I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 86

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Neutral Nations Conference (6)

I feel like my brain is completely white.

The anger that was ignited again, and the embarrassment, rushed to the point of fainting for a moment, and tightened Asher’s heart as if it would explode.


how did you notice

It was a dark night 10 years ago, and it was just a brief moment when we met each other.

Asher didn’t think he would recognize her, but apparently he didn’t.

…No, those things were irrelevant.

Ashley quickly came to her senses. She and she glared at Chang-seong, who was looking this way with her eyes full of murderous intent.

His gaze was indifferent and cold. Like the look in their eyes from the cliff that remains in their memory even now.

A wind blew, and silence lingered for a while on the terrace with only the two of them.

“I thought he would die in the end, but I didn’t expect him to be alive and well.”

As if he didn’t like that fact, Asher bit his teeth at his voice, which seemed to be slightly displeased.

“Do you remember me?”

“I should have just said so.”


“There was one pesky White Moon that I had a hard time catching because it was quite ferocious. I remember it clearly.”

Changseong glanced at the banquet hall inside and continued.

“Looks like he is an escort knight for the 7 lords, but did he commit himself to Calderic? For revenge?”

Ashley opened her mouth again, but managed to shut it.

Before I knew it, I realized that one hand was resting on the hilt of the sword.

Her throat throbbed as she swallowed the rising rage.

If I mingled with him any more here, I felt like I would really not be able to control myself anymore.

Asher breathed in and out several times, and continued walking without paying attention to Changsung.

Changseong looked at her with a strange expression, then opened his mouth again.

“Is that a lukewarm attitude when the enemy of the clan is right in front of you?”

Asher ignored it and continued moving.

But the words that followed forced me to reflexively stop again.

“Yes, in the end, it seems that your life is a waste. It’s a pitiful but wise choice. Keep running away from me like that from now on.”

Asher looked back at Changsung with a distorted face like a bloody slaughter.

Is your life worth it? run away?

What are you talking about with a pierced mouth?

She couldn’t control her trembling body and finally opened her mouth.

“Shut up. You will surely kill me with my own hands someday.”

Changsung snorted.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean by making excuses and running away.”

“I’m running away…!”

“Was the White Moon who was with you on the cliff at that time your younger brother?”

The string of reason suddenly broke.

“Then you abandoned your brother and ran away, and today you run away like this again. Your younger brother in the underworld will resent you. Calling you a coward.”


Asher’s whole body was dyed pure white.

A huge black spirit rushed from her sword, which was pulled out of its scabbard.



Asher went out to the terrace, and soon after, Chang-sung, who was on one side of the banquet hall, got up from his seat and went out to the terrace.

I, who was having a conversation with the King of Earth Hill, narrowed my eyes as I watched the scene.


I apologized to him and stood up accordingly.

It could just be a coincidence, but it was because I was worried.

And that anxiety was exactly right.

As I walked to the terrace and raised my super senses, I heard the sound of two people talking.

– Yes, it seems that life is a waste in the end.

– Was the White Moon who was with you on the cliff at the time your younger brother?

– At that time, he abandoned his brother and ran away, and today he runs away like this again. Your brother in the underworld will resent you. Crying out as a coward…

I tried to move faster with a cold, hard expression on my face. But that was then.


A huge magical aura, and then an explosion.

Everyone in the banquet hall looked away in amazement.

The smoke cleared, and I saw two people standing on the half-destroyed terrace.

I drool inside.


Asher’s whole body was dyed pure white, and even the racial trait was activated.

He drew his sword and spewed out vicious blood from his bloodshot eyes.

And right in front of him, Chang-seong, standing calmly with one hand outstretched.

It was the sight of Asher launching an attack and Changseong blocking it.

Amidst the turmoil, the knights who had been guarding the surroundings quickly gathered, and the others retreated far away from the terrace.

I slowly approached the two people who were confronting each other.



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When I called her name, she glanced back at me, but soon turned her gaze back to Changsung and glared at him.

The overlord, who had come nearby, tilted his head and said.

“What is it, are you an escort knight for the 7 lords? What kind of fuss is this all about at a fun banquet?”

Changseong, who looked at me and the overlord, withdrew his outstretched hand and said.

“I was just defending against the attack. It seems that the Lord here misunderstood something.”

I laughed.

It was because I was dumbfounded because I had heard all the conversations the two had with my super senses.

What kind of bullshit is that talking about just now?

The overlord moved his gaze to Asher and tilted his head.

“Hmm… More than that, did you know about the Seven Lords? Looking at that figure, you’re not a human, but a white moon?”

