I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 189

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end point (complete)

I’ve always thought about what happens after I die. 

Will it just die and end, or will it return to its original body in the original world? 

The answer was neither. 

I was standing alone in a dark space with nothing right now. 


what happened

I stared down at my body. 

My body, which had been damaged a while ago, was fine. 

It was also comfortable without any pain. 

Looking at things like this, it’s clear that this place isn’t real… 

Is the demon king dead? 

Given the circumstances, there was no way to know. 

I just hope that the last desperate struggle at the cost of my life was meaningless. 

Will Kaan be okay? If the Demon King died with me, she would probably be fine. 

It was a pity that I couldn’t leave a proper apology to him. 

‘Ashel is…’ 

I let out a bitter sigh. 

You said you’d tell me a story after the war. 

In the end, that promise was not kept. 

As I thought about it one by one, I thought that nothing had been properly knotted.

I slumped down in my seat. 

There was still no change in the dark space. 

Are you asking me to look back on my past life before I die? 

I hope someone can explain. 

“You don’t have to look back on your life.” 

Then, with a voice, someone appeared before my eyes without any warning. me

When I saw the face of the person, I couldn’t help but be startled. 


The man in front of me was making my face. 

To be precise, the 7th lord Lorne. 

I sat down and made eye contact with another me. 

But the voice just now, where did you hear it? 

It seemed like it would come to mind, but then I realized. 

The voice that rang in my head when I was knocked down by the demon king. 

Now that I think about it, it was also the voice I heard the moment I was possessed by the game.

······Could that voice be mine? 

Realizing that now, I frowned and asked. 

“Who are you?” 

The other me in front of me answered. 

“I am you.” 

“That’s right, you can tell by looking at his face. What I want to ask is…” 

“It is not the original owner of this body, but Kang Joo-won of Earth who has been possessed by this body.” 

Joo Won Kang. 

My original name before becoming Ron. 

Another me replied as if he was reading my thoughts. 

I sighed and asked again. 

“Was it you who dropped me into the game world?” 


“I think it needs a lot of explanation.”

I mean, I was the culprit behind all of this. What do you mean? 

It’s a story that doesn’t make common sense. 

Another me spoke to me who was in confusion. 

“Where should I begin with an explanation? First of all, I can say that you are the first.” 

“······The first me?” 

“Yes. Before starting countless loops, the very first me.” 

loop. It was the word most definitely stuck in my head. 

“A loop? What is that…” 

“I’ll explain everything, so listen first.” 

Another me started talking. 

“At first, I wasn’t possessed by this world while playing games. I was just a poor earthling who fell into another world like a lightning bolt without instant death, the emperor’s soul, or any information. It could have had an unwanted effect, or it could have been some cosmic error. Anyway, I fell into a different world and became possessed by the body of a prisoner trapped in a convoy.” 

Escort ship… I was referring to the situation when I first became possessed by this body. 

I was trying to listen to the story in silence, but I came up with a question, so I asked. 

“Wait, how did you survive there if you didn’t have any abilities?” 

Wasn’t it possible that I escaped from the convoy because there was instant death? 

“I noticed the chief of staff’s stealth just before Kwon Seong exploded my head. And the two immediately went into battle. Thanks to that, I was able to save my life.” 

“······After that? The ship was sinking?” 

“During the battle, the shock wave shattered the ironclad in his hand. The chief of staff took care of the castle and immediately escaped the sinking convoy, and I was washed aboard a broken board to a nearby island, so I was barely able to die. I was able to survive just because of luck.” 



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Was it insanely lucky? 

Another I continued the story.

“Escape from the island is due to luck in many ways, but that is not important. As for the knowledge of the language, it was fortunate that I still had memories, perhaps due to the influence of the original owner, but I live in a different world with nothing, nothing to possess, and nothing to know. I had to roll really hard to survive. I almost died hundreds of times, I met a good teacher and learned swordsmanship, I was lucky to discover a mystery and became stronger. I went through a lot of things and made a lot of bonds. And meeting Kaan, too. It was one of those relationships.” 


When the guy’s name came out, I muttered involuntarily. 

“Kaan was a really precious comrade to me, but he finally met his end as a warrior. Kaan gave his life and died together with the demon king, and compared to him, there was nothing I could do about it. I was infinitely weak compared to him. It was just a burden because I used up my strength to save myself.” 


