I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 83

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Neutral Nations Conference (3)

What kind of person is the 7th monarch?

Taylor thought for a moment.

It was only a brief encounter. There’s no way you can judge a person just by that.

‘······Still, I don’t think she’s a bad person after all.’

Didn’t he save the one-armed one from the first meeting?

Although suspicious, Teir only felt gratitude to the 7 Lords, but there was no negative emotion at all.

“I don’t think he’s evil. And I don’t think he has any ulterior motives. At least that’s how I feel.”

Hearing Tayre’s voice full of conviction, Longford looked at him intently, then let out a small sigh.

I really can’t understand English.

Even if it’s not, I’m suffering from Kacholl, but my son, who returned after two years, gave me another big worry.

It was hard for Longford to think that someone like the Lord of Calderic had helped Teir out of pure goodwill. Whether he was evil or not was not important in relation to him.

Not knowing the other person’s intentions was in itself too dangerous.

Needless to say, if the opponent was a strong force that this side could not handle.

The new 7 Lords of Calderic for whom no information is properly known.

He had killed the Six Lords not too long ago, and the High Lord accompanied the Seven Lords to the conference.

And for some reason, the 7 lords seem to be interested in Teir…

Longford cleared his mind of all sorts of questions.

First of all, it was from the meeting. If you think about it, you won’t be holding on to things you don’t know anyway.

“I understand. Do you have anything else to say?”

Teir hesitated, then shook his head.

“No, no.”


“If you don’t have any more questions, I’ll go back.”

Then it was time to say hello and leave the room.

“Why don’t you have Taylor join the meeting in my place tomorrow, Father?”

At the words of the first prince, Lucas, Taylor turned around in surprise.

“······Suddenly, what do you mean, big brother?”

“It is as you said.”

Lucas spoke calmly.

“The 7 Lords talked to you in front of everyone. It can only be seen as an intentional action, but even so, if you don’t participate in the meeting and I participate, it might go against his heart.”

One representative from each country party and one spectator who does not have the right to speak may participate in the meeting.

Originally, the first prince, Lucas, was scheduled to participate as a spectator, but he said that he should change it to Taylor.

“How are you, Father?”

Longford seemed to be worried about Lucas’ words, but then nodded.

“You’re not wrong. Teir, could you join us in the meeting?”


Teir could only nod his head after looking at the two as if he was embarrassed.

It was because I couldn’t refuse the request when I finally came back after running away for a while.

It wasn’t difficult to just stand still.

“Yes, well… Then I understand. I will join the talks.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Teir hesitated, then bowed his head.

“Anyway, if you don’t have any more questions, I’ll leave.”

Teir left the room, and the tax collector, who had noticed Longford, followed him out.

Longford looked at the closed door and sighed once more.

Lucas, who stood there with a bitter expression for a moment, spoke cautiously to him.

“Father. Even if we don’t know the intentions of the Seven Lords, if he really shows a friendly stance toward Earth Hill in this meeting…”

“Don’t expect that.”

Longford said firmly.

It was an overlord who had never been involved in the situation of a neutral country in the slightest. Will that solid stance be suddenly broken at this meeting?

In the end, it was right not to expect Calderic’s help, no matter what.


Longford continued to think about the meeting to be held tomorrow, feeling his body and mind getting more tired.


A day passed and the day of the meeting came.

Earthhill, Kashol, Mator, Plagas, and Rajane.

The kings of the five neutral countries entered the conference room early and took their seats at the round table.

It was because the disaster of being placed later than the Overlord of Calderic or the Emperor of Saintea should not have happened.

Behind them stood one prince and one princess, who had entered as spectators of the meeting.

Neutral Nations Conference.

As the name suggests, the agendas to come out of the talks are related to issues between neutral countries.

And the top agenda of this meeting, as everyone already knows, was the confrontation between Earth Hill and Kacholl.

Before the arrival of the emperor and overlord, in a quiet atmosphere where no one speaks.

Chordan, the 1st prince of the Kacholl side, kept a sidelong glance at the seat on the Earth Hill side.

‘······Not the first prince, but the second prince attended.’

