I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 136

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Episode 136: Credentials (2)


The model of Jaehyun that was shot was pointed at Smir’s face without realizing it.

Smir quickly opened his palm to block Jaehyun’s attack, then gnashed his teeth.

“What a fool! Do you think you can defeat a giant with a human body!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer.

At the behest of his father, he has been guarding this place for the past 10,000 years.

Although ruins and dungeons appeared in the world in less than a few decades, it was Smir who had been protecting the great ruins long before they were revealed.

However, that effort. Was it for people who couldn’t even make sense of things like this?

“Stop it! Smir!”

Hela’s voice was no longer audible.

Smir immediately opened up his magic power. I thought I’d tell that cheeky man.

With what kind of feelings did he protect this great ruin?

“Adversary. My courtesy to you ends here.”

bursting power. However, Jaehyun did not back down from here either.

‘Go back here. It’s all about dying here. Now I can’t beat Heimdall.’

You can’t stop him unless you pass the second test.

No, even if he passed, there was no 100% guarantee that he could be stopped.


‘You should do everything you can. I won’t die of regret like before returning.’

Once again, Jaehyun took a leap. Smir’s spear of magical power surged toward Jaehyun.


―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

Jaehyun, who destroyed the opponent’s magic, immediately rushed towards the enemy’s center.

There was no hesitation. It was a move to kill the enemy.

* * *


The son of Hrungnir, and by far the strongest among the surviving giants.

However, there is a human who attacks him.

Jaehyun Min. He was the antagonist of the prophecy of the three goddesses.

‘How on earth can you do something like this!’

Smir saw Jaehyun closing the distance with fury.

It wasn’t enough that he destroyed his own magic, and the way he went straight toward my heart with the momentum to kill was like a yaksha.

he roared

“What moves you!”

Jaehyun’s body was thrown backwards by the shock wave that exploded along with the giant.

However, Jaehyun immediately straightened up.

You cannot defeat the enemy in a normal way. Jaehyun was well aware of his limitations.

‘At least on the same level as Hugin. Smir. Right now, I am an opponent that cannot be defeated. but.’

couldn’t lose

If you give up here, what about your family and colleagues?

Although he himself will not die due to the power of the prophecy, everything he holds dear will crumble.

I couldn’t leave this out.

Even if he had to risk his life here, Jaehyun had to prove his worth.

‘Looks like I’m finally proving my credentials.’

With the optimistic thoughts that passed by, Jaehyun drew his magic again.

The slowly rising mana forms armor around Jaehyun’s body, and the mana that spreads out in the form of a thin thread reads all the enemy’s attack directions.

Magic Weapon and Magic Sense. It was multicasting.


Jaehyun gritted it. He was accustomed to using two spells at the same time, but calculating more than three in his head was quite difficult for him.

But you have to.

can’t lose

Jaehyun stretched out his arm and used the third spell.

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth》 is activated.

The cold air that slowly radiates from the floor slows down the enemy.

Jaehyun increased the power of the attack by adding magic power without missing a chance.

Smir frowned and took out his weapon from the subspace and held it in his hand.

‘How the hell can humans do the Dark Elves’ secret… !’

It was incomprehensible, but now it was more urgent to block the attack.

Just like the gods, he can only use 30% of his power in Midgard.

Even if you are a giant, if you hit directly with an S-class skill, you will suffer considerable damage.

“It’s quite useful, Adversary! but… … soft!”

Smir broke the attack with a spear held straight in his hand.

Damn it!

The ice rushing toward Smir was scattered in pieces.

one. Jaehyun was waiting for this.


Immediately unfolded a new magic. The magic that he took out without stopping was Fire Strike.



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It was flame magic that was inversely related to ice.


A fist engulfed in flames from shattered ice shards hit directly, scattering pure white steam.

Smir was temporarily blinded, but he too did not panic and shouted.

“Do you think such an odd number will work!”

The steam that was so easily lifted with a cry. However, Smir’s expression was strange.

‘The adversary… … Where did it disappear to?’

Below, in front, on the side, behind. There was no reproduction anywhere.

The moment Smir’s thinking hardened for a moment.


Jaehyun holding the mana blade leaped towards the enemy.

‘… … Did you use stealth!’

Smir immediately realized.

Jaehyun used ice fragments to disrupt his vision and then used stealth.

In order to hide his appearance and not reveal his magical power.

even… …

‘Wasn’t the adversary a wizard?’

Jaehyun was attacking himself with movements close to martial arts rather than magic.

Smir gritted his teeth.

‘shit! This attack… … !’

can not avoid.

Before he could even think, a solid line formed on his shoulder.


Blood gushed out, darkening the bottom of the huge cavity.

at the same time.

With Chaeng!

The Mana Blade he was holding was completely shattered. The giant’s body was truly astonishing hardness.

Jaehyun sighed and straightened up again.

Now I’ve only fed one room.

The battle is still far away.

Jaehyun nodded and started to raise his mana again.

There is no chance of winning head-on.


I will constantly create variables to make it impossible to counter.

