I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 126

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Episode 126 Spotlight (2)

3 days later. Yeonhwa Guild official press conference.

Even in a conference room with a large crowd, there is one person who definitely grabs everyone’s attention.

Jaehyun Min.

He was a genius cadet who made a great contribution to uncovering Gu Ja-in’s misdeeds the past three days.

“I should have known from the first time I scored in the freshman hunt! Damn it, I thought he was the friend who negotiated with the Yeonhwa Guild first!”

“That’s right. It was a great opportunity for VBS to get the scoop first.”

“After investigating, it turns out that it was also Min Jae-hyeon who solved the Neverland incident. He wanted to go quietly, but it seems Yeon-hwa covered it.”

“Anyway, it was a waste. If I had been able to find out about Min Jae-hyun’s identity a little faster, I would have gotten a huge scoop.”

“Eh. That’s what I mean. Anyway, Yeonhwa takes good care of her family. How can she not fly a single article?”

Each of the reporters was talking about Jaehyun.

It wasn’t that there were no stories about Yoo Sung-eun and Yeon-hwa, but the main character of this press conference was Jae-hyun.

In a way, it was only natural that all the spotlight was focused on Jaehyun.

“why? Are you nervous now?”

The waiting room behind the press conference room.

Yoo Seong-eun, sitting across the table, asked Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun shrugged.

“are you okay. It’s just that I don’t like a lot of people that much.”

“For something like that, you did a splendid job. Now that this has happened, I need to fix it properly. is not it?”

“Do not worry. I will do my best without shaking.”

Jaehyun looked at his watch for a moment after replying appropriately.

There were less than five minutes left before the press conference began.

‘after. Let’s stay calm. It’s all over now. Jain Koo has stepped down as chairman, and Miles is in the hands of me on a temporary basis.’

Jaehyun calmly reflected on the events of the past three days.

On the first day of the break, Jae-hyun and Yoo Sung-eun visited the radar management headquarters.

There he met two familiar people.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hun.

They were people I had seen a couple of times before.

The two said they wanted to meet Jaehyun and would make a special offer.

[What was the reason you said you wanted to see Jaehyun?]

At the time of the first meeting, Yoo Seong-eun asked that question with a disapproving face.

Naturally, she did not allow Jaehyun to have a one-on-one conversation with the head office.

It was because he was worried that they would suggest that Jaehyun join the headquarters.

Radar Management Headquarters is a low salary, but it is easy to advance into politics afterwards.

For Yooseong, it was bound to be an awkward encounter.

So when Song Ji-seok first suggested that he meet Jae-hyun. Yoo Sung-eun allowed this on the condition that he also sit together.

The Radar Management Headquarters also readily accepted this.

However, the radar management headquarters has made an unexpected proposal that is completely different from what they thought.

However, contrary to Yoo Sung-eun’s expectations, the head office has made an unexpected proposal.

[I would like to appoint Min Jae-hyun to the position of honorary radar management headquarters.]

Song Ji-seok’s proposal was shocking.

Jaehyun and Yoo Seongeun faced each other and couldn’t help but blink.

What is the position of Honorary Radar Management Headquarters?

It does not belong directly to the country like members of other headquarters, but it can receive all the benefits of the radar management headquarters. She can be treated like an employee at the headquarters just by being active twice a year.

Simply put, it was a position close to the accumulated (?).

Also, this is of course another guild.

Or, it was irrelevant even if it was combined with another job.

From the subject of enjoying the benefits of civil servants to the point of being free to hold concurrent positions.

In many ways, it was a proposition with far more benefits than losses.

Song Ji-seok also added:

[The limit to two activities per year is only indicated in the document, and we have made it possible to replace it with simple volunteer activities, so please make a good decision.]

Song Ji-seok earnestly asked, and Jae-hyun eventually accepted.

[great. I will.]

Yoosung readily accepted the offer as it was a contract with nothing to lose.

Yeonhwa and Radar Management Headquarters. A contract in which both sides benefit.

However, it was reproduction that benefited the most.

‘Yeonhwa and Radar Management Headquarters. I was able to sleep on both sides at will. Both forces are in a situation where they can’t ignore me anymore.’

