I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 75

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“It’s none of your business.”

Hearing my words, the Thunder Lord snorted lightly and said nothing more.


I was well aware of this guy’s difficult nature from the beginning because it was the same in the game as well.

Even when playing the game, the quest to get the wyvern was notorious enough to break some users’ keyboards.

It wasn’t even a hidden or a special quest; it was just a quest that had to be cleared in order to get a ride through the story.

When I was crazy about RaSa and played all day except for sleeping time, I barely got it by staying up all night for three days.

I didn’t hesitate to look for one when the opportunity came. Not only because it was a pity to be idle for the remaining time, but because there was one more important reason.

A wyvern that I had acquired in the game.

The guy that came to my mind the moment I thought of having my wyvern, the one I gave a catchy name to – ‘Ti-Yong’.

The place where it lived was, unfortunately, the Glide Mountains, our current destination.

Even if I visit that mountain at this point, I wonder if its nest is still in the same place?

I couldn’t help but be curious.

Would it still exist like other named NPCs and monsters even now when the game became a reality, and if it encountered me, would it recognize me as its owner?

Still, if I were to get a wyvern, I wanted to get the one I was with in the game.

“I’ll ask you one thing, Seventh Lords”

Then, after a while the Thunder Lord spoke again.

“What is your true intention behind killing the Sixth Lord?”

With my eyes on the burning bonfire, I turned my head to her.

“I already answered that question in front of everyone at the emergency call.”

“Are you talking about that nonsense? Some crappy excuse about it being the best course of action or something?”

I shrugged my shoulders without answering.

“Ha,” she said with a laugh.

“The Overlord can tell the truth from lies in words. That’s why she decided to watch you a little longer, but I never trusted you.”

Why was this woman always making things awkward?

I asked her back.

“You’ve been showing dislike for me ever since we first met. Is there any other special reason for your attitude?”

“…Isn’t that obvious? To put an outsider of unknown ability or identity on the seat of a Lord with no hesitation, even if it’s the Overlord’s decision, there’s no way I can just accept it without hesitation.”


“In the end, you killed even the Sixth Lord and caused great chaos in the order. So I still don’t think my actions were wrong. Even though I lost Laxia because of your unknown bizarre abilities…”

While talking, she took a deep breath and continued talking.

“I don’t know about the other Lords, but I sincerely want Calderic’s stability. Of course, it was a mistake to go to you today and rant and argue with you like that. But aside from my personal hatred, your existence is an unstable factor.”

Speaking in a dry voice, the Thunder Lord definitely seemed to have found a sense of calm unlike in the castle earlier.

I knew what she was trying to say to some extent.

Aside from her attitude problem, even in the game, she appeared as a person who sincerely wished for Calderic’s peace.

In fact, if one thought about it, the Overlord and other Lords were the ones who defied common sense. One couldn’t really say that it was all the Thunder Lord’s problem.

But then again, if they were more ordinary, could they have become a Lord in the first place?

“As I said, I have no plans.”

The Thunder Lord responded right away.

“And I still don’t trust you.”

The brief conversation ended there, and there was no further exchange of words.


The day was bright, and we continued to move.

It took just under five days to reach the Glide Mountains, exactly as the Thunder Lord had said.


The Glide Mountains were a unique landscape compared to other mountain ranges I had seen while passing by.

In particular, it was because there were many peaks that rose more minutely than other mountain ranges.

It took a while to leisurely observe the scenery, and I soon looked around eagerly.

Now that we’ve reached our destination, I needed to find out where its nest was.

Wyvern was said to be a creature that did not live in a group and preferred being alone.

Their dwelling place was called a nest, but it was usually a cave-like place.

I remember that Ti-Yong’s nest, which I needed to find now, was also a fairly large cave… It must have been in the middle of the rock wall.


Then, along with a scream that came out of nowhere, something quickly approached from below.

A huge white wyvern was flying towards us, flapping its wings.


It was the first wyvern we encountered, but unfortunately it seemed that it was trying to attack us.

The Thunder Lord’s wyvern and the escort knight’s wyvern also let out a roar.

As if it was going to head-butt, the escort knight raised her magic power and swung her arm at the guy who rushed towards her.


Then, the wide wave of magic raged like a storm and hit the wyvern hard.

It lost its balance and staggered in the air for a moment, then turned and hurriedly ran away.


I looked at the rapid change of attitude with a little absurdity.

Wyverns were basically ferocious and tyrannical, but they were also brilliant.