“Is this your way? adversary.”

Suddenly, Smir asked.

When Jaehyun didn’t answer, he added with sad eyes.

“No matter how hard you try, reality won’t change.

Odin is strong. The same goes for the Aesir gods. Does he still believe you can do it?”

Jaehyun deployed his magic and recreated the broken Mana Blade.

―Create a mana blade by activating the active skill 《Shape of Magic Tools》.

―The passive skill 《Genius of Arms Manufacturing》 is activated. The crafted item’s grade is raised by one level.

“At least.”

Jaehyun sighed and looked at the enemy.

“I thought it was better than standing still.”

“Senseless struggle only brings greater sacrifice.”

“Is that why you are sitting down?”

“You know nothing. Adversary, do you not know that none of the actions you are taking are worthwhile?”

At Smir’s words, Jaehyun responded with a fishy smile.

“I determine the value of my actions.”

Smir’s eyebrows twitched at Jaehyun’s words.

Smir’s pupils shook violently.

He clearly remembered the person who said the same thing.

“Why… … you said that… … !”

“I don’t know what that means… … I hate being distracted during a battle.”

The moment Smir stopped for a moment.

Jaehyun quickly rushed in without missing a chance and lowered his sword.

It seems that he has no intention of avoiding it. The time when Jaehyun was delighted as she watched Smir, who did not move.

“A little while ago, that word. Can you take responsibility?”

coo coo… … !

Along with Smir’s heavy horse, concentrated magic power burst from his body.

Jaehyun’s body was pushed backwards due to the air waves of magical energy exploding in a semicircle.



Jaehyun groaned as he hit the wall.

‘shit… … what the hell is this… … !’

Something incomprehensible happened.

Jaehyun clutched his chest in terrible pain as if the blood vessels were twisting all over his body.

‘My attack… … No, my movement completely stopped for an instant.’

“ha… … .”

However, there was no time to worry.

Jaehyun immediately rotated the mana remaining in his body and stabilized his breathing.

His body screamed because he had suddenly and forcefully used his mana, but there was no way.

Meanwhile, Smir was looking down at Jaehyun with a calm face.

Just now. Even the wound on Jaehyun’s shoulder had been completely restored.

“I will ask you again. Can you take responsibility for what you just said?”

Smir’s horse falling once again.

Jaehyun smiled and accepted.

“… … of course.”

“You said. That you yourself can determine the value of your actions. give me a chance If you can prove this, I will let you in.”

“… … opportunity?”

“Yes. I will give you one chance to prove yourself. You decide the method yourself.”

Jaehyun raised the corner of his mouth with a meaningful expression at Smir’s story.

“then… … .”

He straightened his bent knees and rose from his seat. Jaehyun met the giant’s eyes and said.

“I will endure only one attack with all your strength.”

“My full-strength attack?”

Smir narrowed his eyes and asked again. Hella shouted and said.

“Gee, what are you talking about?! Smir is a giant! It has power comparable to that of a god! As for you now… … .”

Jaehyun smiled and shook his head.

His two hot eyes were directed at Smir.

“How is it. Will you accept it?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Smir brushed his beard with a satisfied expression.

“good night. Whether you are qualified to set the value of your own actions. Furthermore, I will check whether it is an existence that can resist the great fate.”

“Look at me and then don’t say anything else.”

Hella, who was watching the situation, poured out curse words that were hard to believe that she was a demigod.

Of course, I just concentrated on ignoring Jaehyun.


Smir raised his spear high and took an attacking stance.

A frightened Hella shouted.

“Smir! Stop right now! The adversary of prophecy is our hope… … !”

“Your alter ego of Hel. don’t you know too That she cannot entrust the fate of the world to someone who cannot even keep her word.”

Hella did not immediately protest. She was the one who had withstood Heimdall’s recent attack and used up almost all of her magical energy to seal him.

Right now, she had no power to stop Smir.

‘no… … some way… … !’

“I wish you no luck.”

with your voice.


The spear thrown by Smir rushed toward Jaehyun at incredible speed.

By the way, then.

‘… … what?’

Smir’s expression hardened for a moment. For a moment, he saw

An arc was drawn slowly from the corner of Jaehyun’s mouth, and a faint smile was spreading.

Eventually, the moment the spear was about to be pierced into Jaehyun’s heart.

A system tone was heard.

-danger! Upon direct hit, all of the user’s vitality is consumed.

―Do you want to activate the special effect of 《Abyssal Armor》?

“It activates.”

With Jaehyun’s immediate answer.

A black shadow slowly rose up and began to cover the body.

‘What the hell is that… … !’

Smir’s face hardened. Conversely, Hella had a bright expression.

‘I never thought I would have left such a number… … !’

Right after the two beings were shocked to see Jaehyun for different reasons.

―The passive skill «Shadow Fairy Tale» is activated.

―All attacks are evaded only once!

Smir’s spear, which flew towards Jaehyun, was eaten by the shadow and disappeared.

Jaehyun smiled.

“Is this proof of my qualifications?”

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