I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 138

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Episode 138: Question and Answer between Angel and Devil (2)

“… … What do you mean?”

Even the devil said it as if he was dumbfounded.

Jaehyun smiled and nodded.

“I was thinking of going that way, so I asked you to get out of the way.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

There was silence for a while.

Hella also intervened as if she was dumbfounded.

“Ji, what are you doing! The reason to go to hell after getting all the answers right… … .”

“I must have chosen it because it was there.”

When Jaehyun responded in a nonchalant way, Hella was truly taken aback.

‘It’s not that I couldn’t answer. After finding heaven well, why the hell did you make that choice… … !’

It was something I couldn’t quite understand.

the angel on the left asked.

“Even if you go that way, you can definitely reach the second trial. but… … .”

“You have to fight enemies? I know.”

At Jaehyun’s cool answer, the devil eventually moved out of the way with a disapproving expression.

“Are you not going to follow me?”

Words to Hela. She let out a sigh and climbed onto Jaehyun’s shoulder.

It looked like he had almost given up.

Jaehyun said hello to angels and demons.

“Then I will go.”

“No, think again… … .”

The angel tried to ask, but Jaehyun had already disappeared through the door to hell.

The two remaining beings looked at each other and shook their heads.

They said he was the opponent of the prophecy, so I expected a normal human to come… … .

“Looks like the young screw is missing.”

“I know.”

However, the two were completely unaware. Why did Jaehyun choose the path to hell?

* * *

When Jaehyun opened the gates of hell and arrived there, countless dead people greeted him.

Even though they are dead, they are moving monsters. It was mainly an undead that could be seen in Helheim.

Even at first glance, there were hundreds of enemies beyond dozens.

However, Jaehyun smiled as if he liked it.

It was only then that Hella realized.

Why did Jaehyun deliberately choose the door to hell?

‘A clever human being.’

Thinking so, she clicked her tongue.

ugh… … !

―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

―There are undead monsters on the field.

―Change the skill to 《Judgment of Light》.


A pillar of light that had risen from the ceiling plunged right down.

The monster’s screams followed.

―Level has risen by 1!

―Level has risen by 1!

A level that constantly rises. Jaehyun turned to Hella and said.

“how is it. I think this is heaven.”

“… … joy. I’ve been rolling my head.”

Hella turned her head away as if pouting.

‘The experience is sweet.’

Jaehyun couldn’t erase his smile as he watched the undead monster screaming and collapsing.

‘I was aiming for this from the beginning.’

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

He remembered what the angels and demons had told him.

[Now, one of these two doors behind us is the door to heaven. The other is the door to Hell.

If you choose the door to heaven, you can easily pass this first puzzle, and if you choose the door to hell, you will have to fight the living but not alive.]

Jaehyun realized two important things here.

First, angels and demons never said that even if you choose the gates of hell, you won’t pass the first level.

This means that even if you choose Hell, as long as you can defeat all enemies, you will have no problem moving on to the next level.

Second, those who are alive but not alive.

This sentence refers only to undead monsters.

Those who can be dealt with very easily with Jaehyun’s Sacrifice.

‘The lack of magical power can be continuously filled with the 2% recovery effect of the newly strengthened intermediate Valkyrie set. The undead are overflowing, and the level is also raised. If this isn’t paradise, what is it?’

Jaehyun slaughtered the undead monsters with a devilish smile.

Hella watched it for a long time and stuck out her tongue.



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‘I don’t know who the hell is the monster.’

Hella sincerely thought so.

About 2 hours from there.

Jaehyun killed 3,000 undead monsters without using a single mana potion, and raised a total of 4 levels.

Not long after.

Giing… … !

An intense beam of light penetrated Jaehyun’s body.

‘It’s transfer magic. Are you going to guide me to the next ordeal?’

Jaehyun laughed lightly without avoiding it.

* * *

[Welcome to Stage 2!]

The halo of light fades.

The first thing I heard was the voice of a middle-aged man.

His tone is humorous, as if it were mixed with playfulness, even though it has been stored for years.

“This… … ?”

My vision, which had been blurred by the light, quickly returned.

Jaehyun immediately raised his head and looked straight ahead.

‘what… … Is it a dump?’

It was such a busy space.

All sorts of junk is piled up around you so that you can’t see the ceiling.

The most notable thing was the altar in the middle and the magic circle written in complicated runes below it.

There are white chalk marks on the floor and a single spearhead sticking out sharply.

Jaehyun scratched his chin for a moment while examining the formula.

‘It’s a kind of activation magic. It’s also very complex.’

I’ve seen it before during the guild experience.

A form of installation magic that draws conclusions appropriate to the action when certain conditions are met. This was mainly used for high-ranking magic.

“Fulfill the conditions and escape. That is the condition of this test.”

The moment Jaehyun thinks. A man’s voice was heard again.

[You are right. Opponent of the prophecy!]

“Who are you?”

At Jaehyun’s question, the owner of the voice he heard burst into a hollow laugh.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

‘I can’t see the owner of the voice anywhere.’

The voice was very clear, coming directly through the brain, not through the eardrum.

‘This is also magic. It’s also very high-level.’

Jaehyun needed to be vigilant.

What if the opponent of the voice is the enemy?

