I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 117

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Episode 117: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (5)

Outside of Milles Academy.

Agent Kim Ji-yeon’s low voice is heard from a rare place.

“… yes. I’ve been trying to make contact until now, but I’m very busy… All right. I will contact cadet Min Jae-hyeon immediately after this practical training is over.”

The person on the phone with Kim Ji-yeon was none other than Song Ji-seok, the team leader of the Radar Management Headquarters.

The two were currently working to bring Jaehyun to the Radar Management Headquarters.

“however. Is there any possibility that Cadet Min Jae-hyeon is in contact with another faction?”

[That’s the problem.]

Song Ji-seok over the walkie-talkie paused for a while.

[Probably Min Jae-hyun. There will be a connection with Yeonhwa Guild.]

“A connection with the Yeonhwa Guild?”

Kim Ji-yeon asked with her eyes wide open. Song Ji-seok over the phone answered calmly.

[okay. Now that Kyung-hoon is investigating, something must come out. So, you contact Min Jae-hyeon as soon as possible so that he can bring you to this side. The conditions are to meet that side as much as possible.]

“All right.”

‘To meet the conditions as much as possible… The team leader also really wants to catch cadet Min Jae-hyeon.’

Kim Ji-yeon lightly bit her lip and thought.

Of course, I always thought it would come like this. Min Jae-hyun is a talented person with outstanding talent, and he is one of the few students who is on the opposite side of Goo Ja-in.

If Radar HQ can catch him here, it will be a big win in the long run.


It was none other than Goo Jain that made contact difficult until now.

‘Gu Ja-in was also targeting cadet Min Jae-hyeon.’

Looking at the trend of Gu Ja-in so far. It was right to see that he was also targeting Min Jae-hyun.

In the last few events, he showed great interest in Jaehyun and even manipulated the events.

Of course, there was no way to stop it because he found out too late, but Jaehyun overcame even this proudly. If that greedy human didn’t go after it, that would have been odd.

“Then we will contact you again.”

After a while. After Kim Ji-yeon ended her call, she headed to the control room at the academy.

It was to observe the reproduction in detail.

a few minutes later.

When I arrived at the control room, I saw a familiar face.

Instructor Park Ha-joon.

He wasn’t a particularly pleasant person.

‘Gujain seems to be away. … Well, that kind of thing happened, but there’s no way I’ll be fine.’

Kim Ji-yeon also heard everything Jaehyun said on the live broadcast a while ago. She was in awe of Gu Ja-in as he talked about him without hesitation.

Anyone who knows Koo Ja-in’s reputation in Korea couldn’t do that easily.

‘How on earth can a mere cadet speak mean things to Gu Jain?’

However, what was scarier than that was that Jae-hyeon knew about Gu Ja-in’s true identity to some extent.

‘Cadet Min Jae-hyeon is smart. He probably didn’t do anything he couldn’t fix.’

Kim Ji-yeon thought that Jae-hyun wasn’t just making a negative comment about Goo Ja-in.

Min Jae-hyeon knows about Goo Ja-in’s corruption.

In addition, he did this because he was confident that he would not be subjected to unfair things such as expulsion.

that was her idea

“Ah, Instructor Jiyeon Kim. What are you doing here?”

When Kim Ji-yeon came inside, Instructor Park Ha-joon raised her head and greeted her.

She let out a small sigh and replied appropriately.

“Ah, what. I want to see the situation of the second performance.”

“Haha, I’m in charge of this side, but I didn’t bother going here. Do you think I was unreliable?”

When Park Ha-joon spoke sarcasticly, Kim Ji-yeon smiled at her face.

She responded calmly and with clear pronunciation.

“well. Maybe so.”

Park Ha-joon’s face wrinkled slightly at those words.

‘It’s pitiful.’

Kim Ji-yeon ignored him as if it was no big deal and moved her gaze to the screen.

She knew very well why Park Ha-joon behaved in such an ugly way.

‘Originally, now that Kim Seok-gi has disappeared, I have the authority to lead the second practice of the midterm exam. Park Ha-joon intervened and took his place.’

Park Ha-joon used his connection with Goo Ja-in to push Kim Ji-yeon out and take his current position.

But this is an incomplete power.

Koo Ja-in has yet to fully acknowledge Park Ha-joon.

in this situation. Park Ha-joon is keeping Kim Ji-yeon, who has more skills than herself, in fear that she will be greedy for her position.

Park Ha-joon put his hands in his pockets and said sarcastically.

“I joined the company as a motivation at first. I’m a little sorry for leaving you like this.”

“Well, I’m not really interested, so I don’t know.”

“haha. what kind of words Who wouldn’t be greedy for this position? Stop being honest.”

Park Ha-joon said that and glanced at Kim Ji-yeon.

Still, she was staring at the screen without changing her expression.

‘… Heung, do you think you wouldn’t know that you’re envious of my position?’

Park Ha-joon grinded his teeth.


Park Ha-jun had a deep inferiority complex toward Kim Ji-yeon.



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last two years ago. As her first motivation to join Milles Academy, she was always a few steps ahead of herself.

Park Ha-joon’s status as a radar is very unstable even within Milles.

Because of this, he decided to use his strengths to succeed.

Ability to ride the line.

He may be lacking in skill, but he had the ability to line up well.

Thanks to this, Kim Ji-yeon took advantage of the gap outside of Goo Ja-in’s eyes and took the position herself.

‘Stupid bastard. Why are you arguing with the chairman… … .’

