I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 184

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Showdown (3)

How many original demons will remain in the demon forces? 

Detrodemyan, Akashla, Mevilos, Cargos, Oxytodes, and two of the lower order horses that Aindel knew to have killed during the surprise invasion. 

Only seven are known to be dead. 

Because it is unknown how many original horses Aindel killed alone in Olterore. 

In addition, it cannot be concluded that only the existing original horses are all. 

There were also high-ranking demons who were driven out by Azkel even though they were strong enough to be second to none. 

It was impossible to know if there would be those who joined the demon army again.

Assuming that the number of original horses remaining is around 10 people, there are only about three or four original horses here when simply divided. 

And one guy just checked. 

The ninth-ranked original horse, Park Curly. 

He is the one who has the power to self-destruct his subordinates, the demons. 

Because it is an ability that explodes all the magic and vitality of the demon, the stronger the demon, the greater the destructive power. 

Just a moment ago, I destroyed the golem by exploding a bunch of mediocre demons. 


I searched for other demons around and slowly descended into the chaos of the battlefield. 

Park Curly wasn’t with the other original horses, at least not immediately. 

However, many high-ranking demons were attached as if escorting them. 



“That demon with a long neck over there is round and round. I’m going to kill that guy from now on.” 

Ashley nodded with a slightly stiff face.

“What are you thinking of doing?” 

“I’ll jump on his head and ambush him. Join me immediately only if I can’t kill him in one blow, or if another demon appears.” 

“All right.” 

Demons with the ability to fly even in the sky, all high-ranking knights and wizards with very few wyverns, undead and insects, and even magical powers flying from the ground and all directions were mixed and fighting, and I was fighting because I was quite dizzy. 

Park Curly doesn’t seem to be aware of me either. 

It was best if it could be finished with a surprise blow. 

I get down around him and end it with blood magic and instant death. 

If you fail, you just have to retreat under Asher’s cover and wait for the other lords to join you. 

Because I had no reason to deal with him alone. 

Lowering the altitude, Asher cut down all the demons in the path. 

Somehow closer to the ground, I jumped alone onto Park Curly’s head.


When I reached the halfway point, Park Kuly, who was manipulating my followers, raised his head as if he recognized me. 

One of the demons around him waved his hand and fired an attack this way. 

I fell defenselessly until the moment I was on the verge of being hit, and opened an anti-freeze screen to defend myself just before I was directly hit. 

This distance is sufficient. 

And immediately, he made a series of space jumps. 

The bloody mist was scattered in all directions, and Pakculi and the demons were exposed to the bloody water. 

Park Curly reached out his hand with his eyes narrowed. 

I whispered softly over his head. 


Park Curly died without any counterattack. 

And dozens of demons. 

Since my ability wasn’t completely covered in a veil now, I thought that the demons might also guess and be wary to some extent, but I succeeded more easily than I thought.

I don’t know if I didn’t realize that I was the 7th Lord, or if I knew and was careless, I killed it anyway, so it’s a good thing. 

The place he fell was in the middle of enemy camps, so demons quickly rushed in from all directions. 

However, all of them were blown away by the baptism of black magic that rained down from the sky. 

It was Asher. 

After recovering the reuse time of Leap in Space, it was the moment when I was about to climb on the back of Tiyong who had come down close. 


On the one hand, a huge cold wave came and froze the area. 

I defended with a floating screen. 

The attack was blocked, but it was covered in ice and became trapped. 

Ashelle tried to break the ice by blowing her sword while using her talent. 

However, it was only cracked and not completely destroyed. 

6th in the original horse ranking, Yukesil. 

If it’s the ice barrier ability with this much magical power, this was clearly his ability.


I was properly assaulted. 

I didn’t feel your presence, when did you get this far? 

As a high-ranking native horse, this guy is dangerous. 

No matter how good the equipment was, Asher was a strong man who could never handle it alone. 

I wanted to shout out to him to step back, but it was impossible because I was also opening the curtain. 

If you close the veil, cold air will penetrate from all sides in an instant. 

At the moment of crisis, Asher’s sword skill flew in again and eventually succeeded in creating a small gap in the ice prison. 

I didn’t miss the opportunity, and as soon as I released the floating curtain, I made a leap in space. 



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And he succeeded in getting out through the gap. 


I barely climbed onto Tiyong’s back and looked down at his frozen left arm. 

Even if it only brushed lightly for a moment, it seemed that all the bones were frozen. She had no sense at all.

‘It’s not the time to care about your arms…’ 

I quickly found the location of Yukesil. 

The huge magic power was flowing again, so I was able to find it right away. 

The one who was radiating cold air from afar and preparing to launch another attack this way. 

“Go up! Come on!” 

compatibility is not good 

Even if it was blocked with an antifreeze curtain, everything around it was frozen and trapped, so it was an annoying ability. 

If we stay like this, the three of us will become ice statues on good terms, so we quickly try to distance ourselves… 


Suddenly, the shield that flew in from somewhere stopped in the air and spread a wave of five-colored light. 

I shouted at Asher, who realized who the ability belonged to and tried to swing the sword reflexively.

“It’s okay! Let it go!” 

The waves that covered the surroundings perfectly blocked the rushing cold air. 

The whole area outside of that range was completely frozen. 

Of course, none of the demons who were swept away survived. 

The 1st lord, Sintoe, who jumped off the top of the wyvern, landed on the frozen ground and retrieved the shield. 

“Repair, 7 Lords.” 

······You came at an astounding timing. 

I sighed and followed and got down to the ground with Asher. 

