I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 99

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Assassination of the master of the tower (1)

I didn’t know that I would be caught, so I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at the moment.

Through the gap between the books, I saw a woman looking up at me coldly.

‘······By the way, did she say she was born?’

Didn’t you just say that?

Isn’t that a title used by members of the royal family or imperial family to address themselves?

In the silence, I stared at the woman’s face, then opened my eyes wide.

Because he seemed to know what she really was.

‘7th Princess Armia.’

Lineage of Emperor Grandios, the 7th princess of the Saintea Imperial Family.

It wasn’t difficult to realize that.

Because, among the emperor’s children, she was the only woman who would be attending the academy at this point.

Also, in the main story, she was a fairly large figure among the emperor’s children.

I couldn’t help but think that it was a very unfortunate coincidence.

‘No, more than that…’

So what should I do?

Apparently, they misunderstood me as an assassin, but the situation became quite difficult.

Should I get to the front of the window with space jump and escape right away? It’s hard to avoid a commotion no matter what.

“Didn’t you say you were caught already? If you’re going to keep hiding like that…”

When I didn’t show up for a while, she raised her magic power.

It was the moment when I tried to use the space jump directly toward the window on the first floor.


At that time, I felt another sign from the window.


I wanted something else, but the window suddenly opened and someone in a black robe came in.

The 7th princess was also startled and turned her gaze to the newly intruded person.

【Lv. 53]

Immediately, the figure in the robe with the sword drawn rushed at the 7th princess.

I watched the scene with bewildered eyes.

‘What else is he?’

Are you a real assassin this time?

The princess, who hurriedly raised her magical power, used her magic. Blue magic bullets were fired at the assassin in a bunch.


The stray magic bullets shattered the walls of the library with a roar.

The assassin, who lightly dodged the attack, approached the princess in an instant.

The princess opened her shield, but the assassin’s sword attack shattered it all at once. In her shock, her body fell backwards.


It was the moment the assassin’s sword was about to fall down the princess’s throat.

I teleported between the two and opened a floating screen to block the attack.

The eyes on the assassin’s mask widened. He drew his sword in surprise and stepped back.

After I closed the veil, I immediately performed blood magic and sprayed blood. The guy couldn’t escape and died instantly.


He stared blankly at the fallen assassin on the floor, then turned his head to the back.

The princess, who was sitting on the floor, was looking up at me with a dumbfounded face.

After making eye contact with her for a moment, I looked away and went to the window. I could feel the presence of people flocking around the library.

“wait for a sec······.”

He heard the princess’s voice, but ignored it and hurriedly escaped outside.


The door to the library opened and people rushed in.

It was the guards and some faculty members who heard the commotion and rushed.

“What is this!”

When they found the 7th princess Armia and the dead assassin sitting on the floor, they came closer in surprise.

Armia looked at them like that and then moved her gaze back.

A mysterious figure hiding on the second floor.

Naturally thinking he was an assassin, he saved his life by stopping an attack by another assassin who suddenly appeared.

Then, as suddenly as it had just appeared, it vanished as suddenly as it evaporated.

“······I can’t understand English.”

Who the hell were you?

She looked at the place where the man had disappeared with confused eyes.

There was only moonlight streaming in through the open window.


After safely leaving the academy, I returned to the inn.

‘Everything really happens.’

It wasn’t enough to suddenly encounter the 7th princess, to think that I would even see her being attacked. She couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

Saving her was more of a reflex action.

He was about to be killed by an assassin right in front of his eyes, but that was also why he was just watching it.

And the 7th princess was also a character close to an ally in the main story, so it wasn’t something she did in vain.

Anyway, since I was done with all my business, I prepared to leave the city right away.



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There would be no problem even if the day was bright and they left, but there must have been a lot of uproar in the academy already, so it was just a shame.

I quickly got out of the city with Asher and moved to the place where I left Tiyong.

The crouching guy in the middle of the forest saw me and approached me with a happy expression.

“Let’s rest for a while and start right away.”


After a short nap until dawn, we decided to leave.

I leaned against Tiyong’s body and closed my eyes half-lying.

The day was bright and we left immediately for our next destination.

The next destination is Guardret City, where Flaberos Magic Tower is located.

Unfortunately, everything was in vain, but the mystery search was over anyway, so now it was time to solve the assassination of the mage lord entrusted by the overlord.

‘How should I deal with him.’

Flaberos’ mage lord, Ankh Gaidera.

A few years later, his level was 90, so it would be the same or lower now. He wondered if it might be the same.

To be honest, simply killing him wasn’t a difficult problem.

Even though I’m a level 90 wizard who can be tricky because of the shield, I also had Asher in my power.

Now that Asher had grown to level 90, there wouldn’t be much difficulty if she joined the battle.

However, if you simply kill him, it’s not a matter of jangttaeng, you have to assassinate without making a fuss. It was that part that was difficult.

‘Still, I don’t have a plan at all.’

It was because the information the overlord passed on included the outline of the mage lord’s life pattern.

Of course, it was impossible to kill the guy inside the magic tower.

So, I was planning to take care of it by aiming for the time when the Mage Tower Master came out of the Mage Tower. Even better if you go out of town.

For that reason, he had to contact an informant who was said to be infiltrating the Magic Tower.

Because that was the only way to receive the location information of the Magic Tower in real time.

‘The question is how long it will take.’

Since you don’t know when the guy will come out of the Mage Tower, it might take a lot of time.

