I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 116

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Episode 116: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (4)

―Displays acquired item information.

[consumption item]

Name: Hwajeong

Grade: B

An item that temporarily greatly increases flame resistance.

*Increases fire resistance by 300% for 1 hour when consumed.

*Effect does not appear from the second intake after intake once.

Guin. The director of Milles has hidden some hidden pieces in this sub-space.

The Hwajeong obtained this time was one of them, and this was the most important item in Jaehyun’s opinion for clearing this dungeon.

An item that instantly greatly increases fire resistance.

This will be of great help in helping the team in the moment of crisis and realizing Jaehyun’s plan.

‘That’s stupid. He probably thought that freshmen couldn’t come this far. I was complacent uncharacteristically for him.’

Gu Jain probably never thought that a freshman would cross the stone wall and reach this place.

In order to climb this far in the first place, you must have at least 80 Agility and 50 Strength.

Compensating for speed with various skills is a bonus, and even the ability to step on an invisible footrest by twisting the body while flying.

It was designed to be impossible to obtain at the cadet level.

The reason Gu Ja-in hides items that can’t be found in the dungeon is simple.

‘To create an environment like a real dungeon as much as possible and to inspire the cadets.

… It’s a title, but it’s an unexpected surprise.’

Basically, it is absolutely impossible to reach this point without reaching the level of A. It would have been even more troublesome for Jae-hyun if he hadn’t had Kim Yoo-jung’s help.

Of course, the story would be different if I could use the priest’s equipment at will. All priestly items are completely prohibited here, except for EX-class items that cannot be identified by detectors.

I couldn’t rely on something like the S-class item «TRP’s Thunder Walk».

Of course, even if that is excluded, Jaehyun’s current ability is unrivaled.

Jaehyun said while showing Hwajeong clearly on camera.

“It’s a little disappointing that it has a temporary effect, but Hwajeong is a great item. It’s an item that increases fire resistance by 300 percent for an hour.”

[Anonymous 3: I saw that at a department store before; But I heard that it costs about 30 to 40 thousand won per piece]

[Anonymous 19: Miles Academy Class Boso ㅋㅋ Melting over 100 million per team in the midterm exam? ㅋㅋ]

[Anonymous 17: How many people can get items by coming here in the first place?]

[Anonymous 19: Oh, well, that’s it.]

Most of the viewers responded that it was fun.

Jaehyun straightened his bent knee after putting Hwajeong in his inventory.

Now, I was thinking of going downstairs and starting a full-scale dungeon raid.

“Then let’s go. Because I got what I needed.”

Jaehyun laughed.

‘Now, let’s use this one.’

What kind of expression is Gu Jain making now?

Jaehyun went downstairs with a genuinely happy expression on his face.

Kim Yoo-jung screamed loudly just like when she came up.

* * *

The first night of the second practice test for the midterm exam.

Jae-hyeon returned and gave the party one Hwajeong.

You can only consume one of these items anyway, and it is a special item that only has an effect here.

Well, I couldn’t sell it, so there was no reason to save it here.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was handed the Hwajeong, looked at the item with her brow furrowed. She was not particularly attractive for her originally short mouth and avoiding bitter food.

Jaehyun said as if he had read her thoughts clearly.

“I know you can’t eat bitter things, but you have to eat here. That will make dungeon raids easier.”

“… Oh, I know, but it’s not as easy as you think.”

“that… Bitter food is good for you.”

Park Seong-woo intervened with a kind smile. He finished preparing all the potions a while ago and was taking a break.

Now they have almost cleared Stage 1 and are looking for a way down to the 2nd floor.

Of course, Jaehyun had already experienced it, so he knew all the roads.

However, as soon as you find the hidden piece, it is dangerous to search for it all the way to the road.

The moment viewers doubt the possibility of manipulation, the broadcasting will enter the path of defeat.

‘You shouldn’t create a situation that will make viewers tilt their heads. It’s more important than anything else to give people the perception that I’m diligently clearing the dungeon.’

Thanks to that, the four of them were looking around while pretending to find their way.

“What the hell is going to come out from the second floor?”

