I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 113

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Episode 113: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (1)

Start of the 2nd Practical Test. after about six hours.

Korea’s largest awakened community, ‘Raider Gallery’, was literally on the verge of an explosion.

It was thanks to the video uploaded a while ago in which Jaehyun uses the A-class magic 《Ice Rain》.

And now. There was a man who pressed the play button on the community’s black screen.

Song Ji-seok.

He was the person in charge of the team leader of the radar management headquarters.

He is smiling as if he is full of energy as he watches the video that is now playing.

A video I’ve already seen several times.

But no matter how you look at it, there was a corner that I couldn’t get tired of.

Comments were the same.

[Anonymous 1: Hey… Shit, is that possible?]

[Anonymous 2: Honestly, this is Evajaner;; What kind of freshman is overusing Class A skills?]

[Anonymous 3: ㅇ;; Wasn’t that supposed to be at least 3rd grade?]

[Anonymous 10: When I went to the next room, Seo Na and Ahn Ho-yeon also used B-level or higher skills well?]

[Anonymous 5: Ai Sitpal~! Are B and A the same hahahaha]

[Anonymous 6: Isn’t it Jujak?]

[Anonymous 4: Yesterday, the Suzaku reader checked the Suzaku, but there was no trace of manipulation in the video. Therefore, that means ㄹㅇ ji skill.]

[Anonymous 7: Crazy…;;]

[Anonymous 8: Hey, but no matter how you look at it, that’s not it. Age may be a factor.]

[Anonymous 9: Well… it could be.]

It seemed that they couldn’t easily believe in Jaehyun’s achievements.

No wonder.

It’s amazing to use magic without casting for a freshman subject. You say you handle the A-class skill «Ice Rain»?

Is that also freely?

This was a level that other pro raiders couldn’t easily enter.

A community on fire.

Song Ji-seok murmured as he put his hand in the outer pocket of the coat he was wearing.

“Min Jaehyun… He doesn’t break a drop of sweat even after using Class A magic. Not too long ago, according to agent Kim Ji-yeon, it seems that she doesn’t get along well with Gu Ja-in… After all, I have to pull it this way somehow.”

Jae-hyun was a person who could be a major player in uncovering Gu Ja-in’s corruption.

Although still in the status of a cadet, he possesses skills beyond that of a cadet.

I didn’t know if I could bring out the fall of Gu Jain faster if I just got my hands on these talents.

Moreover, the situation is very good right now.

It is not clear why, but the Yeonhwa Guild is actively keeping Gu Jain in check.

The guild experience was prepared quietly enough that even the radar management headquarters did not notice.

Smelling this incident meant that Yooseong was also preparing to destroy Gu Ja-in.

If you use this well, it would not be unreasonable to work with Yeon-hwa to uncover Goo Ja-in’s evil deeds.

“Now is the real start.”

Song Ji-seok smiled, showing his white teeth.

He took his smartphone out of his suit coat and put it to his ear.

After a while.


Soon after, a familiar voice came from the smartphone.

Kyung Hoon Park.

Song Ji-seok’s direct junior, he was the first person to recognize Jae-hyun’s ability in the past and said that he might clear the dungeon in Neverland.

“uh. grow. Kyunghoon, how are you?”

[Senior finished the phone call. Is something going on?]

“I have one favor to ask of you.”

[…] Please?]

“okay. Why do you have that life you talked about before? Jaehyun Min. Investigate who is behind that bastard right away and hand over the files.”

[yes? all of a sudden… Besides, isn’t that a violation of human rights? A person who thinks of the people, such as the team leader of the Radar Management Headquarters, can do that… … .]

“This is an opportunity to destroy Gu Jain.”

At Song Ji-seok’s words, Park Kyung-hun over the phone was silent for a moment.

Guin. To both of them he was an object of terrible hatred.

In the past, Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hun each had the experience of losing their own family members to Goo Ja-in.

Song Ji-seok is his only son.

Park Kyung-hoon has a younger sister who is four years younger than him.

The two of them had reasons to hate Gu Ja-in.

That’s why I react sensitively to that name.

After a while.

Park Kyung-hoon said in a slightly subdued voice.

[…] I’ll try my best. But what if there is no back stomach?]

“There is no way.”

Song Ji-seok crossed his arms and said with a confident expression.

The reason he was so sure was clear.

The previous Neverland incident.

In that case, Song Ji-seok thought that Min Jae-hyeon’s identity would be widely known nationwide.

Characteristic from place of origin. from likes to dislikes. When did you wake up and how do you train, etc.



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Every little bit of information.

However, after the incident, Jaehyun’s name was only mentioned a few times on TV, and few articles were published compared to the weight of the work he had done.

And that is.

‘It means that the back boat that looked after Min Jae-hyun blocked all the articles. And that on purpose.’

But not all doubts were gone.


Why did Jaehyun hide his identity by covering reporters’ mouths?

Who else will look after Jaehyun?

Song Ji-seok has been thinking about him for over a month.

And I was certain of one thing.

‘Min Jae-hyun is hiding his power.’

At the same time he thought

Along with the guild experience incident, Yeonhwa Guild exploded an article as if it had been waiting for it. The meaning of this action is unclear.’

The corners of Song Ji-seok’s mouth went up. He spoke in a calm voice.

“First of all, find out the connection between Yeonhwa Guild and Min Jaehyun. I’m sure something interesting will come out.”

* * *

“Then let’s get moving.”

after the battle is over. Jaehyun looked around at the group and said.

Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo, who were watching Jae-hyun’s battle, asked in amazement.

“Jaehyunie, when did you learn an A-level skill?”

“therefore! does this make sense? We’re still freshmen!”

