I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 185

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Showdown (4)

There was a slight time difference between the forces of Saintea, Calderic, and Adessa when they encountered the demon army, but it was almost the same in a large scale. 

By the time the war was in full swing in Calderic, a fierce bloody battle was unfolding in the south of the Great Plains. 

“Engrave the pride of Adessa on the filthy demons’ bones! Make them pay for the crimes that polluted our forest!”

Beast warriors fighting with demons. 

The shapes of countless spirits spread out in the air, and the elves who manipulated them. 

Adessa, who had been attacked by demons twice before, had no choice but to have a higher morale than Saintea. 

When the weapon breaks, it tears enemies apart with its claws and teeth. 

Even the moment it collapses from exhaustion, it bites off the enemy’s leg and hangs over. 

The Elementalists were also fighting as fiercely as those warriors. 

There were a lot of people with blood flowing from their eyes, nose and mouth after excessive force, and those who were cornered on the defensive self-destructed with the power of the spirit, taking their enemies with them until the last moment.

In the middle of the battlefield, the beast warchief Udakvat and the elven warchief Shandra were fighting against two demons. 

4th place in the original horse ranking, Bandap Moshan. 

5th in the original horse ranking, Ballack. 

They were the ones who stopped the two warchiefs who were sweeping the demons from the front line more than anyone else. 


Huge plant stems extending over the entire earth surrounded Udakbat.

Udakvat swung the moon sword around. 

The raging sword cut off the stems. 

Waves rippled through the air around him as he leaped on the falling debris and charged like a beast. 

Udakvat had no choice but to throw himself back and retreat. 

Plant stems suddenly jumped out of the air where the wave was generated and hit the spot where it had just been. 

More plant stems followed him dizzyingly. 

As Udakvat flew away, he cut off the stems on his left side. 

On the right side, a sharp wind from another place cut off the stems and helped the defense. 


Then, this time, flowers rose from the stems of plants on the ground, and began to emit thick yellow pollen. 

Udakvat had a hunch that even the slightest contact with the foreign aura felt in the powder would be fatal. 

At the same time, a huge whirlwind raged. 

The whirlwind around Udakvat blew away all the pollen and brought him safely to the ground. 


Riding the wind and landing on the ground, Udakvat clicked his tongue and sighed. 

Then Shandra landed beside him. 

Above her head, the Great Spirit of Wind swayed. 

“It’s not easy.” 

Shandra muttered as she glared at the plant stems sweeping the entire area and the two demons beyond. 

Bandap Moshan’s ability is to summon huge plant stems and manipulate them freely. 

And Ballack’s ability was to distort space. 

The stems of the plants are not just average in size, they are also very hard, and if touched, mana is sucked in, restricting movement. 

And even unknown pollen. 

In addition, Ballack’s spatial ability was added, and the attacks flew in disorder from all directions, making it extremely difficult. 

If there was one thing that was fortunate, it was that there didn’t seem to be any other original horses besides those two.

The southern side was not the headquarters where the Demon King was located. 

If only those two original horses could be defeated, the war would return to Adessa’s victory. 

Of course, even if you win here, the war is not over. 

As long as the demon king isn’t dead, the power of the demons is as good as no matter how many small puppies they kill. 

So, I had to hurry up and finish this fight, and go to support the side facing the demon king’s main force. 

“If you block as much as possible from attacks that cross space, I will pierce the rest on my own. That way I can get closer.” 

“All right.” 

Shandra created a wind path through the air. 

Along the way, Udakvat charged into the plant stem. 

A fierce struggle began again. 



Blood, screams, corpses, and atrocities. 

Looking down at the battlefield with empty eyes, Kaan thought. 

Willingly or unwillingly, everyone is fighting at the risk of their lives. 

While there were those who were terrified and confused, there were also those whose fighting spirit was not broken even until the moment they died. 

Some for the country, some for the family, some for the faith. 

Or someone for revenge. 

If there was at least something left to protect, how could he have fought? 

It is unknown. 

Before the war started, I even thought about that. 

Just like Aindel did, moving to deal with the demons advancing alone was one option.

Many people didn’t want to die, but it was also a childish desire for revenge against Aindel. 

In the end it didn’t, though. 

Kaan shifted his gaze to the other side of the enemy line. 

A gigantic and blatant aura that seemed to overlook the entire battlefield. 



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It was the presence of the Demon King. 

After all, the main force where the demon king was located was the demon army in the center of this place, and that was what Kaan wanted. 

However, the reason Kaan did not go to battle was because of Nainberg’s dissuade. 

“How long do I have to wait?” 

Nainberg, standing next to Kaan with a hard face, answered. 

“Wait until the Demon King makes his first move.” 

The demon king is here. An opponent whose victory cannot be assured even with the absolute power of the holy sword.

Watch your partner’s behavior and act accordingly. 

It was a natural way to start a battle with an advantage. 

As the demons divided their strength into three, Sainttea had the upper hand in terms of the size of the troops. 

