I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 81

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Neutral Nations Conference (1)

Union of Saintea Empires.

An alliance of several human-centered nations united around the Saintea Empire, and the most core force in the main story line of the worldview of Lhasa.

Calderic does not directly border Saintea.

This is because there were several neutral countries in the middle ground between the two powers.

However, even if it was neutral, it was only talk, most of the countries were almost absorbed by Saintea after the invasion of the demons.

So far, only two countries can be said to have remained in the realm of neutrality.

Earthhill Kingdom and Kacholl Kingdom.

Calderic and Saintea, two countries that claim to be neutral between the two giant powers.

There were several political reasons why the two weak countries, whose total national strength was less than one of Calderic’s monarchies, could remain neutral until now.

The Neutral Nations Conference held in Earth Hill was a gathering place for Calderic, Saintea, and the royalty of such neutral countries.

‘It’s all here.’

I rode Tiyong and quickly flew to the Daelord, looking at the Daelord’s castle that began to appear in the distance.

As I lowered my altitude and approached the entrance of the castle, I saw the figures of those who were already out, the overlord and the chief of staff.

Tiyong flapped his wings and landed right in front of them.

I landed first by leaping into space, and Asher, who followed me, bowed her head to the overlord.

“Are you here, 7 Lords?”

The overlord greeted him with an innocent smile as always.

She looked at Asher with a strange look, and then quickly moved her gaze to Tiyong. with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I heard that you went to the Glide Mountains to rescue a wyvern. Is it a black wyvern? It has golden eyes just like the 7 Lords.”

When the high monarch stared at him, Tiyong turned his head away with a look of reluctance for some reason.

In response, she smiled and turned her gaze back to me.

“By the way, the 7th Lord, I heard that you rode the 2nd Lord’s wyvern and went together. At the last call, the 2nd Lord couldn’t eat it very much, so I was impatient, so how did you become close? Haha.”

Did you know all of that?

I changed the topic without bothering to answer.

“When are you leaving?”

“Um, well? As long as the 7 lords don’t mind, let’s leave right now.”

I looked at her attire as she answered indifferently.

She was wearing a black dress, as she had always seen. Are you going to move that way?

From now on, I’m heading to a neutral country, but I’m a little taken aback by the atmosphere as if I’m going out for a drink rather than a meeting.

It wasn’t like this, it was because I knew how to move in a proper matrix.

“Are there only four moving?”

“No. The chief of staff will remain, so there will be three.”

“I thought it would move in a procession, but it didn’t.”

The overlord smiled and said.

“It’s useless and cumbersome. I’m walking myself, so what else do I need?”

It sounded quite arrogant, but there was nothing wrong with it.

Anyway, as soon as I arrived at the overlord’s castle, it was decided to move to a neutral country immediately.

Soon after, the overlord brought his own wyvern, a black wyvern like Tiyong. The only difference was that he had blue eyes.

I asked the overlord.

“Is there any particular reason you want to accompany me to the conference?”

To my question, she just smiled and didn’t answer.

So anyway, I can’t figure it out.

“Well, anyway, shall we go?”

Darkness shrouded the overlord and her attire changed.

Rather than the dress from before, it was a simple and moderately flashy garment.

After changing her outfit, she lightly came to mind and climbed onto the Wyvern’s back.

Looking at the scene, I couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of alienation.

I already knew that the overlord also owned a wyvern, but the fact that she rode a wyvern itself was just a little strange. Because she was of her race.

oh oh!

The overlord’s wyvern roared vigorously and flew into the sky first.

Asher and I, riding on Tiyong’s back, soon followed and set off.

The distance to a neutral country was only a little longer than the distance between monarchies, so it wouldn’t take much time.

The Neutral Nations Conference this time was held in the Earth Hill Kingdom.

The Grand Summit, which began with the intention of mutual solidarity and cooperation, was held in neutral countries every three years.

A place to peacefully discuss the future of the continent, including Calderic and Saintea, as well as royalty from neutral countries.

······Of course, those things were just reasons that sounded good, and in the end it was a power struggle.

In particular, looking at the current situation, it was not expected that this meeting would end with a mere war of nerves.

It was probably because the Kacholl kingdom was intent on declaring the cause of war with the Earthhill kingdom in earnest at this meeting.

That was also the reason why I followed the overlord and participated in this meeting without much hesitation.

‘Earth Hill Kingdom…’

I remembered a man I had previously met in the Fifth Lordship.

Teir Bamon, the second prince in the lineage of the Earthhill royal family.

If he returns to the capital as I said, we will probably meet again at this meeting.


“You pitiful bastard. Now you’ve crawled into the castle and shamelessly pushed that foolish face…”


“I don’t want to see you, so go away.”



