I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 91

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Ruins of Cabolisa (4)

After coming to her senses, Asher felt that the atmosphere itself had changed a little. More static than usual.

I didn’t know if it was because I had reached level 90 or because I had a big change of heart during the ordeal, but at least it didn’t seem like I was going in a bad direction, so I was a little relieved.

– Since both of them escaped from the illusion, the ordeal is over.

The guide said so and moved to one side.

It was a wall with nothing blocked, but as soon as the guy created magic and seemed to do something, a change appeared.

coo goo.

The wall cracked and slowly began to open on both sides.

Asher and I looked at the scene revealed within.

There was a magic circle at the end of the short passage, and a staff was embedded in the middle.

A space that I once saw while playing a game.

A space that will be a major turning point for Asher.

Recalling that faint scene in my memory, I felt a little strange.

– Since you passed the ordeal, as I said, you deserve to be paid accordingly.

I knew what the price was, so I didn’t bother to ask.

I glanced at Asher and followed the guide toward the staff.

Ashelle also followed me with a questioning look.

– Alright then…

As the two of us stood in front of the wand, the guide stirred again. much bigger than before.

Magical power flowing in golden light quietly swirled around and the magic circle flashed.

I was watching the scene, and suddenly I looked into the air. The guide disappeared without a trace before he knew it.


It took an instant for all of the enormously turbulent mana to be absorbed by the staff.

A faint shape slowly emerged from the quiet surroundings, that is, from the staff.

A translucent spiritual body that resembles the guide, but has the appearance of a young woman.

Great Sage Cabolisa.

A great wizard who enjoyed an era of the golden age of ancient magic.

With a hazy look, she glanced at Asher and me alternately.

– Haa… Did the passer come out at last? How many years had passed before the magic…

The first thing that sounded like a lamentation sounded in my head, and the words continued.

– Nice to meet you, adventurers. I am Kabolisa Orbilt, the magician who created this ruin.


“Why is there no answer? If you know who I am, you guys should introduce yourself too.

I only blinked my eyes at him, but I opened my mouth briefly.

“It’s Ron.”

Asher, who was looking at the great sage as if he was curious, also answered.

“This is Asher.”

The great sage, slightly displeased, continued his story.

– Well, good. I also have a lot of questions about the outside world, but I don’t have much time. If you came all the way here and woke me up, it must mean that you safely passed the ordeal I prepared for you.


– The price for that is my knowledge. Until the magic that keeps me alive runs out, I’ll answer any questions you have for about 10 minutes. Originally, it was much longer than this, but too much time has passed and a small error has occurred in the magic formula. I never thought that no one had passed the ordeal for such a long time.

It was she who spoke as if lamenting once again.

I remember that she was a person from a long time ago, especially among ancient wizards, so this ruin must be the same.

– I was once the most mastered human being in the truth of this world. If you want magical enlightenment, I will help him, and if you crave other knowledge, he will also answer the line I know. ask me anything

I didn’t have much time, so I asked without hesitation.

The reason I came here was to ask this from the beginning.

“Do you know about the White Moon?”

Asher was taken aback by my question.

The great sage replied.

– It’s the White Moon tribe, of course I know. Aren’t they a race with the ability to increase purity by purifying mana? I also had a few close friends with whom I had a personal connection.

“This woman is the White Moon.”

I continued talking while looking at Asher.

“In the current era, the White Moon tribe is almost exterminated for some reason.”

– ······ Hmm?

“What I want to know is whether there is at least one White Moon living on the continent besides this woman. Can you find out?”

The great sage looked at Asher with strange eyes.

Asher looked at me with a rather perplexed expression.

It was worth it. No matter how sage he is, he’s not even a god.

But I knew. She knows she has the ability to figure it out.

– You’re making a pretty novel request.

“Is it impossible?”

– No, it’s not impossible. As long as it has all the necessary conditions.

A loud gasp was heard.

At the great sage’s words, Asher’s eyes were shaking as if an earthquake had struck.

The great sage said to Asher.

– I need some of your blood, so just drop a few drops on the floor.

“······Yes, yes.”

Asher hurriedly cut his arm with a knife, causing blood to flow.



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I quietly watched the scene from the side.

Her blood dripped onto the floor and formed a small puddle.

– Please explain briefly. The magic that will be unfolded from now on is the magic that searches for existence with the same roots as your blood. In a word, you can understand it as a magic that can find your people.

The great sage raised his magic power and explained.