Kim Ji-yeon has a precedent of fighting against Gu Ja-in several times in the past.

In the process of planning major events for Miles, he climbed up to Jain Gu, the chairman of the board, saying that he had to ensure the safety of the cadets, so that the image of Miles would not be damaged externally.

Park Ha-jun could not understand.

What the hell is he saying to the chairman of Miles, saying this and that?

People sometimes have to cover up even the truth.

For the sake of success, it means that the mouth must be heavy.

‘Well, it’s thanks to this that I’ve been favored by Chairman Gu Ja-in.’

Park Ha-jun had no doubt that he was ahead of Kim Ji-yeon.

That’s why I’m trying to overcome my sense of inferiority by grabbing the pod like this.

Of course, there is no such pathetic thing as Kim Ji-yeon sees.

Kim Ji-yeon opened her mouth without taking her eyes off the screen.

“Instructor Park Ha-joon. I have only one piece of advice.”

“Ha, whatever.”

“The rope you held… You’d better check to see if it’s not a rotten rope.”

Jiyeon Kim turned and looked at him.

Soon after, she smiled once and left.

“Enough then.”

Park Ha-joon stood tall and could not say anything.

I felt my face turn bright red.

He clenched his fists nervously.

‘shit. still there! after… no. Chairman Koo Ja-in can’t reduce the rotten club. You will be back to your original place soon. That bastard is just something I envy.’

Park Ha-jun showed this and laughed.

* * *

Second hidden piece.

It is a very special item.

Items that cannot be used properly unless certain conditions are met.

But Jaehyun knew how to deal with it.

“This way.”

Now, Jaehyun’s words were about to go into the fire.

No matter what instructions he gave, he carried them out without question. It was more than I could have imagined.

[Anonymous 12: What kind of hidden piece is there? There must be something great about Miles, right?]

[Anonymous 23: Probably starting at least 100 million; Don’t you remember Hwajeong from earlier?]

[Anonymous 13: Yes, I even got it from the 1st floor. The second floor seems to be more boring?]

[Anonymous 88: I’m looking forward to it;;]

Viewers’ opinion was very good.

The cool battle and development of Jaehyun. Also, the fact that it is the only channel through which communication is possible seemed to come fresh to them.

To the extent that the majority of reviews say that it is a broadcast that people believe in and watch.

The community was also full of stories about Jaehyun and his teammates every day.

“By the way, what’s the salamander’s weakness?”

“As expected, the badge.”

Kim Yoo-jung interrupted and said.

“Basically, the Salamander has a hard outer shell, so it is difficult to damage it easily.

It’s the only ship with weak hardness, so if you attack it, you can easily catch it. The standard way to catch them is to use ice-attribute magic. If you use something hard and sharp like a fragment of ice, you can quickly peel off the outer skin.”

“wow… Yoojung knows you very well. Did you do well on the theory test? i envy you.”

Kim Yoo-jung cleared her throat as if she was embarrassed by Kim Jin-ah’s praise.

“Anyway, the best thing to do is aim for the moment you eat. The moment when monsters become weakest is when they eat food and their movements become dull due to the feeling of fullness.”

“He says everything right for the first time in a while.”

When Jaehyun said sarcastically, Kim Yoojung got angry.

“hey! But I haven’t lost to you in theory until now?!”

“There is a difference between being good at studying and saying the right things.”


“It’s okay between us… Are all the viewers listening?”

When Jaehyun raised the corner of his mouth and said, Kim Yoojung’s face turned blue.

In fact, in the chat window, there was a line of chatting with ‘ㅋ’ and ‘Kim Yoo-jung, who is the strongest in the world!’

Kim Yoo-jung was silent for a while with her face flushed.

so in silence Jaehyun has arrived at his destination.

A place where huge rocks are stuck everywhere. It was a place where the heat coming up from the ground was several times hotter than in other places.

“for a moment. I can feel the magic around here… … .”

Jaehyun murmured moderately and headed towards the center where the rocks were lined up.

‘good. I have everything I wanted.’

I smiled and looked around, but suddenly the chat started again.

[Anonymous 22: Oh, do you know what item to get this time?]

[Anonymous 32: Just looking at it, “That’s it”, yes]

[Anonymous 55: Oh “that”?]

[Anonymous 11: “That”;; My heart is already feeling magnificent…]

[Anonymous 93: No, what the fu*k is that, you fu*kers.]

[Anonymous 64: Let’s refrain from hate speech;;]

While meaningless chatting continued for a long time. Finally, a viewer who knows what item Jaehyun will get has appeared.

[Anonymous 52: Ah! isn’t that sword? Old things stuck at the end of that rock.]

Jaehyun laughed.

As the viewer testified, there are countless swords stuck in the nearby rocks.

All of them are old and should be thrown away at the junkyard right now.

But even in this gap there are treasures.

And Jaehyun planned to find the treasure.

“Then shall we find the hidden piece?”

Jaehyun approached the crack in the rock and began examining the sword.

Colleagues tilted their heads and asked.

“hey. But why is this sword suddenly falling behind? Aren’t these the real hidden pieces?”

“I know… Looking at it, it seems that everything here is an unidentified item. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“hmm… … .”

Jaehyun didn’t answer them, just raised the corner of his mouth.

Kim Yoo-jung shook her head as if she was fed up with it.

“I don’t know what it is, but it looks like it has a very dark plan.”

Jaehyun neatly ignored her words and lightly blew magic into his eyes.

―Use the active skill 《Foresight》.

―Check unconfirmed items!

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