I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 178

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war clouds (2)

Shintoe, who guided us into the forge, moved to the innermost space.

Several high-level Dwarves were guarding the entrance, and it was a place that looked like Shintoe’s personal space. 

Upon entering, a sword and a pair of armor were placed on a huge table that looked like a crafting table. 

“Is that it?”

“That’s right.”

An armament crafted by the continent’s best blacksmith with the minerals of Octea, the Devil’s World. 

The jet-black glowing sword and armor gave off a mysterious atmosphere that seemed to be sucked in.

Sintoe brought them and held them out to Asher. Ashley accepted it with a slightly nervous look.

After accepting the equipment, he was standing still, so I said. 

“Can I try it on right here?”

“Of course. So, did you try to leave without showing the blacksmith who made the equipment in use?”

Soon, Asher took off the armor she was wearing and started putting on a new one.

The armor Shintoe made was different from the light armor she usually wore, and it was heavy armor that she would only wear in war.

“How are you?”

When I asked, Asher moved her body around and answered. 

“Because I’m not used to heavy armor like this, I honestly thought it would feel uncomfortable… but it’s not at all.”

Shintoe let out a laugh. 

“Try swinging the sword.”

Asher grabbed the sword with both hands and swung it.

After swinging it a few times, it poured magic power with the trait activated.

Asher’s pure white magic rose from the jet-black blade. 

I looked at the scene and admired it inwardly.

When I first saw the sword and armor, I thought at first glance that it would not suit Asher very much externally because it was black, but the combination of the two contrasting colors was more atmospheric than I thought.

Asher looked at the sword surrounding the sword body with a surprised expression. 

“I was also surprised when I made it. I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t expect something this great to come out. Isn’t it amazing magical power conductivity?” 


I don’t know what it is, but looking at Asher’s reaction, the performance of the weapon was better than expected.

“Can I really accept these?”

Shintoe nodded his head in satisfaction.

I also thought it was good that Asher had good equipment.

“Thank you for making such a good weapon, Lord 1. I would like to thank you again.”

“All of them were made thanks to you, the 7 lords, getting rid of the evil thoughts dwelling in the ore. Thanks to me, I got a good material.”

After that, the 1st lord said he was busy with other things to do, so I decided to go right away.

As I left the smithy, I glanced at the giant golems lined up on the side of the smithy.

“They are war golems that the overlord asked to make.”

Shintoe, who followed to see off, also looked at the golems and said. 

“I made it with the help of the 4 lords. The soul is a field he is well versed in. If the war with the demons begins, he will be used as a weapon.” 


“Seven Lords, what are you fighting for?”

At the sudden question, I turned my gaze to Shintoe.

“If the demons win the war, this continent will become a land where no races remain except for the demons.

”… … yes.”

“And you, the Seven Lords, wouldn’t want a world like that either.

I didn’t know what Shintoe wanted to say, so I just made eye contact with him.

Soon after, Shintoe sighed and shook his head. 

”… … It was nothing. Lately, I’ve been feeling old-fashioned. By all means, when the war begins, you, the 7 Lords, will do your best. Even if it’s not for Calderic, it’s for this continent.”

It was a very natural thing to say. 

“of course.”

After greeting Shintoe, I and Asher climbed on Tiyong’s back.

“Let’s go. Tiyong.”

What is the old age of Shintoe, the monarch who is the deepest root of Calderic?

I thought about it while flying, and then gave up.

Other things were just fine. Right now, the only issues I need to focus on are the Demon Lord and the holy sword.

‘If only I could defeat the Demon King… … .’

But if the demon lord is safely defeated, what will remain after that?

That much was still unknown.

* * *

Saintea Elsandor, Nainberg’s mansion. 

Kang! Caang!

Two women are clashing swords in the gymnasium. 

Aindel raised her sword and slashed Kaan’s sword.

Kaan used the recoil as it was to turn his body and aim for his side.

Aindel let go of the sword this time and naturally made Kaan’s sword strike the floor.


Looking at Aindel’s blade pressing down on his own, Kaan let out a short sigh.

Aindel said as she drew back her sword.

“Good job. Let’s finish our morning sparring here.” 



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Kaan ran through her sweaty hair and caught her breath. 

The youthful atmosphere of the past could no longer be found in her grown-up appearance.

“Mr. Nainberg, what’s for breakfast this morning?”

Nainberg, who was watching the sparring, answered Kaann’s question.

“I’m going to make egg soup. The priests will bring some eggs.”

“Oh, that sounds good. Then I’ll go and wash it.”

After tidying up, Kaan hummed and went out of the gymnasium.

Nainberg said to Aindel.

“It seems like I’m getting more and more like you. Isn’t that right, Aindel?”

“Resemblance, what?”

