I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 186

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Showdown (5)

Raising my super senses, I was able to witness a somewhat shocking sight from afar.

The army of the Black Sea Empress who was annihilated in an instant, and a demon at the top of the tower. 

The Empress of the Black Sea, who was trying to escape in a hurry, is caught in the hands of demons and explodes. 

Literally, just crushed to death. 


No matter how vulnerable she is to the Black Sea Empress, she is the lord of Calderic. 

He killed her like an insect. 

A demon with nothing distinctive, an appearance that is no different from a human. 

I realized his true identity. 

That formidable power, the moment I checked the level above my head, I had no choice but to notice it right away.

1st place in the original horse rank, Azkel. 

The undisputed second-in-command of the demon tribe, who perfectly controlled Olterore during the years when the demon king was sealed. 

On this battlefield, he was there, not the Demon King. 

It was a little surprising. 

No matter how much the demons didn’t know about Kaan’s existence, I thought that if he was the fanatic of the demon king and the strongest original demon, he would of course assist the demon king by his side. 

‘As expected, there’s no way it can be solved easily.’ 

There are nine Lords in Calderic. 

Above all, there is an overlord. 

Of course, they couldn’t have known during their march that the force they would face on the northern side of the Great Plains was Calderic, so if it wasn’t intended to be a throwaway force, they would have a suitable force. 

And with that power, aside from the demon lord, there was only Azkel.

“······Is it Azkel!” 

Shintoe also muttered with a stiff face as if he had realized it soon. 

I thought without taking my eyes off the figure of the guy throwing the body of the Black Sea Empress, distorted beyond recognition. 

‘The overlord must step in.’

【Lv. 98] 

Even if all the monarchs fought together, that monster would be too much. 

There is a 2-level difference between him and even the newcomer. 

An overlord of the same level had no choice but to deal with him. 

coo coo coo. 

Then, Azkel made the next move.

The one who jumped from the mother tower flew to the battlefield in the middle of this place at terrifying speed. 

I screamed, feeling a chill run down my spine. 


Azkel’s offensive began immediately. 

The green light from earlier that wiped out the insect army covered the sky this time. 

Like an aurora, it poured down to the ground with a terrifyingly relatable energy. 

If it falls, at least half of the central force is annihilated. 

But there’s no way to stop it. 

It was the moment when she was urgently trying to escape with Asher and Tiyong. 

Shintoe threw the shield he was holding into the sky. 


The five-colored force field spread very widely around the shield, and began to block Azkel’s attacks. 

I looked at Shintoe in surprise. 

did you block this?

However, his arrogant frown and even his eyelids quivering, clearly showed that he was weak. 

‘I’ll just hold on for a while.’ 

Azkel, floating in the middle of the sky, stretched out her energy and leisurely looked down at the battlefield. 


At that time, the King of the 9 Lords fired a huge spear larger than his own body at Azkel with a spirited spirit. 

The shape of a giant appeared around Azkel. 

It was the complete body of the arm that crushed the Black Sea Empress. 

That is the power of Azkel, the Colossus of Antamara. 

A boss skill that was one of the most notorious among users in the game. 

The giant waved his arms and easily grabbed the giant king’s javelin, which had exhausted himself, and smashed it. 

The other lords also launched an attack, but nothing worked at all.

‘What is the overlord doing?’ 

With the situation at this point, why are you still not moving? 

I glared at the rear of the friendly camp out of urgency and doubt. 

However, the figure of the overlord was nowhere to be seen. 

While Shintoe was earning money for a while, I hurriedly rode Tiyong to the place where the chief of staff was. 

The chief of staff was watching the scene where Azkel and the lords were confronting each other with a hard face. 

Seeing my approach, he looked away. 

“Chief of staff, this is Azkel.” 


“Where is the Overlord now? Why can’t I see him?” 

The chief of staff hesitated, then answered with a darker face. 

“That… I don’t know.”



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“He suddenly disappeared at one point without saying a word. I’m sorry, but I’m confused as I don’t know what just happened.” 

what bullshit is this 

I couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment by the chief of staff’s incomprehensible words. 

‘Is the overlord gone?’ 

Did he suddenly disappear without saying a word to the chief of staff? why? 

There is no reason for the overlord to do such a thing. 

Even if something urgent happened, it is normal to leave a message. 

Does it make sense that in the middle of the battle, even the chief of staff, who was closest to her, didn’t know where she was? 

“Don’t be ridiculous. Where the hell did the overlord disappear to?!” 

Without an overlord, who’s going to stop that! 

I shouted out of urgency, but the chief of staff remained silent with the same expression. 

I turned my gaze to the man standing next to me. 

Cradiel, the chief of staff and the closest aide to the overlord, the leader of Black Rin. 

