I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 70

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She had a face that showed she did not know what had just happened.


I breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

I just I used instant kill without realizing it.

But it seemed like my decision was right.

Who knew what would have happened if the floating veil had been destroyed?

By the way, instant kill works on spirits too.

At the same time, I also gained stronger convictions.

Whether it’s a soul or something, if it’s just an object that could be alive in a broad sense, instant kill would generally work.

The foggy energy that covered the surrounding was lifted, and the Lords who were watching the duel came into view again.

They looked surprised to see me in perfect condition.

I turned my gaze back to the Thunder Lord.

She had a more perplexed expression on her face than before. As if something was terribly wrong.

She closed her eyes and opened her eyes, looked down at her hands, then raised her head again and looked at me. Her pupils were shaking as if an earthquake had occurred.

What’s wrong?

I looked at her like that with puzzled eyes.

Well, she must have been embarrassed because the spirit she summoned suddenly disappeared, but somehow I felt like she had lost composure…

【Lv. 90]

  • ··?

I checked the level floating above the Thunder Lord’s head and my eyes widened. For a moment, I thought I was wrong.

Her level, which was at level 95, had dropped sharply to level 90.

I wondered what had happened, but I immediately understood the situation and burst into exclamation inwardly.

  • ··Maybe the Laxia has completely disappeared?

That’s possible, right?

Since it was instantly killed and destroyed, the Great Spirit of Thunder, Laxia, no longer existed in this world.

That meant that it would be impossible for her to summon Laxia again. How could she summon a spirit that had already been destroyed?

Having lost one of the greatest powers she had, of course, her level had also dropped that much.

Wow, wait a minute.

It was then that I realized that I had done something terrifying.

So, you’re saying that the power of the Thunder Lord had been permanently cut off by a whopping five levels?

It’s not just a normal five levels, but five levels in the 90s, which was a really amazing value.

I was dumbfounded at the unintentional catastrophe and laughed out loud.

When the Thunder Lord made eye contact with me, she flinched.

“You, you, you. What the hell did you…”

Then the Overlord and other Lords came around.

She hurriedly shut her mouth.

The Overlord looked at me and her one turn at a time and said with a smile.

“It seems that the Seventh Lord has won. Second Lord, will you accept this defeat?”

Even after the Overlord’s words, the Thunder Lord did not answer, just stood there blankly with a bewildered face.

I tried to talk to her with an apologetic tone.

“Second lord, the spirit…”

She freaked out and opened her mouth.

“Hey, I admit it! I admit my defeat!”


“Seventh Lord… it’s your victory.”

In response to that reaction, the other Lords looked at the Thunder Lord with a puzzled look.

She looked at me once more with panicked eyes and then ran away.

“What’s wrong with her? Is it because she’s embarrassed?”

The Mad King murmured.

I looked at her back as she moved away.

  • ··What a troublesome woman.

To be honest, it’s none of my business whether or not the Second Lord lost her power, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for what I did.

At level 90, not to mention the other Lords, wasn’t she weakened to a level even compared to the Five Stars of Santea?

It must have been because she was conscious of the eyes of the Overlord and other Lords that she was running away in such a hurry right now.


What could I do?

A little, no, I was very sorry, but there was no way I could take responsibility for anything.

How would I restore the spirit that had already been destroyed? My only ability was to kill, but I could not revive a dead being.


I apologized to her inwardly once more. And immediately started rationalizing what happened.

No, who was the one who started the fight? She was the one who started it first, so it’s not like everything was my fault…

“It’s really great.”

Then suddenly a huge shadow fell behind me.

When I turned my head, the Giant King was looking down at me with his eyes shining. Why suddenly?

He said softly in a voice of admiration.

“The Second Lord’s Laxia, I know because I’ve bumped into it with my whole body once before. It’s a formidable spirit that seems to burn to the bone.”


“It truly amazed me that you did not avoid it and faced it head on. As I heard, you’re an outstanding warrior, Seventh Lord.”

  • ··An outstanding warrior?

I was dumbfounded looking at the Giant King praising me with a straight face.

Hmm… I wonder if this was just the Giant King’s character.

Typical warrior character.



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Even in the game, the Giant King used to show one-sided favor to the outstanding warriors he recognized. Even if it’s from a different faction.

An excellent warrior here meant not backing down from any attack, but only facing each other head-on. Honest at best, ignorant at worst. However, the Ninth Lord wasn’t the kind of character whose brain was just pure muscles.

“Anyway, is this the end of the emergency call?”

The Mad King, who was looking at me with regretful eyes, turned around.

“I came with a lot of anticipation, but it all ended up in such a bland conclusion.”

As she strode forward, she stopped as if she remembered something, and turned her head back to me.

“By the way, Seventh Lord, I heard you encountered something in my territory before?”


“Was it Wilpeck? Anyway, with the mayor somewhere.”

  • ··Oh, that.

It was referring to that noble girl who went crazy at the restaurant where she met Tair. Yeah, how did that go?

The Mad King scratched her head and continued.

“Anyway, I heard from the butler that he did something wrong, so I roughly told him to take care of it. Is there anything else you want?”

