I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 87

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Neutral Nations Conference (7)

Changsung Quayden recalled the memory of that day as he looked at Asher standing across from him.

One of the White Moons that I missed due to a moment’s carelessness.

That little mistake was a memory that had haunted him like a thorn in his flesh to this day.

‘I never thought we’d meet like this.’

That’s why the current situation was more than happy for him. An opportunity that came by chance.

This time, I will kill and eliminate even the last remaining one and tie a complete knot.

Changsung lightly swung the spear in his hand and opened his mouth.

“The seon-gong will yield.”


Asher’s whole body turned white again.

The momentum she radiated was still quite menacing, but unlike before, she had regained her composure to some extent.

Creation of Saintea.

In my memory, his inaction when he massacred his clan in the mountains 10 years ago was nothing short of a monster.

Even the warriors of such a strong clan were swept away without even being able to divide their sums properly.

Even so, Asher did not think of defeat.

No, I didn’t try to think.

Over the past 10 years, how many times have you overcome and destroyed walls to become stronger?

I don’t think about how big the gap will be with him. Right now, I just believed in myself and raised my fighting spirit.


Magical power that had been purified to the limit with the special ability accelerated further and circulated through Asher’s body.

It was an opponent who had no reason to fight. Asher raised his power from the start.

Her sword was dyed with pure white brilliance, and white magical rings appeared vaguely all over her body.

Changsung stood calmly and looked at her like that. Whatever she did, she seemed willing to wait. A blue aura was also created in his spear.

And in the next moment, Asher’s new model was fired at the spearhead like a flash war.


The blade and the spearhead interlocked with a roar.

Changseong, who lightly blocked the attack without retreating a single step, turned the spear pole and raised it upwards. Asher shook her head.

She immediately bent down and dodged the attack aimed at her neck, then thrust out her sword again. A blow aimed at her bottom. Chang-seong simply turned her window around and blocked it.

An intense skirmish ensued.

Swords and spears collided nonstop, sometimes cutting through the empty air. The white and blue lines intersect and intertwine in a dizzying manner.

A mighty shockwave emanated from each collision, and an anticipation that seemed to slash them even if they got even a little closer rushed to the center of the two.

Among the spectators, those not of high level could not follow their movements with their eyes at all.

It just faded away from the magical collisions and shockwaves spreading in all directions, and retreated farther and farther away from the borderline.

The flow of the battle flowed in the direction of Asher attacking and Changseong defending.

Changsung also counterattacked from time to time, but mostly Asher seemed to be pushing him.

‘······More than I thought!’

A feeble pleasure welled up in Asher’s heart.

Changsung was clearly strong.

But it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought. It seemed as though a gap was slowly opening in his defense.

Asher added strength and speed to the limit of the offensive attack.

You just need to dig a little more, just a little bit more. Then it really felt like a sword could land on his neck. however······.


As time passed and the sum increased, Asher’s complexion slowly hardened.

It is because I gradually became aware of the difference.

No matter how much I swung my sword, at some point the gap wasn’t closing at all. It’s like a mirage that couldn’t be reached in the first place.


The blade of the sword and the blade of the spear meshed together, and the momentary workshop stopped.

Asher met Changsung’s eyes. His eyes were as cold and dry as they were at the beginning of the duel.

‘Did you know now?’

It seemed as if he was saying that.

Only then did Asher realize. From the beginning, she knew that she had been toyed with and played in his grasp.

The gap between Saintea’s intelligence and creativity was not much smaller than expected, but on the contrary, it was far beyond imagination.


Asher, who was trying to step back, was hit with terrifying speed. It was a different speed than before.

Blood spurted down Ashley’s cheeks. Barely turning her head to avoid her, she had to block the attack that followed without a break.

Swing, stab, and spears rage. The skirmish intensified.

The energy contained in the Spear of Creation was similar to that of Asher’s sword. However, in each blow, she had yet to reach enlightenment.

He didn’t give Asher the slightest bit of leeway. However, he didn’t even land a blow that would completely end the duel.