He had an expressionless face, but there was excitement in his eyes. 

Doesn’t seem to know anything either. 

“Chief of Staff! Where is the Overlord!” 

Then, after the thunderstorm came, he urgently asked the chief of staff. 

Likewise, when she explained the situation, her expression was distorted. 

“What is the reason for the overlord to suddenly disappear? What an absurd sound…!” 

As you say, it is absurd. 

I looked at the battlefield again feeling like I was going to go crazy. 

The king of the dead also came forward before he knew it and covered his magic power over the force field to help defend, but there was no big difference. 

It was clear at a glance that Azkel hadn’t used up any power yet. 

As if showing off, he was only teasing the monarchs by gradually increasing the intensity of his attacks.

At this rate, just when I thought I would be truly annihilated, a huge magic power arose from the new and old side.

The empty space split open, and a huge golem suddenly appeared. 

······What is that? Did you resign? 

It was several times larger than other battle golems in size, and the sense of magic was different. 

As soon as the golem appeared, Shintoe immediately took the stationmaster he had endured enough to endure. 

【Lv. 97] 

The golem, which reached a whopping level 97, moved its huge body, pushed away all of Azkel’s energy, and charged. 

Azkel’s giant and golem clashed arms. 

A huge shockwave spread from the sky in the form of a ring.

Surprisingly, the golem continued to struggle with the giant without any sign of being pushed back.

“Is that…?” 

The chief of staff let out a small exclamation and said. 

“Giganticium. A battle golem made with ancient magic technology.” 

“Ancient magic?” 

“Yes. The blueprint given by the overlord before the war was produced by the first lord.”

Did you even make something like that? 

It was at least good news in the midst of the sudden disappearance of the overlord. 

“Chief of Staff, heal your arm.” 

I held out my frozen arm to the chief of staff. 

The chief of staff used healing magic. 

After the arm was treated, Doro Tti-yong got on top. 

“We’ll have to find the overlord quickly and get this situation back to normal.” 

After threatening the chief of staff one last time, he returned to where Shintoe was. 

Cradiel followed me. 


Azkel was in the process of boosting his energy by suppressing the golem. 

But this time, a black aura rose from the golem’s body, which gradually changed to a green aura.

It was exactly the same energy as Azkel’s. 

I couldn’t help but be amazed by the sight. 

‘What is it, did you copy the nature of magic?’ 

Is that an ancient magic technique? 

It’s not just ordinary magical power, but the power of the demons, and even copying the power of Azkel, the strongest original horse, as it is. 

No matter how strong Azkel’s power was, it was hit back with the power of the same nature, and the golem began to endure without being pushed back. 

Azkel also looked a bit surprised, but I could see that she was laughing. 

“You have an interesting toy. I’ll play with it and break it.” 

Cradiel and I got down next to the gathering of new followers and lords. 

Shintoe, who was sighing, said in a tired voice. 

“That won’t last long either.” 

I knew that too. Because levels don’t lie.

Although the golem’s copying ability was amazing, the difference in magical power between the two was clearly felt. 

both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

“Where is the overlord? Why isn’t that monster still moving?” 

I explained the situation to the puzzled monarchs. 


Shintoe had a face that couldn’t be trusted. 

Gwang-rang also muttered in an absurd voice. 

“What the f*ck, what bullshit is this? You mean the overlord ran away alone?” 

The King of the Dead interjected and said. 

“If that’s the case, I’ll step down.” 


“The Overlord has disappeared without leaving a message for anyone. A clear breach of responsibility as the head of Calderic. It seems I have no responsibility to continue fighting any longer.”

The madman frowned. 

“What are you doing over and over again? You’re saying you want to run away.” 

“That’s true, Lord 5. The Lord 8 also died in an instant. Is there any reason to risk your life against that monster?” 

“Eomsal is a body that will not die anyway.” 

“I’m not completely immortal. And again, I don’t know if Azkel has the ability to completely annihilate my soul. I have no intention of fighting recklessly.” 

The king of the dead looked at Cradiel and asked. 

“Are you going to stop it, Sir Cradiel?” 

Cradiel was silent. 

In this situation, there was no way he had the right to stop the King of the Dead’s actions.

Lords are not loyal to Calderic. 

When the overlord disappeared without saying a word, they had no loyalty to defend their place, even risking their lives. 

Of course, millions of soldiers fighting are abandoned without knowing why, and they are all annihilated. 

‘In the first place, there’s no way I’ll let Azkel run away.’ 

Right now they are dealing with golems, but if the key lords show signs of running away, they will come after them with a high probability. 

Then, in the end, someone had no choice but to stay and fight. 

······I was also shaken by the words of the King of the Dead. 

Even before the war began, one clear goal was set. 

I have to contribute to Kaan’s fight against the demon lord. 

