I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 93

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After returning to the 7th Lord’s Castle, there was a very short time left until the monarch’s meeting.

In the meantime, I decided to rest quietly. It was after participating in the meeting that the following plans began.

‘He’s just leveled up again.’

Leaf siblings sparring with each other at the gymnasium.

I looked at Rigon and stuck my tongue out.

【Lv. 29]

Was it level 23 the last time I saw it before leaving for Earth Hill?

In the meantime, he had risen another 6 levels and was on the verge of reaching level 30.


Leaf, who was blocking the dizzying attack, accelerated as if to end the duel.

Leaf’s sword sharply cut Rigon’s sword upwards, but in an instant, Rigon’s sword also broke and her sword was shed.

Leaf threw away his sword and kicked Rigon with his foot in surprise at the reverse sword attack.

Rigon, who was thrown up in the air, rolled several times on the floor before stopping.


It seems that his strength was not controlled at the moment due to the surprise counterattack.

It was absurd that he pulled out his strength even for an instant against an opponent who was more than 10 levels different.

“are you okay?”

The sparring ended with Leaf approaching the fallen Rigon in embarrassment.

As the level goes up, the growth rate will gradually slow down, but at this rate, I wondered if it would be possible for Rigon to surpass Leaf’s level within half a year.

I was able to hear the current situation from Gulpiro, who just came to the castle to see the faces of the Leaf siblings.

He said that he was spending a leisurely time in a mansion located on the outskirts of the city.

“She was a really great woman.”

Also, as suggested last time, he said that he visited and met the workshop owner of Alkimas, but after hearing what he said, he seemed to like it.

“Are you going to make a disciple?”

“No, what a disciple. He just stops by the studio from time to time and gives advice.”

I wondered if the fact that they were teaching me was already half the same as being between a teacher and a teacher, but it was a good thing anyway.

I took a walk around the castle and thought about various things.

‘What is the overlord going to do…’

I thought about not attending the meeting, but it didn’t mean much.

It was said that messengers about the contents of the meeting would be delivered later to monarchs who did not attend, so there was no big problem in not attending.

There is just a penalty for not being able to express one’s opinion in a meeting. So it would be a loss to not attend.

Presumably, the odds that the overlord wouldn’t make me do anything at this meeting were low.

Since I had the right to command, there was no way to escape by wiping my mouth.

I was very reluctant in many ways, but I didn’t want to because it was selfish to be dissatisfied with it.

The position of monarch is not free, and there are rights and interests that have been enjoyed so far, so it was only natural to provide that much ability. Although, of course, it was not even a seat because he wanted it from the beginning.

Has it already been a year since I first possessed it?

I also seemed to have fully adapted to my current situation.

To be honest, I felt that my heart was a little loose.

I gained a lot of abilities, and I was no longer in a position to spend every day in tension with threats that could come at any moment.

He enjoyed absolute power in a higher position than anyone else, and lived a life completely separated from the world that was originally reality.

It’s not too bad even as it is, but…

‘It’s pitiful.’

If you settle for complacency like that, it’s over.

You know better than anyone else that there is only destruction in the future that awaits you.

We have a long way to go, and we haven’t even started yet. I made up my mind once again.

Time passed and it was time to move slowly.

Accompanied by Asher, I rode the Tiyong and quickly headed for the Overlord’s Castle.


I arrived at the overlord’s castle just in time, almost before the meeting started.

Asher, who couldn’t enter the meeting room, left me in the hall and I went to the meeting room alone.


While walking through the hallway, I accidentally ran into the 3 lords, Heavenly Palace.

For some reason he was standing in the middle of the hallway, staring at one of the stone statues on display.

He turned around without saying a word and immediately looked away. And he turned around and took his step. It was the meeting room.

I looked behind him and then I continued walking.

I don’t know what he was doing just now, but since he’s an elusive character anyway, I stopped trying to understand him.

In the conference hall that arrived, only the first monarch, Sintoe, had arrived and was still sitting.

“Welcome, 3 lords. And 7 lords.”

I nodded and walked over to my seat and sat down.

After a little more time, the 4 Lords, the King of the Dead, arrived, followed by the arrival of the 9 Lords, the King of the Dead, with a heavy echo.

It didn’t take long for almost all the monarchs to arrive one by one.

Only the 2nd and 8th lords did not enter the conference hall until the overlord and chief of staff appeared.

I thought as I looked at the vacant seat in the brain.

‘Did you not attend on purpose?’

It’s a yard that has lost a lot of power, so maybe it’s trying to avoid facing the overlord.

It wasn’t my business, so I soon turned off my nerves.

“The 2nd and 8th lords are not attending, so shall we start soon?”



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The overlord clapped his hands and immediately began the meeting.

The aspect of the meeting was no different from what I had experienced once before.

