I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 55

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For a moment, the vision in front was dyed red. It was like a baptism, with the blood pouring out like rain.

Small, thin drops of blood covered all the monsters that were flocking to them.

And the collapse was instantaneous.

The battle lines of the rushing monsters collapsed. They jammed, tangled, fell, and wildly wallowed, and slipped on the ground. A thick layer of dust spread.

Silence fell. That happened in just a few seconds.


Asher’s eyes lit up with astonishment.

There were no more living and moving monsters. Only the hills of corpses piled up remained.

It didn’t take time to understand what had happened.

The scene unfolding before her eyes was incomprehensible no matter how many times she might have seen it.

What the hell kind of power was this?

She thought that she had seen all the abilities of the Seventh Lord being by his side until now. But it was just an arrogant delusion.

Asher turned her gaze and looked blankly at the Seventh Lord.

With his hands down, he stared at the other side with indifferent eyes.

Beyond the corpses, a gigantic monster wriggling tentacles and moving swiftly. It was like it was running away.

The figure of the Seventh Lord, who shed a trivial laugh, disappeared.

She came to her senses and turned her head again. Suddenly, he was in the air in the distance.


Complete annihilation.

It wasn’t much of a thrill because it was the expected result from the time the monsters came in ignorantly as a swarm.


However, Asher and the other two were completely at a lost.

It was natural to think of what they had just seen as something incomprehensible. Especially since they didn’t know about my abilities.

···But look at that weak bastard.

I looked at the monster boss who was running away with its tentacles wriggling. Was it running away after all of its subordinates died?

I used space leaps in succession, narrowing the distance with him in an instant.


With a sign of urgency, it once again gathered a magic ball from the tentacles. This time, instead of shooting like a beam, it threw it whole towards me.

I spread the floating veil in the air.

The magic ball that collided with the veil exploded as it was. It was a formidable force, but it couldn’t break through the veil’s defense.

As soon as the flash went off, I immediately spread my blood and made it into an elongated thorn.

We were still far away from each other, but we were close enough that my blood could hit it.

The blood spurted through the air and hit its huge body.


After checking the figure of the monster that had collapsed with a loud roar, I landed gently on the ground.

The surrounding area was a field of corpses of monsters.

I looked around at them for a while and then he felt sorry.

It was because I felt regretful about the fact that I couldn’t get a single experience point even after slaughtering an army of monsters like this.

How many people have I killed after falling into this world? If I could have leveled up, how many levels would I have now?

I used space leap and got closer to the fallen monster. Then, I looked around.

By the way, why wasn’t this guy a named boss in Hallmenta a few years later?

There were many reasons that come to mind. Either it was attacked by a stronger monster, or a superhuman from outside killed it.

In particular, I thought the Mad King might have killed it since the other often hunted in places like this.

Soon, Asher came running to where I was.

The other two people were already nearby.

They were staring at something among the corpses of the monsters, so I was wondering what they were looking at, but it was the corpse of a giant toad monster.


Wait a minute, was that?

I approached them and looked at the monster’s corpse together.

Devil Toad. A monster that the two were looking for so they could take revenge.

Apparently, this guy was also under domination and was mixed among the group of monsters earlier.

“···This is that monster. It’s dead.”

Chercy murmured.

Kellip didn’t take his eyes off the corpse. It was a gaze with complex emotions, including emptiness.

I stood there a little embarrassed, then he turned his gaze to me and said,

“It’s a pity I couldn’t kill it with my own hands, but thank you.”

I nodded.

Chercy also looked at Devil Toad’s corpse with a somewhat sad face.

It would probably feel like such a waste for them, but it would have been good for them to leave the demonic land cleanly with this.


Kellip, looking at the monster’s body again, cut off the tip of its toe a little, and put it in the leather pocket on his waist.

I didn’t ask why he did that. He probably just wanted to take it to his brother’s grave since it’s the one who killed him.

Anyway, this was finally all over.

We’re done here, but the time was delayed because of the disappearance of Asher.

This time around, a lot of stuff happened. And I didn’t get the mystery I was planning to get.


There was no reason to remain in the demonic land any longer, since Chercy and Kellip both achieved their goals.

We went in the same direction anyway, so we continued walking together until we went out. And after leaving Hallmenta, we said our goodbyes.



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“Goodbye then, Sir Ron! And Sir Asher! Thank you so much!”

Chercy waved her hand vigorously, and Kellip nodded his head in one final thank-you note.

Me and Asher moved again as two.

We lost our horses, so we had to travel differently compared to when we came. Thanks to the super regeneration, it mattered little to me even if I had little stamina.

After a long time of such diligent movement, we returned to the city where Baros was waiting.

Hee hee hee!

