I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 123

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Episode 123: Hidden Boss (3)

Through a series of simulated dungeon and guild experience events.

Jaehyun clearly understood.

As long as Gu Jain holds real power over Miles, the safety of the students cannot be guaranteed.

– that.

Because of this, Jaehyun tried to expel Goo Jain.

However. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to exclude him, who was in power in Miles.

Gu Jain was already building a mighty force. It is virtually impossible for Jaehyun to bring him down in the usual way.

Even if he had Yeonhwa Guild on his back, it would have taken several years.

For these reasons. Jaehyun came up with a plan to give Goo Jain a big blow.

It is to intervene in the subspace formula and put the hidden boss into a state of runaway.


Create a self-play and manipulate it as if Gu Jain deliberately pushed the cadet into a dangerous event.

Jaehyun smiled a little, invisible to the camera.

‘First, if you incited the people and covered up the deaths of the cadets by fabricating… …

This time it’s your turn to fall prey to the instigation.’


Jaehyun was thinking of removing him from the chairmanship of Milles at this event.

* * *

The control room of Milles Academy.

“What the hell are you talking about!”

Gu Jain hit the desk and spat out curse words.

180 degrees different from the usual calm.

Park Ha-joon, who was watching him from the side, swallowed his saliva.

‘I can’t believe the president is so agitated… … It’s serious.’

Park Ha-joon knew very well why Gu Ja-in was so angry.

Just now. It was because of the abnormality that occurred in subspace.

―The subspace connection is unstable.

―Red Drake is running out of control!

Gu Jain’s eyes were bloodshot.

The story told by the system sound that I heard was truly shocking.

‘Is the connection state of the subspace unstable? Red Drake ran out of control? How did Min Jae-hyun find the hidden layer in the first place?’

All sorts of questions swirled in my mind. There was no such variable in his plan.

‘I was thinking of going through this midterm exam quietly. But, why did this happen!’

According to his original plan, this midterm exam was supposed to pass quietly.

Even if it is not, it is a situation where his image has recently been greatly damaged externally.

It is dangerous to move at such a time.

So, through the midterm exam, he planned to distract the attention of the citizens who were focused on him… … .

“Min Jaehyun… … That’s what he did. He intervened in the system of subspace again!”

Gu Jain shouted with a reddened face.

Park Ha-joon received the words in a cold sweat.

“Ha, but is it really possible for a mediocre cadet to do that? Isn’t it a different problem from the one that intervened in the subspace earlier? Didn’t you interfere with the entire subspace this time?”

“There are no external stimuli other than that. I’m sure he did it.”

Gu Jain was adamant.

In fact, it is possible only from the inside to intervene in subspace with such precision.

There are limitations to modifying expressions remotely from outside.

“Finding the replicas of Hwajeong and Balmung, which are hidden pieces, is not enough, even the hidden boss… … .

How the hell am I supposed to accept this… … .”

I tried to cool my head, but I kept getting annoyed.

Park Ha-jun was also embarrassed by every single thing.

It was definitely the first time he had done anything like this in his seven days as an instructor.

At most, the cadet intervenes in the ceremony of the entire subspace?

It was a story no one would believe.

However, Park Ha-joon quickly came to his senses and raised his head.

he thought sincerely. Maybe this could be an opportunity for you.

‘If Chairman Koo Ja-in stays by his side when he is having a hard time, I will not worry about my career path!’

Gu Ja-in does not have his former right-hand man, Instructor Kim Seok-ki.

Park Ha-joon is in a situation where he can aim for that position.

Several times, while drinking kimchi soup, I told Gu Ja-in that he would be fine.

Having calmed down a bit, Gu Jain sighed and said.

“after… … . Still, I’m glad I’m that guy. The worst can be avoided.”


When Park Ha-joon asked again, Gu Ja-in said with a much improved expression.

“Think about it. If Jae-Hyun Min’s goal is to defeat the hidden boss and acquire the by-products, wouldn’t there be a big problem?

Of course, it is an expensive item, but it is better to give it away than to lose the honor of Milles Academy.”

The item is a problem that can be retrieved after dealing with Min Jae-hyun later.

Even if he can’t get it back in the worst case, as long as he clears the dungeon now.

At least it was certain that there would be fewer arrows of criticism coming back to him.



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If there’s just one thing that’s bothering you.

Why did Jaehyun Min make Drake run wild… … .

‘Perhaps the control was inexperienced, so I made a mistake.’

Gu Jain quickly understood.

If not, is there any reason to run the strong Red Drake out of control?

Moreover, he also removed the HP bar and safety device.

No matter how you look at it, it was natural to see that you made a mistake.

“Anyway, I’m angry right now, but I can only hope that Min Jae-hyeon defeats Red Drake quickly.”

“Yeah, as expected, the chairman is very insightful!”

After Park Ha-joon’s flattery, Gu Ja-in moved his gaze back to the screen, perhaps feeling a little relieved.

But, then.

[Kim Yoo-jung! Wake!]

The voice of an unlucky boy was heard. Gu Jain doubted his ears.

The voice I heard earlier was Min Jae-hyun’s.

however. Why are you shouting so urgently?

Gu Jain quickly turned his head.

‘Min Jae-hyun’s current skills are at least in the middle of A-level. Teammate Kim Yoo-jung is also an excellent supporter.