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The King of Earth Hill, Longford, glared at the man with eyes filled with love and hatred, but soon withdrew his gaze.

The man, Tayir, bowed his head and stepped out of the room.

The Earth Hill Kingdom, the capital city of Selaf.

The capital, which had returned after a long time, hadn’t changed at all, but there was a much more solemn atmosphere than usual due to the upcoming meeting.

Teir, who happened to reach the garden outside the palace, let out a small sigh.

‘I’m already regretting it…’

I wondered if I had come back for nothing.

After leaving the capital for a long time, he suddenly returned without warning, and he had nothing to do in this situation.

He was just floating around in and out of the palace like he is now.

Teir was lost in thought as he fingered the leaves of the bush.

Originally, I had no intention of returning to the royal castle just because the meeting was approaching. He had nothing to do with his presence anyway.

Nevertheless, there was one reason for returning home after a long wandering.

A man I met before in the Fifth Lordship.

It was because his insignificant words, which he said were the 7 lords, kept lingering around for some reason.

‘······Go back to where I belong.’

What did he mean by that?

He even said that he might be of help to Earth Hill someday in relation to the situation in a neutral country.

Taylor couldn’t figure out anything.

Was that man really the 7th lord of Calderic, and if so, why was such a great being interested in himself?


Hearing the voice calling him, Taylor turned his head.

A woman in a neat dress was standing on one side of the garden before she knew it.

Taylor stared at her for a moment, then smiled faintly.

“What’s wrong with your brother, tax collector?”

A woman called Rudy replied with a slight frown.

“Do I have to treat the idiot who came back after wandering around for almost two years and treat him like a brother?”


“So, what are you doing to sell here, brother?”

She said that, but she immediately went back to her older brother’s title.

Teir continued to fidget with the leaf he was touching and quietly passed the answer.

Se-Ri’s expression, seeing her still distant, was mixed with emotions such as pathetic, sad, and sorry.

She opened her mouth again and asked.

“Why did you suddenly want to come back? You left after saying that you would never come back.”

“That’s right. Even if it’s not the case, I’m sorry for making it even more confusing at a time like this.”

“Ai-ssi, that’s not what you’re saying! Who said they didn’t like my brother’s return?”

She groaned and let out a deep sigh.

There was an awkward air for a moment, followed by a calm voice.

“…why did you leave in the first place? You made it clear. I, no, not only me, but Lucas’ brother really…”


Taylor cut off his words adamantly.

“Stop it, tax collector. You know it wasn’t a problem.”


“Rather than that, why are you doing this here? Have you finished all the preparations? Are there any problems?”

Se-ri couldn’t say anything more as she forcibly changed the topic.

She swallowed the suffocation welling up inside her and calmed herself down.

“Don’t worry. If you don’t have anything to say, I’ll have to tell you to find out.”

At the blunt reply, Taylor smiled bitterly and said,

“Saintea also arrived, and now only Calderic is left.”


Not only the royal family of each neutral country, but also all the people from the Saintea side, including the emperor, arrived at the castle just yesterday afternoon.

Rudy suddenly thought of an annoying person, and his mood sank even more. The first prince of the Kashol kingdom.

she said to Teir.

“Anyway, don’t hang around outside and just stay in your room. Until the meeting is over…”

Then footsteps were heard.

Rudy looked away and frowned at the people coming this way. A man and a woman in colorful outfits and an escort knight.

“You are here, princess tax collector.”

Among the men and women who came closer, the man opened his mouth with a greasy smile.

Chordan, the 1st prince of Kashol Kingdom, and Olivica, the 2nd princess.

They were one of the representatives of Kacholl who accompanied the King of Kacholl to participate in this meeting.

“I was looking for you anyway. It’s a nice day and I’m going to have tea with other princes and princesses. How about sitting down together?”

Se-ri swallowed the irritation rising inside her and managed her expression.

There was still quite a bit of time left until the talks, so the neutral countries who came to the castle were interacting with each other and building friendships. Centered on the first prince, Chordan.

In fact, in a situation where all sides were already divided, there were no allies in Earth Hill. She was well aware of that fact.

Even so, they continued to come and scratch their insides with the obvious purpose of embarrassing them in front of everyone.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy preparing for the talks, so I don’t think I have time for that.”

“Does it keep appearing like that? Even now, looking at it, it looks relaxed, but this is really embarrassing, haha.”

Princess Olivica intervened.

“It would be better not to refuse this time, princess tax collector. The 5th prince of Saintea also decided to take time to settle down.”

“So what?”

“You mean to give us a good opportunity to have a private conversation with a precious person, right? So stop refusing and hang out with us.”