“Regardless of appearance. Could it be that the power of the holy sword worked?” 

“Can it be?”

Aindel shook her head.

Three years have passed. The map that Aindel brought Kaan to the mansion in Nineberg.

A secret place was needed to hide Kaan’s existence and train him.

So, instead of going back into the mountains, she chose the shelter of a trusted companion.

Now that Nainberg knew about the succession, he was assisting Kaan’s growth with all his might.

All three of them live in this spacious mansion. 

Nainberg was in charge of all the chores, and the visits were limited to the village headman or church priests bringing food materials.

“Are the demons still silent?”

During the meal, Kaan was eating soup and asked Nainberg. 

Nainberg answered after wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“It is.”

“It looks like you’ll be waiting like this, right? I hope Aindel’s condition gets worse.”

“Well, maybe that’s the case. No one knows exactly what they’re up to.”

Nineberg glanced at Aindel. She opened her mouth too.

“Kaan, don’t worry. You’ve become strong enough. You can inherit the holy sword anytime.”

Over the past few years, under the guidance of Aindel and Nainberg, Kaan has achieved tremendous growth.

At this rate of growth, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they will reach the level of five stars within the next 10 years.

Of course, if he inherited the holy sword, he didn’t even need that kind of time.

“It’s still not enough.”

However, Kaan immediately showed an expression that he didn’t like something. 

I replied.

“There are still a lot of things I have to learn from Aindel. Isn’t it too early to inherit?”


“I ate well. I’ll get up first.”

After emptying the soup, Kaan stepped out of the restaurant.

Nainberg and Aindel stared at their backs.

“That child must have guessed everything. What will happen if I inherit the holy sword.”

“I guess so.”

“Tsk, that’s ironic. Why the hell is the holy sword…”


Red blood ran down the tablecloth.

Nainberg widened his eyes and rose from his seat. 



Aindel raised her trembling hand. 

“Lower your voice, Nainberg.”

She wiped the blood from her mouth, and wiped away all the blood that had fallen on the table and floor with her hand.

Nainberg watched the scene with a little empty eyes.

“There’s no such thing as a face like that. Didn’t you know everything?” 

”… … How long do you have left?”

“It must be half a year at most.”

Aindel took a deep breath and asked.

“Nineberg, if you see anything, stop talking about it. My end is not far anyway.”

* * *

Returning to the room, Aindel sat down at the table and stared into empty space. 

It just stayed that way for a while.

Now, Kaan has grown enough to inherit the Holy Sword without difficulty.

If the holy sword is inherited, the task is over. The only thing left to do is leave it to Kaan.

Also, after inheriting the holy sword, Aindel’s death was certain. 

Until now, she had barely managed to maintain her body, which had been destroyed by the power of the holy sword, and the life she would have died in the decisive battle with the demon king.

It was decided what would happen to Aindel’s body if all of that power was passed on to Kaan.

Kaan also vaguely knew that fact, so he did not welcome the succession.


Aindel looked around, which had turned into a pure white space. 

Someone was sitting on the other side of the table.

She stared at the vaguely human-shaped being and opened her mouth.

“How does the succession of the Holy Sword work?” 

The Holy Sword answered.

– If you, the current owner, wish, or if you die, it will happen immediately.

“Please explain more clearly.”

– No matter how far away you are from the heir, no matter what situation you are in, succession will happen.

At that, Aindel nodded with a slightly relieved expression. 

– In the end, is that your choice?


– It will be a miserable end. For the last time, you can close your eyes by the side of your loved ones. You deserve it, Aindel.

Aindel did not answer.

The figure of the holy sword disappeared, and the surroundings returned to the room where she was alone.

And at the same time a knock sounded. 

“Come in, Kaan.”

Aindel said in a calm voice. 

The door opened and Kaan entered.

“What’s happen?”

said Kaan hesitantly, scratching his head. 

“I… I want to apologize. I think I said it too harshly earlier.”

Aindel laughed softly and stood up. She and she stroked Kaan’s hair.

Kaan also laughed and said. 



“I don’t want to rush the succession. At least until the demons move, it’s okay not to do that.”

“I see.”

”… … Doesn’t it suddenly disappear somewhere? Promise me it’s not like that.”

Aindel’s eyes flickered for an instant. But she quickly regained her composure.

She replied with a smile. 

“It’s not like that. I promise you.”

* * *

After receiving Asher’s equipment and returning to the monarchy, I received a sudden call.

The hero had contacted me saying that he had something important to say and that he would come to my place.

‘What’s going on?’

I rode Tiyong and went out to the forest near the monarchy.

The hero who arrived less than half a day after contacting him was waiting in the middle of the forest.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face, 7 Lords.” 

”… … okay.”

I went straight to the point.

“What’s important to say? Is it related to Kaan?”

the warrior replied.

