I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 65

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The body that had lost its head collapsed to the floor.

It was a shabby end for someone who became a Lord of Calderic.

After looking down at the corpse for a moment, I threw the broken sword at the floor. The blade of the sword could not withstand the impact of his decapitation and was broken.


I felt a slight lethargic feeling all over my body.

It was because the enormous power that had filled my body until recently had all vanished as if it had evaporated.

When the Tyrant died, the power of blood magic that I had stolen from him had disappeared.

I didn’t expect it, but it was not possible to permanently absorb the robbed ability just because the original owner died.

Well, that would be a big scam if it did.

If permanent extortion was possible, wouldn’t even Gascalid, during his lifetime, slaughter all his people and absorb their blood magic?

As I thought that, I turned my gaze to one side.

Suddenly, the thick blood mist was lifted, and I saw people in a distant place on one side of the completely ruined stadium. It was Asher and Riff.

I walked towards the two who were staring blankly at this side.

The boy Asher was carrying was still unconscious.

However, there was no longer the dark red blood or bulging veins that had been circling his body a while ago. The body had returned to its normal state.


Reef, who was sitting on the floor, bled like that, but she still hadn’t lost consciousness.

As I stared at the boy, her gaze shifted to her brother and her eyes widened.

I said quietly.

“Your brother’s light blood disease seems to get better.”


Reef looked up at me with a bewildered face and stood up.

But then her eyes lost focus, and his body staggered over. In the end, this seemed to be her limit.

Asher quickly supported her as she collapsed.

Both siblings had infinitely weak breathing and pulse, but they were still alive.

There were no potions in hand because we had used up all the Scarlet potion, so we had to take them to Gulpiro quickly.

I told Asher.

“Let’s go. We must hurry with treatment.”


Asher’s gaze turned to the other side of the stadium again. To the place where the Tyrant’s corpse was lying.

She couldn’t hide the embarrassment on her face as she didn’t think that I would even kill the Tyrant.

But what could I do? I had no choice but to choose between killing these siblings or the Tyrant himself.

And I just killed him and save the former.

Thinking back, I did something really crazy.

But strangely, my heart was relieved, and I had no regrets.

I didn’t know if I was feeling this way myself, but I felt that this was the right choice.

Of course, the reason in my head was still cursing me for being a crazy bastard and urging me to think about what I had to do in the future.

Still, not that I didn’t really think about what would happen next.

First, the treatment of the siblings was given priority, so I moved on to the potion shop after thinking about it.


At that moment, a rushing force from one side drew near.

Knights armed with armor. I could tell right away that they were knights belonging to the territory.

If it was the knight order under the direct control of the Sixth Lord, was it perhaps the Dark Soul Knights?

At first glance, the number of knights in the castle seemed to have flocked, and their estimated number would be at least over a hundred.

It was natural that they were mobilized because such a riot happened in the middle of the city. They were all entering the stadium with a look of bewilderment over the wreckage and corpses.

【Lv. 72]

Soon they found us and stopped in amazement.

The knight, who seemed to be the leader at the forefront, carefully opened his mouth.

“…Are you the Seventh Lord?”

Apparently, they knew that there was a fight between the Sixth Lord and I, so they rushed to the scene.

I didn’t have to answer.

Their eyes turned to my back, and when they found the Tyrant’s corpse lying on the floor, they opened their eyes wide.

I staggered towards them.

“Stand back.”

Even after confirming the death of the Tyrant, the knights could not stop me.

They simply backed away from the road where I was walking.

Even if their Lord had been murdered, there was nothing they could do to stop me.

I walked along the road split on both sides by the knights, and Asher followed behind me with the siblings in both hands.

Until we disappeared, the knights stood still for a long time, immovable.

After coming out of Actipol, we went straight to the potion shop of Gulpiro.

He was smoking in front of the store with a restless face, and when he found us, he was happy.

“Seventh Lord! You’re safe.”


I tilted my head.

He spoke with a hint of urgency.

“What’s going on? There was an uproar on the side where Actipol was. I heard people say that you and the Sixth Lord were fighting, but what the hell happened?”

Ah, the commotion had already spread throughout the city.

He asked, glanced at the siblings Asher was holding.



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“…Did you fight with the Sixth Lord to save them?”

I replied calmly.

“It’s not a big deal. It worked out well.”

“Then it’s good, but… did the Sixth Lord surrender them to you?”

“He had no choice but to give it away. Because he’s dead.”


Gulpiro widened his eyes in shock.

“Lord, did you kill the Sixth Lord?”

“Let’s go in and treat them first.”

