I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 31

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It wasn’t a high-level dungeon, as I thought.

After dealing with all the guardians and moving on, a trap came out this time.

Magic circles were engraved on the walls of the long, straight passage.

– Salute to those of you who passed the first ordeal.

– Break through the magic arrows raining from all sides and go to the passage on the other side…


Asher’s sword strike destroyed all the magic circles on the wall.

After that, traps continued to appear, but we easily passed it.

These traps appeared while telling us we had to pass the trials.

I didn’t think the one who made these traps expected us to move forward while dealing with everything like this, so I feel a little sorry.

Most dungeons were created in ancient times.

Because of this, there were many cases where the guardians and traps prepared by the creators were too old and did not work. Just like the dungeon where the floating veil was hidden last time.

However, the creator of this dungeon didn’t seem to be a very good mage. The devices were still working properly, at least.

Perhaps it was created relatively late in ancient times, or it was not an ancient dungeon at all.

Eventually, a huge stone gate appeared, as if advertising that this was the final stage.

Is it the end?

I found nothing like a hidden space on my way here.

So the mystery I was looking for must be in there.

I wondered if this was the end of an ordeal that was really not an ordeal. Then a letter glowed on the floor right in front of the door.

– The last ordeal is an ordeal to test your luck.

– Armed Forces, Wisdom, Companions, Trust, and Powerful Weapons. Even if you have all of those things the most important thing is luck.

– Pick up the marble placed right in front of the door and insert it into one of the two holes in the door.

– If you choose the correct answer, the door will open. If you choose the wrong answer, the door will not open forever. Opportunity comes only once.

Asher couldn’t read the ancient language, so she just stared blankly at it, not understanding the meaning.

After reading all the explanations, I moved on.

I picked up the orb from the pedestal in front of the door and walked closer.


With little hesitation, I inserted a bead into the hole in the left, and there was no response from the door.

The letters shone on the floor again.

– Wrong answer, adventurer.

– Unfortunately, you do not deserve to claim my legacy. Throw away your regrets and go back.

I scratched my cheek and said to Asher.

“Asher, break it.”


The huge stone gate was shattered.

It seemed to have been strengthened with magic, but it meant little in front of Asher’s power.

After going through all those traps, we finally reached the end of the dungeon.

I stood in front of the collapsed door, peeked inside, and spoke to Asher.

“Wait here.”


I left her and went inside.

After passing through the narrow passage, what appeared soon was a space resembling a laboratory.

In the middle was a luxurious wooden box, like a treasure chest.

When I opened it, there was an old book and a letter inside.


Judging from the title, the book seemed to be a magic book in which the creator of the dungeon organized his magic, and the letter was also a letter from the creator.

After looking at the contents roughly, congratulations on coming this far, and since his own magic is a one-person transmission, he should pass it on to only one person.

I closed the letter with a smile.

Looking at the devices in the dungeon, one could roughly tell the maker’s magic skills, but the letter was written as if he had left a great magic book of some century.

I looked around.

There was no passage to go further, so this was the only space where the mystery could be.

However, there was no mysterious pattern anywhere in the immediate sight.

Could it be that after all this hardship, was it all in vain again?

Feeling a little impatient, I took a more thorough look around me.


And when I moved the bookshelf in the corner and looked at the wall behind me, I could finally grin.

A mysterious pattern engraved on the wall.

It was shimmering in a blue light and was exquisitely covered because it was the size of a bookshelf.

I reached out my hand without hesitation toward the pattern.


As always, the pattern glowed brightly and was absorbed into my body.

I stood there blankly for a moment, then slowly looked around again.

…What is this?

I felt it.

As soon as I absorbed the mystery, I felt it clearly.

The sound, the smell, all the stimuli flowing in from around.

I clearly recognized the presence of Asher standing outside the room, as if I could see it.

As I concentrated more, my senses sharpened and I could even feel insects crawling on the floor.



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It felt like crossing the threshold of a whole new world.

Was this?

Was this the sensation that superhumans in this fantasy world usually feel?

And it wasn’t just a sensation.

My reflexes were also noticeably improved.

I picked up a stone from the floor and threw it.

The stones flying in a parabolic arc to the other side looked slow, like slugs crawling.

In addition, the visual acuity was enhanced, so even while flying, every angular part of the stone could be seen clearly.

What a cheat, really.

This was a skill I really shouldn’t have missed.

After being properly beaten by an ancient mage earlier, I realized it once more.

Even if I had defensive abilities, if I couldn’t react to an attack, it’s useless.

However, with this level of cognitive ability, he could cope with the speed of most superhumans.

 I’ll have to adapt quickly.

I clenched my fists and closed them, calming the sharpened senses again.

I just got it, so I was not used to it yet, but it didn’t seem like it would take long for my body to get used to it.

Come to think of it, this mystery had no name.

In the game, Tair never gave it a specific name.

After thinking about it for a while, I immediately came up with a suitable name.

There was the mystery of super-regeneration, and this one roughly had the same feeling.

