I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 101

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Episode 101: King of the Dark Elves (4)


Pieces of meat exploding with the sound of metal and elite Dark Elves being swept away.

Kell couldn’t believe it.

How on earth can a human being have so much power?

‘That’s not human territory… … .’

Even if you look beyond the species, the current power of reproduction was almost comparable to that of the king.

That’s enough with just magic power, but he seemed to have more that he hadn’t shown yet.

Kell was distraught.

What is that human?

I could hardly find out.

Judging by the chain imbued with blue magic, he was clearly a wizard.

but… Could a magician really make such a shocking move?

‘If you don’t, everyone will be annihilated… … !’

Goosebumps ran through his body and his heart began to beat rapidly.

Jaehyun was reading their movements at an incomprehensible and phenomenal speed.

Kell felt a chill run down the back of his neck.

Even dark elves accustomed to living in the dark could not move so swiftly.

However, is it possible for a human with clear limits of vision to do such a thing?

‘It cannot be dealt with in a normal way.’

Kell, who came to a conclusion immediately, gave a magic signal to his surviving men.

Out of the eight elite knights I brought with me, only three survived. Adding more pointless sacrifices here only weakens the power of the king.

“Human. I will admit that you are strong. However. Existence with something to protect is always weak. For example, if it’s a weak entity… … Even more so!”

Kel laughed viciously and fired spears at Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and Ahn Ho-yeon.

However, they were already accustomed to the darkness.

It wasn’t easy, but they somehow escaped Kell’s attack.

Not only that.

Kim Yoo-jung drastically reduced the enemy’s attack power with 《Mana Field》. Ahn Ho-yeon was also focusing on attack and defense, holding only a shield.

Joo Sung-chan and Ha Yeon-joo tried to protect the fallen Park Seong-jae somehow.

“… joy. At least it’s not a burden. Then how about this one?”

Kell raised the corners of his mouth, looked at Jaehyun again, and licked his lips slowly.

A blue light illuminated the darkness for a moment, then disappeared.

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed.

‘That’s… Is it communication magic?’

Kell answered Jaehyun’s question right away.

“A little while ago, I sent a signal to the king’s residence. There are other humans you were trying to save. FYI, now they are dying paralyzed by neurotoxin.”

The group’s faces slowly turned into shock.

Kell didn’t care and went further.

“The next 30 minutes. You will die if you don’t save your comrades in it.”

After that, Kell hid into the darkness again.

The suffocating venom spread around.

Kell’s low voice came from the dark smoke.

“Now, choose! Kill me here and save the humans here.”

Kell continued with a fishy laugh.

“Otherwise, will you save the other humans in the king’s residence?”

Kell was talking.

One of them will be annihilated. what will you do here

Jaehyun bit his lip and stared intently at the darkness that was like a blackout curtain. The Kell, imbued with her magical powers, was moving rapidly, obstructing her vision.

Kim Yoo-jung shouted at Jae-hyun in an urgent voice.

“Min Jaehyun! Be careful, the manager was also attacked by that attack earlier!”

“don’t worry. First of all, take good care of your body. Don’t relax.”

After Jaehyun said calmly, he felt the magic of the dark dungeon.

When I looked into it closely through <Magic Detection>, I was able to find three shadows moving busily in the abyss.

‘There are three left. Thanks to 《Magic Sensing》, it is not difficult to read the enemy’s mood. The problem is also time. At this rate, all the guys in the boss room will die.’

The time when Jaehyun was worried. Light leaked from the earrings she had been wearing.

An item that didn’t work just a moment ago. Ivaldi’s earrings.

The artifact scatters its magic power, and then it splits into pieces.

‘shit… Even if the effect appeared a little earlier!’

Jaehyun clenched his fists, but immediately regained his composure.

‘But this would have conveyed the situation we are in to the teacher. I just need to buy some time somehow. even… The teacher is already around here.’

With the effect of the earring, Jae-hyun can also know Yoo Seong-eun’s current location.

Yoo Seong-eun was already close by, knowing that they were in danger. He has already arrived at the heart of Svartal Fame.

If you can buy a little time, maybe the master will be able to come right here with support.

but… In the meantime, allies will die. The same was true of the cadets in the king’s quarters.

Either or both.

In order to preserve one, you must forsake the other.

‘… shit. I can’t help it. Right now, I have no choice but to protect the comrades next to me… … .’

Just when Jaehyun was thinking. Ahn Ho-yeon stood next to him and asked.



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“That light a little while ago… Did the signal go to the CEO properly?”

“okay. but… I’m running out of time. Even if it was only for 10 minutes… … .”

When Jaehyun gritted his teeth and said, Ahn Hoyeon replied as if it was not a big deal.

“Can you do it in 10 minutes?”

Jaehyun immediately turned his head to look at Ahn Hoyeon’s face.

The two confident pupils hold the light. His gray hair gleamed brightly in the dark.

I didn’t think to ask if I could do it or if I was sure.

Jaehyun nodded.

Ahn Ho-yeon said while looking around with a faint smile.

“Go see.”

He had a determined face.

“Kill the king and save the other kids. I’ll try to do something here.”

Jaehyun’s eyes widened.

The face of a person who has made up his mind.

It was the expression of a person Jaehyun had faced countless times in the past and never wanted to experience again.

Even so, Jaehyun had no choice but to turn around.

“okay! I’ll be able to do something!”

“… Jaehyun. Go ahead.”

The voices of Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na. Joo Seong-chan and Ha Yeon-ju also added.

“If you run away again, you won’t be able to see the other kids’ faces.”

