I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 112

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Episode 112 Practical Test (3)

Jigsaw… thud!

―You have been transferred to subspace.

―Team D: Min Jae-hyeon (leader), Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Jin-ah, Park Seong-woo―This is a party of four people.

―After clearing all stages of the dungeon, return with the boss monster’s core.

―First floor quest: Defeat all the monsters on the first floor and find the stairs to the second floor.

The transmission ceremony vomited four people, including Jaehyun, into a space engulfed in flames.

There is a tingling sensation on the skin from the heat.

Jaehyun sighed and looked around.

The place the party arrived at was a large field dungeon.

The surroundings are all reddish, and magma flows meanderingly everywhere.

It was a place very familiar to Jaehyun.

‘Muspelheim. The world of fire giants.’

“here is… .”

Kim Yu-jung looked around and blurted out her words.

Jaehyun immediately replied.

“Muspelheim. I think this is a dungeon modeled after that place.”

“huh. I think so too. There would be no way there would be pillars of fire spread all over the place except in Muspelheim.”

Park Seong-wu agrees with Jae-hyun’s words and nods his head.

Jaehyun looked around at the group and spoke calmly.

“Let’s start with dungeon mapping.”

The first thing you need to do after entering the dungeon is this mapping.

What terrain and items are available for use inside.

What kind of monsters appear and how strong are they?

To deal with unexpected situations by grasping miscellaneous information like this in advance.

This is called mapping.

‘If you don’t go through this process, it’s difficult to quickly respond to unexpected situations. So even if you’re a skilled radar, you tend to skip mapping.’

After giving the order, Jaehyun started to investigate the area more closely.

“You have to be careful. This is different from a normal dungeon.”

When Jaehyun spoke calmly, the party also nodded and agreed.

The dungeon unfolding in this subspace is completely different from other general dungeons.

It’s because it’s a stage format.

This is a different category from the dungeons in the form of crypts that are generally thought of.

To clear a stage dungeon, you must clear the conditions required for each floor, reach the highest level of the dungeon, and defeat the boss.

In simple terms, it can be seen as similar to the format of the game.

Clear a stage, move on to the next stage, and head to the end.

The structure of the dungeon itself is surprisingly simple.

―Use the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

It spreads its senses widely and begins to read the surrounding landmarks.

We need to gather as much information as possible now.

After a while, a monster appears. Before that, there were items to be secured.

“Let’s go get some seoricho first. Prolonged exposure to this heat is dangerous.”

“That’s right. When you’re in a burn state, you’re sluggish and your movements slow by 20 percent.”

Kim Yoo-jung agreed. The remaining two seemed to have no disagreement.

Jaehyun started to move based on the information he investigated using magic detection.

A barren barren land. I walked past flowing magma and streams of fire.

Let’s get a little deeper. Herbs blooming like snow on the hot ground caught my eye.

‘There it is. Seoricho.’

Jaehyun smiled.

Seoricho was one of the key items in the Muspelheim Dungeon.

An item that can be made into a potion to help resist burn conditions when taken.

Among the current team members, Park Seong-woo had the best grades in the last alchemy evaluation, so José thought of entrusting it to him.

“First, collect as many as possible and put them in your inventory. Find out where to prepare the potion.”

Outside objects are not allowed in this midterm exam. There are no restrictions on the use of priestly items in other closed trials, but this is different.

There are several reasons, but there is only one big reason.

that’s right.

-After a while. Viewers are about to enter the room.

―Please pay special attention to your words and actions.

This is because soon viewers will come in and the ‘channel’ will be activated.

After a while, Jaehyun and his party should become broadcasters who satisfy them.

They become BJs who have to show off their strategy to the viewers.

‘Now the real practical skills test begins. It’s disgusting, of course, but… It’s worth using.’

Needless to say, most aspiring raiders, including Jaehyun, hated these events.

To hold a modest event using raiders who risk their lives to hunt monsters.

It was a difficult thing to accept easily for the cadets, who were at an age when their heads would be hot.

The same goes for reproduction.


‘I have to use it now.’



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In order to set the stage for the downfall of Gujain, a scene like this is needed.

Jaehyun had already planned everything. The only thing left now is to move forward as fast as you want.

‘But before that.’

Jaehyun raised his head and spoke calmly.

“Four approaching. The monster rank is C. The formation goes to B.”




Received Jae-hyeon’s instructions, the three men took a combat stance.

A monster was approaching.

Jaehyun smiled.

“Then, let’s start slowly.”

* * *

Interim practical exam, approximately 4 hours.

Seo In-na and Ahn Ho-yeon ended up forming the same team.

This is because Seo Ina wanted to team up with someone she was familiar with thanks to her shy nature, and Ahn Hoyeon also wanted a talented cadet to prepare for any variable.

Thanks to that, the two became a team.

Right now, he was raiding a dungeon with another cadet at the bottom.

“… Aren’t dungeons too easy?”

Seo Ina, who was suddenly ahead, asked.

Ahn Ho-yeon scratched the bridge of his nose and answered.

“I know… what? The monsters are much weaker than I thought. I think this is much easier than the mock dungeon practice. Um, it’s just a freshman exam, so it’s a bit easy, right?”

“… huh. I think so.”