As always, in the moving carriage, I watched the scenery outside the window.

This was the end of the mystery-finding journey. It was time to return to my territory.

Except for one, everything else was obtained as planned, so I could say that the result was satisfactory.

Still, the last mystery… it’s regretful not getting it.

I ended up thinking about the last mystery I didn’t get from Hallmenta.

A mystery with the ability to throw away one’s own body and take the body of another who met the conditions.

In a word, it was the ability to possess.

However, there was a penalty that one could never return to the former body that was thrown away after using it.

There was only one reason I was trying to gain that mystery, which would be of no use to me.

Because there was one villain who would cause a huge disaster in the future through that mystery.

I have cleared all the main story of RaSa.

Naturally, I was aware of the existence of major villains who would cause major problems along the way.

However, unlike other villains, that ‘bastard’ was a person who annoyingly changed his broken body with his possessor ability.

Because of that, it’s hard to know was what kind of body he was in, where he was, and what he was doing.

So, I was trying to take that mystery and block the problem altogether…

It can’t be helped.

I brushed off my anger cleanly. What’s the use of thinking about the past?

All I could do was continue to do my best in the future.


The wagon ran and ran, passing through the territories of the First and Third Lords, and then arrived at the Sixth Lord’s territory.

It was possible to go directly from the First Lord’s territory to mine by passing through the Overlord’s territory, but I wanted to check the news about Valkilov, so I deliberately went through the Third Lord’s land.


So, the current location was Mahea, the capital of the Sixth Lord’s territory.

I stood before the windowsill of the inn room and looked up blankly at the sky.

There were several months left until the next meeting of the Lords. After returning to my territory, I was contemplating what to do first.

It would have been nice to have the time to go to Santea, but time was tight.

There was nothing to do until the next meeting.

Then there was a commotion in the street.

I lowered my head.

A man was grabbing a young boy by the collar and yelling at him.

Hearing what he said, it seemed that his wallet was stolen. Pedestrians around them glanced at them.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Then two armed soldiers approached them.

The man who was holding the boy by the neck explained the situation with a slight smirk.

Then the soldiers smiled mischievously and looked at the boy.

“Hey, a pickpocket? Get out of the way. You can’t just talk like that to a nasty bastard.”

Then, after pushing the man, he suddenly swung his spear and slammed the boy in the head. The boy screamed and fell.

The soldiers did not stop there. Rather, as if it was just the beginning, they began to thrash the boy who had fallen.

“Argh, ahhh…!”

A crackling sound came from the boy’s arm, which was trodden by the soldier’s kick. The boy let out a louder scream.

The man who had been pickpocketed watched all this with restlessness.

All the passers-by around them were all quiet, and they just went on their way avoiding the soldiers.

I clicked my tongue as I looked down at the scene.

If the water above was rotten, the water below would also rot.

The security of the Sixth Lord’s territory, ruled by a tyrant, was such a thing.

They enjoy stealing money from travelers like a gangster in a back alley or using violence under the guise of punishment. It was the same when I played the game.

So the soldiers trampled on the boy for a few minutes and then left.

“Uh, uh…”

The boy, whose body was covered in dirt and blood, squirmed on the floor. Of course, no one was there to help.

As I was contemplating whether to help with that, an old man passing by then approached the boy.

An old man with an orange beard with a small body like a dwarf.

As he looked at the boy’s condition, he clicked his tongue, pulled something out of his bosom, and started pouring it all over the boy’s broken arm. It was a potion.

So the old man cured the boy and went straight back on his way.

I saw the boy who got up from his the ground, bowed his head with a bewildered expression.


I watched the series of events with a bit of interest.

In this world, potions were precious, even the low-quality ones. He was a rare virtuoso who could freely give such a potion to others.

The old man who was moving away quickly went into an alley and disappeared.

I stared at the place where he disappeared, then stopped looking at the streets and laid down on the bed.

As I stared blankly at the ceiling for a while, something flashed in my mind.

I opened my eyes wide and jumped up as if bouncing.

Wait a minute···

That old man, maybe?

Because of his distinctive appearance, it immediately convinced me of the old man’s identity. I let out a small sigh.

Why is he in this city?

At this point in time, he was in the capital of the Sixth Lord?

It was an unexpectedly big discovery.

After thinking about what to do for a while, I hurriedly put on the robe hanging on one side of the room and went out of the inn. Alone, leaving Asher.

I went out into the street and went into the alley the old man had entered.

As I went inside and continued along the road, I soon found a sign for a potion shop in the distance.

I thought it was over there and was about to approach, but I heard a voice coming from the side road.

“Hey there! Stop it!”

I turned my head to something.

Two soldiers I had seen on the street before were approaching me.

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