I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 68

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Silence fell in the conference hall.

Freezing, suffocating silence.

While all the Lords’ gazes were gathered, I spoke to the Overlord while still pretending to have a calm expression on my face.

“Would you like to check it out, Overlord?”


She stared at me with a terrifyingly expressionless face.

The Overlord and the nine Lords, and from the head of the Black Star knights to the chief of staff.

If there was no hero, they alone would be able to completely wipe out Santea from the continent with no other forces.

I am speaking to them now.

I told them that even if I fought them alone, I could take half of them to the underworld.

This was how the Lords reacted.

The First Lord—the Wiseman, the Third Lord—the Heavenly Palace, and the Fourth Lord – the King of the Dead, did not show any signs.

The Fifth Lord—the Mad King raised an eyebrow, and the Eighth Lord—the Black Sea Empress and the Ninth Lord, the Giant King, frowned in displeasure.

“You’re arrogant.”

The Giant King let out a voice as heavy as his size.

“Yes, yes. This is it. This is how it feels…”

The Mad King delightfully murmured, exhaling a breath full of excitement and heat.

“You really are a crazy person.”

And it was the Second Lord—the Thunder Lord that uttered a voice full of absurdity and anger.

The eyes staring at me full of murderous intent seemed to overlap with what I had seen at the last meeting.

“If you thought that such a bluff would really work, you’d be foolish.”

Blue sparks flickered as it wrapped around the entire body of the Thunder Lord.

Then, suddenly, the Overlord burst out laughing.

The Lords turned their eyes to see her holding on to her stomach and giggling.

Slowly, she stopped laughing and met my eyes.

She had a cold, stiff face just a moment ago, but now she had an innocent smile on her lips again.

“···Are these not empty words, Seventh Lord?”

At the Overlord’s words, the Thunder Lord narrowed her eyes.

“You honestly think you can deal with all the Lords here? Is it arrogance as the Ninth Lord says, or is it the truth?”

I didn’t reply.

If one had nothing to say, keep silent and let the other think of the reason for themselves.

It was a great way of communication that had never gone wrong, at least until now.

So, for a long time, I was staring at the Overlord.

Perhaps by now she was thinking about it in her head.

Maybe she thought that it’s just the ignorant remarks of a human filled with arrogance. If one used their common sense, it was right to judge it that way.

However, the Overlord knew nothing of my abilities yet.

And by actually killing the Tyrant, I once again proved my strength.

Because of this, the Overlord could not judge or measure me, who was hiding myself thoroughly.

What if there was really a battle and more than half of the Lords died?

It wasn’t just a power cut in half; it was a matter of Calderic’s existence at stake.

If such a catastrophe really happened, Santea, Calderic’s greatest adversary, would not stand still.

···To be honest, on one hand, I knew I was being completely forceful right now.

First, if they’re going to kill me because I broke the rules, then they should also be prepared for some retaliation.

However, no matter how blatantly coercive it might be, if it hadn’t been for these threats, whatever I said would have been to no avail.

Imprinting my last remarks in her head, making the execution feel like a gamble that cannot be decided in haste.

If that was the case, the first aim had been achieved.

And now, looking at the Overlord, it was going the way I hoped it would.

···Now I have to take a step back.

It wouldn’t work if I kept my mouth shut like this.

I timed it and prepared to speak again.

Even if I temporarily put a stop to my execution, that was all.

Anyway, I thought this wouldn’t change the Overlord’s decision.

Those who were here now were the rulers at the top of Calderic.

Like the Thunder Lord a while ago, they were not the ones who would back down from such threats.

Prestige aside, even if I kept myself alive from the moment I said these words, it would be like holding a large bomb that could explode again.

So, if things went on like this, there was a high probability that the Overlord would eventually decide to execute me just for the sake of it.

I had to end this situation gracefully, when the mood had not yet fully shifted in that direction.

I opened my mouth.

“My opinion is still the same. Killing the Sixth Lord there has an advantage for Calderic.”


“But I also admit that my actions have disrupted Calderic’s order. There is no excuse for that.”

The Overlord blinked.

“Then I swear. It’s never going to happen again in the future. Of course, if I remained alive, that is.”

These words were sincere.

I ended up killing the Tyrant because of various circumstances overlapping. What else would I have against the other Lords?


The Overlord smiled strangely and tapped the armrest of the chair with her finger.

I could see some Lords looking at me with a look of absurdity.



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It must be absurd to them that they should quietly pass this convening with just a few words.

The Overlord soon spoke again.

“I’ll ask you one last question, Seventh Lord. Did killing the Sixth Lord have anything to do with the human siblings whom you saved?”


