I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 131

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131 Item Enhancement

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina with a bewildered face.

playful eyes. It seemed that he was sincere.

Jaehyun sighed as he put his hand on his face.

“under… … I don’t know how I got that misunderstanding… … .”

The moment I tried to reply with a sigh.

Kim Yu-jung interrupted like a thunderbolt.

“Where in the world did such a sweet scene come from just now… … ?”

This one, too, had an astonishing face.

Jaehyun nodded in agreement.

“Think about your usual relationship. And you know his personality. How many men can endure?”

“Do you cancel when you say that, with nice words?”

“Even your parents approved of it. Look at you once in a while.”

The two growled again soon.

Seo Ina hesitated for a moment and then added.

“… … You seem to be close with your parents too. I hope you guys look good too.”

“hmm. Honestly, it’s not that bad, but… … Still, it’s not a romantic feeling.”

Kim Yoo-jung crossed her arms and said.

For some reason, Seo Ina cleared her chest and nodded.

“… … huh. I’m sorry for asking something.”

“Oh right. It’s late. I am going now.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung shook her head as if she had given up.

“okay. Go go.”

“… … bye.”

Seo In-na also nodded as if resigned.

Jaehyun smiled and got up from his seat.

“Then see you later. call.”

The two didn’t even see Jaehyun off, probably because of the sarcasm.

Jaehyun went outside and walked down the empty streets at dawn.

From tomorrow, I have to digest the tight schedule again.

Just thinking about it made my body ache for some reason.

* * *

next day.

Jaehyun visited a department store specializing in radar near his house.

A place where I had been with Park Seong-jae in the past. It was to purchase the items necessary for the dungeon attack in advance and to purchase clothes that fit his new size.

“This and this. and… … Please give me that too.”

Jaehyun bought some clothes from his favorite brands.

From simple shirts and slacks to jeans, fitted blazers and ball caps, shoes and more.

After buying all sorts of things, I had no choice but to spend quite a bit of money.

“Now that I have enough money. You shouldn’t regret it.”

After Jaehyun bought all the clothes, he headed to the second floor.

A floor with professional equipment that I visited alone, leaving Park Seong-jae, who had run away, behind. Jaehyun had a few items to buy here.

As soon as I climbed the floor, I noticed several items hanging inside the glass exhibition hall.

From C grade to A grade. Artifacts of each grade are arranged neatly in the showcase.

Jaehyun groaned and looked around.

“It’s been a while.”

It was a new feeling.

In the past, Jaehyun had never thought of buying equipment items with money.

However, now he has the means to purchase almost every item here.

Of course, thanks to the items handed over by the system, the ambiguous equipment wouldn’t be of much help, but it didn’t feel bad anyway.

Jaehyun looked around moderately and finally stood in front of the object he wanted.

He lightly opened the system window to check the item information.

[Enhance item]

Name: Shadow Ore

Grade: A

An ore that enhances shadow equipment. When strengthening an item, the grade increases by 1.

*Additional stats may be added with a low probability.

* The probability varies depending on the skill of the smelter.

Price: 495,000,000

‘An item that I wanted to use right after I got the first Night Shade armor. At that time, I gave up because I didn’t have money, but now I can live.’

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

The other day, Jaehyun made huge profits with the operating profit of Studio Elixir. In addition, the combined income from selling all the items he had obtained in the dungeon was over 3 billion.

Of this, he intended to give about 1 billion to his mother and use the remaining money to strengthen his equipment.

It was because no matter how much the Aesir system distributed items, it was judged that it would be difficult to keep giving the necessary items in a timely manner.

Well, I must have made money anyway. If a better item comes along, you can change it.


Jaehyun called the clerk in front of him. The clerk approached with a smile and asked.

“Do you need anything?”



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“yes. I want to buy shadow ore. Give me one.”

“All right. Is there anything else you need?”

“Are there any enhancement stones that can enhance the apprentice Valkyrie set?”

“We will process it after checking the inventory. please wait for a moment.”

Jaehyun also bought three enhancement stones to enhance the apprentice Valkyrie set. He smiled as he held a shopping bag full of enhancement stones in both hands.

‘good. This will be of great help in future battles.

… … Of course, if the reinforcement is successful.’

That was the only problem.

However, Jaehyun was not deeply concerned.

“I have prepared all the measures for a time like this.”

A soft smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

* * *

two hours later. Upon returning home, Jaehyun immediately locked himself in his room.

I had just finished shopping at the department store and had just visited Lee Jae-sang’s workshop.

For reference, the reason Jaehyun visited the studio was simple.

[consumption item]

Name: Elixir of Fortune

Rating: A+

When drunk, increases the user’s luck exponentially for two hours.

“If you’re going to strengthen it anyway, it’s better to have a slightly higher probability.”

Jaehyun smiled.

“Anyway, the chancellor is really amazing. Already making an A+ class elixir.”

In the beginning, it was Lee Jae-sang who made the elixir of magical power enhancement and helped Jae-hyun a lot. Recently, the growth of Kobo Elixir has been smooth.

Lee Jae-sang’s growth had many corners that were helpful to Jae-hyeon.

“I’ll have to buy you a present later.”

Jaehyun took a deep breath and sat down.

After removing the shadow armor he was equipped with, he placed it on the floor alongside the shadow ore. After waiting for a while, the two items resonated and the system sound was heard.

―You can use 《Shadow Ore》 to enhance 《Shadow Armor》.

Jaehyun first checked the options of the shadow armor he was wearing.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Shadow Armor

Grade: B

The armor that protected Nightshade. Upon equipping it, you gain the 《Stealth》 skill.


