I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 25

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At my words, the knight’s movements stopped.

He glanced at Asher and me with an expression that looked like he would break out in a cold sweat at any moment, then glanced at the woman again.

“What are you doing?! That bastard called me vulgar! Kill him quickly!”

Shouting loudly, she seemed to have finally lost her mind. It looked like a child throwing a tantrum.

It’s annoying, really.

I said;

“If it sounds like empty words, pull out your sword. Or take that noisy thing and go away.”

The knight glared at me, then finally removed his hand from the hilt of his sword.

He seemed to have realized the difference in his skills after directly competing with Asher.

Instead, he opened his mouth and spoke in a menacing voice.

“I don’t know who the young master is, but he’s making a big mistake. She’s the daughter of the mayor of this city…”

I didn’t reply, but waved my hand at Asher.

As she brought her hand to the hilt of her sword, the knight fell silent and shut his mouth.


The woman, who was upset at the sight, trembled as if she couldn’t overcome her anger, and she slapped the knight on the cheek.

The knight just silently let her hit him as she slapped his face several times.

The woman who had taken her anger out like that turned her gaze back and glared at me ferociously.

“You’re really going to kill me. Do you know who my father is? He’s the mayor of this city. This whole city belongs to my family.”


“I’ll make sure you pay the price for fooling around with that lowly tongue. You’ll never be able to walk on two legs again without crawling between my legs and begging.”

Then she turned around and strode out of the store.

Her escort knight also chased her out, and the restaurant fell silent. All eyes were focused on this direction.


That’s really great.

Admiring how the other could be that big of an idiot, I looked at the place where she had disappeared.

Baros also looked at the door from which she came out with his cold, sunken eyes, and spoke cautiously to me.

“Just give me a word and I’ll meet the mayor of this city in person. That cheeky bitch…”

“Don’t trouble yourself.”

This was not my territory, so I didn’t want to make a fuss.

It could reveal my whereabouts to the other Lords, and if that happened, someone might unnecessarily take an interest in me.

But since it happened like this, could I do anything?

I knew from the moment I intervened, things would get annoying.

Thinking of seeing the face of the mayor who raised that great idiot tomorrow, I soon turned off my nerves.

“Are you okay?”

Asher raised the fallen employee.

The manager and other employees who had been watching approached them with belatedly apologetic faces.

She handed them over to them, and Asher returned to her seat and sat down with her head bowed shyly.

The man who had been standing awkwardly came this way.

He was the man who was threatened by that crazy woman, having his wrist cut off and all. Which didn’t happen because Asher intervened.

“Hey, thank you. Young master has helped me to survive. I almost lived as a disabled for the rest of my life.”

I nodded my head as I saw him conveying his thanks with a smile on his face.

Judging by his attire, he was a man who looked like an ordinary traveler.

Still, he was the only one among those who watched the mad woman’s atrocities and tried to stop it, so his personality seemed pretty good.  I was not blaming those who didn’t step up since it’s understandable if they couldn’t.


But wait a minute…

Having felt something familiar, I inspected the man’s face.

It’s the same feeling as when I first found Asher.

When I stared at him, the man also looked at me with puzzled eyes.

I asked him.

“What’s your name?”


He seemed taken aback for a moment, but then responded with a laugh again.

“My name is Lian, young master.”


Only then did an NPC character appear in my memory.

A blond, green-eyed young man with the same appearance as the one in front of me.


Surprised inwardly but also feeling awed at this bizarre coincidence, I repeated his name in my mind.

Not the pseudonym he just mentioned, but the real name he’s hiding.

Tair Bamon.

The youngest prince of the neutral country, Earth Hill.

He was not to the extent of being the main character in the world of RaSa, but he was a person who could be said to be the main character among the supporting actors.

The episode of Earth Hill’s Neutral Country related to him was one of my favorite main stories in the game.

Yes, since it was five years ago, he had not yet returned to the kingdom and was wandering around Calderic…

“I… the dish is ready.”

The waiter came to the table holding the finished dish.

The fried chicken pieces that looked appetizing came out in a basket full of them.

I stared at the chicken, then at the table where Lian was sitting, then back to him.



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And I asked

“This is also a fate. Shall we dine together?”


 What kind of nonsense is this? – That was probably the guy was thinking as his eyes widened.

Asher and Barros, who were sitting in the seats in front of me, also looked at me with curious eyes, probably curious why I was doing this.

But this was a good opportunity

I wanted to have a conversation with him.

It was because I thought that there might be something to be gained from this relationship that happened by chance.