The problem of finding a successor was also troublesome if it continued to be delayed, so I wished that I could finish this task as quickly as possible.

Guardret was a city located in the west of Saintea, so there was a considerable distance from here.

After such a long time passed, we almost arrived at our destination after moving non-stop.

‘I can see it over there.’

I looked at the city of Gardret, which began to appear in the distance.

Flaveros Mage’s Tower stood tall in the middle of the city, so that its shape could be seen along with the city from afar.

This time, it was time to slow down the flight because we had to leave Tiyong nearby and enter the city.


A presence felt from afar. It is a sign of battle.


What is the fuss in the middle of the night like this?

I could have just ignored it, but I couldn’t help but be curious.

With my super senses raised, I turned Tti-yong towards it.


Magic lights that light up the dark forest.

A woman and her pursuers are crossing a forest road.

The woman’s body was full of wounds. Half of the blood she had splattered was that of her pursuers whom she had slain, but the other half was her own.


The woman who turned to the side avoided the electric shock that came from behind again. The ground exploded with the shockwave, and trees around it collapsed.

Even in a state where there is nothing strange about collapsing right away, she manages to avoid the relentless attacks of magic and manages to escape.

Breathing hard, the woman glanced back at her tenacious pursuers.

The woman’s name is Serun.

He was Calderic’s informant who had infiltrated the Flaveros Mage Tower in Saintea for a long time as a spy under the command of the Overlord.

The reason she is currently being chased is because she recently dug up information about the demon research conducted by the owner of the mage tower in secret.

The mistake was one.

Underestimating the mage lord, Ankh Gadera and his closest aides.

They were quick-witted and meticulous more than I expected. So, in the end, I couldn’t avoid suspicion.

This was despite the fact that I was convinced that I had gained great trust by supporting them as a faithful assistant for the past few years.

In the end, a very small pod was caught and its identity was exposed, and it was driven into crisis like this.

But Serune did not give up yet.

She, too, was a seasoned, worn-out informant, so it wasn’t too late to get the hang of it.

The Mage Tower Master hadn’t stepped forward yet. It wasn’t impossible to escape if only the pursuers who were now chasing were somehow resolved.

‘Three, five, nine…’

Didn’t the number of hairs stick together?

After checking the number of pursuers again, she breathed as much as possible and prepared for battle.

It was impossible to completely evade them just by running away. Even if it was too much, I had to completely shake it off here.


Serune’s new model, which turned abruptly, fired at the closest pursuer like a flashlight.

Unable to respond to the surprise, one head was blown off. The other pursuers around were surprised and prepared their magic.


Serune squeezed mana out of his body, which had been pushed to its limit. He broke through the concentrated fire and succeeded in decapitating two more pursuers. Six left.

While avoiding the flames fired from the side without a break for a moment, magic unfolded in her hands. The condensed magic power at one point was shot in the form of a solid line, piercing the shield and killing one more pursuer.

‘······little bit more!’

Colleagues who died in the blink of an eye, and the remaining pursuers could not prepare their posture.

It was time for Serun to burn up all his remaining physical strength and mana without missing the chance to win.


The sudden pressure on her whole body forced her to kneel on the floor, groaning in pain.

As she barely raised her head and looked up at the sky, her eyes mixed with astonishment and frustration.

A middle-aged man appeared high in the air before he knew it and was slowly descending towards this direction.

Flaberos’ mage lord, Ankh Gaidera.

Upon his appearance, the pursuers all stopped and bowed down.


Soon after, the tower lord landed on the ground and looked around at those pursuers as if he was pathetic, then moved his gaze to Serune.

“I thought there would be a rat, but I didn’t know it was your year, Serune.”

I took a step and slightly bent my back and looked down at her.

“Where are you from? Calderic? Of course the overlord sent you, right?”

Serune made a resigned expression.

Because it was over so quickly, as long as the Master of the Magic Tower stepped forward. Any more fuss was futile.


For some reason, the body couldn’t even lift a finger, and the mana didn’t react at all.

With her only remaining option, suicide, impossible, all she could do was remain silent.

The magic tower owner looked down at her coldly and twisted the corner of his mouth.

“I’m really curious about what the overlord is thinking. Could it be that he’ll even take care of me like Kwon Seong?”


“No. No matter how overlord you are, you can’t just go that far, keuk keuk. Well, the information seems to have already been passed on, but it doesn’t matter anyway.”

The magic tower owner reached out with a smile and grabbed her chin and lifted her up.

“Anyway, it would be difficult to open your mouth if it was sent by the overlord.

material of the experiment.

Serun, who knew the meaning of those words better than anyone else, had a look of misery on his face.

It was the moment when the mage lord, who once again laughed, was about to give orders to the pursuers.


He raised his head at the faint sound of a bell ringing from afar. And he narrowed his brows.

It was because something huge and black was flying rapidly toward us across the night sky.

‘······Black Wyvern?’

Something fell from the wyvern, which reached the air directly overhead at terrifying speed.

The gazes of the Magic Tower Master, Serune, and the pursuers were all focused on that something. It was a person like no other.


It crashed down and suddenly disappeared in the middle, suddenly appearing on the ground as if teleporting.

His true identity is a young human male.

An unidentified man appeared all of a sudden and stared at the two of them. Brilliant golden eyes gleamed in the dark.


Seeing the man’s face, Serune’s eyes were torn apart and wide open, and the face of the Mage Tower Master gradually turned into astonishment and disbelief.

He muttered in disbelief.

“7······ monarch?”

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