“It won’t help much, but… I’ll try anyway.”

Jaehyun gritted it.

“… … sorry. Guys. Hold on for a little while.”

After that, Jaehyun ran straight away and completely disappeared from their sight.

middle road.

I started running to head to the boss room.

‘King of the Dark Elves. He has to get rid of him quickly somehow.’

Jaehyun’s head went colder than ever.


Kell let Jaehyun go, raising one corner of his mouth.

‘That human power a moment ago… He is so strong that even the king struggles. If I had continued to fight, I would have surely died. But don’t worry. The king has a bodyguard.’

Royal Guard directly under the King.

They were stronger than the elite Dark Elves.

Even in the king’s residence, there are dozens of such strong men. No matter how strong that human was, he would never be able to deal with them all.

“then. Is it meal time now?”

Kell looked at Jaehyun’s colleagues with a sinister smile.

It was then.

Ahn Ho-yeon suddenly threw his shield on the floor, then pulled out a sword from his inventory and picked it up.

The horrified party turned to him, but no one spoke.

A bright blue flame burns in Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes, indescribable.

Overwhelming magic power began to erupt.

* * *

As Jaehyun headed to the boss room, he constantly pondered over and over again.

Is this really the best?

This situation of leaving a comrade to death and going to rescue cadets without a connection.

Is it really a decision made under rational judgment?


Jaehyun knew better than anyone that this was a foolish act.

But even so, Jaehyun made a foolish choice.

The moment he saw Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes begging him to believe in him, Jae-hyun had no choice but to make a decision.

You have to believe.

have no choice but to believe

Jaehyun calmed down his quickening breathing and kept repeating that thought over and over again.

“Ahn Ho-yeon… I can only hope that he will do well.”

Reflecting on the anger that was rising inside me, I thought about the boss at the end of this road.

Stay calm.

Calmly think, think again, and then destroy the enemy.

It’s not just the party that is in danger of dying. Oneself is also dangerous.

about 5 minutes after that.


Jaehyun appeared with the sound of the boss room door being smashed.

As I took a step inside, I saw the dark elves lined up on both sides with despicable sneers.


A throne located in the front.

There, the Witchbeast is looking down on her with cold eyes.

There was a king of the Dark Elves.

Jaehyun trembled slightly with his fists clenched.

It wasn’t just because of the king’s magical powers.

An iron spear attached to the back of the throne. And it was because he saw the cadets in it, poisoned and barely breathing.

I gasped, and anger began to flare up.

The king, still not coming down from his throne, said while rubbing his chin.

“I paid special attention to the fact that there were guests. Do you like it?”

Jaehyun felt as if all the blood in his body was gushing backwards.

However, Jaehyun was not swept away.

When he met Hugin, he had made up his mind.

I will never be overcome by emotions in battle again.

Jaehyun exhaled and took a step forward towards the enemy.

“Just know one thing.”


Fierce flames rise from Jaehyun’s body, and heat fills the inside of the boss room.

The king’s brow crumpled.

Before long, dozens of royal guards rush to protect the king.

However, Jaehyun was not taken aback.

“You all die here.”

Along with Jaehyun’s words, the mana that had been raised to the limit began to radiate.

The left pupil is dyed golden, and a strong hostility rises.


The head of one of the guardsmen exploded.

* * *

Right after Jaehyun leaves.

As Ahn Ho-yeon stepped out of the <<Mana Field>> and threw away his shield, Kim Yoo-jung’s eyes narrowed.

A harsh voice erupted from her mouth.

“What is this… … !”

However, Kim Yoo-jung’s voice did not continue.

A quiet blue flame burning from Ahn Ho-yeon’s aloof eyes.

In the pitch-black darkness, brilliant flames that seemed to blind him began to spread throughout his body.

Ahn Ho-yeon took a step towards Kell and the Dark Elves hiding in the darkness.

He lowered his head and murmured with a faint smile.

“You should have done this from the beginning.”

“… Heh, what nonsense is that? Originally, do humans make incomprehensible sounds when it is time to die?”

Kell’s mocking voice. However, An Ho-yeon’s blue-and-white was only getting stronger.

The surrounding landscape suddenly brightened, and Kell’s pupils gradually narrowed.

‘… what? This magical power, what is this… … !’

We need to get rid of that guy quickly.

A thought etched clearly in Kell’s mind.

A spear and a sword fired at the same time.



“ha… … .”

The attack was blocked by An Ho-yeon’s sword. No, it was broken.

Ahn Ho-yeon let out a rough breath and tried to calm his trembling body.

Kell’s face instantly turned into shock.

‘How did this happen? why… Why is my attack blocked!’

Kell gritted his teeth and drew a spear at An Ho-yeon.

Ahn Ho-yeon also did not back down.

I straightened the white blade imbued with blue flowers and swung it toward Kell.



A solid line is drawn on Kell’s shoulder, and blood splatters. Black blood splattered on the floor.

At the same time, dark red blood poured from Ahn Ho-yeon’s mouth.

Yujeong Kim, Eana Seo, Yeonju Ha, Seongchan Joo.

Everyone here felt it.

“… no!”

“That’s stupid!”

“Stop it right now!”

That Ahn Ho-yeon has opened a new stage.


―Active skill <Unification of Divine Swords>.

―It is an excessively high-grade skill compared to the user.

―All blood in the body flows backward.

-warning! Cancel the use of the skill immediately!

―If the warning is ignored, the user will die in 6 minutes and 36 seconds.

That Ahn Ho-yeon would die here.

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