The person standing behind the King of Earth Hill as a spectator was not the first prince Lucas, but the second prince Teir.

Because of what happened just yesterday, Kacholl’s side also had their thoughts complicated for the day.



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It was because I couldn’t figure out what kind of connection there was between the new 7th Lord and the 2nd Prince Teir.

‘Although the Overlord of Calderic has never been involved in matters between neutral nations…’

I couldn’t figure out what the exact intentions of the 7 lords were.

A variable came from a completely unexpected place, not from anything else.

“The Emperor of the Saintea Empire is entering.”

All five kings rose from their seats at the low voice.

Soon after, the emperor appeared in the meeting room. Accompanying Princess Aren.

As they were seated at one side of the round table, there was more tension in the air flowing through the meeting room.

A little more time passes in that state…

“The Overlord of the Calderic Monarchy and the Seven Lords are entering.”

The kings rose from their seats again.

Footsteps echoed in the silence, and a man and a woman walked into the meeting room.

The Overlord of Calderic and the Seven Lords.

They approached the last two remaining seats and sat down. It was right across from the Emperor.

Originally, one representative and one spectator would participate in the meeting, and those who participated as spectators had to stand in the back rather than sitting at the round table, but the seven lords sat side by side next to the overlord.

Strictly speaking, the Calderic Monarchy could be said to be an alliance of ten countries, and the Seven Lords were the heads of one of them.

It was only the first time that an overlord had ever accompanied another lord to a conference.

There was no one present who dared to raise objections against him.

After everyone was seated at the conference room, Longford looked around the round table and opened his mouth.

“Then let’s start the talks.”


The first issue was a small trade dispute between the Kingdoms of Rajane and Plagas.

“As you know, the trade routes in the Northeast are very rough. The customs and finances are a matter to be considered carefully, King Solik.”

“Of course, I admit that, but I think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed here. The amount of salt imported from Rajan over the past few years…”

The talks were held in such a way that countries with conflicts discussed with each other, and countries that had nothing to do with it sometimes offered their opinions and helped.

‘It reminds me of the first time I participated in the meeting of monarchs.’

I heard words that I couldn’t understand well with one ear and let it out with the other.

Because the little problems between them had nothing to do with me.

And all the while neither the overlord nor the emperor said a word to each other.

‘The overlord just wasn’t interested in the first place…’

I glanced around.

She was drumming her fingers on the armrests and humming in a low, inaudible tone.

He didn’t seem interested in what was going on at the meeting.

And the Emperor’s side probably doesn’t step forward because the Overlord is still and there’s no need to provoke him.

The meeting went much more smoothly than I expected that way.

The agenda passed one by one, until it was Earth Hill and Kacholl’s turn.

“We claim territorial claim to the Lowalp Plain, which lies on the border with Earthhill, King Longford.”

I could see the impressions of the King of Earthhill and Tayre standing behind him hardened at the straightforward remarks of the King of Kacholl.

I crossed my arms and gently lifted my back from the chair.

‘As expected, this happens.’

Before participating in the meeting, I knew what it was like to be bitten by a cacholl because I had researched something.

Lowalp Plains.

The Golden Land, one of the largest granaries of the Earth Hill Kingdom.

“Kacholl has no right to claim anything over the Lowalp plains. Needless to say, Lowalp is unmistakably Earthhill territory within its borders.”

Despite King Earthhill’s resolute words, King Kashol continued his argument without blinking an eye.

“We’ve been claiming our rights to Lowolf for the past 20 years. We’ve been giving credible grounds that can never be denied.”

“Evidence, are you referring to the absurd data presented at the last meeting? Where in the world is the credibility of that data…”

Listening to the war of words between the two kings, it was like this.

The King of Kacholl, citing the records of his ancestors left in the royal family of Kacholl, insisted that Rowalp was originally an important territory for Kacholl, but Earth Hill refuted that it could not be the basis.

No matter who heard Kacholl’s claim, it was far-fetched that they couldn’t find the credibility they mentioned, but there was no king who stumbled against it.

In fact, there was no way the other three countries on the side of Saintea would express opinions contrary to the emperor.

