I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 79

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A mist suddenly spewed from her body and covered the whole area in an instant.

Even though the sun was up in the middle of the sky, the pitch-black fog was so dense that no light came through.

“······The spy is on the run! Catch it!”

Someone shouted, but the knights surrounded by fog were just wandering around inside.

At that, Asher and the Iron Blood Knights immediately jumped into the arena and swung their swords at the same time.

A huge two-pronged sword wind parted the fog and the vision returned.

But the woman’s figure was nowhere to be found.

When even Asher couldn’t feel the presence of her who had fled and looked around with her brows narrowed, I raised my super senses to the max. Because I knew what her abilities were.

And soon I got caught up in my senses. A sign that was quickly moving away while hiding itself.

‘It’s so damn fast.’

I immediately used Space Leap in succession to move into the air on one side of the arena and at the same time spread the floating curtain.

Then, a woman’s figure appeared in the empty air, and she, who was blocked by my curtain and collided, fell down.


The blade of the sword was aimed at her staggering neck, unable to regain consciousness for a moment.

Ashelle, who had caught up with her, coldly looked down at her as she collapsed on the floor.

The knights who then flocked in completely surrounded the surroundings and blocked the escape route without any chance to escape.

She smiled servilely with a slightly pale face and slowly raised her hands.

“Ha, surrender. Surrender.”

Landing on the floor, I let out a small sigh as I watched the finished situation.

I ignored the burdensome gazes of the knights who were looking at me with eyes filled with awe.


So, what the hell was this woman doing here?


After sorting out the situation, I and Asher dragged the woman to my room.

After sitting on the other side of the table, I quietly sat across from her.

I said as I watched her roll her eyes and look at her eyes.

“No matter what tricks you do, it’s impossible to escape, Umbra.”


“It’s useless to use that mystery to hide yourself. If you try to escape again, I’ll cut your throat right then, so give up.”

The reason even Asher couldn’t catch her in the black mist was because of the mystery of her stealth.

I had super senses, so I was able to somehow hide and catch them running away.

Perhaps she didn’t know that her identity and ability had been discovered at once, she looked at me with her eyebrows narrowed and bowed her head.

“Ha, I got caught by a monster like this…”

I think I’m ready to have a conversation now.

I crossed my arms and asked first.

“Who sent you?”

Umbra Freon.

If you were to pick the most new and rare beings on this continent, you would definitely count them on one hand.

As the continent’s best informant and thief, she used to be seduced by someone as she is now and work as a spy.

It’s a force that can command a person like her, but there aren’t a few places anyway, so I can roughly guess…

she asked with a half-resigned look.

“Will you save me if I tell you?”

“Tell me at once.”

“If you want, you can blow it all up, but before that, I want to know what you’re going to do with me. Before that, I won’t open my mouth even if I die.”

“Then you must die, Asher.”

At my words, Asher, who was standing next to me, reached for the hilt of the sword.

Her mouth opened immediately.

“······Saintea Imperial Family.”

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