“The hero and the demon king died, and a long time has passed since the war ended. I was able to save my life thanks to Kaan, but some of the demon king’s power remained in my body, and as time passed, I assimilated myself. After a long period of progress, he attained divine status.”

“What? Deity?” 

what else is that 

“Divine power is the power of a god. It is the same as the power of a holy sword. 

“No, wait a minute…” 

“There is nothing difficult to think about. You just have to understand that a god is a god you vaguely imagine. He is a transcendental being who transcends the limits of living things and has almost omnipotent abilities. Anyway, I, who was still unable to accept Kaan’s death, used my godhead. I turned back the world’s time. To change the past and bring Kaan back to life.” 

······Is that what a loop is like? 

Only then did I get a feel for the content of the story and ask. 

“You said there were too many loops to count. So you’re saying the first attempt failed?” 


“Why? You said you became a god by gaining godhood. Then, wasn’t it as simple as reviving Kaan?”

“God is a being outside the causal law of this world. With his power, anything is possible, but his influence in the real world is severely limited by the causal law.” 

When I made an ambiguous expression because I didn’t understand, another me suddenly waved my hand at the empty space. 

Then a table and an apple lying on it appeared. 

“For example, let’s say that an ordinary person picks up an apple from the table. Then, the apple floats in the air as it is held by that person’s hand. The apple floats in the air because the person picks up the apple with their hand. It is a phenomenon and a causal relationship.” 


“However, if a god who has attained divinity picks up an apple from the table in the real world, it is just that the apple floated in the air on its own without any cause or effect. Because the god is not a being included in the laws of that world. Such trivial things. Even our actions harm the causal law of the world. If we forcefully try to break the limits of that causal law, the world itself will be destroyed.” 

It seems to be understandable. 

“Can we roughly assume that it is difficult for the power of God to directly affect the world?” 

“Yes. And that goes for reversing time as well.” 

I guess so. It’s like turning back time. 

“So the way I turned back time had limitations. I gave up on preserving my memories. But then, nothing would change if I turned back time, so I needed a variable. And that variable was the game Lassa.” 

“······Is Rasa also a game you made?” 

“I know myself well. Because there is no other way better than games to keep you interested and memorize a lot of information for a long time. I know what I like and what games I enjoy.” 

Returning to the past while preserving memories is difficult due to the limitations of causality. 

So, it was said that he was induced to put those memories in his head as much as possible in the way of setting up the game. 

“With the self with the godhead separate, I sent myself back to the past. That’s how I gave you information, and also gave me abilities like instant death and the soul of a king. All of those things, including the déjà vu you often felt, were variables that would change the future. .”

“······But why did you give the ability that way? Couldn’t it have been given normally?” 

I asked because it reminded me of getting instant death through the synthesis of the Box of Chaos. 

“It was a way to minimize the pressure of the law of causality. Think of the holy sword. Weren’t there several conditions for Kaan to inherit the holy sword? These are conditions designed for you.” 

“What the hell does that have to do with the reduction of causal constraints?” 

“It can be said that it is a matter of perception. Let’s say there is a children’s book that tells the heroic story of a certain hero. will?” 

“Well… wouldn’t it?” 

“Yes. It is natural for a hero to gain strength through adversity. The causal law of the world is closely related to the perception of the constructs that originally belong to that world. The fact that you gained instant death through the fusion of the Box of Chaos is also related to that perception. It’s just used.” 

It was hard to understand exactly, but I got over it. Because it wasn’t anything important.

“Anyway, even after turning back time like that, you’re saying it just kept failing? Why?” 

“Actually, there was something else that was important. Among the laws of the world, there is something called ‘destiny’ along with the law of cause and effect.” 


“Something that’s certain to happen?” 

“Yes. And Kaan’s death was that fate. I realized that only after dozens of loops.” 

I couldn’t help but be surprised by those words. Kaan’s death was fate? 

“But I didn’t give up. I kept turning back time. Even if Kaan’s death was fate, I had no intention of accepting it.” 

