I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 90

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Ruins of Cabolisa (3)

unknown memories.

I hurriedly urged the guide to see if he would come to mind again if the strength of the magic increased, but the answer that came back was disappointing.

– This is because I just activated the already engraved spell, so the robber is not something I can control. No, more than that, why are you so fine…?

oh shit

I clicked my tongue and scratched my head.

Memories that have now completely disappeared only linger in my head, with only fleeting moments remaining sparsely.

‘What was it?’

It was different from the déjà vu memories I experienced last time in Actipol.

I knew it instinctively. It must have been the memories related to the owner who saw the body just now…

It is quite regrettable that the memories ended here.

I don’t have a reason to know this body’s past, but I couldn’t help but be curious because it was the body I possessed anyway.

I was lost in thought, recalling only the fragments of my vague memories that remained, then looked up.

– Was there an error in the magic? It can’t be that way… but it makes no more sense to say that he resisted with pure mental power…


I asked the guide who was circling above me and behaving frantically.

“Anyway, is this the end of the ordeal?”

– ······.

As if disapprovingly, the guy grunted and groaned, and eventually answered reluctantly.

– Yes… You have passed the ordeal. It’s the first time I’ve seen such an absurd case.

It ended so very simply.

Since he had the soul of a king, it was expected from the beginning, so he was not very impressed.

I turned my gaze to look at the collapsed Asher.

I passed, but it would take a while for her to overcome the ordeal and wake up. It was like that in game.

‘It took a whole day and a half.’

When she challenged the trials in the game, she was at a lower level than now.

I don’t think it would be possible to pass the ordeal more easily if the level was high, but the conditions wouldn’t be worse anyway.

All that’s left now is to wait patiently.

I moved closer to Asher.

I turned her over on the floor and laid her upright, then moved to the wall at the corner of the road and sat down with her back leaning against it.

The guide, who was looking at the scene curiously, asked me.

– A really strange person came in. Is there anything else I can ask you about the ordeal? Your colleague is losing his mind…

It seemed odd that my attitude was nonchalant.

As a guy, he wouldn’t have thought of me as just an adventurer who stumbled into the ruins without knowing anything.

I asked the guy

“Since I passed the ordeal, do I deserve the price you said?”

– Uhm, yes. But after the results of your comrades are out. If you leave this place alone, the ordeal is null and void.

Of course, there was no way I would leave Asher alone and go out on my own.

Rather, she should be prepared in case she does not pass the ordeal…

“If I leave this space, will the effect of the hallucination magic be lifted?”

– yes.

“Then, is it against the rules if I forcefully take out a colleague who has not passed yet?

– Of course it’s a violation! Once you challenge the ordeal, no one can interfere. In that case, I will punish you myself.

the guide shouted resolutely.

I stroked his chin and looked at his level.

【Lv. 83]

fairly high level.

It could be called a spiritual body, but it was not a mere soul. In the first place, there is no way you can see it.

Judging from the aura I felt, it was mixed with magic power… It must have been the magic of a great sage.

The source of power was not the energy of nature, but magic power, and I wondered if it was something like a spirit.

‘Maybe if they fight, they’ll fight with magic?’

If Asher fails the ordeal and is prevented from escaping outside, then she will have to fight.

It would be difficult to spread a shield or something, so if a battle breaks out, is it best to annihilate it with a surprise attack?

As if he knew what I was thinking, the guide had his arms crossed with a solemn expression.

I spoke to the guy again.

“I’m bored, let’s talk.”

– story? hmm, good I’ll do it to the level of the horse.

That’s what he said, but he seemed more excited.

Like the initial reaction earlier, it must have been stuck here alone for a very long time.

In any case, if you build up your guard by becoming even a little closer like this, the surprise attack will be much easier later when needed.

Of course, he was the only one I could talk to, so I was really bored, so I started talking to him.

– The last challenger came to me more than 100 years ago, in terms of experience. There were a total of five people, and they were annihilated by challenging the ordeal of force.

– I don’t know how it is in this era, but the great Kabolisa was a wizard who was greater than anyone else in her time…

. . . But I quickly got tired of his terrifying chatter and kept my mouth shut.

I tried to dig up some information about the ancient times, but there was no useful information.

Time passed that way.

I ate little by little of the food I had brought and looked at Asher’s condition.

I knew by now what she was going through in the fantasy.



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It would be painful and painful, but in the end, in order to grow, I had no choice but to face and overcome everything.


A night of storms and thunderstorms.

There was a woman who was running on a mountain road through heavy rain.

Asher grabbed his brother’s hand and swung his sword. She cut down the gangsters who attacked from all sides.

In that desperate escape, the destination was always the same.

Ashelle stopped at the edge of the cliff, breathed heavily, looked down at the river that had been swollen by the heavy rain, and then looked back.

A monster holding a spear was slowly walking toward us.

“······ Aaaaaaa!”

How many times is this?

Asher screamed and tried to run towards him. But it was just futile.


As always, the body did not listen, and only the bitter smile of the younger brother who pushed him down the cliff shone for the last time.

with a splash!