“I’ll head for Oltero from now on.”


“I came to say my last goodbye before leaving. That’s all.”

I was speechless, stood still, and closed my eyes tightly. 

does this happen in the end?

“I will die.”

“Yes. I’m going to die.”


“Kaan’s growth for the succession has come to an end. And I have less than half a year left in my lifespan.”

If the holy sword is inherited, the hero loses all power and dies anyway. 

Then, the last remaining life will be used to damage the demons before the war begins.

That’s what the warrior was saying. 

I was silent for a while, then spoke again.

“How about leading the alliance and striking the demons first?” 

“I know what you want to say, but I can’t.”


“There is no need for the allied forces to fight in their territory. If I die anyway, the demons will immediately start an invasion. And this way, Kaan can buy a little more time to adapt to the power of the holy sword.”

The hero’s judgment was extremely reasonable, so I couldn’t say anything more.

“Did you talk to Kaan?”

“No. I didn’t. It will hurt that child again.”

“The existence of the successor is still unknown to anyone. What are you going to do after you die?”

Of course, the reason why he hid the succession until now was because of the demons.

If they knew that there was someone to inherit the hero’s strength, and that there was no point in waiting for the hero to become weaker, it was obvious that they would not drag off the invasion any longer.

However, there was still a problem with that. The solidarity of the union that was united around the warriors.

It was because when the hero died and it was suddenly known that a new hero inherited the power of the Holy Sword, many people had doubts about him and confusion could come.

“If Kaan changes into my form with the power of the holy sword, there won’t be any problems.”


“Of course, Kaan could reject him. In that case, even if confusion comes, we can’t help it, but we will officially announce the fact about the succession. “

is it.

Although there was no way that Kaan would defy the will of the champion and cause chaos.

The warrior continued.

“Seven Lords, when you said earlier that you have the ability to know the future, I was really surprised. Because my colleague Nainberg has a similar ability. Did you know that too?”

”… … no.”

“Nineberg sometimes possesses the mystery of being able to see an unexpected future. However, the future seen through that mystery cannot change the outcome. However, it is possible to change only the process of reaching the outcome, so with that ability, even during the Great War of the past, We were able to minimize the damage as much as possible.”


“Nineberg saw the future of me dying to the demon king. So, that is now a certainty. However, until I die at the hands of the demon, how much damage I can inflict to him and how much I can reduce the power of the demons are up to me. I ran. So my death won’t be meaningless.”


I know everything. Because it was like that in the game too.

The hero who headed to Olteroro will kill many demons there and face a solemn end.

‘I’d rather go with you.’ 

I wanted to say that.

Even if you, the hero, are killed by the demon lord, with your help, I may be able to kill the demon lord.

He still regretted rejuvenating Kaan with the burden of succession.

Maybe this is our last chance to end it all with the least amount of sacrifice… … .

“I will head to Olterore alone.”

As if such a sign appeared on my face, the hero spoke with a firm voice.

In an instant, a scene flashed through my mind.

A hero who turns to ashes in front of the demon king and scatters. And I, helplessly watching the scene, collapsed.

Until now, there have been times when I have often felt a sense of déjà vu at every moment of choice. 

This time, like the time he saved Rigon from the Tyrant, it was uniquely vivid and intense.

“So I’m asking Kaan. Help him defeat the Demon King.”

In the end I couldn’t say anything. 

Aindel smiled faintly.

“Thank you, Seven Lords. I don’t know what you think of me, but I’ve always considered you an ally.”

The warrior turned around as it was. It was an early farewell. 

I leaned on his back and called his name.


she turned her head.

“Me too. I will definitely defeat the demon king.” 

Aindel smiled once more.

A golden ray of light that rose from the ground cut through the sky and went away in an instant.

* * *

Allterrore, Demon King’s territory.

On the way to the entrance of the demon castle, Metheis, who had an army stationed there, raised his head.


A streak of light, like a meteor, was coming this way from the other side of the sky.

Instinctively sensing what it was, Protheus shuddered with goosebumps.

The next moment, there was a flash of light, like an exploding sun. 

Thousands of demons evaporated at once in the huge glow that covered the land.

It was literal evaporation. They disappeared without leaving even a handful of ashes.


Matteis, who barely survived, let out a scream from the terrible pain that burned his whole body.

With blurry vision, I could barely spot the existence descending to the ground.

“Hero, nenoooum…!”


Then, it split in half and met its end. 

Aindel withdrew her sword and gazed at the shape of the demon castle in the distance, then moved on.

The crystal that stretched high into the sky, where the demon king had been sealed for decades, was no longer visible.

“I’m here, demons.”

In response, a huge energy rose from the Devil’s Castle. 

“The man you feared so much has arrived.”

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