Should I stay here and fight the odds against Azkel? 

‘Of course, Azkel will die in an instant, but…’ 

I looked up at Azkel’s figure.

While access was completely blocked by authority, I honestly had no confidence in contacting that monster. 

If he had been watching the whole thing I killed Pak Culley, he wouldn’t be even more vigilant. 

I remembered fighting Cargos, the third-ranked horse in the past. 

Even then, I was instantly attacked by an attack that even my super senses couldn’t catch up with. 

Azkel is far stronger than that guy. 

If you try to fight, your life can fly away in an instant. 

I have no intention of dying in this war. 

But if I still die, shouldn’t I at least die fighting the demon lord, not a meaningless death? 

“Okay, then get out of here. I’ll stay and fight.” 

The madman roared and slung his sword over his shoulder. 

The King of the Dead really turned around without hesitation. 

“The choice is up to each person. Good luck.”

Riding an undead wyvern, the image of the King of the Dead quickly faded away. 

“Is there anyone else who will run away like that skeleton?” 

Shintoe shook his head at Gwangrang’s words. 

“Of course I will fight. But it’s unexpected, 5 lords.” 


“I didn’t know that you, as a monarch, have such a great sense of responsibility…” 

“What nonsense, old man. Don’t you know me? 

The giant also joined in and said. 

“It is the soul of a great warrior. I will not back down either.” 

Shintoe looked at the thunderstorm. she said as she clicked her tongue. 

“What can I do? Family members are fighting on the battlefield right now, but I, the head of the household, will not abandon them.”

Cradiel opened his mouth only then. 

“I will help the lords. The overlord will surely return.” 

All that remains is me and the heavenly palace. 

Heavenly Palace glanced up at Azkel and scratched her head before speaking. 

“Honestly, I don’t want to fight because I think everyone will die… Well, I’ll fight in moderation and run away if it’s dangerous.” 

Chun-gung was also on the side of wanting to fight more. 

Everyone’s eyes turned to me. 

I sighed and looked around. 

The Overlord still has no sign of appearing. 


Asher called my name in a low voice with a hard face.

Asher, of course, follows my choice. 

But I knew what she wanted to say. 

She knew what I thought, what I valued most in this war. 

I immediately opened my mouth. 

“Are you aware that this is a battle without a win?” 

No matter what rational reason, if you don’t fight in the end, it’s no different from running away as a scapegoat. 

So, even if the odds are low, I have to bet on the game. 

Kill Azkel here, and move quickly to Kaan’s side. 

“I have a plan.” 

“Plan? What plan?” 

“There is one weakness in Azkel’s power. I know what it is.” 

The monarchs looked surprised.

“Is it really?” 

I nodded. 

The Colossus of Antamara. 

A fraudulent ability with both absolute offensive and defensive abilities. 

As you can see, the body has numerous eyes. 

And one of them is the giant’s wrath. 

If you can accurately hit the weak point, the eye, the defense ability of the giant will be greatly weakened in an instant. 

‘As long as Azkel’s authority is not different from the setting of the game…’ 

It is a well-known fact that this real world has many differences from the game setting. 

Of course, we can’t be sure that the setting for Azkel’s weakness will be exactly the same as the game. 

Of course, there was no need to tell the monarchs about the uncertainty. 

There’s no other way to beat him anyway, so I have to leave half of it to chance. 

I explained Azkel’s weaknesses and plans. 

After hearing the explanation, Shintoe asked me. 

“But 7 Lords, how the hell do you know Azkel’s weakness?” 

“There is no time to explain it now.” 

Doubts were dismissed. 

“As I just said, there is no way to defeat him unless it is a momentary decision. If I get rid of that authority, I will finish Azkel. Please trust me and follow me.” 

Gwangrang was the first to answer. 

“Okay, let’s do it. There’s no other way anyway.” 

Other monarchs readily agreed. 

Shintoe cut through the empty space and took out a hammer.

A somewhat unusually shaped hammer with a grayish tint. 

I recognized it as soon as I saw it. 


The strongest and worst weapon Shintoe possesses, said to have been crafted by the ancient Dwarf King by cutting out the soul of a beast that almost destroyed the world. 

I saw that part of the hammer hilt was dyed black, but as I remember, if the whole hammer is dyed black, Shintoe will die. 

In a word, it was a weapon that ate away the life of its owner. 

It was so powerful that it had a price to pay. 

“I’ll have to use my full power in one blow. I’ll be there right away.” 

There was no room for further chatter. 

The monarchs, including me, all looked up at the sky. 

The golem’s strength was almost exhausted, and cracks were slowly forming in its body. 

Shintoe and I rode a wyvern and flew up into the sky on opposite sides of each other. 

Shintoe stretched out his hand toward the golem that was on the verge of breaking. 