Park Seong-woo shrugged at Kim Jin-ah’s words.

“hmm… I’m not sure, but won’t there be monsters that are much stronger than here?”

“Quests are also a problem. The first floor was to catch all the monsters and go to the second floor. I’ll have to see what the 2nd floor quest is like.”

Everyone in the party agreed with Kim Yoo-jung’s words.

Of course, Jaehyun knew what the 2nd floor quest was.

A map with several stages in all.

‘There are three prepared floors. The last 3 floors were the boss fight. The difficulty is not too difficult. but.’

Jaehyun was thinking of realizing the plan he had conceived on the third floor.

Also, to do so requires near-perfect precision.

‘You have to be calm.’

Gu Ja-in is evil, but he is excellent.



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No matter how dirty he is, he is the one who has achieved his current position by trampling on countless people.

Dealing with him is impossible without a near-perfect plan.

“Then let’s go. Now we have to get to the second floor.”


With Kim Yoo-jung’s answer, they followed Jae-hyun and walked down the magma-infested road.

And the dead end road we arrived at.

When I cleared the cracks in the small stones, I saw a narrow gap barely big enough for a person to fit in.

This is the road leading to the second floor.

After removing the stone completely to avoid getting hurt, Jaehyun brushed off the dust underneath. Then, from the inside, I began to see an eerie cave covered in thick darkness.

Below were musty steps.

Jaehyun said calmly.


“omg… I never thought there would be stairs to the second floor in a place like this.”

As if surprised, Kim Jin-ah looked at the stairs and the dark road below them.

Park Seong-woo scratched his head.

“Somehow they said there was no way, so there was a way down underground.”

“In original stage dungeons, it’s a bit difficult to find the way to the next floor.”

Kim Yoo-jung said and glanced at Jae-hyun.

‘But how does he find his way so quickly?’

Kim Yoo-jung, who did not know that Jae-hyun had 《Magic Sense》, couldn’t help but wonder.

When Kim Yoo-jung tried to go down first, Jae-hyeon stretched out her arm and lightly stopped him.

“wait for a sec.”

“ok? why?”

“There is one more thing to be gained here.”

“… what is that?”

Kim Yoo-jung trembled as she saw the reappearance of a somewhat uneasy expression.

The same goes for Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo.

Jae-hyun patted Kim Yoo-jung on the shoulder and began to lift rocks near the open road.


Boom b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b!

A few small bugs, about 3 cm tall, began to crawl out.


Kim Yoo-jung screamed, but Jae-hyun didn’t care and quickly collected the bugs that had come out of the rocks.

Just like when I caught the moonlight fireflies the other day, I created a mana room and succeeded in catching four bugs without difficulty.

Jae-hyeon introduced bugs to the viewers and the party, leaving Kim Yoo-jung behind.

“This is it.”

“What is this!”

Kim Yu-jung screamed out loud.

Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo were calm, but they also didn’t like bugs very much.

[Anonymous 3: (Sympathy) put it in front ;]

[Anonymous 66: Seriously, I almost ran to the bathroom.]

[Anonymous 23: Why are bugs a target item? Lord… !]

[Anonymous 1: ??? Cute?]

[Anonymous 61: Respect bgachwi;;]

[Anonymous 2: But where do you use this?]

[Anonymous 89: They say that dog poop is not to be used for medicine. It will be used somewhere…]

[Anonymous 71: ㄴㅇㅋ]

Jaehyun enjoyed their reaction and said in a calm voice.

“These guys are monsters called bomb dust bugs. As you said, you don’t know where to use them, so it’s better to gather them in advance.”

After Jaehyun stored the bugs in his inventory, he pulled Kim Yoojung who was frozen.

“Let’s move. I have to go to the second floor.”

“you… If you can, can’t you take that out again?”

Jaehyun never answered Kim Yoojung’s question.

―You have entered Stage 2.

―2nd Tier Quest: Hunt the elite monsters on the 2nd Tier and steal hidden treasures.

(After clearing the quest, it will be sent to the 3rd floor immediately.)

* * *

Breath-taking heat. Even stronger flames are filling the field.

