I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 179

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Aindel (1)

Aindel moved towards the Demon Castle. Remembering the great wars of the past.

When the invasion of the demons began, it was Saintea who had no choice but to fall victim first.

Geographically, Sainttea had to fight the most desperately because it was a land bordering Olterore.

Aindel was an ordinary girl in a rural village. Her father was a retired knight, and the only swordsmanship she learned was the self-defense swordsmanship she learned a little from her father.

And one day, the village was destroyed by an attack by demons. People were trampled and died horribly, and Aindel was barely able to escape because of his father’s sacrifice.

It suddenly appeared in front of Aindel, who lost all of her family and was thrown alone into a steep mountain in despair.

The sword that emitted sacred golden light introduced itself as a holy sword.

He also recommended accepting his power and defeating the demons. 

No reason, no explanation whatsoever.

However, Aindel, who had no other choice, accepted the offer of the holy sword. That’s how she was chosen by the holy sword.

Trapped in a white space where nothing existed, when she swung her sword to such an extent that she completely lost her sense of how much time had passed, she was finally able to accept all the power of the Holy Sword and return to her original world.

Since time in the outside world barely passed since I started being trapped in white space, nothing had changed either.

Aindel first began to eradicate all the demons that had invaded Saintea.

The power of the demons was so strong that mankind was no different from a candle in front of the wind, but with the appearance of Aindel, they were able to barely overcome the hurdle.

However, the war never ends, and Aindel experienced and witnessed all sorts of horrors in that hell.

And to end it all, they marched on Olterore.

At the cost of his colleagues, the death squad, and countless people, he finally succeeded in sealing the demon king.

After the war ended, people praised her as a warrior, and the believers were thrilled that the power of the holy sword was given by the god they believed in.

Decades passed.

However, the war was not over yet, and Aindel was advancing towards a decisive battle just like that time.

When I reached the entrance of the castle after passing through a barren and rough land devoid of plants, the gate was already wide open.

I could feel the presence of countless demons beyond the thick ash fog. Overflowing murderous intent and malice.

Aindel did not stop and moved into the pandemonium. 

There were still no demons blocking her.

Like a wild beast with a leash on it, it only quietly made its eyes glow while hiding in the fog.


Upon reaching the collapsed central tower where the Demon King was sealed, Aindel stopped walking.

A demon was standing there. 

“I’ve been waiting for you, warrior.”

Except for the slightly pale skin, his appearance and voice are no different from those of ordinary human men.

However, he was the strongest aboriginal horse and second-in-command of Allterroir. 

“Where is the Demon King, Azkel?”


Aindel released the power of the holy sword. A holy wave dispelled the surrounding mist.

It was only then that the demons hiding in the fog, surrounding them, were revealed. Among them, there were also monkeys.

However, the Demon King was nowhere to be seen. Despite feeling the aura not far away.

Azkel let out a laugh.

“I can feel your impatience. Are you worried that the Demon King won’t respond to your last desperate attempts?”


“Arrogant warrior. I was expecting all of you to come to Olterore with your breath. You will die here without even seeing his toes. Right in my hands.”

The demons’ ridicule echoed.

There was no agitation on Aindel’s expression.

“You have a long tongue, Azkel. It’s you who haven’t stepped out of Allterre for the past three years. Were you afraid of me that much?”

“I’ve waited for decades, but can’t wait just a few more years. Look, as a result, you, driven into a predicament, didn’t you come to the place of your own?”

Azkel reached out.

“Your defeat, warrior. And starting with your death, the world will change.”

At the same time, a huge column of green flame rose from where Aindel was standing.

Aindel, who jumped forward and avoided the attack, flew straight to Azkel. And he swung his sword.

Azkel raised the corner of her mouth and opened the shield. The golden sword energy was blocked by the hexahedron-shaped shield surrounding him and burst into flames.

The shield exploded and covered Aindel. Aindel also spread her shield to block her impact.

This time, spears floated in the air around Azkel, striking the shield she had spread.


Aindel opened her eyes wide as if a little startled at the green energy encroaching on the shield.

Only when the power of the Holy Sword was raised a little more did all the encroaching energy dissipate.

Looking for a gap, the spears continued to fly. Aindel cut them all off and approached Azkel again.

She continued swinging her sword. Azkel, who had removed her shield, waved her hand to block her attacks and counterattack.

At first, they fought almost in place, but soon the battlefield expanded to the entire tower.

The two new models were entangled and the bodies of the demons caught in the clash were torn apart. The demons around them were frightened and distanced themselves further.

The original horses watched the battle between the two monsters, which began in earnest with stiff faces.

The demons who went through the great war were well aware of how powerful the warrior, Aindel, was.

The holy power of the holy sword was not a kind of power that could only be described as powerful to them.

A truly god-like power that is fearful, makes your flesh tremble just by facing it, and completely annihilates even your soul.

