I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 188

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Darkness riots everywhere. 

Kaan swung the holy sword and cut through the endless darkness. 

cut and cut again 

The scattered darkness did not dissipate and reunited repeatedly. 

It was like cutting water. 

Kaan gave up responding with a sword strike and defeated the darkness with a huge explosion of holy power in all directions. 

And leaped toward the demon king. 

The tip of the holy sword aimed precisely at the demon king’s heart, but it did not reach. 

They were blocked by the outstretched hand of the Demon King at a distance of one span.

When the demon king opened his hand, the space distorted and a huge shockwave occurred. 

Kaan, who had been pushed back a little, spread a protective shield while fixating himself in the air. 

The shock wave was blocked by the protective film and could not spread further and dissipated. 

Kaan removed the shield and looked at the demon king. 

It was vaguely felt even before the fight began. 

Compared to other demons, the demon lord’s power was somewhat different. 

It’s not just about being stronger. 

Something different. 

That gap was why Caan couldn’t figure out how to break through. 

An attack like the one before is just an attack that makes a lot of noise. 

What really bothered me was the darkness that surrounded the demon lord’s entire body. 

Even the divine power of the Holy Sword, which can lightly break any demon power, does not work well. 

Kaan knew intuitively that he must never come into direct contact with that darkness. 

Then the demon king opened his mouth. 

“You keep blocking attacks that would be enough if you dodge them.”

The demon king’s gaze turned to Kaan’s back. 

It was the direction where the soldiers of Saintea were gathered in the distance. 

If Kaan hadn’t blocked the shockwave, they would have been swept away without even realizing their death. 

It was the moment when Kaan narrowed her eyes at the demon king’s strange tone. 


Suddenly, the Demon King soared high into the sky. 

The place where the demon king landed was in the middle of the Seintea camp. 

Disembarking among the numerous human soldiers, he poured darkness around him and began to slaughter at random. 

Kaan was surprised and hurriedly caught up with the demon king. 

However, the Demon King just kept killing humans by widening his distance. 

Thousands of people died in that short space of time. 

“빌어먹을 새끼가······!” 

The demon king rose up into the sky again and dropped a huge darkness like a meteorite to the ground. 

Kaan, who tried to jump up and catch up, couldn’t do that and had no choice but to spread the shield again.

coo coo coo. 

Although the carnage was averted, thousands of humans were also killed in the aftermath of the shock. 

Kaan glared at the demon king floating in the sky with murderous eyes. 

The Demon King, who slowly descended to the ground, stopped attacking and said. 

“Do you know how the hero sealed me in the past?” 


“The dying comrades around me didn’t pay attention, like stones they kicked, and swung their holy swords with the sole intention of killing me. Then, using their numerous corpses as a stepping stone, I was able to finally pierce my heart.” 

The Demon King stretched out his hand. 

“Do you understand? New hero. This is not a war. To pay attention to trivial words like that, how dare you fight against me without abandoning even halfway altruism?” 


Again darkness swept over the soldiers. 

“We’ll have to play hide and seek until all humans except you die.” 

Kaan bit off his teeth and charged towards the Demon King. 

The demon king again opened the distance and launched an indiscriminate attack on the surroundings. 

Kaan didn’t care anymore. 

Without looking back at the dying people, he followed the Demon King closely and unleashed ferocious sword strikes. 

A faint smile formed on the devil’s lips. 


The Demon King held the sword that made the darkness clump together in his hand. 

The two swords collided. 

The battle method of the Demon King, who had blocked Kaan’s approach and controlled only the darkness, has changed. 

The demon king’s swordsmanship had no special form or framework. 

It was like that of a warrior far beyond the limits of Aindel and Kaan. 

Countless afterimages were drawn in the air, and thousands of battles took place. 

Kaan swung her sword with bloodshot eyes, fully absorbed in the battle.

At one point, the holy sword broke the demon king’s sword and grazed his shoulder. 

The Demon King immediately retreated, covering his whole body with darkness. 

Kaan caught up and poured out divine power. 

The golden light and jet black mixed together, dyed each other, and ate each other. 



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It was the time when he was convinced that Kaan had seized the victory as he watched the darkness gradually disappear. 

The demon king whispered while buried in the darkness. 

“If this is my power, I can’t defeat it.” 

At that moment, the darkness exploded, extinguishing all the sacred power of the holy sword.

Kaan was pushed out by an irresistible force, barely protecting herself. 

