I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 183

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Showdown (2)

After the meeting, they returned to Calderic, and the march to the Great Plains proceeded swiftly. 

As the commander-in-chief, of course, as the overlord, she led the military of all monarchies, including the overlord. 

In this war, the monarchs did not have the right to directly command the forces of each monarchy. Except for the undead or bug army of the 4th Lord Dead King or the 8th Lord Black Sea Empress.

“Fight with your life. We will win.” 


Standing in front of the countless soldiers of the 7th Lordship, I gave an appropriate speech that I hadn’t given much thought to. 

To be honest, I had little awareness that I was the leader of those cheering in front of me. 

Well, how different it would be to other monarchs. 

Even the overlord doesn’t know what’s inside, and maybe the only one who’s sincere about Calderic is the first monarch. 

My head was just filled with thoughts about how to kill the demon king and Kaan. 

What Calderic should be in charge of is the demon army in the northern part of the plain. 

The northeast of Calderic is surrounded by huge mountain ranges. 

East of Calderic, the forces of all the Lordships gathered together and set out, marching along the northern borders of Saintea. 

“Hey, 7 Lords. Which side do you think the Demon King is on?”

It was about three days after we started marching that Gwang-rang approached me and asked me. 

I answered roughly. 



“It’s just a feeling.” 

north, center, south. If you think about it easily, you can’t help but feel like the position of the devil is in the middle. 

it’s in the middle 

However, I hoped that the Demon King would be in the north where he would encounter Calderic.

That way, Kaan won’t have to deal with the Demon King alone without me. 

Furthermore, the overlord, the strongest force excluding the hero, was also on this side. 

Therefore, the best battle plan could be completed with the Demon King in the northern army. 

In a situation where the exact power of the Demon King could not be grasped, the key was whether they could hold out until Kaan arrived. 

Of course, apart from that, if the Demon King is really in the northern direction, Calderic will inevitably suffer tremendous damage. 

But that wasn’t my concern.

Regardless of whether it’s Seintea, Calderic, or Adessa, the forces on the side of the encounter with the Demon King will inevitably suffer tremendous damage. 

It’s just a matter of who it is. 

And the most important issue for me is not the preservation of power at Calderic. 

To start the showdown with the Demon King under the most favorable conditions. 

Even if I was the Lord of Calderic, for that reason, whether or not Calderic became the biggest victim of this war was a trivial matter. 

I glanced over the crowd of soldiers at the overlord’s figure on the other side. 

Even if we don’t know her true intentions, at least in this war, as an ally, she’ll do her best to fight. 

Defeat means the end of Calderic. 

‘If there is a demon king in the center or south…’ 

At that time, I should hurry up and move this place. Or even move by myself. 

If Kaan accepted my offer, I would not be in Calderic’s camp, but rather stick by his side. 

Speaking of the hero’s request, neither the overlord nor Saintea’s side would be able to interfere with me whether or not I was by the hero’s side. 

But Kaan rejected the offer like a knife. So it was inconceivable.

“By the way, the Demon King is incomparably stronger than Fogwig, right?” 

Gwang-rang muttered, then said in a tone that it was not a big deal. 

“Seven Lords, if your life is in danger in this war, I will save you once. Even risking my own life.” 

“······what are you talking about?” 

“You haven’t paid off your debt in the Great Grove yet. That’s about it.” 

I’ve never been in debt. It was good, so I didn’t do anything in return. 

“Rather than that, isn’t this war an opportunity for you too, White Moon people? Perhaps the monarch’s seat may become vacant.” 

Madman grinned and patted Asher on the back next to him. 

It was the case when one of the monarchs died and the monarchy became vacant. 

Because Asher’s skills were enough to make him a monarch. 

“I never thought of that.”

“Kuh-kuh, stop the boring noise and say it. Who among the monarchs would like to die? Me?” 

Asher glanced at the madness in annoyance before replying. 

“If I had to choose, I would choose the 8 lords.” 


Gwang-rang asked again with a look of surprise, as if it was surprising that he answered honestly. 

“Why are you a bitch? Was there a grudge I didn’t know about?” 

“Because he is the most hostile monarch to Ron. There is no other reason.” 

······Are you referring to what happened in Guardfalk before? 

It was not an incident that even the madman was unaware of, so he nodded his head as if he had understood it, then looked at Asher and me alternately and smiled. 

“You always trembled politely, but you honestly know how to chew on others? Is this the situation, so there’s nothing to be afraid of? Or did something happen in the meantime?” 

“Why don’t you go back and keep your seat?”

“Kick, look at this. Okay. Let’s go.” 

Gwang Rang spoke to me for the last time. 

“I’ve heard the story, but be careful of the 8 lords during battle. You know that she’s dark inside, even though she’s been a demon beast since birth. You don’t know what tricks she’ll use in the chaos, right?” 

Even if you don’t warn me, I’ll take care of myself. After the madness went away, I asked Asher. 



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“Ashley, did you care about that?” 

“Yes. Aren’t you a dangerous woman?” 

“It’s not like that.” 

Asher said in a firm voice. 

“I will do my best to assist you. Please do not force yourself to fight in the war.”

“I have no intention of fighting for my life. Don’t worry about me, just worry about you.” 

“Yes. I will. I have to survive and hear Ron’s real name.” 

