in front of the door and watched it.


A few days passed. 

Aindel moved to the Great Mountains of Ramon with Kaan. 

To the mountain cabin where the father and daughter lived. They buried Ben’s body in the backyard of the cabin and made a grave. 

It was all Kaan wanted. 

“Del, what is the devil seed?” 

Kaan asked, staring blankly at Ben’s grave. 

“He said. I was an important material for the resurrection of the demon king. 

Aindel let out a small saliva. 

It was a lie that the 7 lords told to deceive Kaan.

“The devil’s seed is…” 

Aindel explained to Kaan about the Demon Seed. Kaan murmured after hearing her explanation. 

“After all, my father died because of me.” 

“No, Kaan. That’s…” 

“Leah dies, and so does her father. Why do demons do such things?

Aindel answered. 

“There’s no reason. It’s because they’re inherently that way.” 


Kaan, who had been silent, rose from her seat and spoke. 

“Dell, I want to kill all the demons.” 


“If that’s their true nature, they’re all meant to disappear from this world.” 

Aindel did not answer. Kaan looked at her. 

“So I have to become stronger. Please inherit the sword from me.” 

Aindel closed her eyes tightly. And slowly floated again. 



“My real name is Aindel, a warrior with a holy sword.” 

In the end, everything happened because of his own hesitation. 

As the 7 lords said, there was no turning back now. 


I’m so sorry, Kaan.

“You inherit the Holy Sword and become a warrior who succeeds me. And defeat the Demon King.” 

The holy sword summoned in the air emits a brilliant light. 

Kaan stared at the light as if possessed. 

3 years passed.

I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 175I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 177
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