Ashel sank below the surface, she no longer had the strength to struggle.

She had no doubts about this situation that was repeated several times, dozens of times, and hundreds of times. Like a fleeting dream, like a terrible nightmare.

I found myself standing at the scene of the massacre again, feeling only my heart slowly crumbling in terrible agony.

“······Run away, Asher! Don’t look back!”

Father cried as he held his dead mother in his arms.

Asher ran away with her brother again.

Once again, he left his family slaughtered at the hands of the assailants and fled, again driven to the edge of a cliff.

Falling down the cliff alone again. Again, the cool spear edge pierced his brother’s chest.

again, again, again.


Asher realized at some point that this was all an illusion.

He recalled the memories of reality that he had just found a certain ruin with the 7 lords… and challenged the ordeal without knowing why.

Is this the ordeal?

Then what is the ordeal for?

What has passed cannot be undone. Nothing changes in reality anyway, but even in this fantasy, he couldn’t change anything.


The fact was so miserable that Asher burst into tears.

I saw Changsung walking towards me with heartless eyes.

The younger brother who was holding her hand looked back at her sobbing in bewilderment.

“Sister, what’s wrong? This isn’t the time to be like this. Come on…”

Yeah, nothing will change in the end.

Even if I go back to reality, the only thing I can do is revenge. Neither the dead family nor the dead clan will come back alive.

Maybe I’m really the only one left in the world.

‘No matter what, your choice wasn’t wrong.’

It was only after her heart was driven to the brink of collapse that Asher was finally able to admit everything. She could do everything for sure.

An irresistible sadness came over me, but I was no longer confused.


Ashelle grabbed her sister’s hand as she tried to push her away.

He grabbed his arm and held it tightly in his arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…”


“So… stop it now.”

The younger brother, who was panicking and trying to get out of his arms, suddenly stopped.

Ashelle held her for a long while before slowly pulling away.

The younger brother was laughing.

But a little less sad than before, and a little less bitter.


The younger brother’s body scattered like a mirage and disappeared.

Asher wiped the tears and rainwater from her face and looked ahead. Changseong was standing there.

The scenery around us has changed. From the cliff, into the endless darkness of nothing.

Power was injected into the hand holding the sword. Asher ran towards him.

The sum of the five times came and went, and the very next moment, Asher’s neck was blown off by the blade of a spear.

Darkness rages and time goes backwards.

Asher, who had died in an instant, stood face to face with Changsung again in a fine state.

She pounced again, and this time she couldn’t hold out even three times and her heart was pierced.

“It’s black…!”


It was an incompetence that could not even be compared to the one fought at the banquet in Earth Hill before.

She too had grown significantly since that day’s duel, but the gap was still far away.

This is Changsung’s strength, and it must be the true gap between him and himself.

However, this place is only an illusion, only in one’s memory, but what on earth was its existence based on? unconscious? Imagination?

A small question arose, but whatever it was, it was fine.

Asher stared at the window in front of her with emotionless eyes, then attacked again.

Dozens of duels, and well, hundreds of sums came and went.

Asher also died and resurrected just as much.

There was no reason to risk one’s life in this fantasy where death would not be the end anyway.

She gradually got used to it. She lowered her fighting spirit and emotions to a minimum and began to calmly contemplate.

Even while fighting himself, he looked at the battle between the two as if he were seeing it through a third person’s eye.

I examined each and every movement and imprinted it in my head. If necessary, he jumped back and recreated the action.

In the endless repetition, I finally understood and accepted them one by one. broke down the wall


3056th death.

Asher’s body split in half and regenerated again.

Surprisingly, there were faint bloodstains on Changseong’s arms as well. It was a wound from her sword.

‘Not enough, yet…’

I don’t know how close I have to be to him or to what level I have to reach to end this ordeal.

But Asher hoped the end was not yet near.

Even in this fantasy, I hope I can continue to wield my sword until I overcome him.


About half a day passed, and for the first time, a change appeared in Asher.

She was still lying dead, but the level floating above her head.

【Lv. 86]

1 level up.

Looking at the scene, I felt some relief.

The fact that her level had risen meant that she was safely passing through the ordeal without collapsing in the illusion.

A little more time passed and her level went up one more level, reaching level 87.

It was an abnormal speed, but after stopping there, it did not rise for a long time.

And maybe half a day or so has passed.


I, who had been staring at the ceiling while lying in a daze, jumped up.

It was because Ashelle’s body, which had not been able to move until now, trembled weakly.


【Lv. 90]

······I leaped from 87 all at once, and finally broke the 80 wall and saw the level approaching 90.

Even in the game, the same level she reached after overcoming the ordeal.

– Ohh······.

The guide’s low exclamation rang out.

Soon, Ashley’s eyes slowly opened.

Standing up, she looked around with calm eyes and met my eyes.

I hadn’t decided what to say, but I involuntarily asked, reflexively.

“Have you overcome everything?”

She stared blankly at me for a moment, then slowly nodded.


Sadness and joy, emptiness and sense of accomplishment, and regret and relief.

With a smile as if all conflicting emotions were mixed.

“It seems so.”

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