I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 89

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Ruins of Cabolisa (2)

“There’s a certain level to being shameless…!”

The voice of a thunderstorm that was full of days.

It was an expected reaction.

It was too shameless to think of it, to come and give out a monster worth every bit of magic stone.

Anyway, looking at the reaction, I think it’s correct that I have it.

“I must have warned you before. If you keep trying to use me like this…”

“Make sure to make the next request last.”

I thought it would be difficult to fight, so I cut it neatly and said.

Brainstorm flinched.

“······The next request will be the last one?”

“Yes. If you give me the magic stone this time, I will definitely tell you the location of the promised spirit at the end of the next request.”

I glanced at the level floating above her head. It was still 90 like before.

A place with a powerful spirit comparable to Laxia, the great thunder spirit that I annihilated.

As long as it was a bait, she couldn’t refuse anyway.

He said, looking at me with his eyes narrowed.

“Do you even know how precious magic stones are? To be honest…”

“If you’re going to have a liver, just go find another monarch.”

I immediately blocked the groundbait.

Anyway, I can’t just throw it out with this request.

At my words, she frowned again and quit.

“Where are you going to get the magic stones?”

“Is that important?”

“······It doesn’t matter. Please keep your promise properly, 7th Lord. You must give me the information as the last request for your next request.”

“Of course.”

Contrary to my earnest thunderstorm, I nodded with a light heart.

She clicked her tongue with a very uncomfortable face and stood up.

“Wait a moment.”

Apparently trying to get it herself, she went out of the room.

I leaned back in my chair and waited patiently for her to return.

‘If he gets a spirit, he’ll try to pretend to be with me again.’

No matter what attitude she showed, I had no intention of not keeping my promise.

Anyway, since I was beaten like that once, unless I’m an idiot, I won’t attack me recklessly again.

Soon after he returned to the room, there was something the size of a fist in his hand.

A magic war stone, it had a completely transparent light unlike ordinary magic stones that had a faint bluish tinge.

I took what she handed over and examined it.

“Thank you. Then let’s go.”

Having obtained the Magic Battle Stone, I immediately left the 2nd Lord’s Castle.

It was late at night, but I was reluctant to stay in the castle of Thunder, and neither would she be, so I decided to move right away.


There were numerous ruins and dungeons in the game.

Some of them had nothing to do with the main story, but there were of course some that were.

Ruins of Cabolisa.

A ruin left by a great wizard who was praised as a great sage during an ancient period.

The place I was visiting with Asher was also a ruin related to the main story in the game.

It was an episode in which Asher found out the truth that there was no survivor and made up his mind.

oh oh oh!

As I continued to slow down and change direction from earlier, Tiyong let out a roar, perhaps feeling frustrated.

I patted him on the neck to calm him down and looked down intently.

The present location is a vast plateau to the west of Saintea.

As the Ruins of Kabolisa was a place I passed through as part of the main story, I definitely remembered the place.

‘It was a terrain like a deep pit…’

It wasn’t small, but it was a fairly large terrain, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find it.

And as I thought, I was able to find it soon.

In the middle of the field, like the crater of a gentle volcano, the terrain abruptly protruded and entered.

“Let’s go down.”

He landed Tiyong in the middle of the pit and got off his back.

It looked small from above, but when I came down, the protruding surface was so high that it completely blocked my view.

‘Let’s see…’

I looked around and found the entrance to the ruins with my super senses maxed out.

There was nothing to live for long. Soon, the thing I was looking for came into sight with a huge magical energy from afar.

A rock stuck in the slope with a slightly awkward feeling.

‘That’s it.’

Asher and I moved closer to the rock.

It was a long and wide rock reminiscent of a stone gate, and in the center of it were three magic stones the size of fists embedded in a triangular shape.

Two emit a soft golden light, but one half is broken and only emits a transparent light.

I examined the half-broken magic stone here and there and touched it with my hand. And I tried to give it some strength.




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It doesn’t even budge.

Even though half of it was broken, the magic stone remained firmly embedded in the stone gate and did not move.

I pretended nothing was wrong and said to Asher.

“Get this out of the way.”

“······Ah, yes.”

She, too, seemed to have sensed the rock and the mighty magic power within it, and was distracted by it, then stepped forward at my words.

Then, the broken magic stone was easily pulled out of the hole.

Pushing her back as she stared at me with a puzzled expression, I inserted the magic stone I had brought into the hole.

Although the size was not right, as soon as the magic stone touched the flaw, it stuck like a magnet.

I stepped away from the shaking rock and spoke to Asher.

“Try injecting magic into the rock.”

Asher hesitated for a moment, then put her hand on the rock and created magic.

Then, her blue magic and golden magic mixed together, and the rock split apart and began to open on both sides.

coo coo coo.