“Then how…” 

“All I was aiming for was a single bug. With the belief that if I kept going back in time and repeating the same time period, even if it was destined, there would be an error and it wouldn’t happen. There was no basis for that belief, but I did it nonetheless. “

Another me reached out into the air. 

“And finally we’ve come to this conclusion. Look.” 

Waves like water surfaced in the air, and a certain scene was reflected. 

I soon realized that this was the scene of reality that existed a while ago. 

Kaan collapsed with her eyes closed while holding the holy sword, and the Demon King and I collapsed in front of him.

And the soldiers of Saintea who surround and escort Kaan. 

“He’s not dead. He’s just unconscious.” 


“Kaan’s death was confirmed at the end of the battle with the demon king. That fate has now been avoided.” 

is it. Is Kaan alive? 

I looked in the direction of my corpse, feeling relieved. 

At that time, I saw Asher appearing from somewhere and collapsing in front of me.

Asher is also safe. thank god. 

She looked down at my face for a long time, and then hugged me in her arms as she sobbed. 

The two me silently watched the scene. 

“How many times have you turned back time?” 

“It’s far away. After tens of thousands of times, I haven’t counted.” 

“······I didn’t even manage to go crazy.” 

I nodded. 

“Congratulations on achieving your lifelong dream. Let’s finish it now. It’s hard to watch more.” 

Now that I have destroyed Kaan’s fate, there is no way I can turn back time at the end I have finally reached. 

After hearing all the stories, I couldn’t ask for time back. 

It’s a pity, but now I’m going to die completely. 

“No, you don’t die.”

I widened my eyes. 

“I will give you my godhead. Resurrect and go back.” 

“What? Causality is…” 

“It hasn’t been long since he died, so he can endure that level of causality.” 

I looked at the other me quietly. 

“If you give me a divine power and I’m resurrected, what will happen to you?” 

“It will be destroyed. As I said, this is a separate self without a body or anything, holding only the godhead.” 

“…then can’t you be resurrected in that body instead of me?” 

Another me shook my head. 

“I have memories that I have accumulated by rewinding time for eons of time. My personality is already far removed from that of an ordinary human. 

I glanced at Kaan in the real world and smiled bitterly.

“So now I want to rest. I’m satisfied with the end. Go back.”

I nodded. 

“Then I won’t decline. Thank you. Honestly, it was too unfair for me to die like this.” 

Another me burst out laughing and reached out to me. 

“But is it really okay? Didn’t you love Kaan? The person I like right now is…” 

“It doesn’t matter. Live your life. Return to Earth as a godhead or remain in this world.” 


With a bright light, the door to the real world opened before me. 

Feeling a huge power, a divine spirit flow into my body, I finally met my gaze with another me. 

“Thank you. For finishing everything.”

Another me said hello. 

“Now rest in peace.” 

I also left a final goodbye and took a step toward the door that led to reality. 

My vision was flooded with light, and my consciousness was dimmed. 


When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was Ashley’s hair. 

I patted Asher on the shoulder as she was holding me so that I could not breathe. 


Ashelle, who flinched and trembled, hurriedly raised her head. 

I burst out laughing.

“Are you going to choke me to death?” 


Asher’s tear-stained face was stained with surprise and emotion. 

I felt no different from her, so I didn’t know what to say, so I said whatever came out. 

“My name is······.” 

Upon hearing the name of the three characters, Asher looked at me blankly and then said with an uncharacteristic laugh. 

“It’s a difficult name to pronounce.” 

what a refreshing feeling 

I looked sideways. 

On the other side, Kaan was slowly getting up. 

I saw the holy sword in her hand glimmering once.

Even the God of the Holy Sword will remember the many loops I made. 

If you are grateful to him for willingly enduring the endless repetition, you should be grateful. 

With the demon king’s death, the demons lost their morale, and the war was coming to an end. 

Looking across the sky, I could see Shintoe, Gwangrang, and Thunderstorm flying this way. 

Where did the overlord disappear? 

Did the demon king die and the other side ended too? 

Anyway, it was fortunate that the monarchs who had captured the overlord were safe. 

I looked at Asher again. 

“Let’s go back, Asher.” 

With the godhead given to me by another person, I can now return to Earth. 

Nothing has been decided yet, but I will keep what I promised. 

“I’ll tell you my story. It’s nothing special, actually.”

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