“I became a more perfect being after being resurrected. Did you think I could create two miracles with the same power as Aindel?” 

Darkness enveloped Kaan once more. 

Without even a moment to catch his breath, Kaan planted his holy sword in the ground and spread a shield against the darkness that surged like a great ocean.

oh oh oh! 

Kaan realized. That this is the demon king’s true power. 

Blood trickled down Kaan’s mouth. 

I raised the power of the holy sword until it strained my body, but I couldn’t completely block the incoming darkness. 

It was the moment when the darkness gradually stained the divine power and tried to break through the shield. 


Hearing the voice calling him, Kaan raised his head. 

Someone from above was falling this way. 

Kaann’s heart thumped. 

This is because the person seemed to be Ran for a moment. 

However, looking back, he was not Ran, but the 7th Lord. 

But why? 

The reason why the urgent tone of the seven lords who had called him instantly felt like someone resembled him. 

The 7 lords descended on the surroundings and opened an invisible barrier to block the darkness that invaded through the divine power. 

The 7 lords all had a dying complexion. 

A serious wound was visible on the chest. 

In that state, he managed to block the attack. 

Kaan stared blankly at him. 

The contents of the letter Aindel had left flashed through his mind. 

The truth she couldn’t tell until the end. 

It’s not the person’s fault, the words that I couldn’t understand. 

“······Were you Ran?” 

At those words, the eyes of the 7 lords could be seen trembling. 

Kaan was sure. Anger dyed her hair white for an instant. 


The huge divine power exploded and drove away the devil’s energy at once. 

Kaan glared at the staggering Seven Lords, spewing life. 

“Yes, you…! You!”

And at that moment, light flashed from the holy sword. 

Memories flooded Kaan’s mind. It was Aindel’s memory. 

It started from the moment she first met the 7 Lords and continued until her end. 

– Did you really do this for succession? 

– Trying to take Kaan’s body, how did you do all of that… 

– I’m sorry, 7 Lords. My indecision has driven you that way. 

The conversation between Aindel and the 7 Lords on the day her father died. 

Kaan held her head and groaned. 

The 7 Lords stared blankly at it. 


Soon, Kaan raised her head and glared at him. 

With eyes dripping with tears. 

“With your own mouth… explain it yourself! After you get out of here alive!” 

Kaan, holding the holy sword straight, jumped at the demon lord.


Kaan rushed towards the Demon King. 

I stared blankly at it. 

The sacred power of the Holy Sword, which exploded like a volcano, entangled with the demon king’s darkness and created a whirlwind. 

What just happened to Kaan? 

Everything was confusing, but I also put off my thoughts. 

As the guy said, surviving is the priority. 

You must defeat the Demon King in front of you. 

If both of you can survive in this situation, you are free to explain or ask for forgiveness. 

I got up from my seat. 

The first appearance of the Demon King was extremely ordinary. 

It wasn’t much different from a normal human male. 

But its presence was truly astonishing. 

It was empty, and it was so dark that I couldn’t fathom its depth.

It was as if the word death had materialized in the world. 

And a sense of heterogeneity that is difficult to describe exactly. 

Whatever it was, it was clear what I was going to do. 

The Demon King was concentrating on clashing forces with Kaan. 

without any defense. 

Approach him in this gap and kill him. 

A huge pressure was pressing on the space in a bad physical condition, but I had to hold on and approach it. 

‘let’s go.’ 

I took a deep breath in and exhaled it. 

Concentrating his mind, he performed a space leap with blood magic. 

The Demon King allowed access very simply. 

Let’s finish with this. 

To the demon lord who came into contact with the Blood Dance, I immediately activated an instant kill. 

But the demon king did not die.

He just slowly turned his head and looked at me with tears streaming down his eyes. 

I met the guy’s eyes in amazement. 

The guy’s mouth opened. 

“Why do you have that power?” 

At the same time, darkness overtook me. 

I felt and realized the power of the demon king permeating my whole body. 

What was the identity of the heterogeneity I felt? 


The same instant death power as mine. 

That was the power of the Demon King. 

[The end has come.] 

The last voice I heard somewhere echoed in my head, and my consciousness was cut off.

[Wake up. End all with this.] 


While confronting the demon king, Kaan looked back at the 7 lords who had been pushed far away and collapsed on the floor. 

After being hit directly by the demon king’s power, he could no longer feel the slightest bit of vitality. 

The 7th Lord is dead. No, Ran is dead. 

Kaan felt something indescribable. 

