I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 82

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Neutral Nations Conference (2)

Taylor couldn’t help but be taken aback by the actions of the 7 lords.

Even though they knew each other, I didn’t know that they would suddenly pretend to know each other in a place like this.

Of course, it wasn’t just Taylor who was surprised.

King Longford widened his eyes at the incomprehensible situation unfolding in front of him, and the publican was half stunned.

But it had to be. Why the hell is the Lord of Calderic saying hello to Teir out of the blue? What kind of contact do you have?

Under the focused attention, Taylor hesitated, not knowing how to react at the moment.

The Seven Lords opened their mouths again and asked.

“When did you return to the kingdom?”

“······Ah, yes. Just returned today.”

Teir replied in a bewildered voice.

The 7th Lord nodded and moved on again. One last word left.

“See you later.”

It was only a few words of conversation, but the atmosphere was like a calm storm.

The overlord and the 7 lords went inside the castle, and there was a chaotic commotion in the seat.

‘What is it, really…’

Teir looked at the backs of them as they walked away, then turned his head at the gaze he suddenly felt.

Chordan and Olivica were staring this way, unable to close their gaping mouths, between Kacholl’s greetings on the other side.

“Oh, brother. What the hell was that? Huh?”

Seri, who came to her senses belatedly, asked in an urgent voice.

Taylor sighed lightly without answering. That was the most confusing thing right now.


‘As soon as we arrived, we ran into each other.’

As I entered the palace following the King of Earth Hill, I thought about Teir.

Go back to your place, the words I left him before.

It was just a word that could be passed on without much thought, so it wouldn’t be strange if nothing had changed, but it seemed to have returned in the end.

“Seven Lords, if it’s not an excuse, could I ask how you know Prince Teir?”

Then the King of Earth Hill opened his mouth.

He had been showing concern for me for a while, and he seemed curious about that.

I answered without hesitation.

“It’s nothing special. It’s just that I came across a kite by chance in the 5th Lordship.”

And I almost owed a debt that I was very grateful for.

Thanks to the map Teir gave me, I gained the mystery of extrasensory things that I would not have been able to get originally.

“······Is that so.”

The King nodded with a strange expression and did not ask further.

Come to think of it, I thought it would be absurd from his point of view.

Maybe he thinks that he met all the Lords of Calderic because he went out of the castle and did something.

I was walking through the halls of the palace, thinking about this and that, when I saw a group of people approaching from the other side.

A young woman, an elderly man, and a small old man standing in the middle of them, looking a little older.

A few attendants or knights followed behind the three.


As soon as I saw them, I immediately guessed their identities.

The old man in the middle is the emperor of Saintea, Grandios.

The man standing to the left is Changsheng, Quayden, one of the Five Stars in terms of level and appearance.

And the woman on the right… is probably one of the princesses, but I don’t know who exactly.

The steps stopped for a moment, and the overlord looked at them facing the front with a smile.

After a brief silence, the first to speak was the emperor.

“Long time no see, Overlord. It looks like you just arrived.”

A low, cracking voice echoed through the hallway.

He had a level that could not be said to be high at all in a small body, but he certainly had a strange sense of intimidation that was difficult to describe.

I couldn’t help but feel a little bit similar to the first time I was possessed by the game and faced the overlord for the first time.

It wasn’t that the emperor himself felt as powerful as the overlord, but for other reasons.

Because he was the emperor anyway.

It was because the hero, who is the most important part of the main story flow of this Lassa worldview, was the leader of the faction that existed.

“Yes. Long time no see, Emperor.”

The overlord answered in a voice mixed with laughter.

She used honorifics with minimal respect for the King of Earth Hill, but not for the Emperor.

And the emperor didn’t seem to pay much attention to him either. His gaze fell on me.

“······You must be the new 7th Lord of Calderic. Nice to meet you.”

Apparently, he recognized my true identity at a glance.

No surprise. Of course, the emperor must have found out information about me, and I was standing side by side with the overlord right now.

Naturally, the conclusion that they were the new 7 Lords was inevitable.

“By the way, didn’t the hero come to this meeting?”

“That’s right. He didn’t come.”

“Ah, sorry. I couldn’t see your face last time, so I was looking forward to it this time.”

The overlord grumbled like that with a look of sincere regret.

“Then I’ll see you again at the meeting.”

And there was no further conversation.



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It wouldn’t have been a chance meeting, but it seemed that the emperor’s purpose was just to see each other for a moment.

The woman standing next to the emperor lightly bowed her head to me and the overlord, while Changsung glanced at Asher standing behind me.

So they passed by and went on their way.


I slowly looked away.

Ashley’s expression hardened. It was an expression she had never seen before.

His clenched fists were trembling, and he could feel that he was barely suppressing the seething life that was about to explode at any moment.