“Oh, that’s right. Come on in.”

Soon after, he also hurried Asher to bring the unconscious siblings into the store.

Asher put the two of them on the bed inside the store. Gulpiro looked at their condition for a while, then he came back with some potions.

“How is it?”

“For now, Reef is not in a life-threatening situation. Although she is bleeding heavily, she only needs to recover from the trauma. The problem is the younger brother, I can’t use effective potions on him because of the light blood disease, but it’ll be okay…”

I told him.

“If it’s light blood disease, it’s completely healed, so you can use a potion with magical power.”

“···Well? What does that mean?”

Gulpiro looked at me with puzzled eyes. I gestured to the boy.

As the other looked at the boy’s condition once again, he slowly opened his eyes wide.

“No, what is this… How?”

After looking at me and the boy alternately for a while, he thought that treatment was the priority, so he went outside again and brought another potion.

Then, the boy was fed potion first, poured it on his body, and then he treated Reef.

Asher and I stood still on one side of the room, watching the scene.

As soon as the treatment was over, Gulpiro let out a light sigh and straightened his back.

Reef’s entire body was instantly restored and even her younger brother’s pale complexion became full of life. It was indeed a potion made by the great alchemist himself.

“Tell me now. How did you treat light blood disease?”

To Gulpiro’s question, I answered while looking down at the siblings lying next to each other.

“I killed the Sixth Lord, and it got better right away. It seems that it is a disease that disappears only when the Sixth Lord died.”

It was actually the opposite, since he already knew that beforehand and killed him, but it didn’t matter, anyway.

Gulpiro sighed slightly and stroked his chin.

After a while, Reef’s eyelids trembled, and she opened her eyes.

She got up and looked around at us.

Gulpiro spoke first.

“Are you awake?”

“···Here is?”

“It’s my potion shop.”

After being silent for a while, she soon found the boy lying next to him, and she hurriedly tried to check his condition.

“It’s okay. You and your brother have all been treated, so don’t worry.”

“Ah, no. Light blood disease…”

“Yeah, the disease in your brother’s body had completely disappeared. It seems that light blood disease is a disease that can only be cured by killing the Sixth Lord.”

At Gulpiro’s words, she let out an agonized sigh, then looked at me and then turned to the boy again.

Tears soon fell from her eyes.

“Uh, uh….”

She touched her brother’s body with trembling hands, then pulled him into her arms and hugged him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…!”

Constantly repeating only those words, she bowed her head for a long time and wept.


Asher brought Baros to the inn, and we had a meal with Gulpiro.

Baros simply prepared the meal with ingredients from the store.

“Tsk, he’s going to have a hole in his face if you keep staring.”

Gulpiro clicked his tongue slightly as he watched Reef staring intently at her younger brother. She was still sitting on the side of the bed in the room.

She had a share of soup as well, but she didn’t eat it until it had cooled down.

I thought it was worth it.

After spending a few years in Actipol to save her younger brother, her wish had finally come true.

“But will you going to be okay? You killed a Lord…”

Gulpiro asked me in a worried voice.

“Now that things had already turned out this way, there’s nothing I can do about it. You don’t have to follow me to Seventh Lord’s territory.”

“No, that’s aside from the problem.”

I nodded my head without a word.

Since a Lord had killed another Lord, we know how the Overlord would come out. I had also thought about that.

Gulpiro shook his head in response to my reaction and said.

“Well, if you have an idea of how to solve this, I have no intention of reneging on our deal. I will still follow you to your territory.”


I answered with a frown.

It was because I was recalling the memories that suddenly flashed in my mind at the stadium earlier.

A memory that passed by in an instant, now hazy and hard to recall.

The thing that remained most intensely was the image of the man carrying out a massacre…

[You made a contract with the demons? Ah, you are born with a rare quality, but you threw it in the trash and it turned into a waste.]

[How about playing a game with me? I’ll spare your life. Instead, you will become the Seventh Lord of Calderic…]


My eyes slowly widened.

The boy who was overpowered by the Overlord, the Overlord who was making an offer to him.

I hurriedly turned to the side of the room where the siblings were, and then asked Gulpiro.

“By the way, what’s that boy’s name?”

Gulpiro tilted his head and answered.

“You don’t know yet? It’s Rigon.”


I stared blankly at the boy lying on the bed.

And only then, I could realize what his true identity in that passing memory was. (T/N: Really? You only realized that now??}

Reef, Rigon…

Flesh-headed Refrigon.

That he was the vengeful devil who lost his sister to the Tyrant and even used her name as his.

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