I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 187

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Showdown (6)

The beginnings of the Calderic Monarchy go back hundreds of years. 

And it was also deeply related to the history of the dragon species. 

In the northwest of the continent where Calderic is located, it was originally impossible to enter because the entire land was covered with an unknown barrier. 

Someone feared that an ancient demon was sealed in the land, someone believed it to be a sanctuary where gods existed and reverenced it, and someone thought it was the world after death.

Toon. This is the name the unknown land was called before Calderic was born. 

Nothing about Toon was true. 

In fact, dragons lived there. 

The forgotten history of thousands of years ago, the distant ancient times when the intelligent beings could not properly recognize or handle magical powers. 

In those days when there were no demons yet, dragons were absolute beings. 

This is because they were a species blessed with the ability to manipulate mana with instinct alone from birth, and to accumulate mana in their bodies just by breathing. 

Dragons did not hesitate to live freely with their absolute power. 

However, there was no consideration for other species in that freedom. 

When he felt like it, he slaughtered other races, destroyed tribes and nations, and ruined continents. 

I hope that such an era will continue, and the number of dragons who think that this should not continue increases. 

They were fed up with the behavior of their people and thought some restrictions were needed. 

Fortunately, among them, there was a dragon very powerful enough to realize that will.

The dragon, along with his companions, took over all the dragons by force and became the Dragon Lord. 

The Dragon Lord settled in the northwest of the continent and created a huge barrier. 

And all dragons were forced to live only there. 

As the years passed, the existence of dragons was slowly forgotten in the world, and a land where only legends flourished was created. 

The dragons spent most of their time in Thun, and occasionally, only dragons with permission from the lord could go outside and enjoy short games. 

Of course, it was strictly forbidden to cause even the slightest confusion in the world during the game. 

Another long time passed like that, and a dragon was born. 

The dragon’s name is Garc. 

Born with qualities superior to Lord, it is a demonic dragon that ended Toon’s thousands of years of history. 

Gach did not like the situation of being confined to the barrier for the rest of his life. 

So in the end, he killed all his people, broke Tun’s barrier, and came out into the world. 

Gach, who had played games several times, had a desire to establish and rule a huge nation. 

So I did whatever I wanted. 

He announced his existence to the world and laid the foundation stone in the land of Toon. 

The beginning was just a gathering of a few savage tribes in the surrounding area, but many people began to gather at the word that there was a strong leader who did not discriminate against any race. 

Even after seeing Gark’s overwhelming power as a dragon, no force dared to stand in his way. 

Garc completed a huge united nation like that. 

He placed the most outstanding people in the seats of the nine monarchs, and called himself the overlord. 

It was the beginning of Calderic. 

Dragons have a gender, but in fact there is not much biological meaning, and it is possible to leave descendants without needing a mate, whether male or female. 

Also, since their lifespan is infinite, they will never die of aging, but dragons that left descendants will no longer have an infinite lifespan. 

About a hundred years after Calderic was built. 

Originally, Garc, who had no intention of creating descendants, did so out of whim.

And as soon as his descendants were fully grown, he handed over the overlord’s throne and gave up his own life to face death. 

A descendant of Gark, Lashatain. 

The second overlord of Calderic. 

Rashatein was a dragon born with the same qualities as Gark, who was strong enough to kill all his people alone. 

She ruled Calderic as an overlord, just as her father had done. 

Time passed. It continued to flow. Hundreds of years have passed. 

Lashatain seemed to know then. 

Why did Gach give up eternal life and choose death? 

‘Not funny.’ 

It’s just that everything is boring and boring. 

Lashattan was too strong. 

If hundreds or thousands of years pass like this, it will be much stronger than it is now. 

Dragons were such creatures. Even if you breathe, you become stronger, and if you make up your mind to become stronger, you become stronger much faster.

She was the one who inherited the blood of the strongest dragon among them. 

Of course, Lashattan knew that there were no beings as strong as himself in the world. 

The sage of Saintea was a magician who surpassed human limits and was not inferior to her. 

Also, there will be demons who can compete with her in Olteroro. 

However, Lashatain was not very impressed with it. 

After a long time, they will die at the end of their lives anyway, and even if they don’t, they will eventually become stronger. 

It was a predetermined future. 

So what does it mean to do anything? 

Shall we set a goal to rule not only Calderic, but the whole world at our feet? 

insignificant It would be no different than ruling over a slightly larger Calderic. 

Will he be buried in boredom and boredom and end up facing the same end as Garc?

More time passed, and a great war broke out with the invasion of the demons. 

With the wise man, who was praised as the most outstanding magician in human history, passed away, Sainttea was in danger of perishing helplessly. 

Lashatain did not get involved in the war at all and watched the demon king from a distance. 

What kind of being is the strongest demon that has brought all the demons to their feet and unified the chaos of Olterore? 



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And as soon as he saw the demon king, he was able to immediately realize that he was one level higher than himself. 

Quite impressive. 

For the first time, Laschataine met an opponent that made him think he would never be able to surpass him no matter how long it took. 

If it was a monster like that, Saintea would surely perish, and then Calderic might perish. 

Rather than giving up his own life, Lachatein felt at least comforted by the fact that he could meet his end fighting such a formidable enemy. 

And, a hero appeared in the world. 

When he first heard the news about the Hero of the Holy Sword, Lashatain, who was focused on the demon king, didn’t pay much attention. 

However, news soon came that the hero defeated all the demons and went to the demon castle. 

Lashatain was a little intrigued. 

So I decided to take a look at what kind of person he was. 


The moment I first witnessed the hero fighting the demon king alone. 

Lachatein felt a feeling he had never felt before in his life. 

An overwhelming sense of thrill that I couldn’t even feel when I first saw the demon king. 