I could see what Asher was thinking as he narrowly countered the dizzying rain of attacks.

‘······Are you sure you intend to kill him?’

For a moment, reason flew by and he accepted the duel with Changsung, but Asher was not an idiot, so he vaguely knew the intention.

What was the reason for provoking the situation and bringing it to this point?

The only thing he can do is to take his own life legitimately through a duel.

However, it is impossible to win with an overwhelming difference in skill, so it must be adjusting the level in moderation.

Only by feigning such a fierce battle can you gain the justification that you inevitably killed your opponent during the duel.

Even so, if he shouted surrender, Changsung would have no choice but to end the duel.

A declaration of surrender obviously overshadowed the outcome of the duel, and I couldn’t do more tricks in front of everyone watching.



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But she didn’t mean to.

Even if I had to die fighting right here, I didn’t want to.

I know it’s not a rational choice at all, but I know it’s a meaningless dog death.

The words of Chang-sung, who ran away and stuck deeply in her heart like a knife, erased her option to back down.

Asher bit off his teeth.

never run away

If the sword couldn’t reach his throat, at least one arm.

The pure white ring around Asher’s body emitted a stronger light.

A method of mana management that divides mana into three cores and amplifies them through resonance between them. clan vision.

Even in the history of the Baiyue Tribe, no one other than the founding father succeeded in fully mastering this skill, which is extremely imperfect.

Asher activated all three cores to the maximum without hesitation.

If it had been a strength so far, it has now surpassed even that limit. Her price was a reaction she herself did not know how great it would come.


The area around Changseong’s eyes, which blocked the sword attack from the suddenly amplified energy, frowned slightly.

He too energized his spear and parried Asher’s attack.

While running wild like a madman, she rolled her eyes here and there to keep track of the spear’s path.

The physical ability beyond the limits, and the senses.

The chaotic lines drawn by his spear, which I couldn’t understand just a moment ago, were more clearly imprinted on my head.

Within seconds of the unsteadily rampaging mana, a subordinate came to Asher’s body. she didn’t care

In a battle where even one’s life was lost, a sudden realization came only after the limit was overcome, even if only for a moment.

I hung on tenaciously to that elusive realization.

‘little bit more······.’

Despite Asher’s awakening, it was Changsung who still had the upper hand. In the first place, he had never done his best in the first place.

The spear of the spear passed through Asher’s side with a shallow cut. Next are the legs and shoulders. Her blood spurted out. Her sword still didn’t reach.

The balance of her body was on the verge of collapsing due to rampant magic, and what held her consciousness was just a moment of superhuman concentration.

A window of ever-changing creativity. The realization that I came across accidentally while teaching Rigon, but couldn’t bear to melt it all.

It was only for a moment that the small pieces that had been playing separately in my head connected like a line.


Blood spurted up Changsung’s face.

Ashel stretched out her sword and realized what she had done a beat later. There were fine lines of blood on his cheeks.


In the end, I couldn’t reach it.

But it was only slightly brushed off.

Ashelle, who had delivered the final blow that poured everything into her body, staggered as she felt all the energy draining from her body.


Changsung’s face twisted like a demon.

The spear blade was hurled straight at the collapsing Asher. It was a powerful blow that seemed to turn her body into a handful of blood in an instant. and······.


A spear that stood tall in the air.

The blade of the spear stood still, unable to move further, as if it had been blocked by something invisible.

Changseong was startled by the sudden appearance of a man in front of him, and withdrew his spear and retreated. It was the 7th monarch.

After accepting the collapsing Asher, he stared at her who had lost consciousness, then moved his gaze to Changsung and opened his mouth.

“The duel is over. It’s your victory.”

Changsung’s eyelids trembled at the fury that welled up inside him.

Victory, it was natural from the beginning.

He was feeling indescribable shame at the fact that even a little bit of blood had been shed for such an obvious result.

“Seven lords… didn’t you swear that you wouldn’t get involved in a duel?”


The 7 Lord said with arrogant eyes.

“What do you mean?”


It was as if he was asking what he would do if he didn’t keep his promise.