The Canes family was a family with a long history in the Fifth Lord’s territory, holding the post of mayor of Wilpeck for the ninth generation.

Colton Canes, the mayor, was having a little late dinner with a distinguished guest who had visited the mansion after a long absence.

“So, there are rumors that the Seventh Lord who was crowned this time immediately crushed one of the merchant corps…”

When Colton hinted, the middle-aged guest nodded and said;

“It looks like the owner of the workshop the merchant group was trying to control had something to do with the Lord. I don’t know the details. Whatever it was, the Lord completely captured the merchant group.”

“…That’s worrisome. What kind of person do you think the Seventh Lord is? I’ve heard that you’re an outsider.”

“How can I know that I’m just an administrator? I know nothing more than you.”

He was Laika, an administrator belonging to the Seventh Lord’s castle, who stopped by here for a while on business.

Also, as you can see, he was also a close friend that a personal acquaintance with Mayor Colton.

“He did nothing other than what he did to the merchant corps. From what I heard, he was looking at a map all day until I left the castle.”

“Huh? A map, why…”

“The atmosphere on the side of Santea and the neutral countries has been unusual lately, so it may have something to do with it. I’m already saying too much by mentioning this, so don’t ask too much.”

Even if they were the only ones here, they still couldn’t talk lightly about a Lord.

The two soon turned to other topics.

Then there was a commotion at the entrance of the dining room.

Colton tilted his head at the sight of his daughter strutting into the dining room.

“You came back early, my dear. You said you would visit the night market, but the sun hasn’t even set yet.”

His youngest daughter, who was born to his late wife, was a precious treasure to him.

Her daughter, Denbri, greeted Laika first.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your meal.”

Laika nodded his head. He was a little offended, to be honest, but it was okay because he knew Colton cared so much for his youngest daughter.

She said to Colton.

“Do you know what insult I just went through out there, Father?”


“A lowly person who doesn’t even know the subject dared to tell me I was vulgar! This idiot couldn’t even pull out his sword and just watched!”

Colton hardened his expression and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Laika also paid attention to the story with an excited expression on his face.

It was a fact that no one in the city did not know that Lady Denbri was an unreasonable scumbag. But did she come back after being humiliated by someone?

“Tell me what happened.”

To that, Denbri explained what had happened at the restaurant.

The employee who spilled a drink on her dress, the escort knight, intervening while she was educating the employee, and even the verbal abuse from the knight’s owner.

As her explanation continued, Laika looked at her with a slightly bewildered eyes.

It dumbfounded him. She would so proudly say that she had committed such atrocious violence for such a small thing.

Colton’s expression was more serious.

What mattered to him was the insult she suffered, not her behavior.

“Do you know who that bastard is?”

“I don’t know. He must be from a filthy family.”


“I’m so humiliated that I’m going to die, Father. I can’t live without him beating his head to the floor and apologising.”

Colton asked Gerold, the escort knight, standing next to her.

“How was that knight’s skill? Be honest.”

“…She was much stronger than me. I’m sorry.”

He bowed his head as if he was sorry.

Colton sighed and stroked his chin.

Gerold was a knight with sufficiently excellent skills. That’s why he was given as an escort for his youngest daughter.

If the man involved was being escorted by a much better knight than him, he would, of course, not be an ordinary person.

Maybe not nobles from neighboring family, but nobles from another Lord’s territory or some distant city?

“Okay. Wait.”

Denbri’s expression brightened at Colton’s words.

He didn’t know which family he came from, but at least in this city, Colton was like a king.

But did that man dare to insult her daughter and even order her to be cut down?

“What are you thinking?”

“Whatever it may be, I have to bring that man here.”

Colton gave a simple answer to Laika’s question.

He was thinking of bringing them to the mansion and seeing his face to find out which family he belonged to.

And if it’s someone who belonged to a high family, he would suggest to solve things gently, otherwise I would make him pay for his actions.

“How do they look?”

“The man had black hair and the escort knight was a white-haired woman.”

Colton immediately called the knights and ordered them to find the two people and bring them to him.

Meanwhile, Laika, who was listening from the side, tilted his head.

A black-haired man and a white-haired female knight? Why was that…

What nonsense am I thinking?

Immediately dismissing it as an absurd imagination, he burst out laughing. I thought it was a pretty strange coincidence.

It made little sense. Why would the Seventh Lord, who should be in his territory, suddenly be here in the Fifth Lord’s territory?

In any case, Laika thought he had a pretty interesting spectacle to watch, and waited for the knights to come and bring the fearless ones.

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