I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 76

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As I stepped out of the cave, Tiyong followed me in a very natural manner.

It seemed to be in a good mood, scratching the wall of the aisle with its wings and trying to hit me, so it was a little burdensome.

It had been less than 10 minutes since we met, but anyone who saw us would think it had been 10 years.

“…It’s really different.”

The Thunder Lord, who had been looking at me with eyes that seemed difficult to understand, spoke.

“Could that also be an ability of the Seventh Lord? Controlling and understanding the minds of monsters?”

I was dumbfounded and replied.

“You think there’s an ability like that?”

“Isn’t it abnormal for a wyvern to follow people like this from the beginning?”

Well… she had a point.

I didn’t know why this guy followed me so well.

Could it be that it really acknowledged me as its owner because I was with it in the game?

That’s good if it was so, but it’s also kind of worrying.

“Maybe it’s not you, but it’s just that this wyvern follows everyone well…”

After saying that, she quietly approached Ti-Yong.

Then, the growling guy suddenly turned into a ferocious force and burst into a roar.


She frowned and stepped back.

I, who was right next to her, also suffered a blow to the eardrum, so I tapped its neck. This kid could still roar like there’s no tomorrow.

【Lv. 70]

Ti-Yong’s level was a whopping 70, higher than the wyverns of the Thunder Lord and the escort knight, and all the wyverns we encountered along the way.

In the game, because of system limitations, it could only be used for riding and flying, but here it could be used for combat.

At level 70, even if it’s not a very strong power, it’s a level where it could slaughter even a fairly strong combat unit alone.

The wyvern’s scales also had a high resistance to magic.

We quickly came out of the cave.

The Thunder Lord and the escort knight’s wyverns, who were standing on the cliff and waiting for their master to come out, let out low cries as if they were wary of Ti-Yong.

In terms of body size, the Black Wyvern, Tiyong, was noticeably bigger than the others.

Despite their hostility, Ti-Yong let out a short breath and ignored them. Did it just snort?

“Anyway, this should be the end of our business, right?”

The Thunder Lord looked back at me and asked.

I nodded.

Since I got the wyvern I was aiming for right away, there was no reason to stay in this mountain range any longer, as well as to stay with these two.

“Let’s separate right here.”

“It’s really nice to hear that.”

Then the escort knight opened her mouth.

“If you need a saddle, I’ll give you mine.”

I admired her inwardly.

It would be uncomfortable without a saddle, so I was wondering how I would ride back to the territory, but the other surprisingly offered a solution first.

“Can I?”


I felt a little sorry, but since this person was an expert, she would probably be less uncomfortable than me riding without a saddle.

I didn’t bother to refuse and willingly accepted her kindness.

Although, of course, the Thunder Lord, listening to our conversation, looked at her and at me with disapproval.


The wyverns spat out harsh cries.

I turned my gaze to find that Ti-Yong, who had quietly approached the Thunder Lord’s wyvern, was arguing with the other.

“That little creature…”

The Thunder Lord’s face erupted into a mixture of bewilderment and anger.

Startled by this, Ti-Yong hurriedly ran behind me and hid.

I was dumbfounded too, so I looked at the guy.

What are you doing?

Was this guy originally like this?

In many ways, it seemed very far from the usual wyverns.

Anyway, after receiving the saddle from the escort knight, she put it on Ti-Yong.

Of course, I didn’t know how to do it, so she had to do it for me.

“Stay still, Ti-Yong.”

Ti-Yong tried to struggle, perhaps because the saddle was uncomfortable or because it didn’t want to be touched by others, but the wyvern soon calmed down when I petted it.

Maybe because it was smarter than ordinary wyverns, communication seemed to be somewhat easier.

“···Ti-Yong? Have you already given it a name? It sounds unusual.”

At the sudden words of the Thunder Lord, I couldn’t hold back my laughter for a moment and almost exploded.

The reason it might sound unusual to her was because it’s Korean, not the continental language. But it was a bit funny to hear someone say the name so calmly.

Anyway, after putting on the saddle, I climbed on Ti-Yong’s back.

It flapped its wings and prepared to take off at any moment.

Finally, I looked back and said.

“See you at the next meeting, Second Lord.”

“···That’s right. Don’t ever think of using me for useless things like this again.”

I also said to the escort knight.

“Thank you for the saddle. I’ll keep it in the castle and return it later.”



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“Yes. Then, take care on your way, Seventh Lord.”


The two of them flew up first. I tapped Ti-Yong on the neck as I watched them quickly move away across the sky.

“Let’s go too. That way.”

Ti-Yong flew up with a mighty roar, flapping its wings in the direction I pointed.

I went back the way I came and headed for the Seventh Lord’s territory.