Both forces approached to take advantage of themselves.

If so, you will use them too.

That was the way of representation.

We had been talking for so long.

Finally, the real story came out.

Yoo Seong-eun asked first.

[Who do you plan to appoint as the new president of Milles Academy?]

Song Ji-seok said, raising the corners of his mouth as if he had already expected everything.

[Don’t worry. That part was also thought out in advance. Tell them to come in.]

The door of the office where we were talking with that horse opens.

Seeing the face of the person entering, Jaehyun was shocked.



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‘No way, I thought he would be the new chairman. Although it’s still temporary… … .’

“It’s about time. let’s go.”

While reminiscing, I suddenly heard Yoo Seong-eun’s voice.

After Jaehyun shook off his short thoughts, he faced reality again.

‘okay. You don’t have to think about the next problem now. Right now, it is more important than anything else to finish the press conference right in front of me.’

The first event to announce one’s appearance to the public.

As always, Jaehyun was going to get through this time as well.

* * *

chump chump chump!

Entering the press conference, hundreds of cameras fired their flashes all at once.

All reporters who received permission from the Yeonhwa Guild and officially entered here.

They were the ones who made a significant contribution to bringing down Gu Ja-in this time.

There were four seats in all.

Yoo Seong-eun, Song Ji-seok, Park Seong-jae, and the highest sang-seok were Jae-hyun’s seats.

Jaehyun sat down in the seat with his name written in the middle and looked ahead.

When a lot of people paid attention to him, he groaned a little, but it was okay.

‘It’s not like I committed a crime.’

After lightly brushing it off, he kept his expressionless while watching the reporters.

It seemed that a full-fledged press conference was about to begin. Yoo Seong-eun took the microphone first.

“hello. We sincerely welcome all of you who came to the official press conference of Yeonhwa Guild and Radar Management Headquarters. I am Yoo Seong-eun, the representative of Yeonhwa.”

Ceremonial applause was heard along with the voices.

Song Ji-seok and Park Seong-jae also greeted lightly.

“This is Song Ji-seok, who is in charge of Team 1 of the Radar Management Headquarters. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Yeonhwa’s manager Park Seongjae.”

Everyone was not nervous at all, as if they were used to press conferences.

Jaehyun also bowed lightly.

“This is Min Jaehyun.”

The moment Jaehyun said hello, the flash came out once again.

It was the moment when the purpose of the reporters gathered here was revealed.

‘It’s an opportunity to write an article about the Yeonhwa Guild’s preferred negotiator! I can’t miss it!’

‘A cadet who used A-class and S-class skills… … It’s a sensational article all over the world!’

‘There is also a story that CEO Yoo Seong-eun taught Min Jae-hyun himself. If only I could confirm this… … .’

Reporters were looking for a reenactment.

A crazy talent that has not yet been revealed to the world, and a sense of justice that throws itself without hesitation to save a team member at the time of practical training.

This will serve as an example for others.

Maybe if you write an article, the number of views won’t be a joke.

“Then, I will take the question from now on. If you have any questions, please raise your hand and follow the instructions of Manager Park Seong-jae.”

Yoo Sung-eun calmly controlled the reporters.

‘As expected, the representative of Yeonhwa is not just anyone.’

Jaehyun smiled lightly at that.

Recently, he has been close to Yoo Seong-eun, and he is not aware of it, but she is Yeon-hwa’s guild master.

She was the one who had done countless worse things.

It’s about a press conference like this.

Jaehyun thought about it, but suddenly a reporter in front of him got the right to speak and asked a question.

“Is it true that the former chairman, Gu Jain, intentionally killed the cadets and disguised it as an accident?”

“yes. you’re right.”

Yoo Seong-eun answered briefly, and then calmly continued.

“Guardian. He is clearly a villain, and I have all the evidence of his criminal activities.”

Hearing this, Jaehyun laughed.

‘Of course, I had a bit of trouble stealing it.’

In fact, all of Yeon-hwa’s corruption data about Goo Ja-in was dug up by Jae-hyun.