My chest was so stuffy that it felt like it would explode, and I felt like I was about to turn inside out. 

“Turn it off…!” 

kill the devil 

In the end, all that was left was that.

I could see bloody tears flowing from the demon king’s eyes. 

For some reason, the demon lord’s energy was noticeably weakened. 

Although he didn’t know what he did, Kaan realized that it was the last thing the Seven Lords did. 

Kaan was also in a state where he was overextended by overexertion of his strength, but with this he was balanced. 

‘Let’s die together.’ 

Kaan drew out the last of her strength. 

The demon king, bound by the power of the holy sword, was exposed to divine power as it was. 

And Kaan, who gave up defense and focused all his strength on attack, was also completely exposed to the power of the Demon King. 

That was the moment. 


The gazes of Kaan and the Demon King turned to one side at the same time.

The seven lords, who must have been dead, stood up in their seats. 


There is a dream I often had after falling into this world. 

In fact, everything was just a dream, a dream in which I woke up from dozing off in front of the computer. 

Couldn’t it be real? Possessing the world in the game? 


I came to my senses and blinked blankly. 

What you see in front of you is the game screen of Lassa. 

What, did you fall asleep? 

I think I had a very long dream, but I can’t remember what it was about.

I scratched my head and then lifted my back from the chair. 

Wasn’t it just a while ago that I was putting all the items and skills in the box of chaos and decorating the end of the service? 

A notification window floated across the screen. 

Come on, what did it come out of? 

“Hey, sir.” 

As soon as I checked the synthetic result, I buried my back in a chair on the road. 

All that came out was just one skill. 

I changed the character I had developed my entire life, so I wondered if I had to acquire even the first 10-star skill. 

I thought I had high hopes for this game. 


The phone on the desk vibrated. 

When I checked, it was a message from my younger brother.

– Are you off? 

– Don’t be late. You have to come by 6 o’clock. 

“Oh right.” 

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten out with my family, so I have to prepare and go out. 

Do you fall asleep while playing games, I don’t know why your mind is like this. 

It’s good to eat expensive food for the first time in a while, but I don’t like nagging. 

It was obvious that I would be harassed the whole time I was eating, telling me how to prepare for a job and keep my head up. 

I yawned and wiped my face. 

“Okay, now let’s live a little more soundly…” 

Lassa has also ended its service, and at this point, I will have to stop playing the game altogether and live hard. really. 

I moved my mouse to quit the game.

However, the cursor suddenly stopped moving. 

What kind of rack is this again? 

I clicked nervously, but the game screen itself stopped. 

It was when I was about to sigh and just turn off the computer. 


My character on the screen suddenly changed into a different look. 

A man of the human race with black hair and golden eyes. 

“What bug is this?” 

For a moment, I couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling. 

This is because the character was staring straight ahead. 

As if I could see myself in reality beyond the screen. 

I looked at the name above the character’s head. 

【7 Lords of Calderic – Ron】

The moment he saw it, he froze for a while, then burst into a sigh. 

“······Oh right.” 

The scenery in the room began to crack like pieces of a puzzle. 

The pieces crumbled and darkness covered the surroundings. 

I muttered with a bitter smile. 

“It’s not over yet.” 


Consciousness returned, and what I saw in my field of vision were the figures of two transcendental beings who were still pushing each other’s energy. 


I felt a sense of surprise at the demon king’s voice, which seemed inanimate. 

Kaan was also looking this way in disbelief.

It was the same that I did not understand my current condition. 

I felt it instinctively. There was a sense that she was certain to die. 

But how are you alive? 

Anything is good. took a step forward. 

The mind is hazy as if drunk, and the body is as heavy as a thousand pounds. 

I felt like I was about to fall, but I didn’t stop and went on. 

The mighty energy of the demon king was noticeably weakened. 

I don’t know how you and I have the same power, but your condition is probably not normal either. 


There were no grandiose beliefs about saving the world. 

It was always for me that I fought against the demons. 

so that you can survive If you reach the end of the main story, you might learn the truth of this world.

But let’s end it here. 

Kaan does not have to make sacrifices. 

Only one person dies with the demon king. 

gag drama. 

The demon king, bound by the power of the holy sword, raised his arm with a creak. 

I reached out in front of him and reached out my hand. 

Their palms touched, and their voices overlapped. 



Once again, the terrible death spread throughout the body, and consciousness was blown away. 

Feeling the sensation of sinking into the deep darkness…

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