Since Ti-Yong would continue to be with me, I observed it closely to learn more about it while we were travelling.


Among the things I observed, if there was one thing that impressed me the most, it was its incredible appetite.

I stared at the figure of Ti-Yong, who had caught several huge wolves from somewhere and was gnawing at them through the bones.

The other prepared its own meal by hunting while I was eating, just like how the Thunder Lord and the escort knight’s wyverns did.

However, the amount of meat it ate in one meal was so huge, it was most likely a third of its body size.

I remember that the Thunder Lord and escort knight’s wyverns didn’t eat this much.

In any case, the only behavior I could accurately observe was its eating habits.

It’s because Ti-Yong followed me so well with no sign of dislike for anything I did.

And I also found out one more thing…

Could it understand what I’m saying?

I could communicate so well with it even without making gestures.

So I thought of the possibility that it might understand what I was saying.

Otherwise, there’s no way communication would be this easy with a guy who wasn’t even trained to listen to other’s orders.

While taking a break after eating, I made eye contact with the crouching guy and said,

“Stand up.”

Then the other jumped up.

“Sit down.”

It crouched back down.



This time, it seemed to be a little flustered, then it shrank its wings and rolled on the floor.

I admired inwardly and stroked him.

He really understands everything.

I wondered how this was possible, but since it was a fantasy world in the first place, there was nothing to be surprised about.

I continued petting the other.

Anyway, since it listened carefully to my instructions, I didn’t think there would be any problems in the future.

Time passed, and we arrived at the castle.

After crossing the wall, I looked for a place to land while watching the knights flocking below.

Ah, did they misunderstand it as an attack?

Seeing the knights pulling out their swords, I slowed down my landing.

It was the first time the knights of the castle had seen my wyvern.

As the distance got closer, I shouted to see if anyone had recognized me and stopped whatever they were doing.

“Sorry, Lord! We mistook you for an enemy trying to attack!”

“It’s okay, let’s take care of things.”

After getting off the wyvern, I made the knights disperse.

After waiting for a while, the butler came out.

“Are you home, my lord?”

The butler’s slightly surprised gaze reached Ti-Yong.

I pointed at the wyvern and asked.

“Is there a place in the castle for this guy?”

“Yes, of course there is. I’ll see to it right away.”

The place we walked to, along with the butler, was a cage surrounded by a huge iron fence and roof on one side of the castle.

It was very wide, so it was almost like an empty lot.

When I went inside, Ti-Yong immediately followed.

As soon as it entered, it looked around the surrounding, as if it had noticed that this was the space it would stay in.

“I will immediately prepare exclusive servants to manage the wyvern.”

After saying that, the butler immediately brought in a few people.

Ti-Yong growled as more strangers approached it. The servants flinched and retreated.

“Stay still.”

I calmed it down and added calmly.

“These people are the ones who will help you adapt to this place in the future. Never attack or show hostility. Do you understand?”


As if it understood, it immediately became docile again.

After leaving Ti-Yong with the servants, I went into the building.

Where is Asher?

It’s not strange that the other wasn’t there when I arrived. But I thought she would still immediately appear before me right after.

Entering the hall of the castle with a curious mind, I suddenly faintly felt the magical energy that was rushing downstairs.


Was this Asher’s magic?

It was something I felt every day, so I was able to notice it at once.

I went straight down to the gymnasium located downstairs.

And soon as I did, I was able to find Reef and Rigon. Asher was standing in front of them with her eyes closed.

She even used her racial traits to dye her entire body white, and a faint pure white magic haze swirled around her like a flame.

As I wondered what the situation was, the siblings spotted me, and their eyes opened wide.

“What’s going on?”

Reef answered my question in a bewildered voice.

“I don’t know. Sir Asher was teaching Rigon, and she suddenly stopped, closed her eyes and…”

Rigon, who was holding his sword while breathing hard, also looked bewildered.

I looked at Asher, who was still standing motionless, and a small exclamation escaped my mouth.

Oh, no way…

Did you reach some kind of enlightenment?

Listening to what Reef said, I wondered if something like a sudden enlightenment came to her while sparring with Rigon.

Seeing her calm face, it didn’t look like there was anything wrong with her body, so I stood still and watched.


Soon, the raging magic was captured in her body in an instant, and I was able to witness an amazing sight.

【Lv. 82】

  • ··The level floating above Asher’s head had risen.

Returning to her normal state, Asher slowly opened her eyes and put on an expression that seemed to be a mix between satisfaction and regret.

She was startled when she found me standing to one side.

“Sir Ron, since when…”

I couldn’t find anything to say, so I just nodded my head and spoke softly.

“You’ve grown even more.”

Asher, who was taken aback by that, smiled awkwardly.

But really, what kind of sudden level up was this?

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