The overlord had never seen Asher use his racial trait, so this was the first time he knew about it.

There’s no need to tell her, because I’ve never told her.

People around her groaned at her remarks.

“White Moon tribe? If it’s White Moon tribe…”

“Yes, at the Saintea Imperial Family…”

It was 10 years ago, but at the time, there was no one who didn’t know about the incident that made the empire buzz.

No matter how low the ranking, the royal family was directly executed in the name of the imperial family.

I looked around and then looked at the two again.

“The woman who attacked me now is a survivor of the White Moon, as the overlord said.”

At that time, Changsung’s voice instantly calmed the commotion and reverberated throughout the banquet hall.

“And the reason she attacked me is because of the grudge she holds against the royal family of Saintea. So I understand that.”

Then, looking at Asher again, he spoke in a polite voice.

“As the Five Stars of Saintea, I express my sincere regret for the past imperial family’s mistakes.”


“However, it was a cataclysmic event carried out by the 5th prince and his followers under careful planning, not by the will of the imperial family, and they were already judged by being executed under the strict justice of the imperial family. no.”

Ashley’s body trembled.

I too was completely dumbfounded by his heinous words.

Changsung, the guy, is the main culprit in directly annihilating Asher’s clan according to the emperor’s order.

That kind of guy was saying the same thing as now, saying he had nothing to do with it.

The crime of the terrible massacre carried out by the imperial family that day was not the true mastermind, but the 5th prince and his aides were completely covered and executed.

The only ones who knew the truth were the emperor, Changsung, and Asher, the only survivor. Except for me who played the game.

The emperor, who had come and stood nearby, watched the situation with calm eyes.

It was an expressionless face, but on the other hand, I felt a slight surprise, but it seemed that Changseong was not talking to the emperor.

Changsung, who glanced at the emperor, exchanged glances with him before opening his mouth again.

“Survivor of the White Moon, if you still want to burn such fleeting hatred, I’ll gladly accept it.”


“This means that you can formally challenge me to a duel. If your sword touches me, then I will give you my head.”

At those words, it was only then that I understood the purpose of creation.


It seems that he provoked Asher with this thought from the beginning.

So what is the purpose? Do you want to cost Asher’s life by faking a mistake?

Whatever it was, it was just an obvious provocation that didn’t have to be reciprocated, and there’s no way that Asher wouldn’t have noticed.

But she seemed to have already lost half of her reason.

“Ashhel, stop it.”

Asher turned to me.

It was the time when I was about to tell you not to fall for the obvious provocation, and that you can pledge your revenge later.

“I’m sorry, Ron.”


“This time… just this once, I beg you, please don’t stop me.”

It was a dangerously trembling voice, colored with all sorts of emotions.

She turned her gaze to Changsung, spewing out her murderous intentions again.

“I will challenge you to a duel, Changsung. I will slit your throat as you said.”

There was a stir around him once, and Changsung looked at me.

“Will you allow it, 7 Lords? It’s life and death risking each other. Please swear that you won’t interfere in the duel until a clear victory or defeat is decided.”


The crowd’s eyes turned to me.

The overlord next to me looked back and forth between Asher and me with an interesting gaze, as always.

I sighed inwardly.

A duel between Asher, who is level 82, and Changsung, who is level 91.

In the first place, the result is a determined match.

The 9 level difference between the 80 and 90 levels was a vast gap that could not be crossed no matter what.

In any case, it was impossible for Asher to win against Changsheng, one of the five stars.

And from the way he spoke, it seemed as if he wanted Asher’s life, as expected.

However, Asher didn’t seem to be in a state where she could do anything about it.

This was the first time I had ever seen her spurt such a vicious killing blow.

The magical energy he felt inside his body was boiling unsteadily, and the hand holding the sword trembled as if it were about to be swung towards the spearhead’s neck.

······Should I dry this?

If you try to dry it, you will have to force it to dry.

There was no reason to allow a duel in which the outcome was obvious anyway. but······.


Seeing Asher’s expression once again, I decided not to.

No matter what the outcome, if I stopped this duel, for some reason, I felt like she would go astray.

In the end, I had to nod my head.

“good night.”

Thus, the duel between the two was concluded.


The duel took place in the gymnasium located outside the banquet hall.

As spectators, only me, the overlord, the emperor, and the kings of other neutral countries were seated.

Asher and Changsung stood facing each other in the middle of the gymnasium.

Changseong was holding a spear much longer than his height in one hand as a weapon.

Changsung immediately spoke to Asher.

“The seon-gong will yield.”

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