Her gaze was fixed on the back of one of the three walking away. I followed their gaze and looked at their backs.


I knew why she reacted this way.

Changsung Quayden.

Who can keep his composure when the enemy who annihilated his clan and no one else is right in front of him.

Just not pulling out the sword right away and not attacking was great.


When I called her name, Asher closed her eyes once, then opened them, then looked away from them.


I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I decided to just quit.

Turning his head, the overlord was looking at Asher with an interesting look.


After being guided, we moved to the accommodation where we would stay during the conference, and since it was just the right time, the overlord and I had lunch together.

The reason for not having a meal with the king was because the talks were about to begin, and there was a banquet after that.

While sitting face-to-face with the overlord at an unnecessarily long table and eating in silence, she asked.

“You mean the escort knight of the 7 lords, did you say your name was Asher?

I stopped the knife I was cutting the meat with and looked at her. I’m a bit perplexed inside.

I thought he didn’t care because he hadn’t said much until now, but he suddenly came in.

“The Chief of Staff said that the 7th Lord took an apprentice knight, so I was a little interested. I didn’t expect him to be such an outstanding talent, haha. If the 7th Lord hadn’t taken him, I would have been able to join the Black Lins.”


I said it with a smile, but somehow it sounds like I’m blaming you a little.

Come to think of it, the first time the overlord saw Asher was at the overlord’s castle before leaving for a neutral country.

If it were her, of course she would have known Asher’s level from the first glance.

To be honest, I also had a bit of a stabbing feeling about taking Ashelle away, so I just kept silent.

“Didn’t Kashol say that Earth Hill might be warned of a war?”

When we subtly changed the subject to talk about the meeting, the overlord let out a small smile and nodded.

“I did. But why?”

“Are you willing to get involved?”

“No, no. Of course, the emperor will too.”

The answer came right back to the question. Is that too

The war between Earthhill and Kacholl was one of many episodes in the main story.

Even in the game, neither Calderic nor Saintea interfered in the war, so they already knew the overlord’s intentions.

Of course, I also knew why they didn’t want to interfere in the war.

“By the way, the 7th lord seemed to care about the prince quite a bit earlier, didn’t he? He deliberately went so far as to say that. I’m curious about what the accidental kite I mentioned earlier is.”

“Never mind.”

The overlord shook his head.

“Anyway, it’s desolate.”

I thought for a moment.

As the overlord said, talking to Teir on the spot earlier was partly intentional.

Because, first of all, I was thinking of helping the Earth Hill Kingdom.

He had a debt to Teir, and above all, in the game’s main story, this war ended with Earth Hill’s victory. It is because of the activities of the user group.

So, in fact, it was not an act of trying to calculate what would be beneficial.

Just because the story was like that, I just want to minimize the potential danger as much as possible by following him.

Well, we’ll have to see how things will go once the talks start.


“Brother, can you talk to me? What the hell were you doing outside to get acquainted with the Lord of Calderic! Huh?!”

“Because it’s not like that…”

Teir moved on, thinking that Se-Ri, who was chattering next to him, was noisy.

Soon after, I opened the door to the room I arrived at, and inside, King Longford was already seated and waiting.

Next to him stood another man, Lucas, his older brother and first prince.


“Uh, yes.”

Lucas’s awkward greeting was greeted awkwardly by Tayre as well.

Longford clicked his tongue and gave a small chin.

“Sit down.”

“······No. I’ll just stand there.”

Teir stood at a distance on the other side of Lucas, and Seri quietly stood beside him.

The atmosphere calmed down for a while.

Longford, who was looking at Taylor with complicated eyes, finally opened his mouth again.

“Tair, my son. What the hell are you doing outside?”


“The Seven Lords say that there was an accidental kite encounter in the Fifth Lord’s Territory. Can you explain it?”

“Yes, what…”

Teir obediently explained what had happened in relation to the 7 Lords. Everything from the story of the crazy young lady who tried to cut off his own arm to his craft.

The three of them all tilted their heads as if they didn’t understand.

“Is that really all?”

It was because I couldn’t understand why the 7th lord was interested in Teir from the story I just said.

Seri, who was deep in thought, opened her mouth with a slightly excited expression.

“Anyway, he’s the lord of Calderic. I don’t know why, but if he liked my brother…”

“That’s the problem. You can’t know their intentions, so you have to be more careful. They’re dangerous people you can’t handle.”

At Lucas’ words, Taylor thought to himself.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t believe that the 7 Lords had any special ulterior motives. What was the reason for that in the first place?

‘······It’s probably not just because of that map.’

Of course, it was an understandable reaction because I couldn’t figure out the reason in the end.

Longford, who was rubbing his forehead with a distraught expression, asked again.

“Tair, what kind of person was the 7 Lords from your point of view?”

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