There was a subtle condescension and condescension in her voice when she said that.

The imperial family of the Saintea Empire are noble beings who are of a different rank even to the royal family.

It was to show off his friendship with the 5th prince by preparing a place where he could be with other princes and the royal family.

“Ah, yes. Come to think of it, you were there too. Isn’t it Prince Teir, the pride of the Bamon royal family?”

Choordan said with a slightly surprised expression, as if he had finally found Teir standing next to him.

Se-ri frowned at the openly sarcastic tone.

“I heard the news that the royal castle ran away, but it seems that it has returned. How about you, would you like to go together?”

“It’s fine, so I’ll decline.”

Teir replied with an expressionless face.

At that, Chordan smiled.

“Well, I understand. I believe that you will not intend to reject the princess again.”

“I’m sorry, but I already said I’d decline because I don’t have time.”

Chordan’s eyebrows twitched, and Olivica frowned and snorted.

“Princess tax collector, do you think there’s anything good about being so stiff?

“Okay, Oliveka. Let’s go.”

The two turned and walked out of the road garden.

“By the way, princess. In what direction do you think this meeting will go?”

Chordan paused for a moment and looked back at Seri.

“If you think it will end halfway like last time, you’re mistaken. Don’t you know? Actually, it doesn’t matter what the cause is. Is it the same?”


Seri glared at Serdan with a stiff face.

Chordan laughed at her like that.

“Let’s see if we can continue to act like this after the meeting is over. Then…”


At that time, a huge roar rang throughout the castle.

Chordan and Olivica raised their heads in surprise. It was the same with Seri and Teir.

From the other side of the sky, two huge black objects were flying rapidly toward the capital.


Chordan and Olivica, who had been staring blankly at the scene, hurriedly left the garden.

The sudden appearance of a wyvern meant only one thing in the current situation.

Finally, the overlord of Calderic had arrived at the royal castle.

“······ Overlord of Calderic.”

Said the tax collector as well and hurriedly moved on.

Taylor hesitated, then followed.


Suddenly, many people gathered at the main gate of the castle.

Not only King Longford of Earth Hill, but also the kings, princes and princesses of each neutral country, and numerous retainers.

The royal family of all the neutral countries who participated in the conference gathered at the meeting, except for those from Saintea.

Even though the organizer of this meeting was Earth Hill, the other participants also dared not show their faces.

In a chilly, frozen atmosphere, everyone stared at the woman walking towards the entrance of the castle with eyes full of tension.

The overlord of Calderic, Lashatain.

There was only a young human male standing beside her without a single procession.

However, with just that, the presence of the two overwhelmed everyone present.

Longford calmly stepped forward and greeted the two.

“Thank you for taking the long walk to Earth Hill, Overlord.”

The overlord snorted and looked around.

“Yes, King Longford. We must be the last. Let’s go inside.”

“Yes. But this person…”

Longford looked curiously at the man standing next to the overlord.

This is because, until now, she has rarely accompanied anyone to a meeting.

The overlord smiled and said calmly.

“He is the new 7 Lord of Calderic.”


Everyone stared at the man in amazement.

The new 7 Lords of Calderic.

The person who recently killed the same monarch, the Tyrant, and is currently making the continent the most uproar.

The giant, who had been shrouded in a veil without knowing anything about it, was walking with the overlord in this meeting.


On the other hand, even before the overlord spoke, there was someone who had been staring blankly at the 7 lords. It was Teir.

The man I had met before in the Fifth Lord’s Territory, with the appearance I remembered in my head, was standing next to the overlord.

Teir realized that his identity was really the 7th Lord and thought at the same time. what the hell is going on

The overlord and the 7th lord entered through the crowds split on both sides.

The young royals, who had participated in the meeting for the first time and had met the overlord of Calderic for the first time in their lives, could not raise their heads recklessly in a sense of intimidation.

Likewise, Seri, who was glancing at the two with her gaze down, suddenly looked back at her brother standing next to her.

Because he was staring at them so staringly.

‘what are you doing? fool······.’

She stabbed Teir in the side to warn him, but then hurriedly lowered her head again.

It was because the eyes of the 7 Lords were looking this way for some reason.

I thought it was a simple glance, but the 7 Lords soon stopped walking in front of the two.


Everyone’s eyes were focused on the seven lords who stopped walking.

The overlord looked back at him as if wondering, and Longford’s expression hardened as he stood beside him.

Seri tried to calm her thumping heart, as if she had made a mistake.

After a brief silence, the 7th Lord’s mouth opened.

“It’s been a while, Taylor.”

Everyone looked at Teir in amazement as he greeted him casually.

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