I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 92

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Ruins of Cabolisa (5)

The continent of Lakironia, which was just a game.

Earth, which was the original real world.

The phenomenon of possession, where I became my current body and character in the game, is the beginning of everything and the biggest question I have in my mind.

And, of course, I had never talked to anyone about it before. It was meaningless and meaningless.

But what if you are truly a great sage?

I asked him about it for the first time with the slightest expectation.

– A world from another dimension?

“Yes, I’m talking about a world with completely different laws and civilizations from this world. Do you know anything about the existence of such a different world?”

The great sage looked bewildered at my question.

– Well… I don’t know. It’s a world from another dimension, so I don’t have any knowledge about it, at least to the extent that there is a meaningful basis.

“Are you saying you don’t know anything?”

– Yes. I remember hearing similar hypotheses put forward by some idiots a few times, but they are all just the realm of wild fantasy with no foundation.

······It’s empty.

As expected, even the greatest sage could not get an answer.

I changed the question a bit.

“Then, do you feel any alienation about my existence?”

Since I am from a completely different world, I wonder if there is something about him.

This was also a question I asked without expecting much, but the great sage looked at me blankly and answered immediately.

– Come to think of it······.


– Well, I thought it was just my mood, but after hearing that, I understand. It seems that there is a subtle sense of alienation in your soul. I can know the soul because it is one of the disciplines that I have delved into the most deeply in my life.

“A sense of discord?”

– Yes, it’s like the soul doesn’t mesh with the body in a strange way.

I opened my eyes wide at the words that pierced my heart.

The soul and body do not interlock.

Doesn’t that mean the phenomenon of possessing that happened to me without thinking?


– So what? It’s all just feeling that way. If you want to ask the cause, I also have no way to know.

I was a little excited for a moment, but then I calmed down again.

Yes, I don’t know about the existence of other worlds, so can I dig up more information related to this?

Still, if there was any harvest, it was hope that the phenomenon of possession that had happened to me would not be an unknown territory with no way to penetrate.

‘It’s a sense of distance between the body and the soul…’

At that time, the great sage who was looking at me with strange eyes tried to say something.

– I really want to, but you…


But at that moment, the magic circle on the floor shone brightly and the great sage’s shape distorted.

Slowly fading, she let out a small sigh.

– Looks like the time is up already. Unfortunately, the conversation ends here, adventurers.

I asked her

“Are you completely extinct now?”

– Yes. In the first place, only the spirit was barely holding on to the dead body with magic.

If I had more time, I could have asked more questions.

Feeling regretful, I stared at her as she slowly disappeared.

– You can take any items left in the ruins, including this staff, if you want. then······.

Soon after, her soul completely disappeared and disappeared.

I stared into empty space for a moment, then reached for the staff.

Even if you didn’t tell me, of course I was thinking of taking it.

I pulled out the end stuck in the floor and examined it.

‘The staff of the great sage.’

He didn’t explain in detail, but having played the game, I was well aware of the abilities contained in this magic item.

Of course, it was useless to me, who didn’t have a drop of magic, let alone a wizard.

Anyway, it was a great item as the great sage had used it before he was alive, so it could have been given to anyone later.

Since Rigon is also talented in magic, let him use it when he grows up much more than he is now.


I grabbed my wand and looked back at Asher.

She seemed to be a little stunned from earlier.

He said it was okay, but was it still a big shock, or was it because of the story the great sage had told. I couldn’t tell exactly which one.

‘Well… it must be embarrassing.’

The story the great sage told me earlier was quite absurd, yet realistic advice.

Anyway, now there is only one White Moon tribe left in this world, and it is as if the fate of the clan rests on her shoulders.

Even if I were in her position, I would have felt so absurd and burdened on my heart.

The choice would be theirs, but given her personality, it seemed that there was no way that the family’s ties would be cut off forever.

In the end, all you had to do was to find a human you love and leave a descendant of the blood of the White Moon as advised by the great sage.


When I called her name, Asher flinched again and turned to me.

“Yes, Ron.”

······It felt a little strange to react from the beginning, but it wasn’t important.



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I asked her calmly.

“What are you going to do from now on?”

There was little reason for her to remain with me now.

Because I’ve come to the realization that there is no surviving clan.

Of course, I have no regrets about this choice. Rather, her relief was greater because she was showing such a calm appearance.

The choice from now on was solely up to her, and even if she said she would leave me like this, she had no intention of stopping me.