Then, the golem’s core exploded in a flash, and it self-destructed, spewing out all its mana.


Through the huge explosion, Shintoe approached the giant. 

Its only weakness is the eye located in the middle of the giant’s forehead. 

The moment Sintoe’s hammer struck, black lightning fell on the giant’s head. 

I, who was maximizing my super senses, could see that his attack hit the weak spot. 


Next, the monarchs waiting on the ground launched an attack in unison. 

Thunderstorm poured thunderbolts, and Gwangrang and Cradiel poured sword energy. 

The great king made a great leap and bumped his massive body against the giant, and the attack of the heavenly palace was also hit. 

Finally, Asher’s blow pierced the center of the colossus. 

In the end, the shape of the giant, unable to withstand the damage, collapsed. 

Azkel became defenseless for a moment. 

There are no more obstacles left. 

I put on a blood dance and performed a series of space jumps. 



A rust-colored thorn pierced my chest. 

Feeling my consciousness shake, I looked at Azkel in front of me. 

He was looking at me with his eyes wide open. 

I raised the corners of my mouth as I felt the burning pain all over my body. 

It’s already late. 

you lost 

Azkel’s body, touched by the bloody mist, fell helplessly to the ground. 

I couldn’t control my body and fell down with him. 

Someone caught my falling body. It was Asher. 


As my vision turned completely dark, I heard Asher’s voice urgently calling me. 

I wondered if I was going to die like this, but for a while, my vision returned to normal. 

I realized that I had lost my mind for a moment. 

Lords surrounded the fallen me. 

“Hey, are you alive?”

I feel sick to my stomach and I feel like throwing up. 

The pain of being burned all over was still there. 


I groaned and got up. 

Asher supported me. 

How are you alive? 

I was hit directly by Azkel’s attack. 

Even if he died instantly, it wouldn’t be strange. 

Looking down at the wound that had been pierced, it was not regenerating properly. 

“I used the elixir, but it’s hard to recover. First of all, rest.” 

Shintoe poured the half remaining elixir into my chest with a tired face. 

It seems that he was able to survive thanks to the super regeneration holding his life for a very short time. 

“What about Azkel…?” 

“Definitely dead.”

Where Thunder’s gaze landed, there was a fallen Azkel. 

is this the end It was a victory for Calderic. 

“Ron, your injuries are serious. Please rest.” 


Unable to bear the pain, she entrusted herself to Asher and closed her eyes. 

Anything is fine, so I want to rest for a while. 

At that moment, I felt the power in my arms. 

I suddenly opened my eyes and took out the magic tool from my chest. 

A communication magic tool that was given to Nainberg instead of Kaan before the war started. 

It was a measure taken to get in touch as soon as possible if Saintea met the main body of the demon king. 

– Confirmed the location of the Demon King. The Demon King is in the army in the central area here. 

– As you said, I will keep Kaan as much as possible. Hurry up if you can afford to join.


After confirming the contents, I defeated Asher’s support. 

Ashley didn’t let go and held me tight. 

“It’s not possible.” 

I shook my head. 

“No, I have to go.” 

“No way! How could the demon lord…!” 


I called her name softly. 

“I have to go. I don’t want to regret it anymore.” 

Ashley looked at me with trembling eyes. 

He quickly closed his mouth and nodded his head.

“I’ll go with you.” 

did not dry 

To be honest, I didn’t want to take Ashelle along either, but it was obvious that trying to stop it would be useless. 

“What’s going on?” 

I told the other lords. 

“The Demon King is said to be on the side of Saintea.” 

“What? The messenger didn’t even come, so how…” 

“I received a call from the magic tool. I will head there right now.” 

Gwang-rang asked with his brow narrowed. 

“Seven lords, are you saying you want to move in that state? For what reason?” 

“I will definitely help the hero and end the demon king. Please clean up after yourself.” 

“Hey, wait…”

I shook off her pressure, and Asher and I immediately climbed on top of Tiyong and flew up into the sky. 

“Tiyong, it will be difficult, but I ask you to go full speed.” 

The guy who gave a powerful roar picked up speed. 

The distance from here to the Central Plains, where Saintea is fighting, is not that far.

At the full speed of Tiyong, it will arrive within half a day at least. 

In the meantime, I tried not to lose my mind and focused on recovering as much as possible. 

how much time has passed Slowly, the battlefield came into view in the distance. 

Saintea-kun fighting against the demons. And the collision of two huge energies that can be felt even here. 


Kaan was fighting the Demon King. 

As I hurriedly tried to go there, I saw someone blocking my way.

I checked who the person was and opened my eyes wide. 

And I had to stop for a moment. 


She looked at me with curious eyes, then smiled and opened her mouth. 

“Welcome, 7 Lords.”

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