‘Super sensory.’

With this, I had already obtained three mysteries, including super sensory.

We left the dungeon.

I had no need for the magic book, the legacy of the creator, but there was no reason to leave it either, so I brought it with me.

I didn’t have the talent to learn magic, but wouldn’t this be helpful to the possible people I would recruit later?

After leaving the dungeon, I told Asher what I was thinking.



“Expand your power once and swing your sword.”


She flinched and turned to me.

She probably had misunderstood something, so I shook my head.

“I’m not asking you to attack me. I’m asking you to do it to an empty space.”


The reason I made this request out of the blue was because there was something I wanted to check.

Asher looked puzzled, but she didn’t ask why and she meekly drew her sword.

I spoke again to her, who was about to wield her sword.

“Do it with all your might. You can even use any of your special abilities.”

As a member of the White Moon, Asher had a racial trait that enhanced her magical powers.

I wanted to see her in full power while using that trait.

A little taken aback by my request, Asher hesitated, then she nodded her head and showed off her ability.


Asher’s body glowed softly, and soon the skin all over her body turned white.

It was the first time I had ever seen her use this. Because she hadn’t used it until now.

Adjusting her stance, she caught her breath and began swinging her sword.


A sword strike was drawn in the air, producing an unbelievable sound from just her swinging the sword.

I maxed out my super sensory and stared at her sword dance.

I could see it.

I could see the sword movement, enough for me to react even if that sword was directed at me.

My senses had become so good that I could detect even the movements of a level 81 person. And there was even still room for it.

It seems like it’s enough to respond to a level 80 to a certain extent.

But what if the enemy was stronger than that?

I recalled the movements of the warrior I saw on the escort ship or the mad blows I encountered in the hallway during the Lords’ meeting. The ancient mage’s attack that had completely razed my side earlier.

The attacks before gaining super sensory were not visible at all, so there’s no way I could guess them even if I recalled them… but I don’t know. Unless I checked it again myself.

Anyway, after confirming the somewhat satisfactory results, I opened my mouth.


Asher stopped and took her breath lightly.

She didn’t even wield it much, but it seemed that she really used her strength with all her might.

And for some reason, she was staring at me as if she was expecting something.


Why was she looking at me like that?

I tilted my head and realized why.

Did she think I ordered her to do that so I can evaluate her skills?

Looking at those strangely expectant eyes, that seemed to be the case.

I was silent for a moment and then said.

“There is definitely potential. Keep trying.”

“…All right.”

She nodded her head with a slightly regretful expression.

I felt apologetic because she seemed to expect more, but what advice could I give her with my skills?

It was dark at night, but we went straight through the forest without stopping.

It exhausted me but I could endure because I had super regeneration. I wanted to sleep as soon as we reached the carriage.

It wasn’t until the sun rose in mid-sky that we arrived at the carriage and saw Baros, who was eating alone

“You’re here, my lord.”

He must have been hunted somewhere, seeing as how he was eating a well-groomed rabbit and roasting it.

Asher and I joined him and ate on the spot. Then went back to the city.


Back in the city, I stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild again to find out what happened to Railo.

I heard from another adventurer that she had returned to the city and that she had rushed off to another city the moment she did.

She must have felt terrified.

Her situation was kind of funny. Anyway, I just made sure there wasn’t anything wrong with her, so I could put my mind off her.

After we stayed for one more day, we immediately left the city.

The next destination, as originally planned, was the territory of the First Lord, the Wiseman. It was a bit far this time.

From the current location, we planned to go through the Fourth, Third, and Second Lords’ territories in a curved line and traveled the shortest route.

After so much time, we arrived at Cubax, one of the large cities on the border of the Third Lord’s territory.

I was lost in thought as we waited at the checkpoint at the castle gate and waited for our turn.

This is now a fork in the road…

I was a little worried.

One of the most necessary abilities for me was blood magic. Elrod Forest was the place to get it.

Elrod Forest was far to the west of this city of Cubax.

 Should I continue on to the First Lord’s territory as it is, or should I stop by Elrod Forest?

According to the original plan, I was going to put aside getting blood magic and just focus on mysteries.

However, after gaining the floating veil and super sensory, I became more confident in my ability to save myself, so I felt a bit of regret just passing the forest like this.

After a short thought, I decided it would be better to just go to the First Lord’s territory.

No matter how I thought about it, there were too many variables if I went to Elrod Forest.

Even though I was sure of my safety, I had to talk to the vampire tribe living there in order to get blood magic. But was that even possible?

So, as originally planned, it would be best to put off blood magic and focus on the mysteries.


I was lost in my thoughts, but I looked out the window as there was a commotion outside.

There were several wagons passing proudly to the side, ignoring the checkpoints standing in front of the gate.

I could see the sight of the passers-by standing in line, hesitating and looking away.

One wagon’s luggage compartment was barred with iron bars, making it look like a prison in which young boys and girls were imprisoned.

…Slave traders?

I rested my chin on my hand and stared at them.

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