2nd tier.

Of course, stronger monsters appear here compared to the first floor.

‘From here, C+ or higher monsters come out. Kim Yoo-jung will be fine, but the other two could be dangerous. If even one player is out, I can’t move as I planned on the 3rd floor.’

There should be no mistake here in order to realize the plan to bring down Gu Jain.

On the contrary, there is no big problem on the 3rd floor where the boss fight is going on.

Jae-hyun has already prepared all the manuals on how to respond there.

From now on, it is important to carry out the strategy systematically.

“Anyway, it’s hotter here than on the first floor.”

Kim Jin-ah said while wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Kim Yoo-jung used cold magic to lower the temperature of the surrounding land.

Seeing this, Seongwoo Park and Jinah Kim laughed.

“thank you.”

Jaehyun also smiled.

If the teammates’ breathing improves, the subsequent attack will inevitably be much easier.

“To attack the second floor, you must first find the boss monster.”

Jaehyun spoke to the viewers watching the channel.

Viewers were arguing about the treasure theft.

[Anonymous 22: If you steal treasure, will a treasure goblin come out?]

[Anonymous 9: Ngeun-born.]

[Anonymous 91: But can goblins live in this hot place?]

[Anonymous 2: Yes. Then another mob will come out.]

“It’s a monster that holds treasure worthy of appearing in the Muspelheim Dungeon… There is a corner where I can point out one thing. Shall I tell you?”

[Anonymous 13: Oooh! already?]

[Anonymous 100: God-Jaehyun]

[Anonymous 97: You know the theory well? thief;; It’s really overbalanced haha]

[Anonymous 11: ㅋ ㅋ]

‘good. It’s over.’

Jaehyun intended to release some information in advance for a full-scale attack broadcast.

The same goes for the demons that will appear here.

Jaehyun was planning to use this to raise his awareness.

“It is the Salamander.”

At Jaehyun’s words, viewers responded that they did not know.

[Anonymous23: ?? Isn’t a salamander a lizard?]

[Anonymous82: Why does he have treasure? I just know that the drop rate is similar to that of normal mobs.]

[Anonymous 77: It’s so strange]

[Anonymous 3: All other attacks were correct, but I’m not sure about this one.]

Jaehyun smiled as if he expected a reaction.

“Salamander has the characteristic of being completely immune to fire. Also, it has a habit of collecting shiny things like a crow.

Because of this, there are many cases where miscellaneous items are hidden in their nests. Also, salamander eggs are also popular because they make great alchemy ingredients.”

[Anonymous 3: Ohh]

[Anonymous 1: That’s right. Anyway, right]

[Anonymous 9: After looking it up, it is said that salamanders are purifying salamanders, so they purify unclean items well. I don’t know how I knew there was an item hidden in the nest… .]

[Anonymous 9: Since there is little public information, it is difficult for the general public to know. Does this also teach at Miles?]

“It is not the information taught at Milles. I studied separately.”

After Jaehyun said calmly, he turned on his senses again and looked around.

As expected, I could feel the monster with a long torso moving slowly.

‘The distance is not far. But it’s not good to rush right away.’

Salamander is a C+ grade strong beast.

As long as they don’t have overwhelming force like Jae-hyun, the enemy can be a bit too much for the party.

Jaehyun took a moment to catch his breath.

‘If my memory is correct, the monsters to be hunted here are not ordinary salamanders. An elite monster. You have to catch the King Salamander to move to the third floor.’

However, there was no need to attack Salamander in a hurry.

Just now. As soon as the system attacks the second floor, it is delivered to the third floor.”

And that meant that it was best to move from the second floor fully prepared.

Jaehyun planned to pack all the necessary items and move carefully.

“As I explained earlier, let’s prepare as thoroughly as possible here. I’m going to look for some more hidden peace.”

“but. The instructor said that there are many hidden pieces in the subspace, so go ahead and find them. Like the resentment we got earlier.”

Kim Jin-ah nodded in agreement.

“okay. Then let’s go.”

Jaehyun started taking the lead in earnest.

He was thinking of getting his hands on the second hidden piece after Hwajeong here.

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