1. Physical / magic defense +100

2. Acquire the active skill 《Stealth》.

[Active skill]

Name: Stealth

Grade: B

Stats: –

Completely hides from the enemy’s line of sight for 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

*However, if the enemy uses the 《Detection》 skill, the duration of the skill will be reduced to 1 minute.

―Do you want to enhance the 《Shadow Armor》 using the Enhancement Stone?

“No, wait.”

Jaehyun put his decision on hold for a while, then opened his inventory and took out the item.

Elixir of luck.

It was an elixir that could be expected to be effective in all situations where luck works.

Jaehyun immediately poured the elixir into his mouth and waited for a while.

―The user’s Luck temporarily increases significantly.

Jaehyun nodded and accepted the reinforcement proposal he had been putting on hold.

“I strengthen the shadow armor with shadow ore.”

with your voice. Dark shadows leaked from the shadow ore began to move to the armor.

Jaehyun held his breath and watched him silently.

After a while. It wasn’t long before I heard the voice I had been waiting for.

―The rank of «Shadow Armor» has risen by 1, making it A-class.

―As a result of your luck, the passive skill «Genius of Arms Crafting» is activated.

―<<Shadow Armor> will rise to S rank.


Two successive grade upgrades that I never thought of.

Even while Jaehyun was flustered, the sound of the system did not stop.

―<<Shadow Armor> has evolved into <Abyssal Armor>.

―Displays the information of 《Abyssal Armor》.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Abyssal Armor

Grade: S

Armor said to have been made from the abyss of Kinnungagaf.


1. Physical / Magic Defense +350

2. Acquire the active skill 《Stealth Lv 3》.

3. Acquire the passive skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

It was truly exponential growth.

Defense has also grown from 100 to 350, a value that can be expected in future battles.

Jaehyun also checked the strengthened «Stealth» and the newly acquired skill «Shadow Fairy Tale».

[Active skill]

Name: Stealth (Lv 3)

Grade: B

Stats: –

Completely hides from the enemy’s field of view for 15 minutes.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

*However, if the enemy uses the 《Detection》 skill, the duration of the skill is reduced to 3 minutes.

[Passive skill]

Name: Shadow Fairy

Grade: A

It creates layered afterimages by assimilating the shadow and the user.

Drains the enemy’s attack with a certain probability.

1. Drains the enemy’s attack with a 2% chance.

2. Obtain an item, and only once, the attack has a 100% chance of spilling.

*However, the effect of the skill does not apply to light attribute attacks.

“I couldn’t believe it, but I thought the passive would explode… … In addition, from skill enhancement to learning new skills.”

Jaehyun muttered with a pleasant smile.

It was a pleasant sound to hear.

Now with this, I have two S-class items. Not only that, but it was also encouraging that he had strengthened his highly valuable «Stealth» skill.

After that, small growth like this will make Jaehyun rank up faster.

‘Moreover, the newly obtained 《Shadow Fairy Tale》… … It’s a really useful skill. It’s a satisfactory achievement.’

The newly acquired skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》 is a passive evasion skill.

Although there are limitations such as a 2% chance and vulnerability to the light attribute, this alone was good enough.

“good. Shall we strengthen the remaining equipment as well?”

Jaehyun grinned and this time he took out the apprentice Valkyrie set and lined it up.

The apprentice Valkyrie set is an item that Jaehyun was particularly reluctant to change.

“Other people might say that they only hang themselves on C-class equipment, but… … .”

It was clear why Jaehyun wanted to keep the Valkyrie set.

Because of the set effect that is attached right away.

‘Anyway, it’s hard to find a skill that can replace 《Mana Steal》 in the Valkyrie set.’

《Mana Steal》 is a skill that recovers 1% of total mana whenever an enemy is defeated.

It was a skill that was difficult to throw away as Jaehyun, who consumed a lot of mana.

After a few days of trouble. Jaehyun decided to strengthen the item without giving up the skill.

“If you strengthen set items, your rank will go up, but your skills will be maintained. It’s perfect for my current situation. Moreover, there are also passives such as 《Armor Manufacturing Genius》, so you might be aiming for a jackpot.”

As for reproduction, strengthening items directly was more efficient in many ways.

―Do you want to use 3 《Valkyrie’s Enhancement Stones》 to enhance the 《Apprentice Valkyrie Set》?

A system tone was heard. Jaehyun immediately accepted.


The light flashed once again, and soon it began to move to the apprentice Valkyrie set.

After a while.

―The rank of 《Apprentice Valkyrie Set (3 pieces of equipment below)》 has increased by 1 to B rank.

Jaehyun nodded as he listened to the sound of the system.


Unfortunately, the passive skill didn’t explode like a while ago.

―Displays enhanced item information.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Intermediate Valkyrie’s Ring

Grade: B

A ring for intermediate Valkyries. A stylish silver decoration was added.

Horsepower: +25

Set Effect: 3/3

Passive Skill: Steal Mana (Lv 2)

* Set effect occurs when worn with Intermediate Valkyrie’s Necklace and Intermediate Valkyrie’s Earrings.

The effect of the necklace and earrings that came to mind was also the same.

Enhancement of basic magical power. However, that wasn’t all.

Jaehyun brought up the skill window of 《Mana Steal》 that he had leveled up.

[Passive skill]

Name: Steal Mana (Lv 2)

Grade: B

Instantly recovers 2% of your max HP whenever you kill an enemy.

As he leveled up, the effect of «Mana Steal» doubled.

Jaehyun wanted to scream in joy.

As dramatic as the previous two skills. It was strange that he wasn’t happy.

“good. All equipment items have been strengthened. Then next.”

After completing the reinforcement, Jaehyun muttered as he got up from his seat.

A confident smile bloomed on his face.

Jaehyun turned his head and looked at the window.

“Let me hear from you. Hella.”

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