Asher, who was in a state of fascination, asked in a trembling voice.

“With that… you mean it’s possible to find my people, no matter how far away they are?”

– Originally impossible. No matter how vast the magic power is, is it possible to search across the entire continent?

“Then how…?”

– But if you combine one of my mysteries with magic, it’s possible for a very short time. I have to explain that part, but you won’t understand it anyway, so just know it like that.

Ashley kept her mouth shut.

As she said, what mattered to her was not the principle of magic, but whether or not there were really living people.


The golden and black auras were mixed and dwelled in Asher’s blood.

One was the magic of the great sage, and the other was a power of unknown origin. It’s probably the mystery the great sage said.

Soon, a translucent sphere appeared in the air just above the bloody water, and the magic wriggling inside the sphere drew an arrow.

Asher swallowed saliva with a nervous face, and I also watched the results with sunken eyes, a little nervous in a different way.

To be honest, I also had a little bit of a desire.

In the game, there were no survivors except for Asher, but it could have been different here.

Of course, I also deeply wished for that very small possibility to exist. but······.


The arrows that had been spinning dizzy in all directions, like a broken compass, had disappeared again.

I sighed inwardly.

Small expectations were betrayed, and the natural result came out.

Not understanding what that meant, Asher turned her attention to the great sage.

– Hmmm…

The great sage nodded slightly and said.

– does not exist.


“There is no White Moon on this continent except for you. The result came out that way.

Hearing those words, Asher froze.

He stared blankly at the sphere floating in the air, not even moving.

to find surviving kin.

That would have been the only purpose Asher lived for, and it would have been the driving force to endure.

…but this is all over.

It wasn’t until I reached this point that I regretted it a little too late. Wasn’t it too hasty?

Could it be that she was too swayed by the main story and threw her into unbearable pain without considering her current condition?


To put that concern to shame, Asher’s expression didn’t waver at all.

No sadness, no denial, no anger, no reaction whatsoever.

He just closed and opened his eyes once, muttering with the most bitter eyes.

“Is that so.”

On the one hand, it was a calm voice that even felt relieved.

I looked at her like that and asked the great sage.

“…Is there even a single possibility that the result will be wrong?”

“No. The magic unfolded perfectly. You can unfold it again if you wish, but it won’t change the result.”

The great sage looked back at Asher and said.

– I’m sorry, White Moon child. I don’t know why your clan was exterminated, but…

Ashley shook her head.

“No. Thank you so much for the magic.”

Asher seemed to have fully accepted the truth the great sage had told her.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such a calm reaction, so I was surprised inside.

Even if she didn’t have high hopes for the existence of the surviving clan, isn’t even hope now gone and completely confirmed? The fact that the White Moon was left alone in this world.

I wondered if maybe I had made up my mind during the ordeal.

‘······Anyway, did it go well?

Well, this should have worked out just fine.

I couldn’t find anything to say for a moment before opening my mouth.

“Are you okay?”

Asher nodded.

“Yes, it’s fine.”


“It’s really fine, Ron-sama. It’s just a little heartbreaking. The fact that I’m the last White Moon on this continent, and the fact that the clan won’t continue anymore…”

Then the great sage intervened.

– What do you mean, that the clan’s veins don’t carry on?

“Yes? Well, since I am the only White Moon tribe left on the continent…”

She looked at Ashelle in a puzzled way and said as if she understood.

– Oh, did you not know? The White Moon is a race capable of interbreeding with humans.


– When White Moons reproduce with humans and give birth to offspring, there is a half chance that White Moons will be born. Even if you are the only White Moon tribe left in this world, it is not impossible to leave descendants.

Ashley blinked blankly.

-If you reproduce with a human male and give birth to a White Moon, and if your children reproduce with another human and give birth to a White Moon, and their descendants continue to carry on the blood of the White Moon in that way… · Well, even if it will take a very long time for it to flourish again, at least your clan will not be cut off. Do you understand?


– So find a human male, marry her, and leave as many offspring as possible. That’s the only advice I can give you.

Ashley nodded with a bewildered face and murmured softly.

“······Human male.”

Then he glanced at me, and when our eyes met, he shook his head in amazement.

“Oh, no…”


“No, never like that… I’m sorry.”

what are you talking about

I wondered why, but soon I turned off my nerves and moved my gaze to the great sage.

Now that time is short, I also have a question I want to ask.

“The Great Sage.”

– hmm?

“Do you know about existence in another dimension?”

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