I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 94

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Arms crafting (1)

I came out of the meeting room and organized what I was going to do next.

Finding the successor, and assassinating the owner of the Mage Tower.

It wasn’t hard to decide which of the two to do first.

‘First, deal with the mage master.’

It was given a long time, but there was nothing good about relaxing anyway.

Because I didn’t have any plans on how to deal with it.

If I didn’t solve it in time, my ability could be questioned. That could have been a bit difficult.

It would be better to start the search for an heir after finishing all chores without distraction.

‘Still, wouldn’t it be better to take care of the mystery first?’

Two mysteries hidden in Saintea.

It wouldn’t take long, so it would be better to find it and start.

It might be of some help in dealing with the mage tower lord.

Then, first find the mystery, then deal with the owner of the mage tower, and then start looking for a successor in earnest…


I noticed a person in the distance and tilted my head.

It was because Sintoe was standing where Tiyong was waiting.


Tiyong was constantly crying out as if he was wary of Shintoe around him.

And Shintoe was watching such a guy with an interesting eye at a distance.

As soon as I got closer, he turned his gaze to me and started talking.

“Did you finish talking with the overlord?”

Were you waiting for me?

I didn’t have anything to share with him, so I wondered what it was.

I looked at him blankly without answering and asked.

“Do you know what you talked about with the overlord?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t mean anything, I just asked to say hello.”

Shintoe shook his head and asked.

“I’ve been waiting because I wanted to ask you something. Regarding the Neutral Nations Conference you participated in last time…”


“I heard that you, the 7 Lords, sided with the Earthhill Kingdom and prevented the outbreak of war.”

I wondered why the story of a neutral country suddenly popped up, but I accepted it.

“It did.”

“Is the reason you helped Earth Hill because of a personal connection? Or is it for some other purpose?”

“I don’t know if I have any reason to answer that.”

The main story, Taylor, and various reasons were mixed, but there was no reason to explain it.

Rather, why is Shintoe suddenly interested in it?

“I didn’t mean to pry. I just heard a little old lady.”

He looked at me blankly and then spoke.

“As I said before, I don’t want a crack to occur in the current system of Calderic. Each of the monarchs has their own thoughts and will, but even if it will be a conflict, it does not necessarily lead to a conflict.”


“As long as we take one step back from each other, we can coexist regardless of the direction we are going in. Until now, countless people have passed through the throne and there have been as many conflicts between monarchs, but as Calderic is still standing, it is a fact that history proves.”

I can’t understand the context of the words.

I wondered what this dwarf was talking about out of the blue.

“I don’t know what you want to talk about.”

Shintoe tried to say something more to him, but seemed to give up.

“No. That’s too much nonsense. If there is another conflict with another lord in the future, I hope you don’t try to resolve it in a radical way like I killed the 6th lord last time. I already made a promise with the overlord, so 7th lord you can take care of yourself. I will, but…”

His gaze suddenly turned to Asher, who was standing behind me.

“······ And blood of the White Moon, what is your name?”

At those words, I narrowed my brows.

He must have heard everything that happened at the Neutral Nations Conference, and he seemed to know that Asher was a member of the White Moon.

At the sudden question, Asher glanced at me and answered.

“This is Asher.”

“Last name?”

“······This is Gronnhilt.”

Shintoe’s eyes seemed to have a strange look for a moment.

he nodded and said.

“It’s a happy coincidence. Do you know the name Gabrom Gronnhilt?”

······Gabrom Gronnhild?

I was able to immediately recall who the owner of the name seemed to have been heard of somewhere.

A distant ancestor of Asher that was mentioned in the game.

Because she was the founder who created the vision of the White Moon tribe, which she is currently learning imperfectly.

“Of course I know…”

Ashley murmured in a bewildered voice.

“It’s already a story from hundreds of years ago. I had a small relationship with him during the lifetime of your ancestor. I made a bet once and lost and made a sword.”


Asher’s eyes widened at Shintoe’s words.

I was a bit surprised because I didn’t know anything about it either.



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‘What are you talking about, this?’

There was a connection between Lord 1 Shintoe and Asher’s ancestors who created the vision of the White Moon?

There was never anything related to it in the game.

However, as soon as I came up with a part that I was interested in, I was surprised once more and let out a small exclamation inwardly.

‘Come to think of it, Asher’s sword…’

Asher, who first appeared as a black knight in the game, had her own dedicated weapon, unlike now.

A famous sword that was called ‘Changseom Sword’ because the entire sword body was completely blue.

But I didn’t know until now where she got it. It’s because the information didn’t come out even in the setting book.

Later, when she joined the group of users and asked questions from her colleagues, she avoided answering and never properly informed them.

But looking at it now, it seems that the person who made the sword was Shintoe.

As a Black Rin Knight belonging to the Overlord Castle, if he had a relationship with his ancestors, he would have made weapons for Asher.

When she was a knight of Black Lin, she had already proudly revealed that she was a member of the White Moon.

‘Was it really like that?’

Feeling the puzzle fit perfectly, I looked at the two in turn.

Asher was momentarily speechless, not knowing how to react.

A person who had a connection with his ancestors appeared out of nowhere, so it must have been.

“I express my regret for the disaster your family suffered.”

Shintoe said.

“I heard that you fought a duel with Saintea’s Spear in Earth Hill and lost unilaterally.”