The source of that thrill was not exactly the hero, but the holy sword she had. 

Because I felt it instinctively. 

That the power contained in that sword is not the power of this world. 

The hero finally sealed the demon king and ended the war. 

Lashatain wanted to find out about the identity of the holy sword. 

In the process, he met the hero several times in person, but the hero only replied that he did not know what the holy sword was.

Did there really exist transcendental beings outside of one’s awareness? 

Lashatain was curious about that. 

too much 

If the power of the holy sword was really the power of a god-like being, I wanted to see that god with my own two eyes. 

It was a very vivid and intense desire that had arisen for the first time in her life full of boredom. 


“Welcome, 7 Lords. Why did you come here?” 

the overlord asked me. I raised my guard and answered. 

“……Isn’t that something we should ask from this side?” 

“Ahaha, is that so?”

The overlord who suddenly disappeared is on the battlefield of Saintea. 

I couldn’t understand at all what the situation was. 

“What the hell do you want to do, High Overlord? Your sudden disappearance nearly wiped out Calderic.” 

“Ah, I know.” 


“That’s why it’s surprising. To say that we were almost wiped out means that we finally defeated them, right? Did I underestimate the power of the monarchs? 

The overlord laughed shamelessly. 

“Sorry anyway. I didn’t think I’d be in time if I was dealing with that pesky bastard myself.” 

“What the hell are you talking about?” 

“Look, Seven Lords.” 

The overlord pointed to the battlefield in the distance. The direction in which Kaan is fighting the demon king.

“Aren’t you nervous? The hero is fighting with all his might.” 


“I mean, I’ve been curious since before. What is the identity of the holy sword possessed by the hero? Why did such a transcendent being give his power to a mere human?” 


“So this is a moment I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. I just want to be able to confirm the answer here today.” 

Originally, she was a woman who could not be called normal, but the atmosphere that the overlord exuded now was completely like that of a madman. 

I don’t even know what she wants to say. 

I thought further conversation was pointless and asked. 

“So what is it in the end? Are you saying you’re just going to keep watching here without helping the hero?” 


“Then I’ll go. I don’t intend to just watch this side.” 

It was time to sneak past it because I sensed an unusual air current. 

The overlord flew in front of me again, blocking my path. And he shook his head. 

“No, 7 Lords. No one can interfere with that.” 

“······Stop the bullshit, overlord. What are you trying to do?” 

“Didn’t I just say that? I just want to check the main body of the Holy Sword. If the Hero is cornered like this, won’t something more change happen in the Holy Sword as well?” 

In the midst of my body not being normal, the overlord’s words made me more confused. 

“If the hero is defeated, the world will perish! Are you blocking me just because of curiosity?!” 

The overlord smiled. 

“Whether the world ends or not doesn’t concern me. You can’t go to the aid of a champion, Seven Lords.” 

Asher swung his sword. The white sword strikes the overlord’s shield. 

I tried to pass the overlord in the gap, but I was blown away by the sudden strong wind.


I opened the floating curtain and stopped the flying belt dragon. 

But at the same time, the overlord’s barrier covered the surroundings. 

It became a situation that was completely trapped in the barrier without help. 

“Stay there. If you try to do nonsense, I have no choice but to kill you.” 

I glared at the barrier and bit my molars. 

Damn, I can’t be locked up like this… 


Then, an attack from behind broke the overlord’s barrier. 

I quickly got out of the barrier and looked at the people flying this way. 

The person who broke the barrier with an attack was Sintoe. Not only did he get up and down, but he also had mania and post-cerebral palsy. 

why are they here? 

“Overlord, why are you here? Why are you stopping the Seven Lords?”

Shintoe approached and glared coldly at the overlord, holding a mastion in one hand. 

The overlord looked this way with a slightly displeased face. 

“It’s an order, lords. Can you all go back? I’ll go back when the situation is over.” 

“What? Order? When we fight against Azkel, let’s stand alone and command?” 

The madman sneered. 

He also asked as if he had trouble understanding the situation. 

“Overlord, I need an explanation. What are you doing here?” 

The overlord let out a deep sigh. 

“I won’t say it twice. Everyone go back.” 

In the frozen atmosphere, there was silence for a while. 

Shintoe looked in the direction where the Hero and the Demon King were fighting and asked me.

“Seven lords, you said you would help the hero and end the demon king. Can I believe that?” 

I answered right away. 

“Believe me.” 

Shintoe nodded. A black stream flowed from the mastion in his hand. 

The overlord clicked his tongue when he saw it. 

“Haven’t you already used more than half of it, Lord 1? Are you saying you want me to fight and die?” 

“If necessary, you should. Lashatane, you are not qualified to be an overlord.” 


Mastion’s power and the overlord’s magic collided. 

While the overlord was briefly held, I charged towards the battlefield at full speed.

Asher cut down all the demons flying in the sky and blocking the path with his sword. 

Soon, the hero and the demon king came close enough to clearly see the battle between the two. 

The closer I got, the more I felt a huge pressure that made my flesh tremble. 

It is the devil’s energy. 

Kaan was fighting the Demon King alone in the middle of the battlefield. 

As he hurriedly tried to approach Kaan, a demon soared into the sky and blocked his path. 

【Lv. 94] 

A demon with four arms and wings on its back. 

It’s an original demon level power that I don’t know about.

Asher shouted, leaping straight from Tiyong’s back towards him. 


Asher lowered his sword and fell to the ground with him. 

I went on without looking back. 

To the place where the warrior, Kaan, is. 

When they finally reached their destination, the sight they saw was Kaan, who was dangerously blocking the demon king’s attack with a shield of divine power spread in front of him. 


I immediately jumped off Tiyong’s back.

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