I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 78

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The capital of Saintea, Kelia Road.

A man wearing a robe is walking down a deserted dark alleyway.

The man soon noticed a faint pattern painted on the wall and stopped walking.

He looked around once and opened his mouth.

“Come out.”


Then, a black haze rose from behind the man.

The one who appeared out of the darkness without a trace was a tall woman wearing a robe just like the man.

Looking up at the half moon floating in the night sky, she drew an arc at the corner of her mouth.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been asked by the imperial family, Lord Slian.”

The man who noticed her presence only after she opened his mouth turned his head in surprise.

He clicked his tongue with a look of displeasure.


There were many and varied names for women on the continent, but it was the most well-known name.

It is dark like a shadow, elusive, and disappears in the dark without knowing.

“So, what is this request? We are still not accepting assassination requests, so if that’s your goal, just go back.”

The man was annoyed by her leisurely attitude, but he focused on the purpose of walking this far.

“It’s about the 7 Lords of Calderic.”

The woman narrowed her eyes.

“What we want is information. Whether we infiltrate the castle of the 7 Lords or not, we just need to collect as much information about him as possible.”

“Hmm, was it information gathering? It was also information about the newly enthroned monarch…”

She smiled.

“They say that Kwon Seong also died at his hands? There are even rumors that he might be a human from Saintea.”

The man’s expression darkened again.

There’s no such thing as rumors going around. The fact that Kwon Seong died at the hands of the new Seven Lords is a fact that only the high-ranking members of Saintea know by guess.

The woman knew it, but she said it skillfully.

Even though she is an individual, if there is the only person who has information power equal to that of any large intelligence organization, she is the one.

“Ahaha, I’m sorry. Anyway, if it’s a request like that, you’ll have to pay a little more this time? What did you bring?”

Without answering, the man took something out of his bosom and threw it at the woman. purse.

It contained over 10 platinum coins.

The woman who checked the contents whistled and put the money bag in her bosom.

A terrifying amount of advance payment that wouldn’t be strange if you just picked it up and popped out without completing the request.

But the man who handed over the money didn’t care about him at all.

There was no way she would try to destroy the trust she had built up until now and pretend to be with the imperial family for just this amount.

“Then I’ll go first. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll see you with good news at least within a year.”

The woman erased the pattern drawn on the wall by rubbing it with her finger.


Once again, the same black haze as before shimmered, and the woman’s figure disappeared before my eyes as if evaporating without a trace.

The man, who had been staring at the spot where she had disappeared for a while, also moved on and left the alley.

Thus, the secret meeting in a dark alley ended with only the moon rising in the sky as a witness.

And after some time, Calderick.

“Kate, grab a pen and paper and follow me.”

“Yes? Paper and pen suddenly?”

“There is a knight test today. Mr. Lefi, who was in charge of recording it, is lying down sick and you and I have to do it. Don’t talk nonsense, come out quickly.”

“Oh, that’s right. I see!”

The woman responded to her superior’s command with a cheerful smile. She swears inwardly.

‘Boy, it bothers me.’

Her identity, which is completely different from the one seen in the alley before, was Umyeong.

It’s been a few months since I came to the 7th lord’s enrok and entered the monarchy here.

It was not that difficult for her to infiltrate the castle as an administrative officer.

“Ugh… Didn’t the monarch come out himself?”

There were already numerous knights gathered at the gymnasium where they moved after their superiors, and even the 7 Lords were out.

Hearing the voice of her superior muttering softly, the woman glanced sideways at the platform where the 7 Lords were sitting.

‘Seven Lords…’

It’s been several months since I’ve been living in the castle, but I haven’t gotten any big information about the 7 Lords yet.

Because he spent far more overwhelming time outside than in the castle. I don’t know if there is even a wanderlust.

What I found out was just race, gender, physical characteristics, and a finite personality that didn’t show any prestige to the castle’s officials.

And recently, there was a huge incident that killed the six lords and opened up to the emergency summons of the lords, but there was a limit to how deep even she could dig into it.

‘How did you come back alive? I thought she was going to die.’

So recently, I was investigating the Leaf siblings, who were speculated to be related to the reason why the 7th Lord killed the 6th Lord.

Even recently, Asher, who is assumed to be his escort and a great skill, has been in charge of teaching swordsmanship to the siblings.

It meant that the Seven Lords were clearly paying attention to their brother and sister, and of course I couldn’t help but smell something.

Now that I was staying in the castle and there was nothing more to dig up, I planned to head to the capital of the 6th Lordship to learn about the past of the brother and sister in earnest.

The trial began, and she recorded the results with her nerves turned to the Seven Lords.

There was Leaf among them, but she passed the test with much better skills than the other apprentices.

As the test came to an end, she felt his gaze.

When I turned my head slightly, for some reason, the 7 Lords were staring at me.




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A sense of doubt and inexplicable ominousness rose up for a moment, but she pretended to lower her head urgently in surprise.

As I lowered my gaze, the noise around me slowly began to subside.

When I slowly raised my head again in the suffocating silence, all the eyes around me were focused in this direction.


Recognizing that something was firmly wrong, she looked at the 7 Lords with a weakly stiff face.

He pointed this way and opened his mouth.

“It’s a spy. Catch it.”



Members of the Sangvis Knights drew their swords immediately after my words, and the other knights came to their senses a beat later.

Standing on either side of me, Asher and the Iron-Blooded Knight Commander also fixed their eyes on the woman with their swords in their hands.

Soon, all the knights who were filling the gymnasium were aiming their swords at her.

“Uh, uh uh? Whoa!”

The other magistrate standing next to the woman stood dazed and then backed away in fright.

She looked around with a look of total bewilderment and suddenly raised her hand.

“for a moment.”

Looks like he has something to say.

She opened her mouth with a serious face.

“Does anyone know? What’s on the lunch menu I ate today?”


However, the words that followed were incomprehensible nonsense that did not fit the situation at all.

The knights also looked at her with eyes wondering what kind of bullshit this was all of a sudden.

I clicked my tongue a little.

‘It’s that woman.’

That was just meaningless nonsense to distract the knights, even for a moment.

And what followed immediately was…


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