So, in fact, no matter what Kacholl argued, the justification was not important at all. This is what a fight for rights and interests between countries is supposed to be like.

“We’ve already peacefully asserted our claim to Lowalf countless times. But if Kacholl is ignored like this forever, we won’t sit idle any longer.”

King Kashol declared.

“If Earthhill intends to continue to adhere to its current position, Kacholl will not hesitate to go to war with Earthhill.”


The atmosphere in the conference room became chilly.

It was a very calm declaration compared to the contents, but no one in the seat was surprised. Of course everyone would have known.

Not only did they know it, but the other three countries were all close to Kacholl’s side in the first place.

I glanced at Taylor.

He was quietly looking at the King of Earth Hill with an extremely hard face.

The King of Earthhill glared at King Kashol with angry eyes.

“How can you say the word war so easily…”

“It was not a decision made lightly. It means that you should recognize that our resolve is firm, King Longford.”


“I’d love to hear what other people think about this.”

As King Kashol looked around, the other three kings helped each other.

“I think Kacholl’s argument is justified enough. I don’t think it’s a matter for Rajan to interfere.”

“Mator is of the same opinion.”

“So is Plagas.”

The King of Earth Hill distorted his impression once again at the reaction that seemed to have been squeezed out.

Soon the emperor’s mouth opened.

“Saintea has no intention of interfering in the dispute between the two countries.”

The Emperor had no reason to interfere in their warfare.

It was for a simple reason. Of the two countries, the one that was a little more cooperative with Saintea was Kacholl.

It was also because if he dug deeper, he could change his words later and take this incident as an issue and grab Kacholl’s leash, and Kacholl was also willing to risk it to hit Earth Hill.

The only person left was the Overlord.

King Kashol came out and glanced in the direction of the overlord as if he was paying attention.

The overlord, who was sitting in his seat with a bored look, yawned and opened his mouth.

“Calderic has no intention of interfering, either. Just do it yourself.”

At that moment, the slightest hint of anxiety that had been seen on King Kashol’s face disappeared, and a feeble joy rose up.

I thought for a moment.

The war between Earthhill and Kacholl.

In the main story of the original game, the war between the two countries was not yet time.

I didn’t know if it was too late to start a war after the declaration, or what kind of butterfly effect my existence would cause…

Anyway, now Kacholl will start a war to swallow Earthhill entirely, eating raw metal one by one, starting with Lowalp as an excuse.

Although the national power of the two countries is similar, Kacholl has also brought in the military support of the other three countries in the game, so it was difficult for Earth Hill to defend against their invasion.

“What will you do, King Longford? Kacholl is ready for war.”

Earth Hill King and Tayre

King Kacholl’s voice was relaxed, as if there was nothing to hold back.

His only concern must have been Calderic’s interference, but even that was completely wiped out by the overlord’s remarks just now.

If Kacholl was mistaken, there was only one.

Even though the Overlord had declared that Calderic had no intention of interfering, that did not mean that I had meant it.

I had no intention of interfering in the war between the two countries.

“If you intend to start a war, I will support Earth Hill.”

At my words, everyone’s eyes were focused on me.

Bewildered, astonished, and shocked gazes.

King Kashol was unable to speak and blinked only two eyes, then looked at the overlord and asked.

“Certainly, Calderic won’t interfere…”

The overlord nodded and looked back at me.

“Seven Lords, I have no intention of granting the military authority of the Seven Lords this time?”

I already knew that.

Exercising military authority outside of Calderic was only possible with the permission of the overlord.

I stared at the overlord.

She narrowed her eyes, then, as if she understood what I was saying, she lifted the corners of her mouth and burst into laughter.

“Puh, hahaha! Oh, did you mean that? Then I’m not going to get involved.”

Others were just making dumbfounded faces, as if they didn’t understand the situation.

“I guess I misunderstood what you said.”

I moved my gaze back to King Kashol.

“As the overlord said, Calderic does not engage in war. There is no need to mobilize a very small army, not even a single knight or wizard.”

He said to him, blinking his eyes with a blank expression.

“It’s not Calderic who wants to support the Earth Hill Kingdom, it’s just me.”

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