“The reason you became my escort in the first place was because I persuaded you to spread your fame on the continent.”

I continued talking to her who looked at me with a slightly stiff face.

“But it seems that there is no need to do that anymore. You have confirmed that there are no survivors of your own kind. And in just over a year, you have achieved tremendous growth.”


“As I said before, your choice was not wrong no matter what. You may leave my side as it is. Whether it’s for revenge or, as the great sage said, to continue the clan…”

Ashley was silent for a long time without opening her mouth.

I waited patiently for an answer.

I say this, but of course in my heart I didn’t want Asher to leave.

Who else would be a talented person other than her who could be completely trusted while possessing 90 levels of armed strength?

Having played the game, I knew very well that there was even potential for further growth here.

I just wanted to leave the choice completely to my own will, because I respect her that much.

After a long silence, Ashley opened her mouth.

“If you don’t want to have me around any longer, please tell me honestly. In that case, I’ll gladly leave.”


“If it’s not like that, if it’s really just being considerate of me… I’m sorry, but I want to stay by your side even with my lack of ability.”

The tip of his voice trembled slightly.

It was me who should be nervous, but rather, she looked nervous because she didn’t know what to say.

Without knowing why, he was taken to an unknown ruin and challenged the ordeal, and also learned the truth about the clan.

As if this was the intention from the beginning, there must have been a lot of questions about my strange behavior, but she answered without asking me anything.

‘······It was quite a long time.’

I thought while feeling joy and relief inside.

Perhaps the reason why I will continue to stay is because of the grace I feel or the sense of debt I feel.

In fact, there were quite a few situations where I saved her life.

However, it was the last remaining small selfishness that did not bother to ask.

“There’s no reason why I don’t want to have you around.”


“So you can do whatever you want.”

Relief passed over Asher’s face at my answer.

I laughed inwardly.

I was concerned, but it seemed that she would not leave my side after all.

This solved all the issues that bothered me at once.

“Can I ask just one question?”

Then Asher asked me.

I nodded.

“I wonder what purpose Ron is acting for.”

It was something she had never asked me before.

It’s not an unanswerable question, but it’s a really vague question.

I thought for a moment and then answered.

“It’s peace on the continent.”


“Why, isn’t it? Or is it too simple?”

Of course I knew it myself.

He’s not a hero, and that’s not a word at all suitable for the Lord of Calderic.

But it wasn’t a lie.

In order to preserve my life, I had to save and see this world first.

Ashley blinked, but soon smiled and shook her head.

“No. If that’s what you mean, I’d be happy to join you.”

Yes, it’s me. Thank you.

I was curious and asked.

“What are you going to do with the blood of the clan?”


“Fortunately, they say you can leave offspring with humans. I’m asking if you’ve thought about what to do in the future.”

Asher was now the only White Moon Clan left in the world, so if she went wrong, the White Moon Clan’s pulse would be cut off forever.

I was happy that she had decided to stay by my side, but honestly, I couldn’t help but be concerned at the same time, because it was a matter of the fate of one race.

“Um, um…”

For some reason, Asher’s face turned a little red.

She rolled her eyes here and there, then lowered her eyes to the floor before answering.

“······The blood of the White Moon, of course, will not be cut off no matter what, but I think we should consider it more carefully.”

is it.

Even though she inherits blood, she must be disturbed in many ways as there is no worthy opponent.

It’s not like you’re in a hurry to find a partner to be with in the future.

“If you happen to find someone you like, tell me as much as you like. I will help you wholeheartedly.”


“Then let’s go out.”

The business of visiting these ruins was now over.

I stopped walking as I was about to exit through the entrance I had entered.

I wondered if there might be another item besides the staff I had packed, so I decided to take a closer look at the ruins.

‘······There’s nothing special about it.’

But after looking at it for about 30 minutes, I realized that I had nothing to take with me.

Well, even if it wasn’t an item, if there was a magic book, I would have taken it with me, but there wasn’t even such a thing.

He said as if he was patronizing that he could take any remaining items from the ruins, but he didn’t have anything. What legacy have you left behind?

Anyway, after such a simple search, I went outside.

The sun had risen in the middle of the sky until it came in, but the sun had already set, and it was dawning again.

I looked at the sky dyed with sunset for a moment, then looked away.

I saw Tiyong, who had been sleeping curled up on one side and woke up when he found me.

“let’s go.”

I jumped on the back of the guy who waddled up and started straight away.

By the time they return to Calderic, the meeting of the monarchs will be right around the corner.

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