As soon as an attack hit it, it judged that the opponent was too strong and quickly retreated.

There was a brief interlude with that wyvern, but I continued to look at the vast mountain range and figured out the direction to go.

Fortunately, I remembered exactly where the guy’s nest was located.



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This was because it was in a very conspicuous and heterogeneous terrain, that was noticeable especially in these mountains.

An incredibly large, flat rock wall.

Such a rock formation that looked like a tree stump existed in this mountain range.

And the place where the nest was located was right nearby.

One could probably spot it at a glance from afar if they flew like this from above.

I asked the escort knight just in case.

“Do you know a huge rock wall that looks like a tree stump?”

She shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sure.”

Well, then there’s nothing that could be done about it.

I said again.

“Let’s look around the mountain range until we find the terrain I just described.”

“All right.”

That’s how another search started, just like when I was looking for the mysteries.

Although the difference was that this time it would be much faster and more comfortable.

Even while looking for a nest, various wyverns occasionally showed up.

Most of them didn’t pay attention to us and went their own way, but some attacked like the white wyvern earlier. As for those guys, the escort knight kicked them all away.

In the game, they classified wyverns into five types according to the color of their scales.

Green, Blue, Red, White, and Black Wyverns.

Not only were they different in color, but they had distinctly different characteristics.

Although it was different depending on the individual, on average, from green to black, it was much larger, stronger, and had a dirty temper. It was also rare.

So even in the game, Black had the best ability among Wyverns, but the difficulty of finding and taming one was also the highest.

Ti-Yong, which I rode in the game, was also a black wyvern.

The difference in stats according to color wasn’t so significant in the game, but I really wanted to ride the best wyvern, so I was working really hard to catch it.

“···Seventh Lord! You said you were going to catch a wyvern?”

As we continued to fly without intending to land, the Thunder Lord flying next to us shouted,

“You said there’s a place you’re looking for?”

Before I could open my mouth, the escort knight answered her instead.

The Thunder Lord glanced at me with disgruntled eyes and asked no more.

“It seems to be the place you told us about.”

Anyway, within a few hours of starting our search, we finally found the place.

A huge rock wall located alone in the middle of large and small mountain peaks and not in harmony with the surroundings.

Flying slowly along the rim, I scoured the rock wall with my super sensory maximizing my vision.


And soon I found it.

A large cave located exactly in the middle of the rock wall.

“Go down there.”

As per my request, the escort knight landed at the entrance of the cave.

The Thunder Lord that landed after her also looked around the cave with puzzled eyes.

“···Is this the place you’re talking about? What on earth did you come to a place like this for?”

I didn’t answer, and I moved to the inside of the cave with anticipation.

It was because there was a presence felt from the inside.

The passage leading to it was short, and soon what appeared in sight was a large black creature lying crouched in the dark.

“···It’s a Black Wyvern.”

The Thunder Lord and the escort knight also looked a bit surprised when they found the wyvern.


I stared at the sleeping wyvern snoring in the cave.

···Is this Ti-Yong?

What, maybe, right?

To be honest, there was no way to tell them apart by appearance.

Because in the game, each wyvern’s appearance was not that different from each other.

But even so, if it was a Black Wyvern building a nest in this cave, there would be none other than the one I had in the game.


After feeling that strange feeling for a while and just staring at it, the snoring stopped, and it opened its eyes.

Then it yawned, and it stared at me with long, slit pupils.

I trudged towards the black wyvern.

I heard a slightly mocking voice from behind.

“Did you know that there are only a handful of people on the continent who have tamed a black wyvern?”

The guy just kept staring at me as I slowly approached, then it raised its huge body.

If it didn’t acknowledge me as its owner, it would attack right away, so I prepared to defend myself.

The distance between me and the wyvern was less than ten steps. And···



It let out a mild cry and thrust its head at me first.

While embarrassed, I stroked the guy who was forcibly trying to bury its huge head in my arms.

Why is this…?

It seemed that I was recognized as the owner right away.

But as far as I knew, this wyvern didn’t come to me so favorably at the beginning? Was this still the same dirty-tempered Black Wyvern?


The Thunder Lord, who was watching the scene from behind, let out a bewildered exclamation mixed with amazement.

Looking at the guy who showed a very favorable attitude to me, I was sure for some reason.

This guy was definitely the wyvern, Ti-Yong, that I used to ride in the game.

Nice to see you again.

I said hello inwardly, feeling pleased.

I was stroking the neck of the guy who kept poking its head at me.

With this, the wyvern was successfully obtained.

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