It is a power that exists as if its purpose is to exterminate the demons from this world.

However, among the original demons, they are of a different class. The strongest demon tribe except for the demon king.

Azkel’s power was also very strong.

No matter how strong the demons were, except for the demon king, there was no demon that could stand up to the hero during the great war of the past.

Even now, even though the hero’s power has greatly weakened, the fact that he is fighting a battle that seems to be equal to her made the watching demons feel awe.



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“How far did you fall, hero! I can’t find the strength at that time!”

Azkel’s offensive became rough. A terrifying shockwave rang out every time his bare hands collided with his sword.

In the midst of numerous battles in a short period of time, Aindel, who blocked Azkel’s attack, bounced back.

Azkel sneered and raised his magic power even more. 


Stems of magical power stretched out from under his feet like the roots of a tree. The translucent image of a giant was erected.

Aindel stopped attacking for a moment and stared at the scene. 

Each demon has its own power. The stronger the demon, the stronger the power was, and the ark was different or unpredictable.

And Aindel, who had never fought Azkel during the Great War, was unaware of his power.

The body of the giant that Azkel created had numerous eyes, making it grotesque.

The rolling eyes focused on her.


As the giant’s eyes blinked, a huge explosion occurred around Aindel.

Aindel escaped the explosion by flying into the air. Her explosion followed her in a chain every time she blinked.

Aindel moved around and evaded, then approached the giant and swung the holy sword.

A sword attack with more powerful energy than before hit the giant, but the giant’s body didn’t even crack. 

Azkel swung her arm. Then the giant followed suit and swung his arm away from Aindel. As she bounced away, another fierce explosion followed.

Azkel looked at her as she stepped back and landed on the ground and said with a slightly disappointed look.

“It’s really below expectations. If I knew you were this weak, it would have been a really useless wait.”

When Azkel raised his hand, the giant followed suit. 

At the same time as the hand was lowered, huge green spears fell from the sky like the mace of a god.


In the place where the attack was concentrated, a huge pit with no bottom was created. A faint golden light emanated from within. 

As a result, Azkel continued to attack without stopping. The spears rained down several times into the pit.

coo coo coo… … .

Azkel looked at the pit with the corners of her mouth raised, then hardened her expression.

Before I knew it, a warrior clad in armor of golden debt was rising into the air.

“Did you have this much power? It’s more than I thought, but…”

Aindel slowly raised the holy sword.

“Not with you, Azkel.”

Brilliant brilliance covered the blade of the Holy Sword and soared up to the sky, turning into a huge sword.

Azkel raised the giant’s arms to defend it.

Aindel’s single sword cut the giant in half. An intense flash of light covered the area.


Azkel, who barely avoided a direct hit, distanced himself from Aindel. 

Then the light flashed again. It was Aindel’s second sword attack. 

At the same time, blood gushed from Azkel’s body. Even though she was hit, the blow rang through her soul.


Azkel, feeling that he would perish if he allowed another attack, became desperate.

Only then did the other original horses, who had been watching, come forward. Of course, their participation in the war was only a short-lived delay.

The 5th ranked Demon Horse, Ballach, distorted the space around Aindel and grabbed his body. Aindel swung his sword once more and tore the entire distorted space apart.

Right away, the ninth-ranked demon, Pakculi, manipulated the demons under her command and made a suicide bombing charge at Aindel. When Aindel squeezed and opened his hand once, they couldn’t even move a few steps and exploded in place.

Vandapmoshan, the 4th ranked horse, summoned huge plant stems from the land. Yukesil, the 6th-ranked horse, and Honka, the 2nd-ranked horse, spewed cold air and blood-red brain energy towards Aindel, who was surrounded by stems.


And once again, the golden flash exploded, and all attacks of the original demons were extinguished.

The dwarf tribe and low-ranking native horses were all destroyed by the blow, and even the high-ranking native horses were unable to fully preserve their bodies.

Azkel looked at Aindel, who still seemed unharmed, and bit his teeth. Divine aura was flowing through her whole body.

“If the Demon King doesn’t want to appear, all you have to do is kill all of you and find him.”

Aindel raised her holy sword again.

This time, he struck a blow to annihilate most of the wonma in this place.

That was the moment.


The divine power of the Holy Sword, which spread widely in all directions, disappeared as if it were being eaten by the darkness.

There was no loud explosion, no aftermath of shock. It just disappeared like that.

At the same time, all the original horses, including Azkel, bowed their heads to the floor.

In a situation where the battle wasn’t over yet, with Aindel right in front of him, he was defenseless.


Aindel lowered her sword and turned her head.

There was an ominous aura wafting through the area. 

It was an unforgettable presence that I felt again after decades.

“That’s enough.” 


With a dry voice, the darkness parted and the presence appeared.

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