Shintoe, armed with armor, sword, and shield with a purple aura, looked in the direction of Yukesil on the other side. 

I told him 

“Parkculi just finished it off. The attack just now belonged to Yukesil.” 

“Okay. Another wonma?”

“I haven’t confirmed anything other than the two of them yet.” 

“Then let’s finish it quickly. I’ll ask for cover.” 

Shintoe seemed to be dealing directly with Yukesil. 

The new toe that made an explosive leap flew toward Yukesil in an instant. 

“Ashhel, stop the demons around you.” 

“All right.” 

Leaving the ground to Asher, I rode the belt and flew back into the sky. 

At that moment, I sensed an unusual energy from the other side and turned my head.

At the source of energy, a shape resembling a gigantic caterpillar was creeping up, crushing all the surrounding demons. 

It was an absurdly large size. 

【Lv. 95] 

······What else is that? 

There is no Wonma of that type in my memory. 

It’s an original demon level power that I don’t know about. 

The caterpillar turned its head in the direction where Yukesil and Sintoe were, and began to gather the magical energy of disparate energy from its gaping mouth. 

I was in a hurry to stop his intervention, but there was a person on the ground who ran towards him first. 

“Kiha! Where shall we fight!” 

The blood-colored magic that pulverized all the demons that stood in the way and made a path in the middle of the enemy camp was none other than madness. 

The light that rose up quickly hit the caterpillar’s head with a greatsword. 

His head jerked back with a loud explosion. 


In addition, thunderstorms rained thunderbolts from the sky, and the King of the Dead, who came here before he knew it, began to use magic. 

In earnest, other monarchs also began to participate in the war. 

If there were three of them, there would be no need for me to join them. 

I turned my attention back to Yukesil, whom I judged to be more dangerous than the caterpillar.

The battle between Sintoe, who is said to be the longest and strongest lord of Calderic, and Yukesil, the sixth strongest demon. 

Shintoe was strong, just like its name. 

His battles had a solid feeling like an impossible siege castle. 

In the middle of the ice hell, which is no different from permafrost, it continues to pressurize by counterattacking without a hitch even in the raging cold. 

As if he was fed up with it, Yukesil couldn’t continue the offensive any longer and was only busy blocking Shintoe’s approach. 

‘If I show a gap, I’ll finish it.’ 

Right now, the surroundings are completely covered with a barrier of coldness, making it difficult to approach, but I could see that my energy was gradually dissipating. 

Shintoe is pressuring, so the gap will be revealed soon. 

Then approach it and end it with an instant kill. 


But without my intervention, the decision was made in an instant. 

Taking advantage of Shintoe’s complete distraction, a flash of blue light blew off one of Yukesil’s arms. It was a support sniper from Heavenly Palace.

Shintoe did not miss that golden opportunity. 

Waves emanating from his shield bound Yukesil’s movements, and the blade blew his head off at once. 

‘It’s over.’ 

After confirming the fate of Yukesil, I turned my gaze to the other lords. 

The caterpillar was, at best, a power equivalent to that of a mid-level original horse. 

As many monarchs worked together, the decision was quickly made on the other side. 

At the man who twisted his body covered in magical powers between his brain and his brain, Gwang-Rang struck the final blow, splitting his body lengthwise. 

How far is this going to end? 

Killed three wonma. 

Seeing that it is still quiet, it can be assumed that the Demon King is not here. 

If there are no more original horses left, the war is definitely Calderic’s victory. 

With all the monarchs alive and well, all that remains is tidying up the pyramids. 

It was then.


Along with a creepy aura, a huge green light rose from the other side. 

It was on the side of the Bug Corps where the Black Sea Empress was located. 


Sitting at the top of the tower, the Black Sea Empress smiled as she looked at the mayhem beneath her feet. 

“Sweep them all away, my children. You don’t get a chance to prey like this.” 

Even the blood-crazed demons who were not afraid of death had no answer to the mass offensive. 

The difference in absolute quantity is an insurmountable factor unless there is an overwhelming power gap. 

And the original demons were all on the other side, not on her battlefield. 

The Black Sea Empress did not bother to join them and enjoy the massacre leisurely. 

There is no demon king here. If so, the war is a gentle victory for Calderic.

The Black Sea Empress felt a bit regretful about that fact. 

Her gaze turned to the direction where the Seven Lords were in the distance. 

Those eyes were full of malice and intent to kill. 

If the war had flowed in a much fiercer way, there would have been no time at all to kill that human in the chaos. 

“Well, let’s wait and see.” 

The battle here is over, but the war is not over. 

If this goes on, I’ll gather up all the small puppies and then I’ll figure out the situation on the Saintea’s side and join them. 

There were still opportunities left. 

It was when the Empress of the Black Sea was having such a pleasant imagination. 

“What are you thinking? You look happy.” 

Suddenly a voice was heard. 

The Black Sea Empress turned her head in surprise. 

A demon was standing right next to it. 

When? I didn’t even notice the signs. The Witchbeast’s instincts sounded alarm bells throughout his body.

The Demon, who was looking down at the battlefield under the tower, beckoned. 

At the same time, a green aura swept across the land, burning hundreds of thousands of insects. 

And all the turrets except the one they’re standing on. 

It was only a moment. 

The Black Sea Empress, who had been hardened, soon realized the identity of the demons. 

‘Ah, Azkel.’ 


A huge hand appeared above the head of the Black Sea Empress who hastily leaped from the tower. 


Her body, which had been caught like an insect, was crushed with a lethargic sound.

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