“But what I see now is different from what I’ve heard. It seems that I can compete with him to some extent with all my strength, but have I been careless, or have I achieved rapid growth in that short period of time?”

He muttered as if he didn’t really understand.

At that, Ashley’s expression strangely changed.

The words just now were Shintoe himself admitting that her level was close to Saintea’s intelligence.

‘I’m almost close now.’

Of course, I, who can see the level, was well aware of that fact.

Asher’s current level is 90 and Changseong’s level is 91, so Shintoe’s eyes were not wrong when he judged that he would be able to compete with the male and female to some extent.

Before passing the ordeal of the ruins, it was a really overwhelming difference, so I had no choice but to lose like that one-sidedly.

I glanced at Asher and said to Sintoe.

“1 Monarch.”


“Can you make a sword for her?”

Asher looked back at me in surprise, and Shintoe also gave me a strange look.

At the last emergency call, Shintoe left a message to find the necessary equipment in exchange for Belubagora’s corpse.

I don’t need any equipment anyway, so I thought it wouldn’t be bad to take this opportunity to make a proper weapon for Asher.

Shintoe nodded and replied.

“Even if it’s not the case, I thought so. Thanks to you, 7 lords, I got good materials the other day, so I’ll even make armor for you. But…”


“Then can we go to the 1st Lord’s Territory right now?”

“······Right now? Does it take such a short time to craft equipment?”

“No, I’m not saying I’ll finish it right away. There are things I need to see with my own eyes in order to properly craft the matching weapon.”

He said that and looked at Asher.

I took one look at her and answered.

“Then do it.”

It seemed like he was trying to make something serious, so he stopped by the 1st monarchy for a while. It wasn’t even work.

“Hey Ron…”

Asher panicked and called me.

I ignored her, climbed on Tiyong’s back, and said,

“Come on, Asher. I’m going to the 1st Lord’s Territory.”


The Dwarf race with excellent dexterity was usually famous as a blacksmith’s race.

And in the current era, the person who stood at the pinnacle was Shintoe, Agor.

The greatest commander on the continent who is the ruler of Calderic and at the same time no one raises objections.

The opportunity to get the equipment made by him was invaluable.

‘I’ve never seen Lord 1 Lord’s Castle.’

Accompanying the 1st monarch, he quickly flew to the 1st monarchy.

I followed Shintoe through the entrance of the castle and looked around.

It was the first time I actually saw the First Lord’s Castle here, not when I was playing the game.

I didn’t stop by the capital when I passed by the 1st monarch while searching for mysteries.

Unusually, there was another building just as huge behind the main castle, which looked more like a huge chimney than a tower.

I knew that place was a forge because I had seen it in the game.

The closer I got to the smithy, the louder the sound of the metal hitting and the stronger the heat that touched my body.

Upon entering, all the people busily wandering around inside were Dwarves.

Even when Shintoe appeared, they only nodded lightly, but soon focused on what they were doing silently.

The atmosphere was completely opposite to the Tyrant I had seen before in Actipol of the 6 Lords.

Shintoe didn’t pay attention to them and continued to walk into the forge.

Soon after arriving in a large space, Shintoe said to Asher.

“Take a look at your swordsmanship.”

Asher looked this way as if asking for permission.

I nodded and stepped back.


She pulled out her sword, took a deep breath, and immediately began swinging the sword.

In the empty air, numerous sword strikes rang out, making a vicious roar.

I watched him with my arms crossed.

Being ignorant of swords, I had no way of knowing about the progress of swordsmanship.

However, I could definitely feel the fact that my sword strikes were much faster and much stronger than I had seen in the duel with Changseong the other day. Even though he didn’t use racial idiosyncrasies.


Shintoe, who had been watching Asher’s sword dance for a while, opened his mouth.

“Wait a minute.”

After saying that, he disappeared somewhere, then reappeared with several swords.

They were swords of slightly different sizes and shapes.

“This time, try your swordsmanship with these swords.”

Although Asher looked puzzled, he meekly followed the request and practiced swordsmanship again with the swords he brought.

To me, there was nothing different from before.

However, Shintoe watched all of Asher’s sword dance with a serious expression, as if he could see something different in Shintoe’s eyes.

“Enough. Stop it.”

After the final sword was over, Shintoe took me and Asher to another place.

Get out of the forge and go underground in the main building.

After going down to the deepest part of the underground, a huge warehouse came out, and in it, numerous ores were shining in the dark.

I started by looking for gems that have a natural blue glow. Asher’s Spear Sword I saw in the game was blue.

However, Sintoe, who was walking in the lead, stopped in front of the ore that was emitting purple light.

“Try injecting magic into this stone.”

As she said, Asher put her hand on the stone and infused her magical energy.

Then, the purple ore emitted a bright light.

Shintoe, who stared at it with a cautious gaze, nodded with a satisfied look.

“It’s much more suitable than I thought. I’ll have to look at the other things once.”

Are you deciding what materials to use for making weapons?

Watching from the side, I didn’t know what it was, so I asked.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re looking at what kind of material should be used for the weapon. Just because it has a high conduction to magical power doesn’t mean it’s good, but how well it matches the user’s magical properties is also important.”

······I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I just nodded moderately.

Shintoe took Ashelle and went around injecting mana into the ores one by one, and I followed him feeling a bit bored.

And in the meantime.


I narrowed my eyes and averted my eyes at the ominous energy I felt as I approached the back of the warehouse.

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