I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 84

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Neutral Nations Conference (4)

King Kashol was completely at a loss for words.

Seven Lords, what the hell is that author talking about?

‘······If we start a war, you will fight alone on the side of Earth Hill?’

It’s a strange word.

No, it’s so absurd that it’s nonsense that won’t even make you laugh.

However, if the person who said that was the Lord of Calderic and not anyone else, it could no longer be accepted as nonsense or nonsense.

He had reigned for a long time as the king of a neutral country sandwiched between two giants, Calderic and Saintea. So he knew better than anyone else.

How far beyond common sense is the power possessed by a real, transcendent person, not a mediocre strongman.

Lords of Calderic, the power that each of them possessed could literally overwhelm a nation alone.


Longford and Taylor looked at him in a half-fazed state at the sudden remark of the Seven Lords. So did the others.

“Isn’t that a bit strange to say?”

King Kashol tried to call it sophistry, but managed to lower the level.

“The monarch is definitely Calderic’s military strength, but the fact that only an individual will participate in the war…”

The 7th Lord stopped talking.

“Calderic is not a single nation, but a coalition of ten lords. The will of the overlord does not include the will of the rest of the lords.”

Monarchs were said to be independent powers in partnership, not subordinated and led by an overlord.

The overlord also laughed and helped.

“There was room for misunderstanding in the statement that Calderic would not interfere. Just accept that as my will.”

King Kashol felt something rising inside him and bit his teeth tightly.

In terms of the formal system, it was, but the words of the 7th lord, the overlord, were still sophistry.

But I couldn’t refute him.

In the end, all the contents of this meeting were eventually made only under the will of both Calderic and Seinteya, and the neutral countries were just words that took their interests while watching their eyes under the tacit permission of the two powers.

If either side decided to step forward directly, no matter what the justification or reason, it could not be resisted.

Just as Kashol mentioned the war in Earth Hill, the important thing was not just cause, but power.

‘Saintea is…’

So King Kashol looked back at the emperor.

Since Calderic raised himself, only Saintea could stop them.

However, the emperor was just looking at the 7 lords with a nonchalant expression.

Soon his mouth opened.

“Why do you want to support the Earth Hill Kingdom, 7 Lords?”

The 7 Lords answered.

“Could it be because of war-like chaos caused by territorial issues at a time like this?”


“I just want the stability of the continent. And that’s probably the same for the warriors, Emperor. Seeing as he’s trying to stand by like that, the heroes are still concentrating on recovering. Can you handle the aftermath?”

At those words, the corner of the emperor’s eyes twitched slightly.

The overlord, who laughed at the emperor as if he was having fun, opened his mouth.

“Anyway, it looks like the 7 Lords are really going to participate, how is it?”

The Emperor, who was silent for a moment, shook his head.

“There is no change in Saintea’s will.”


“It is not the best for the peace of the continent to suppress the unresolved conflict by force. I just thought that way and did not want to interfere in the dispute between the two countries. .. It’s something you have to do according to your will.”

In the end, even if the Seven Lords were involved, Saintea would not intervene.

King Kashol let out a small laugh with a vain face.

The 7th Lord asked him like that.

“King Kashol, do you still have the determination to fight the war against Earth Hill?”


“If there is no change, you can officially declare war here.”

After saying that, seeing the arrogant appearance of the Seven Lords, who leaned back on the chair and crossed their arms, King Kashol clenched his fists tightly.

It was as if an ogre would suddenly intervene in a war between goblins.

The existence of the kingdom would be in jeopardy even if that one thing came out.

“······It seems that the decision was premature. I will retract all of my previous statements. Kacholl has no intention of going to war with Earthhill.”

In the end, I had no choice but to raise my hands.

Other kings also drool inwardly at King Kashol’s swift reversal.

But he had no choice either.

If Saintea didn’t step forward, there would be no answer no matter what.

“Do you think we still need to talk more with each other on this issue, so you can move on to the next one.”

Longford gazed at King Kashol, who meekly bowed down, then moved his gaze to the Seven Lords.

With just a few words, he easily made Kacholl back down, and he looked calm, as if being a wolf was natural.

I couldn’t help but feel awe at Calderic’s status once again.

‘But why in the world…’

Why did the Seven Lords help Earth Hill?

I still couldn’t help but feel doubts and anxiety about him, so the relief was short-lived.

While the talks continued like that, Longford couldn’t take his mind off the Seven Lords.


After the long meeting, I laughed inwardly as I looked at the King and Prince Kashol as they hurriedly left the conference room with tired faces.

‘Anyway, the war was prevented with this.’