“…It’s up to you.”

I had no interest in that.

The Mad King smiled, waving her hand, and then she turned around.

“Well then, shall we disband as is? We’ll see you all at the next meeting.”

The Overlord also clapped her hands, signalling the end of this emergency call.

“Ah~ it’s difficult. When will this vacant seat be filled again…?”

She muttered like that and turned towards the castle.

Soon, the other Lords dispersed one by one.

It was a pretty refreshing ending for the serious atmosphere until now.

“Seventh Lord, you are welcome to visit my territory at any time.”

The Giant King left those words and took a heavy step.

“How strong were the Sixth Lord?”

The Black Sea Empress asked me that before leaving.

I looked at her without answering.

She raised an eyebrow and spoke again.

“I’m just curious. As a vampire with no taste, I’ve always wanted to chew him up and swallow him.”


“But now, I’m starting to lose my appetite. This time, we’re just going to move on like this. So, do be careful in the future.”

I glanced at her back, wiggling her antennae as she moved away, and then I turned to the other side.

By the way, what about the Heavenly Palace…?

I tried to talk to him about the Valkilov case in his territory, but he was already gone before I knew it.

Everyone had left, and now only the First and Fourth Lord were left.

The Wiseman spoke to me first.

“I’m glad everything seems to have been resolved smoothly.”

···Was it smooth?

Well, if one put the process aside and looked at the results, it was indeed smooth. At least there wasn’t a life-or-death battle.

But what’s his purpose?

Seeing that he had been waiting for me, I wondered if there was anything else.

The next thing that came out of the Wiseman’s mouth was a random story.

“Remember the giant snake monster you killed Seventh Lord in the Rutus Mountains before?”


I wondered how this dwarf knew about it, so I looked at him with curious eyes.

“You left the body to the mayor, so I took some of those scales and used them. They’re great materials. So, I just wanted to say thank you.”

Ah… was it that?

I had nothing to say, so I did not reply.

For him, as a blacksmith, scales of monsters like that would have been a good material.

“If you have any equipment you wanted made, please come to my territory. Well, then…”

As if that was all he had to say, the Wiseman greeted him and left immediately.

I turned my gaze to the remaining one—the King of the Dead.

He, too, was still waiting for all the other Lords to leave.

“There is one thing I want to ask you.”

Said the other.

“The corpse of the warrior that you gave me before, it was impossible to resurrect it as an undead. The soul was completely annihilated.”


I was astonished at the words.

“The remnants of the soul remain on the body of the dead. Undead magic is basically a magic that starts by capturing and subordinating the soul. However, the corpse of the warrior that the Seventh Lord killed did not leave a small remnant, and the soul was completely wiped out.”


Hearing that, I fell in thought.

Because there was something that suddenly came to mind.

The soul disappeared?

He said that the soul of the warrior, who died instantly, was completely annihilated.

So, was it possible that instant kill was the ability to annihilate the soul of the target itself? So, was that the reason it worked on souls and spirits?

No, wait a minute…

Then, what about the guardian that was killed in the dungeon? Do Guardians have souls?

I asked the King of the Dead.

“Fourth Lord, do you know about ancient golems?”

He tilted his head at my sudden question.

“Is the magic of creating golems also related to souls?”

“Um, puppetry magic? I know little about it because I’m not interested in it.”


“It’s a magic that injects the remains of the soul harvested from another object into the doll’s body. Whether it’s already dead or never alive in the first place, to make anything move, not only magic but also the remnants of the soul are essential.”

In short, it meant that even those golems had a soul.

Then it’s probably true.

If the essence of instant kill was the ability to annihilate the target’s soul itself, it fit all the targets that had been killed so far.

It was a new discovery about this ability, but the fact was that knowing it didn’t really change anything.

By the way, I haven’t used it on undead yet, but as he said, it would work well on an undead, regardless.

“So, do you want to complain about it?”

At my question, the King of the Dead laughed and shook his head.

“No, it can’t be. I was just curious if my conjecture was correct. From your reaction, it seems that’s the case.”

As if curiosity had been resolved, the King of the Dead also turned around.

“Then I will go as well. See you at the next meeting, Seventh lord.”

I also had one question, so I stopped him and asked.

“Why did you oppose the execution?”

Now that I look at it, it didn’t seem like he was doing it to pay off a favor.

The King of the Dead looked back at me and said with a smile.

“It was just a personal decision. If we all fight you, I felt like your threat would come true.”


“But I don’t have any ill feelings towards you. I want to build a friendly relationship with you, Seventh Lord.”

I looked at the King of the Dead and said,

“The corpse of the Sixth Lord will probably be revived as an undead.”


I did not kill the Tyrant with instant kill, so the remnants of his soul would remain

At my words, the King of the Dead tilted his head and then smiled again.

“Is it? Thank you. I suddenly got a very good ingredient. I’ll have to tell the Overlord.”

I looked at the back of the leaving King of the Dead, and soon I turned around.


The execution trial, the duel, I was tired physically and mentally.

I just wanted to go back and rest.

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