“Well, it just happened because I was doing something.”

After answering appropriately, Jaehyun started to scan the field.

It was because he had to pack all the necessary items before moving on to the second floor.

‘The dungeon’s difficulty increases as you go down. Farming time will run out.’

It is very difficult to catch high-ranking monsters in the depths of the dungeon and combine it with farming.

From the 2nd floor, a higher grade monster will appear. The ones I’m dealing with now are only C-class, but after that, I have to deal with up to B-class monsters.

Of course, since it’s a midterm exam, even if it’s the same level as the actual monster, it’s right to look down at least two or three ranks. Even this was bound to be a huge burden for freshmen.

It was good to pack all the necessary survival items on the 1st floor as much as possible.

After a while.

Jaehyun and the party succeeded in killing all the lava slimes.

In the first place, there was no great difficulty because it was a low-grade beast that only had to be careful of dust.

Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo also got used to dealing with enemies using bombs.

Of course, this method had its limitations as the effectiveness of bombs in the depths decreased sharply, but it was certain that the dungeon raid would go smoothly if it continued.

“after… At this point, it seems that the items are roughly packed. It would be better to start making potions soon.”

When Jaehyun spoke, Sungwoo Park pointed his finger across the street and said.

“I think the heat will be a little less over there. There is less energy coming up from the ground.”

“hmm… It certainly seems so.”

Jinah Kim agreed.

Jaehyun also decided that the location selection was not bad.

‘Because in order to make a burn resistance potion with frost weed, I have to get away from the heat to some extent.’

Jaehyun took out a basic set for tent installation from his inventory.

It was one of the items Park Ha-joon handed out before entering the dungeon for the first time.

Incidentally, a tent is a device that acts like a shelter, and when you enter it, the broadcast is cut off for a while.

In the meantime, they regroup and go into battle again.

For reference, the period leading up to this second practical test is 3 days.

The earlier you clear the dungeon, the earlier the time goes, but in general, it usually takes 3 days to clear it.

There are items that can only be obtained here, and the more carefully you clear the dungeon, the more points you get.

“Then we’ll pitch a tent.”

Park Seong-woo and Kim Jin-ah set up a tent.

Jaehyun plays the role of guarding the surroundings. Kim Yoo-jung took on the role of cooling the surrounding temperature with water-attribute magic until the potion was completed.

all important things. The distribution is done properly.

Thanks to that, the chat window was also filled with admiring comments.

[Anonymous 3: They are almost like veterans;; You seem to have learned how to attack dungeons well?]

[Anonymous 9: Isn’t it natural to teach in Korea’s top elite academy?]

[Anonymous 22: To be honest, when I went to Miles, I did that much, too?]

[Anonymous 1: Stop talking bullshit and wipe your feet at home before sleeping.]

[Anonymous 6: ㄴㅇㅋ]

“Okay, it’s done. Now let’s go inside.”

At Kim Jin-ah’s words, Jae-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung pushed their bodies inside the tent.

“It is quite cozy.”

After Kim Yoo-jung said that, she sat cross-legged in the middle.

Seongwoo Park took out alchemy tools such as pots, ladles, and burners and laid them out on the floor.

“I think it will take about an hour to make the potion.”

“are you okay. That’s enough.”

Jaehyun nodded.

One hour is enough.

Anyway, there are things I need to do before entering the second floor.

Well, in the first place, Sungwoo Park’s preparation speed is not that slow.

“under… But it’s really hot here. I think I’m going crazy.”

Kim Yoo-jung sighed and said. Jaehyun also agreed.

“I know. After all, this is a dungeon modeled after Muspelheim.”

No wonder, the inside of the dungeon was too hot.

If you use water attribute or ice attribute magic like before, it will get a little better, but even that can’t be abused.

In a situation where you don’t know when a monster will pop out, wasting magic power recklessly is poison. Patience is also one of Radar’s main virtues.

“I will try to do it as soon as possible. Be patient.”

At Park Seong-woo’s words, Kim Yoo-jung scratched her head as if she was embarrassed.

“Well, I didn’t mean to make it quickly… … .”

“Yeah. Kim Yoo-jung is also the best at noticing others.”

“hey! Because it’s not like that!”

Kim Jin-ah, who was next to Jae-hyun and Kim Yoo-jung, smiled lightly.

“You guys are really good.”

“It’s not particularly good.”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Kim Jin-ah tilted her head.

“Looks like a best friend right? Were you close since childhood?”

“hmm… I’ve known you ever since.”

Kim Yoo-jung had a blunt tone, but she answered right away.

Jaehyun laughed.

‘As expected, I can’t have a harsh personality.’

At first, she was angry when she heard that they were teaming up with the two of them, but Kim Yoo-jung knew it well.

There is nothing wrong with Kim Jin-ah and Park Sung-woo.

I just became more sensitive in a situation where I might lose my friend. She, too, fully understood their situation.

No matter how many people choose the job of a raider who kills monsters and closes dungeons, they are mere humans in the face of the fear of death.

Because fear gnaws away reason, and in the end it wears out reason.

After thinking for a while, Jaehyun looked back at the three of them and said.

“Guys. Wait a minute, I have something to tell you about the operation. Would you like to come together?”

The party followed Jaehyun’s words and gathered in a circle.

Jaehyun slowly explained his strategy to his colleagues. It was to convey the fluctuations he was not sure about until he entered the subspace.

After a while.

After hearing about the whole plan, the party looked at Jaehyun with dumbfounded faces.

“… Is that really even possible?”

Kim Yoo-jung’s bewildered voice echoed inside the tent for a while.

Jaehyun stood up from his seat and smiled.

“of course.”

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