A little while ago, while dealing with Smir, I used the evasion effect of «Abyssal Armor».

This is a special effect that allows you to avoid any attack for only one time.

Jaehyun was in a situation where there was no separate safety device.

“Are you the gatekeeper for this second stage?”

[I don’t like such a rigid position, but… … Well, I’ll leave it like that.]

“This voice… … .”

at that time. Hella, who had been silently looking around, interjected with her ears pricked up.

Jaehyun turned his head to the side and asked.

“Do you know someone?”

“Of course. Not only me, but probably you know.”

Jaehyun tilted his head at Hella’s words.

He had never heard such a playful voice before.

When Jaehyun tries to ask the owner of the voice back. he hit first

[I am Mimir. A giant of wisdom, and the creator of the Nornir System.]

The voice was laughing.

[He is the one who designed your destiny.]

* * *


A giant who plays a pivotal role in Norse mythology, and a presenter of <Odin’s Lost Eye> to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun remembered the first day when his fate changed.

―You have downloaded a new operating system. Would you like to run it?

―Run the new operating system 《Nornir System》.

―From now on, you have become the «Adversary» of the lofty Æsir.

The mysterious voice that had been heard at the time said.

The system crashed, and a new operating system was downloaded.

Jaehyun became the adversary of the lofty Aesir.

“The words that you designed my destiny. Can you elaborate a bit more?”

[That’s literally it. I was commissioned by the Three Sisters of Destiny and Loki to create a program to grow the antagonist of the prophecy. That work is the Nornir System.]

Jaehyun frowned.

“Why didn’t you explain the plan from the beginning?”

[Originally, it was difficult even to approach you because of the treaty concluded with the god Aesir.

Moreover, the Aesir system that you originally used, no, all Awoken use. That caught my ankle.]

Mimir was all talking inexplicably.

It’s probably because we can’t give you all the information because of the treaty.

Jaehyun nodded.

At least they knew from Hella that there were circumstances.

“Mimir, haven’t you heard that you’re guarding the second trial?”

It was Hella’s question. said Mimir with a laugh.

[okay. Originally, I thought so. But, Hella, don’t you know? that things are changing.

Odin, he has sensed that the antagonist of the prophecy is on the move. Furthermore, they are actively trying to contain the adversary.]

“I expected it, but… … .”

[The situation is not good. On the day when the ‘end’ is pulled… … The life of the adversary will not be guaranteed.]

“… … You talk too harshly about my life.”

Jaehyun shuddered and intervened.

Mimir laughed heartily.

[That’s right! Anyway, the reason I intervened in this second ordeal is simple. To test your qualifications.]

“Why haven’t you contacted me until now?”

[There were too many eyes to see. In fact, the reason I can have a conversation with you right now is because this place is inside the great ruins. You don’t have to notice the Aesir gods here.]

It was understandable.

In fact, it is very difficult to set foot inside the great ruins.

It’s a hidden place where even the European Union and its representative, Balak, couldn’t find a way.

It would be natural to be relatively free from the Aesir gods.

Jaehyun pondered for a moment before opening his mouth with his fists clenched.

“I will ask you one thing.”

[However much.]

“Why did you ask for my intentions when choosing me? If I were the chosen antagonist of fate anyway, my will wouldn’t have mattered.”

No wonder.

Dare to say, it was the decision of beings with transcendental status, such as gods and giants.

There was no way a mere human could disobey this decision.

If you wanted to, you could have controlled the reproduction even if you pressed it with force.

A completely unexpected answer came back to Jaehyun, who was worried.

[Because I didn’t want to leave the fate of the world to someone who couldn’t stand up for themselves.]


Hearing Mimir’s answer, Jaehyun muttered as if possessed.

[Yes. I’m just giving you a chance Will it change the given fate and rise again? Otherwise, will you sit down and spend your days?

You chose the former, and you have reached this point now.]

“That’s a great reason.”

Jaehyun stood upright with a smile on his lips.

“There are many more things I want to ask. But, you can’t answer all of them, can you?”

[Unfortunately, it is. No matter how great the ruins are, I can’t tell you anything that violates the treaty with the throne of Aesir.

but… … It is also laughable that as a giant of wisdom, nothing is said to those who crave knowledge.]

Mimir smiled innocently and spoke in a serious voice.

[Good. one thing. If you pass the second stage ordeal, I will give you a hint to reach the truth.]

Jaehyun nodded.

This isn’t a bad deal. He had to pass the second ordeal anyway, and it was an opportunity to learn information that Jaehyun couldn’t access at this point.

“Then explain the second ordeal.”


With the answer, Mimir’s voice resounded inside like an echo, and soon the torches around the altar began to light.

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva, looking at the altar and its surroundings. And focused on Mimir’s voice.

[The second trial is simple. Can you see the numerous clutter around?]

“yes. All kinds of things are gathered there.”

[From now on, you must offer only one of all the objects in this room as a sacrifice to the altar. However, keep two things in mind.

First, don’t forget that the offerings on the altar are for gaining wisdom.

Second, there is only one chance, and if the altar does not offer the desired sacrifice.]

Jaehyun’s pupils headed for the clutter thrown away.

Mimir burst into laughter.

[You will die here.]

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