The promise that I made as I was swept away by the atmosphere. It was an unfamiliar word, so I smiled. 

The great army, numbering in the millions, continued on its way. 

Across the plains, towards the enemies who may be approaching from the other side. 

And after a week had passed since the march began, the end was finally reached. 

‘I can see it.’

It was felt from afar. 

An eerie ominous feeling that covered the entire other side of the plain. 

After confirming the leader of the Demon Army appearing on the horizon, the advance stopped. 

It was about 10 km away. 

It looked like the battle would start right away, as there was no stopping there. 


Then the overlord suddenly flew high into the sky. 

As the eyes of the soldiers gathered at once, a huge flame rose around the overlord. 

The amount of mana was terrifying, but it wasn’t just fire magic either. 

The dark red flames coalesced into dozens of spheres, drawing a long tail and flying into the demon camp like Meteor. 


Huge pillars of flame rising one after another from the enemy camp. 

The power was so formidable that despite the distance, the soldiers on the front line were slightly staggered by the belated shock wave. 

“Now, it’s an open battle! If you lose, you will perish, if you win, you will survive! Fight!” 

The overlord’s amplifying magic resounded through the entire army. 

There was not a word of rhetoric, but the rumbling shouts revealed how high the morale of the soldiers was. The overlord’s preemptive strike performance was sure to be effective.

There was no immediate counterattack from the demon camp. It just keeps on advancing. 

The sky is overcast as if it’s about to rain. The footsteps and shouts of millions of soldiers echoing across the earth. 

All sorts of strange monsters at the forefront of the demons and the Calderic army collided. 

Thousands of lives seemed desperate in that moment, but the war is only just beginning. 

Calderic’s central formation is the regular army. 

Soldiers armed with spears and knives in front, and wizards in the back row supported with magic. 

The knights poured out their swords and cut down the demons, and magic bombarded them in all directions. 

Meanwhile, on the left and right sides of the formation, the King of the Dead’s undead army and the Black Sea Empress’s insect army are fighting separately from the regular army. 

As a non-human army, they basically fought like monsters. 

The undead legion fought endlessly, even with their bodies ripped apart and disfigured. 

Run amok until you can no longer move. In the sky, the King of the Dead, riding an undead wyvern made of bones, was watching the battlefield and commanding the army. 

The worm corps on the Black Sea Empress side were the same as we had seen before. Insects were constantly pouring out of the tower built at the rear, killing demons, and replenishing troops as much as they died.

The number of mother towers was a little less than twenty, but after being swept by me once, it seemed that they had replenished quite a bit during that time. 

War. It is a great war on a grand scale that cannot be compared to anything seen in Guardfalk before. 

I flew on a diorama in the sky and watched the charter at a glance. 

Lords do not immediately go into battle. It was the overlord’s order. 

There is also a wonma over there. 

And the existence of the Demon King was still uncertain. 

‘And certainly…’ 

At a glance, the overall force was overwhelmingly on the Calderic side. 

If it was natural, it was natural. 

The demons divided their troops into three, and this one was a complete one. 

No matter how much Olteroa was the most powerful force on the continent, there was no way that a mere one-third of the force could compare to Calderic’s entire force. 

So, it was the demons who were pushed back like this. Until the demons intervene,

There was no reason for the monarchs to go first on this side as well. 

Particularly striking were the battle golems seen in Lord 1. 

The golems began to be put into the battlefield after a while, and their power was considerable. 

He did not budge from any attack and moved forward, sweeping and trampling the demons heavily. 

He also fired magic cannons from the magic stone in the center of his body. 

Several wizards were riding on top of the golem and constantly replenishing their magic power, and the nearby soldiers fought naturally by escorting the golem. 

Of course, the demons weren’t just being taken lightly. 

The most troublesome ability of the demons is authority. 

They sprayed poisonous smoke that melted their armor, summoned monsters like spirits, and demons with ranks stirred the battlefield with their powers. 


The attack also flew towards me, who was flying in the sky. 

It was a magical body that rotated in the form of sawtooth. 

Without me blocking it, Asher blew his sword. The pure white sword blade cut through the teeth, and it fell straight to the ground in the direction of the attack and exploded.

“Don’t leave the cover, Asher.” 


I raised my super senses and focused all my attention on detection. 

No matter how supersensible it was, it was because the dispersion of senses was so great on a battlefield where millions of soldiers were fighting. 

The target to detect was, of course, the Demon King. Or the original ones. 

There was no toxic foreign or powerful energy that felt like the devil’s. 

Of course, since the demon king could hide his presence, assertiveness was forbidden. 


And soon I was able to find a big presence even though it wasn’t the demon king. 

Some of the demons who were dealing with the battle golem were engulfed in red light, and rushed towards the golem like a madman and exploded. 

The self-destruct attack destroyed three golems in an instant. It wasn’t normal destructive power.

I looked at a point far away from the scene. 

A demon with a conspicuous long neck came into sight. 

9th place in the original horse ranking, Park Cully. 

The self-destruct attack just now is his authority. 

“Let’s go down, Tiyong.” 

I tapped Tiyong on the neck. 

If there is no Demon King here, you must hurry up and end the war and join the other side. 

Now that the original horse had appeared, it was time to step out on this side as well.

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