Changseong, lost for a moment, glared at the 7 monarchs. That was all he could do.


I ignored the spear staring at me and looked at Asher’s condition.

Although her mana was a bit unstable, she seemed to have lost her mind from exhaustion.

‘More than that…’

I shifted my gaze to Asher’s level.

【Lv. 85]

After a sudden surge of energy, her level surprisingly spiked mid-battle.

It jumped 3 levels from level 82 to level 85.

‘Did you cross the wall during the battle?’

It was a fierce battle, so I wondered if there was anything strange about it.

It is one of the representative clichés to gain enlightenment and grow while fighting a mighty enemy. Of course, this was real…

In any case, it was a great achievement to have succeeded in passing even a little bit of an attack against a 9th level or higher spearhead.

I looked at the window again. Then, as if to see, he slid his cheek with his finger.

“It’s a pity. If it was a little deeper, the mouth would have been ripped out.”

The guy gritted his teeth and said as if he was chewing.

“… I was just careless. If only I had done my best in the first place.”

“Yes, today will be the last time I can make excuses like that.”

It wasn’t intentional, but this made Asher’s growth much faster than the main story in the game.

I looked back and forth between the bastard and the emperor and spoke softly.

“I assure you. There is not much time left to pay the price. Neither you nor the emperor.”

Changsung forced a laugh.

“It was just a once-in-a-lifetime coincidence. The white moon woman’s sword will never touch me again.”

“Even so, nothing changes. At that time, you will die by my own hand.”

Both the Emperor and Changsung were villains who would pay the price for their crimes in the main story of the game. It’s just that the time has not yet come.

At my words, his impression hardened.

“What is that…”

“So take good care of your few lives.”

The duel is over.

Under the eyes gathered in all directions, I turned around with a sneer. While supporting Ashelle.



When I opened my eyes, I saw the ceiling.

Asher stood up and looked around blankly. It was her own quarters.

“Oh, are you awake?”

A woman was sitting next to the bed, and several maids were standing in the back. The woman sitting there was a tax collector, the princess of Earth Hill.

Ashelle was also taken aback because she knew who she was.

Seri explained the situation with a slightly awkward smile.

“You passed out during the duel. I thought you would wake up bright, but you woke up earlier than expected.”

Looking out the window, it was dark because the dawn hadn’t completely broken yet.

Asher searched for memory. The spear attack that flew in after the last blow failed, and the 7 Lords.

Recalling the fact that the 7 lords blocked Changsung’s attack and stopped the duel, she closed her eyes tightly.


Is it because he poured everything into the duel with Changsung?

The emotions that had been burning like a fever until she passed out seemed to have faded and left only the embers.

Rather, he felt guilty that he had troubled the 7 Lords again by going wild. What face did you see?

Asher looked at herself.

All the wounds from the spear had almost healed. It looks like he gave first aid with a potion.

Rather, the strain on his body was greater as a reaction to using his vision to the limit at the end. It felt like my whole body was twitching.

She thought about the duel in a daze for a moment, then suddenly came to her senses and apologized to the tax collector with a face of no face.

“I’m so sorry. I completely ruined the banquet.”

“It’s fine, don’t take that to heart, Sir. Are you feeling better than that?”

“It’s okay. By the way…”

Why was the princess looking at herself right here?

Seeing as if he had read that puzzled expression, the tax collector smiled and said.

“Don’t mind me. I was just trying to stay there for a while until the Lord woke up.”

“Yes, thank you anyway. It caused a lot of trouble. Moving to this place and treatment…”

It would have been cumbersome to move from the gymnasium outside the palace to here.

But Se-ri shook her head.

“Ah, it wasn’t us who moved it. The Seven Lords moved it.”


She got up from her seat with a mischievous look on her face, and stretched out her arms, lowered them, then raised them.

“So, after holding the fallen Gyeong in your arms like this.”

Then, he pretended to let go of his raised arm.

“He came all the way to my room and put me on the bed and left. The Seven Lords himself.”

“······yes yes?”

Asher’s face, stuttering in embarrassment, turned red.

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