One after another, the agenda was discussed, and the overlord entrusted several monarchs with reasonable tasks according to the cause.

And the monarchs generally accepted it without much disagreement and moved on.

After the agenda prepared by the overlord was over, some monarchs also brought up personal agendas and further discussions took place.

I kept my nerves high throughout the meeting, wondering what the overlord was going to do to me, but…

“Okay, this meeting ends with this!”

The meeting ended there.

The overlord announced the dissolution without entrusting me with any work until the end.


I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder.

Surely you thought you would make me do something at this meeting?

I don’t know what it is, but it was a time when I was looking forward to earning one more year.

In an instant, the overlord’s eyes met.

She smiled at me and opened her mouth.

“Ah, 7 lords, will you stay? I have a story I want to share for a while.”

······So that’s right.

At that, the other lords cast their eyes at the overlord and me with a puzzled look.

You’ll wonder what the two of you are going to talk about without bringing it up in a meeting. Neither did I.

All the monarchs left, and the only ones left in the meeting were me, the overlord, and the chief of staff.

Soon she put her clasped hands on her lap and spoke.

“There is something I want to entrust to the 7 Lords personally.


“The master of the Flaberos Magic Tower, Ankh Gaindera. The 7 Lords don’t know about him either, right?”

A fairly unexpected person jumped out, so I quietly narrowed my brows.

‘Master of the Magic Tower of Flaberos?’

Saintea’s greatest mage force, the Mage Tower.

Here, the mage tower is not a single tower, but a name that refers to three towers.

Among them, the Flaveros Mage Tower mentioned by the Overlord was not the main tower, but the Mage Tower that corresponds to the two sub-towers.

The three masters of the mage tower were representative of Saintea and were renowned archmages on the continent, so it was impossible not to know.

Also, if it was Flaberus’ mage lord, he was a person that I especially remembered with certainty, because…

“I’ve been getting some pretty crazy news lately from the informants I’ve planted there. What do you think?”

I hoped for that word.

It was because he could guess what the overlord was going to say.

Because there was only one thing that could be called absurd information about Flaveros’ mage tower master.

“Even though Flaberos’ mage master is secretly conducting research on the demons. By capturing the demons herself.”

…was it like that?

Then the chief of staff came close to me and handed me something.

A few papers. It was the information about Flaveros Mage Master that the overlord just talked about.

The approximate circumstances of the demon research, the material resources used for it, the estimated scale of sacrificed lives, and other things, in quite detail.

I skimmed the notes and then stared at the overlord.

What mattered now was why she brought this up to me.

“What do you want to say?”

And what followed was quite beyond my expectations.

“I want the 7 lords to kill him. Of course, don’t make a big fuss and be quiet.”

I sighed inwardly, remaining expressionless.


Because what she said was, in a word, to assassinate the owner of Flaveros’ mage tower.


I asked without hiding my doubts.

Because I really didn’t know. Why are you suddenly asking for this?

From what she says, I can understand that research on demons is a trigger, but why does she care about that?

The overlord replied.

“Because I’m a demon. It’s not something that idiots who are blinded by desire can touch halfway. I just want to deal with a time bomb that may explode at any moment.”

“So, I’m asking why you care about something that has nothing to do with Calderic.”

I know very well that demons are extremely dangerous beings.

What I didn’t understand was why she cared about what Saintea would do if she took damage.

But she didn’t answer my question and just smiled.

“There are still two counts left, right? I don’t think it’s too difficult given the ability of the 7 lords.”


I thought for a moment.

Even in the game, overlords have always been this way.

Not even once did his true intentions or inner thoughts come out clearly, and he always behaved erratically.

I even thought it might be a trap, but the chances of that happening were very slim.

Out of the blue, why did the overlord judge something like a trap to deal with me?

Even if they had already decided to deal with me because of the last emergency call… No, that couldn’t be the case.

It’s not your territory of Calderic, but you dared to send it to Saintea, and set up a deadly trap there to kill me? Because it was nonsense and there was no way it was possible.


Anyway, the purpose was unknown, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was because Flaveros’ mage master was a villain who had to be dealt with someday anyway.

As the overlord said, because of the atrocities he was carrying out, he knew that someday a great disaster would happen.

In the end, it’s something that needs to be done later, but wouldn’t it be bad if it was done sooner and erased the overlord’s remaining command rights?

The question was whether it would be possible to covertly deal with Flaveros’ mage master and level 90 archmage with my abilities.

Even if you think you can do it somehow, assassination is another area.

However, there was no option to refuse anyway.

After quickly recalling the information about him in my head, I asked the overlord, who was staring at me, again.

“When is the deadline?”

“There’s no need to rush. We just have to let you know the results until the next meeting of monarchs.”

1 year

I nodded and got up from my seat.

If you can afford that much, you can do anything.

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