“Yeah, it seems that’s the case. I see.”

I said nothing, but the Overlord nodded as if she had heard the answer.

She asked, looking around the Lords with a happy face that seemed to be intrigued again.

“What do other Lords think? It seems sincere that the Seventh Lord will not cause such chaos again.”

The Thunder Lord immediately protested.

“This is unacceptable. If you break the rules, pay for it, for whatever reason!”

The Overlord nodded her head.

“Okay then, we seem to have varying opinions, so let’s do a vote. The Second Lord is obviously in favor of execution, and what about the other Lords?”

The Black Sea Empress was the first to step forward.

“I’m also in favor, Overlord. That man is so shameless. It’s unlucky.”

“Ah, I’m also in favor.”

The Mad King immediately seconded.

It was as if she had been gearing to fight because she had been holding the hilt of her sword since earlier.

“The First Lord?”

In response to the Overlord’s question, the Wiseman said with a calm face.

“I will obey the will of the Overlord.”

Her gaze then turned to the Third Lord.

He opened his mouth, who had been staring blankly into the air with a face full of annoyance.

“···I will also do as the Overlord tells me.”

Now, only the Fourth Lord- the King of the Dead and the Ninth Lord—the Giant King remained.

The King of the Dead, who glanced at me, was silent for a moment, then spoke.

“I will oppose execution.”

The other Lords looked at him in surprise.

“What is it, Fourth Lord? With your personality, I thought you would be in favor? Were you scared?”

At the Mad King’s words, the King of the Dead only laughed.

I was also a little surprised inside, because I didn’t know he would object.

At least, as far as I knew, the King of the Dead thought that keeping the proper order of things was the most important alongside the Wiseman and the Thunder Lord.

…Maybe he was trying to pay off the favor for the body of the warrior that I gave him?

Anyway, now only the Ninth Lord’s decision was left.

He sat quietly with his arms crossed and his eyes closed, then opened his eyes and said.

“I will also obey the will of the Overlord.”

The Thunder Lord frowned at him.

Three in favor, one against, but three left the decision to the Overlord, so the overlord had four votes.

With this, it ultimately left the decision of what would happen to me in the Overlord’s hands.

“Well then, can I decide?”

The Overlord spoke calmly, as if she had roughly expected it, and fixed her gaze on me again.

I waited for her decision.

What if she decided to execute me here?

···Then I have to survive even if it things turned ugly.

Of course, I had no intention of giving up my life.

Even if I had to give her information about the future, if it could lead to my survival, they I had no choice but to bring everything I knew out in the open.

But in the end, if there was a battle, it would be unfair if I was the only one who would die alone, so I would still take out as many as I could.

After quite a long silence, she opened her mouth.

“Seventh Lord, I still think you have to take some responsibility for this. A Lord killing another Lord, it’s not just something that could be easily overlooked.”

She smiled brightly.

“So, I want you to grant me three favors.”


“Of course, it will not be an unreasonable request, so don’t worry. The first one would be to attend with me to the Neutral Nations Conference that would be held shortly after.”

Neutral Nations Conference?

As I looked at her with puzzled eyes, she explained.

“Some time later, there is a meeting between Santea and the neutral countries. I would like you to accompany me. This would be one favor and the remaining two would be decided later. How about it?”

I thought about her proposal for a moment.

Three favors: Lords could not be completely free from the orders of the Overlord as much as they enjoyed all the privileges of being a Lord.

That’s why each Lords’ meeting decided what each Lord was supposed to do according to the Overlord’s decision.

Of course, if the justification for an order was not enough, even the Lords could reject the Overlord’s orders, but…

I don’t have the right to refuse those favors.

But, well, it wasn’t a bad suggestion to get through this situation safely.

Besides, it’s a request that wasn’t too difficult if one was to accompany her to a meeting with Santea.

I didn’t know why she suddenly wanted to take me to that conference out of the blue.

Of course, the Overlord wasn’t such an easy-going person, but I could not reject the offer, anyway.

“I accept it.”

I answered obediently.

The Overlord laughed softly.

“Okay, so that’s it. The Seventh Lord won’t be executed.”

At the Overlord’s declaration, the Mad King murmured with dissatisfaction.

“Tsk, and I thought we will finally be able to fight…”

The Black Sea Empress also looked at me with an expression that showed her displeasure, and then she turned her gaze away.

I breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

I really wondered what would happen, but I finally overcame this crisis safely.

Just as I was wondering if it would all end like this, suddenly a shout rang out.

“···I cannot accept it!”

All eyes were focused on one side.

The Thunder Lord who got up from her seat was vigorously staring at me as if she was about to kill me.

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