With the chemistry between the two of them, there would be no reason to be shaken by an enemy like that. … … weird. What am I missing?’

My heart skipped a beat with anxiety.

I felt a strange sense of incongruity spreading slowly through my body like extreme poison.

An angry voice continues to flow from the screen.

[Jinah, voice actor. Kim Yoo-jung, please.]

[Yeah, ah, okay!]

[I’m still fine… … Cool!]

[it’s okay! How are you going to move with a body like that!]

[Chu, the bleeding is so bad… … The subspace protection system is broken! Avoid them all!]

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two were silent for a while.

soon Gu Ja-in realized the reason for the sense of incongruity rising up through his skin.

Gu Jain’s red-hot eyes opened up as if they were about to explode.

“Min Jaehyun! this kid… … dare… … You dare to act?!”

Jaehyun Min was acting.

As if this situation happened because of the carelessness of the person who designed the subspace.

agitation and fabrication.

Right now, Min Jae-hyeon was instigating and fabricating against himself, the chairman of Miles.

Gu Ja-in’s shaking pupils headed for the chat window as if possessed.

[Anonymous 2: This is a real emergency! Can’t you see that Kim Yu-jung is bleeding?]

[Anonymous 3: Fu*king kids are going to die. What are Instructors Milles doing?]

[Anonymous 19: Other subspaces are fine now, but only here is like this. What the hell is Gu Jain doing to manage the academy facilities?]

[Anonymous 91: It may have been intentional. Min Jae-hyun said something bad about Goo Ja-in earlier. Isn’t that why you bought it after being king?]

[Anonymous 37: If even one of those kids dies, the academy should be closed immediately. How many times has it already been? Is it school that drives kids like that? Hell.]

Viewers had already succumbed to Jaehyun’s instigation.

“Aaaaaagh! Jaehyun Min… … !”

Gu Ja-in’s scream reverberated throughout the control room.

For the first time in a moment, Park Ha-joon doubted his line drawing skills.

Is it really okay as it is?

* * *

[Anonymous 9: Fu*king kids are bleeding! What are the instructors doing now!]

[Anonymous 45: Isn’t this because Jaehyun Min touched the subspace in the first place? Or was it intentional?]

[Anonymous 86: No. That touched the part. Right now, the entire subspace is not functioning properly.]

[Anonymous 21: Yes. If Min Jae-hyun did it on purpose, would the kids get hurt? Fu*king kids dying, the conspiracy theory is fu*king disgusting. Search.]

[Anonymous 5: Urgent announcement on the official website of Milles Academy. Because of the subspace error, it is impossible to go inside from the outside.]

[Anonymous 11: No? what if car Clear or die, is there only one of the two?]

[Anonymous 85: ㄴThat’s all right now. under… No matter how much Jaehyun Min, how can he kill a B+ monster? Unless a real miracle happens… … .]

Fierce criticism of Gu Jain and Milles Academy.

Supporting Jae-hyun and the company.

These two comments made the chat window hot.

‘Things are going just the way I want them.’

Jaehyun laughed inwardly and sent a telepathic message to Kim Yoojung.

[hey. Are you okay? Wasn’t it really right?]

[of course. Did you really feel my acting?]

In fact, Kim Yoo-jung wasn’t hit by Drake’s attack just a moment ago.

She just put on a decent performance and magic.

‘Kim Yoo-jung initially only acted as if she was injured by using bleeding magic after shedding Drake’s attack.

Well, I’m embarrassed because I acted better than I thought… … .’

Kim Yoo-jung was excited and talked freely.

[Ah, I guess I should have just been an actor. This beauty is too precious. really… … A big star has fallen in Korea.]

[Oh, don’t be ridiculous. I mean, you have to manage your expression.]

Jaehyun hurriedly pinched his thigh and replied.

Kim Yoo-jung sincerely said that she did not know why.

[What are you talking about? Why is that funny?]

[Ha, that’s it. He seems to be fine, so I’ll be that guy George. Take care not to hurt the other children.]

[ok? Am I a patient?]

[Don’t bullshit.]

After giving an appropriate reply, Jaehyun immediately deployed his magic.

From here it was his turn.

‘Red Drake. If you put your mind to it, you can handle this guy right away, but… … .

… … Then it’s no fun.’

Aaaaaa… … !

That moment.

The Red Drake roared loudly and began pouring out attacks.


The massive claw splits the ground and creates a fissure, through which magma gushes out.

The hot heat that swallowed Jaehyun at once.

‘It’s hot too. If I hadn’t eaten Hwajeong beforehand, I would have been in big trouble.’

Jaehyun used magic immediately after dodging the attack.

―Use the active skill 《Mana Weapon》.

Jaehyun put magic on his body, passed the party and confronted the enemy one-on-one.

Red Drake is a beast of B+ rank.

His colleagues are unmatchable, so he must be defeated alone.

“You guys just focus on defense.”

After Jaehyun said calmly, he quickly opened the subspace.

Then he took out a familiar artifact and held it in his hand.

[Anonymous 4: Huh!? isn’t that it? The sword I just got!]

[Anonymous 90: Fu*k! Balmung! I don’t know if that would be possible. Please please win!]

[Anonymous 41: Fu*k Jaehyun, I only believe in you!]

A replica of Balmung.

‘Life is a tempo. You lizard.’

Jaehyun laughed softly.

I was not confident. quality yourself.

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