From the time I took the understanding of magic arithmetic class to now. Jae-hyun used Instructor Jeong Yi-soo, who succeeded in brainwashing, to secure a lot of corruption data.

Although it was not possible to steal all the information due to the low access rights, it was the result of using Seo Ah-hyun’s brain.

Circumstances of Koo Ja-in’s corruption, bribery-related data, double ledgers, etc.

They succeeded in stealing all kinds of dangerous data.

‘As a Gu-Jin, he would not have thought that his data would be lost.’

No wonder. Gu Ja-in only gives work to the henchmen he trusts.

In addition, in order for them to read the secret data inside Miles, they need to recognize the magic power of those they have given permission along with the password.

If you do not go through this, you will never be able to read the corruption data of Gu Ja-in.

but. Jae-hyun used Seo Ah-hyun to find out the academy’s password, and through Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s magic recognition, he was able to enter the secret reading room.

Once in the reading room, it wasn’t difficult to get the materials out.

Afterwards, Jaehyun handed over all information related to Gu Jain to Yeonhwa Guild.

I thought they would take care of the rest.

The result was also a success.

Yoo Seong-eun continued.

“By the way, this is not the first time Gu Jain has committed an evil deed. He has killed dozens of cadets and faked accidents.

An astronomical amount of support is delivered to the Milles Academy every year. In addition to that, it is estimated that there must have been some other reasons. This is still under investigation.”

The reporters quickly took notes on the related content through tablet PCs and notebooks they brought.

Their faces were itching to write an article.

about an hour after that. The press conference continued.

As the questions and answers continued, the reality of Gu Ja-in began to be revealed in detail.

How he committed and covered up the accident, and what kind of connections he had with high-ranking officials.

In addition, it is all about the 17 items that the Radar Management Headquarters applied while detaining Goo Ja-in.

Reporters were quick to play their hands whenever new facts came to light.

Perhaps by tomorrow, articles about Gu Jain and Miles will be pouring in non-stop.

Right then. A reporter asked a sharp question.

“Did the radar management headquarters not grasp this situation in advance?”

A painful reporter’s question. However, Song Ji-seok answered calmly.

“I have no face. It is our fault. Guild masters Yeon-hwa and Yoo-seong, and Min Jae-hyun, who sits in the middle, had a great influence in uncovering the corruption of former chairman Koo Ja-in.”

Song Ji-seok spoke lowly of himself and the radar management headquarters, and was encouraging Yeon-hwa and Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘okay. Is that how it came out?’

He understood Song Ji-seok’s intentions at once.

‘Currently, the power of the Radar Management Headquarters has become very weak. Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon will be promoted soon with the results of this job, but they won’t be able to wield the same power as before.’

It was natural.

Most of the top officials in the headquarters who really had power were those who ate Gu Ja-in’s bribes. However, they were all arrested along with Gu Jain.

It is true that recognition has increased by catching Jain Koo, but it is also a self-evident fact that the base of support is shaking.

In this situation, in order for the radar management headquarters to regain its power.

It was best to bury it with a strong and clean person.

Song Ji-seok planned to take control of the radar management headquarters.

To this end, he has made Yeon-hwa and herself an offer they cannot refuse.

‘There is nothing wrong with us. I just use it if I can eat it.’

As Jaehyun, it wasn’t a bad thing.

After Song Ji-seok lowered his head once, he continued.

“CEOs Yeonhwa Guild and Yoo Sung-eun, who helped us achieve this despite our shortcomings. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Min Jae-hyun.”

In response to Song Ji-seok’s answer, the reporter sat down without asking further questions.

It meant that the answer was sufficient.

After a while. The reporter to ask the next question rose from his seat.

Having been pointed out by Park Seong-jae, he looked at Jae-hyun for a moment and opened his mouth.

Jaehyun straightened up and sat down.

It was because he felt that his turn had finally come.

The reporter, sure enough, asked Jaehyun.

“Min Jaehyun is the guild master of Yeonhwa Guild. Is it true that Yooseong is the direct disciple of CEO?”

Something to come has come.

Jaehyun raised his eyebrows at that thought.

After he grabbed the mic, he took a deep breath.

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