There are monsters covered with hot slime all around.

These were the flame attribute monsters they hunted a while ago.

Thanks to the performance of the two, the monster was not much of a threat.

In the first place, they went through a mock dungeon and guild experience and became strong enough to be unmatched by other cadets.

The Witchbeast of Stage 1 was not a big threat to them yet.

Of course, it’s a completely different world for the other two people following behind.

‘What the hell are you talking about?’

It was an incomprehensible conversation.

Didn’t they almost get out of the attack of the monster that poured out a while ago?

Every moment of battle, I was keenly aware of why the seniors said that the academy’s theory classes were nothing.

But what?

You think it’s too easy?

It was a word that ignited a competitive spirit, but the difference in class was too great.

The two sighed and shook their heads.

Clearing the dungeon itself wouldn’t be difficult thanks to meeting good teammates, but getting entangled with such geniuses made me feel how insignificant my talents were.

While trudging along, the two of them suddenly thought about it almost simultaneously.

‘by the way… Those two are like that too. What kind of a monster is Min Jae-hyun?’

* * *

The first monster he encountered was Lava Slime.

A C-class monster that attacks enemies with flames all over its body.

‘Even though it’s grade C, it’s a pretty tricky monster. You have to be careful.’

Jaehyun had already had experience dealing with them before returning, so he knew them well.

Lava slimes basically live in groups of four or five. Their attack power was minimally low, but they were never allowed to be careless.

“Don’t get as close as possible and use items to deal with them. It explodes on contact with dust.”

Lava Slime is a dangerous beast to deal with up close.

These are monsters that attack enemies by spreading dust, burying it in the opponent’s body, and then exploding it using the surrounding terrain.

Basically, it is safer to use the small explosives given in the subspace test.

“huh. okay.”

Kim Jin-ah swallowed and took the shield out of her arms and held it in her hand. It was a basic shield for cadets, not the one used in the mock dungeon the other day.

Park Seong-woo also quickly activated the skill and equipped a shield.

“Spirit of water… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung started casting for the attack.

However, I was thinking of using water attribute magic here.

Wind attribute magic, which she often uses, has the highest proficiency, but it was not a suitable skill to use here.

All around the party is filled with flames and magma. If wind attribute magic was used here, there was a possibility of flames moving here and there, as well as explosion damage due to dust.

For this reason, Kim Yoo-jung prepared 《Water Shoot》, a class C magic with water attribute.

A skill that allows you to quickly eliminate enemies by shooting a powerful stream of water.

After casting, Kim Yoo-jung tilted her head and shouted.

“Min Jaehyun!”


However, Jaehyun did not allow the attack right away and stood by.

he was waiting

―The channel is opened.

―Viewers entered.

May the voyeurs visit the room.

The corners of Jaehyun’s mouth rose slowly.

Now the curtain on the real test has risen. This is the real beginning.

[Anonymous 1: 11111]

[Anonymous2: 222222222]

[Anonymous 3: Don’t play with numbers, bitches;]

[Anonymous 4: Is this the room where the freshman hunted 1st place is?]

[Anonymous 1: ㅇㅇ That’s right. I saw Commun earlier.]

When the viewers came in, Jaehyun immediately shouted.


with those words.


Kim Yoo-jung’s 《Water Shoot》 hit a single lava slime.

Jaehyun also raised his lips, raising his mana.

My heart was beating constantly.

It was natural.

Here in the field, the skill «Frozen Land», which he had learned while hunting the king of the Dark Elves, would be most effective.

A thrilling sensation seemed to run through his body.

‘… Of course, even so, I have no intention of showing S-class magic right away.’

From the beginning, Jaehyun had no intention of using «Frozen Earth».

The reason was simple.

‘It’s about raising the level of stimulation little by little. And when the critical point is reached… Bread, and burst it.’

However, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t draw attention in the first place.

There was no worry as there was a new skill prepared for the present.

‘The better you use the audience, the faster you can ruin the old person.’

Jaehyun clenched his fists.

I’ve already experienced viewers who were hit with this shit once.

Jaehyun knew their tendencies better than anyone else.

After Jaehyun poured magic power into his fingertips, he raised his head.

―Active skill 《Ice Rain》.

“Ice Rain”.

Wide-area magic that rains hailstones from the sky with an A-class skill.

Of course, among freshmen, who can use such high-level skills?

‘I am the only one.’

Jaehyun immediately exploded his condensed mana.

The sky turned black for a while.


Soon, huge hailstones started pouring down on Lava Slime.

at the same time.

[Anonymous 1: … ? Is it true?]

[Anonymous 7: That’s it? Isn’t this the freshman room? But how can that happen?]

[Anonymous 2: ㅇㅋ Does that make sense?]

[Anonymous 11: No way]

[Anonymous 28: Suzaku Reader ON! Beep! It is the main work.]

[Anonymous 4: Didn’t an error pop up? That’s an A-class skill lol]

[Anonymous 9: Just looking at it, it’s a master piece lol]

Due to the successive magic of Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-hyun, the chat window was set on fire.

Everything was as Jaehyun expected.

After a while. The corners of Jaehyun’s mouth draw a soft arc.

‘I don’t think everyone believes it yet… It’s just a matter of time.’

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