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Since I have made it clear that I will support Earth Hill, Kacholl will not attack Earth Hill in the future.

It wouldn’t have happened, but even if he really went crazy and invaded Earth Hill, there wouldn’t be a problem.

At that time, all I had to do was really join the war and help Earth Hill.

There was no ability as specialized in genocide in war as mine.

Of course, I didn’t want to do anything like that, so it was a very good thing to stop the war with a few words.

‘And the emperor is true…’

As shown in the game, he was a very goofy person.

In fact, there was another reason why Kashol was able to openly declare war on Earth Hill this time.

The absence of warriors.

I was able to be sure after stabbing the emperor once.

‘It’s the same with Kacholl’s threatening to go to war, and since he didn’t show up at this meeting, I roughly expected it, but…’

It seems that the hero is now in the castle town.

I don’t know if Kacholl knew about it because he passed it on to Saintea, or if he tried to decide based on the reaction at the meeting, but that wasn’t the point anyway.

The war with the demons was a long time ago, but the aftermath of the hero’s battle with the demon king continues to eat away at her.

That’s why there were times when she had to focus on recovery on an irregular basis to slow it down, and during that period, she couldn’t afford to interfere in the affairs of the world.

If the hero had been out in the world now, there was no way the emperor could have been able to just sit by and ignore the war issue at today’s meeting.

‘It would have been nice if I could have met the hero at this meeting.’

I haven’t found an heir yet, but whatever the order, it would probably have been fine to meet and talk to her first.

I got up from my seat feeling a little bit sad.

At that time, the King of Earth Hill and Teir, who were still there, slowly approached us.

He looked at me and the overlord once and bowed respectfully.

“Thank you for helping Earth Hill, 7 Lords.”

Is it a thank you note?

I had nothing to say, so I just nodded.

Tayre, who was standing next to him, asked me.

“······Seven Lords, can I ask you one thing you really want to know?”


“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know why the 7 Lords are helping Earth Hill this much.”

The King of Earth Hill looked back at Tayre in surprise as if he hadn’t expected to ask the question openly.

Looking at Tayre waiting for an answer with a nervous expression, I pondered what to answer.

If you think about it, it was something that was completely incomprehensible to them.

Why did the monarch block Kacholl’s declaration of war even by directly stepping forward to say what was the benefit to Calderic?

In fact, even if I hadn’t met Teir in the 5th Lord’s Territory, I would have helped Earth Hill.

The biggest reason I helped them was because of the main story of the game, not my debt to Tayre.

It’s just that I unintentionally came into contact with Tayre, and the reason to help became clearer.

I was going to say thank you for the map at this point, but decided to just stop.

While the overlord was listening, he was reluctant to bring up this or that.

“As the Lord of Calderic, I don’t have any other ulterior motives for my honor, so you can rest assured about that.”

I said to the King of Earth Hill.

It was because after the agenda regarding Kashol was over, he kept looking at me and showing a distraught expression.

He seems to be misunderstanding that I might have some hidden plan, so I should give him some reassurance.

As if he was right, he shook his head with a puzzled expression as if he had been stabbed inside.

“I didn’t think so.”

I moved my gaze to Teir and said.

“The reason I helped Earth Hill is as I said before. I don’t want unnecessary confusion on the continent. That’s all.”

Especially since it was the right time.

Few people were aware of the shadows quietly covering the continent, but I knew very well.

main story. The full-fledged riots of the demons would take place in a few years, but even now there were dangerous movements all over the continent.

Because my location was the location, there were often big incidents that came to my ears on my own even if I didn’t look into it.

It’s also the case that traces of demons presumed to be one of the ‘original horses’ appeared in the villages that were recently slain on the side of Saintea.

Even if there was still time left, there was no time to relax.

It was because I didn’t know how my presence might affect the flow of the main story.

That’s why I had to control the variables I could control as much as possible, and keep moving toward my goal without rest.


Teir or the King of Earth Hill didn’t seem to fully believe my words, but it was okay.

The Lord of Calderic wants peace on the continent.

If he had thought that the dead tyrant or the Black Sea Empress had said such a thing, he would not have laughed out of embarrassment.

I made eye contact with Tayre for a moment, then said.

“It’s good that you returned to the kingdom.”


“There is nothing that can be done just by avoiding it. Don’t forget what I said then, and do your best where you need to be.”

Taylor nodded bewildered.

The overlord, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, looked at me with an interesting look, but ignored it lightly.

I bowed to the King of Earth Hill and went out of the meeting room with the overlord.

For a long time until the distance increased, I could feel Taylor’s gaze looking at me from behind.

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