Of course, if the demon king or the demons come out, the numbers mean nothing, but at least until then, there was no need to move first. 

Even now, if you accept the sacrifice of the soldiers who are dying miserably under your eyes. 

Nainberg was determined before the start of the war. 

No matter what sacrifices are made, he will kill as much as the demon king and see the end of this hell. 

“I want to quit.” 

But even if Nainberg was like that, Kaan wasn’t. 

She respected Aindel’s colleague Nainberg, so she listened to him, but gradually her patience reached its limit. 

Caan summoned the holy sword and leaped high into the sky.

Nainberg looked at it. 

Knowing that he had endured enough to wait for him so far, he thought it was impossible and soon prepared himself to fight. 

“Please win, Kaan.” 


A golden wave split the battlefield in half. 

The demons that were swept away were all annihilated in an instant. 

And in its place, a huge road was formed. 

Kaan lightly landed on the spot and started walking. 


The demons split on both sides of the road were so afraid that no one could move. 

While the bloody battle still continued on the frontlines, a bizarre scene was created in the middle of the demon camp. 

If the demon king was synonymous with fear to mankind, the hero was also such an existence to the demon tribe. 

Furthermore, they couldn’t understand why the hero they knew was clearly dead was still alive. 

Caan continued walking. 

Heading towards the place where you can feel the energy of the demon lord. Suddenly, someone appeared and blocked the way. 

It was Honka, the second-ranked demon with a goat-like head and horns. 

“Who the hell are you?” 

Honka asked Kaan. 

On the day the hero invaded Olterore alone, all the original horses were there. 

and looked closely 

The figure of a hero who died at the hands of the demon king and disappeared without leaving a handful of ashes. 

Just as Saintea, Calderic, and Adessa scouted the movements of the demons, the demons also continuously grasped information outside of Allerore through spies.

Of course, even in the middle of the march. 

And the fact that there was no repercussions about the hero’s death in Saintea until the war began, Honka laughed, assuming that they were hiding the truth to prevent confusion. 

But the warrior is alive.

it’s not fake The power he felt from the holy sword was real. 

Kaan raised the holy sword without a word. 

Honka hastily raised his strength. 

His power, the blood-red thunder, covered all directions. 


But it was a single blow. 

The third strongest power of the demons could not block the sacred power of the holy sword even for a moment. 

A solid golden line was carved in the air, splitting Honka in half. 

Kaan even moved on. 

The more you walked, the further away the demons around you became, creating a vast space.

As soon as I reached the end, I stopped. 

Standing alone there was a demon with an appearance not much different from a human. 

The Demon King stared blankly at Kaan before replying.

“I thought it was odd.” 


“There’s no way that Saintea, who lost a hero, would choose to march separately with the other two factions. It would be annihilated. But there was a good reason.” 

the devil asked 

“What is your true identity?” 

“Hero. Aindel’s successor.” 

“I see. Now everything makes sense.” 

Every word, word for word, it felt like a cold morale permeated every time they spoke. 

I wanted to swing the holy sword right away, but Kaan didn’t. 

Because she too had something to ask. 

“How did Aindel die in Olterore?” 

The demon king answered. 

“After burning all his life, he disappeared to ashes. It was not a great death.”

Kaan closed her eyes and took one deep breath. she asked and she asked. 

“A great death. What is a great death to you.” 

The Demon King thought Kaan’s question was a little surprising. 

It was an appropriate answer, thinking that the new hero would want to believe that the death of the former hero would have been noble, but he was holding his tongue in another part. 

“Death is just death. No matter how you dress it up, it has no meaning.” 

“How can you try to destroy the world when you know that?” 

That’s what it says. Dead life is nothing anymore. 

I can’t move my limbs, eat delicious food, or talk to anyone. 

They are trying to make hundreds of millions and billions of lives into nothing. 

The reason is not even for their own survival. Monsters whose only instinct is to destroy them.

Putting aside his anger, Kaan couldn’t truly understand the demon race. 

So I wanted to ask. 

“You are more boring than Aindel.” 

The demon king didn’t feel the value of talking any more. 

As I figured out what kind of person Kaan was, my interest cooled. 

They were perfectly parallel beings. 

Kaan felt the same way and asked another question. 

“Let me ask you one last time. Who was the demon who watched over me because of the demon seed I had?” 

The enemy who killed his father. 

The opportunity that led her to the path of a hero. Kaan is still unaware of his true identity. 

But that was also the case with the Demon King. 

The Demon King wondered what Kaan was talking about. 

The devil’s seed is his torn soul. 

A window that watched over the outside world for a long time that was sealed. 

Because I had no memory of being asleep in the body of the human woman in front of me.

The demon king stretched out his hand without answering. Darkness fell over Caan. 

At the same time, the sacred power of the holy sword exploded. 

Koo Goo Goo! 

The two energies that collided spread out in all directions like waves. 

“Okay, then…” 

Kaan chewed on his lips and gripped the holy sword with both hands. 

“First I’ll cut off all your limbs, then I’ll ask you again.”

I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 184I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 186
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