Even in the story of the game, this place was a ruin that failed to enter when first discovered because of a broken magic stone.

If it was a fairly modest ruin, you could just break it in, but this place wasn’t such a modest ruin.

Eventually, an inner passage was revealed. The ceiling was densely studded with luminous stones, so it wasn’t dark.

“let’s go.”

Ashelle, who was staring at the passageway with a puzzled face at my words, turned around as if she was a little surprised.

It must have been because when I found a place like this when I was searching for mysteries, I always left it outside and entered it alone.

However, this place was a ruin only for Asher. Although she hasn’t explained anything to her yet.

I moved first, and as always, Asher silently followed me without asking anything.

‘It’s wide.’

I walked through the wide aisle, feeling the cool air on my skin.

And what I quickly arrived at was a much wider space with a magic circle engraved on the floor.

Magic stones everywhere, lines connected by magical power, and a magic circle in the center, just like the underground scenery seen in the Overlord’s Castle.

Asher and I fixed our eyes on the top of the magic circle.

It was because something of translucent blue light was wriggling in the air. It’s like a spirit, that is, a spiritual body.

Knowing what that thing was, I calmly waited.

Rather than a guardian of the ruins, should I say a guide?

This guy was in charge of guiding the ordeal prepared by the owner of this ruin.

Soon the guy took shape and changed into the appearance of an old man.

– ······ How long has this been! Someone finally came!

A very excited voice rang in my head.

The guy grinned and looked at me and Ashelle, who looked surprised, and continued.

– Welcome, adventurers! This is the place that the great sage Carbolisa arranged for his successors. And those of you who have found this place are worthy of the challenge. There are a total of two trials prepared, and if you choose one of them and pass the ordeal, a reasonable reward will be waiting for you at the end.

As the guy said, I looked at the two entrances located on one side of the space.

Ashelle followed me a beat late and moved her gaze.

– The entrance on the left is an ordeal that tests brute force, and the entrance on the right is a test of mental strength. If you fail the ordeal, you will lose your life, so choose carefully. If you don’t want to challenge the ordeal, you can leave the ruins right now.

I fixed my gaze on the entrance on the right.

A trial of mental strength.

This was an ordeal in which the challenger had to bring out the painful memories and push his mind to the limit to overcome the anguish and suffering.

It could be said that it was similar to the hallucinations that Asher suffered from monsters in the Devil’s Land before.

The only difference is that the degree will be much higher than then.

However, since this was an ordeal to the end, if Asher herself was determined, she could somehow overcome it. It was like that in the game too.

‘If you fail, you lose your life.’

Although there was a big risk to take, I didn’t worry because I had something to believe in.

It’s an ordeal for me, who has the soul of a king, and mental attacks won’t work.

In the event of an emergency, he planned to take Ashelle and escape.

Of course, I don’t know what other dangerous devices are in place in this ruin, but I’ll have to take that level of risk.

“Go through the right entrance, Asher.”

I said that and walked to the right entrance.

Asher suddenly followed us with a look of confusion as to what an ordeal was, and the guide also floated and followed us.

Inside the entrance, another magic circle covered the entire room and was engraved, but the magic I felt was much bigger.

– You have chosen the trial of your mental powers. So let’s start the ordeal right away.

At that time, the guide raised magic power, and the magic circle that responded to it emitted a bright light.


At the same time, Asher, who was staggering, immediately fell to the floor. Her consciousness was blown away by the magic that was activated.

On the contrary, I was still standing.

However, I feel the memories of the past rushing through my head like a tidal wave.


It’s roughly like this.

All the painful memories I’ve experienced in my life so far pass by clearly. And it amplifies negative emotions to the limit.

However, apart from the fact that there were no difficulties in my gaming life, which had been living a very smooth life, there was no effect on my mind because of the emperor’s soul.

I just felt the strangeness and the passing memories coming to an end, but what followed were unknown memories.


······What is this?

I was running away, bleeding to the point of darkness. chased by some pursuers.

A burning town, screaming people, and me standing blankly in the middle of it…

I was confused by the unknown memories, but I was able to realize it soon.

This isn’t before I possessed it, it’s the memory of the real owner of this body.

Fragments of irregular and tangled memories rise to the surface and then sink back down.

I narrowed my brows and recalled the past memories.

However, the memories that had already passed once quickly faded like a dream and did not come to mind.

– Ho, you hold up quite a bit?

The guide smiled as he saw me standing there.

– But if you keep holding on like that, you will go crazy. Come on, lose your mind like your colleague. This is not originally a sober, but an ordeal designed to be overcome unconsciously…


I cut him off and said.

“Could you make the hallucination magic you’re currently using even more powerful?”

– ······huh?

“It’s not coming back because the memories have passed. Hurry up before I forget.”

He looked at me like a madman with a puzzled expression.

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