I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 142

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Episode 142: Hrungnir’s Memories (3)

“O antagonist of the prophecy. I know you will be looking at this memory now.

my child… … Help Smir.”

Jaehyun clenched his fists involuntarily at the earnest words he heard.

‘okay… … Hrungnir had intended to show me his memories from the beginning. He must have already agreed with Urd.’

You can tell just by looking at the resonance between Urd’s mirror and the Nornir system.

From the beginning, Hrungnir was preparing for the end.

The great ruins were created for the son who will remain alone and the antagonist of the prophecy that will appear in the future.

He never gave up until the very end.

Jaehyun took a deep breath.

Of course, it’s an unbearably angry situation, but you have to be patient.

Because getting angry here and now doesn’t change anything.

Turbuck. Turbuck.

The sound of a giant walking. Before I knew it, Hrungnir stood in front of Thor.

“Here you are.”

Thor pulls out his hammer with a fishy smile on his face.

At the same time, the sky darkened and the power of lightning permeated Mjolnir.

Tsutsut… … !

“Isn’t that too much to begin with?”

It was Hrungnir’s question, but Thor answered with a smirk.

“I can’t help but face the strongest of the giants.”

“Thank you very much for that.”

“Then let’s begin.”

with Thor’s voice.


The hammer and whetstone collided, and the battle between the two transcendent beings began.

It was Thor who went first.

He quickly leaped into the air and swung Mjolnir down with force. The lightning bolts on the hammer quickly rushed towards Hrungnir.


Hrungnir also did not lose and blocked the electric shock using a whetstone.

However, it was impossible not to take damage at all.

Mjolnir is an artifact created with the goal of killing a giant in the first place. No matter how hard Hrungnir had a heart of stone, it was impossible for common sense to nullify all shocks.


The new model of Hrungnir was pushed back.

Thor looked at Hrungnir’s distorted face with a fishy sneer.

“I wanted to make a decision with you from the beginning. Hrungnir.”

“so. Are you satisfied now?”


Thor denied it and gripped the hammer a little tighter.

Immediately, Mjolnir, which was lifted up, exploded with highly concentrated magic power.

“I cannot be satisfied unless I kill you. Isn’t that obvious?”


At the same time, a thunderstorm raged in the sky with gathering clouds.

Before long, the fierce lightning slowly converged on Thor, and then flew towards Hrungnir.

Kurrrrr! thud!

With two consecutive noises, Hrungnir’s body, which blocked the electric shock, was pushed back.

A suffocating hostility imbued with magical power. Jaehyun sighed unconsciously.

‘It’s a different fight. As of now, I can’t even reach my toes.’

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but admit it. Thor is strong.

Hrungnir is also improving, but he cannot defeat Thor with that much power.

“Why but? Even that proud heart of stone, does my brain strike hurt?”

Hrungnir stumbled and continued forward.

Just a moment ago, my body was almost at its limit as I was trying to block the electric shock.

“Why are you doing this?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why are you trying to take more while taking the lives of innocent people?”

“hmm… … Was it such a story? Well, let me be honest.

I don’t know either.”

At Thor’s playful words, Hrungnir’s expression darkened.

It was Thor.

“Oh, don’t be angry. Really. I also don’t know why. It is the will of the great Odin, how can I go against it? is not it?”

“Are you saying you want to live like your father’s puppet for the rest of your life?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what happens to me as long as I can fight a strong guy.”

Thor added, swinging his hammer around.

“The boring story ends here. I ask one too.

Hrungnir. Why did you agree to fight me? You should have known it was a trap.”

“Because I had something to protect.”

At Hrungnir’s falling reply, Thor gathered the bright yellow lightning again.



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“What to keep. I will have to protect… … Did you have any of that left?

Neither your foolish wife nor your own people. I know almost all of them are in coffins.”

“It still remains. their value.”

“The dead don’t talk.”

“someday. Asgard will fall.”

“The Prophecy of the Three Norn Sisters… … do you believe it An adversary will appear?”

Hrungnir didn’t answer and just raised the whetstone.

A clear expression of intent not to answer. Even Thor took a warlike attitude.

A powerful wave of magical energy erupted from his body as he lifted Mjolnir.

“I will do whatever you want. Go to your stupid fellows.”

Thor controlled the surge of brain energy and fired another lightning bolt.

It is embarrassing to compare it to Jung Woo-min’s chain of lightning copied by Jae-hyun.

Tsutsutsutsut… … !


Hrungnir began to block the enemy’s attack, breathing heavily.

He was concentrating all his remaining mana on using communication magic.

That moment. Jaehyun began to hear Hrungnir’s voice.

[Adversary. Can you hear it?]

[If you are listening, keep this in mind.]


Hrungnir’s body, which had silently endured Thor’s attack, was stained black.

It didn’t hit Mjolnir directly, but it was that much of a wound just by grazing it.

Tears welled up in Smir’s eyes as he looked up at his father from below. He should save even a little bit of his mana and wrap it around his body. Otherwise, it’s a really dangerous situation.

However, Hrungnir already knew.

that he would die here.

The communication magic continued.

[You are the only direction you must go.]

[Don’t be shaken.]

Jaehyun’s eyes slowly fell.

Hrungnir, who was fighting the enemy, ran towards Thor after saying everything.

Kick off the ground and leap, quickly closing the distance to the center of the enemy.

However, the enemy only looked down at him floating in the air with a sullen face.

Like watching bugs move.

Thor’s eyes were pitch black. To him, Hrungnir was just a prey.

Or worse, it was nothing more than a toy.

“I will give you one last courtesy.”

With that, Thor threw Mjolnir at Hrungnir’s head.

A hammer that flies exactly in the direction Hrungnir is running.

“father… … !”

Smir’s piercing screams can be heard from below.

However, Hrungnir did not stop and went straight ahead in silence.

[Be sure to tell Smir that you are sorry. To resent the ugly father.]

After the last words that Hrungnir squeezed to the limit and delivered, Hrungnir also threw his whetstone.


The two weapons colliding in the air ended in a one-sided victory for one side.

Thor’s hammer pierced the whetstone and flew down without losing power.

Mjolnir accelerated and continued straight ahead, piercing Hrungnir’s stomach accurately.

“It’s almost over. I’m barely breathing Hrungnir. It’s more disappointing than I thought.”

mischievous smile. At the same time as Thor’s words fell.

A very small, extraordinary thing happened.

“This, this!”

One of the broken pieces of the whetstone flew right into Thor’s forehead.

The shrapnel rushed right through and lodged itself in Thor’s forehead.


Thor groaned furiously as he touched his bleeding forehead.

“Hrungnir… … ! I didn’t intend to win from the start. you were aiming for this shit!”

I just found out

Why did Hrungnir, who was only defending himself, run at him at the last moment?

To attack oneself with fragments.

‘strength… … It doesn’t go in properly.’

It wasn’t just Thor who was surprised.

“Thor’s magic… … Are you shrinking?”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. He quickly used his mana detection to re-measure Thor’s overwhelming mana that he had felt just a moment ago.

However, the result was completely different from before.

‘Thor… … I’m weak. The total amount of horsepower was reduced by at least 20%. but… … why?’

“Hrungnir’s whetstone has the power to offset the enemy’s magical power. Since that fragment is embedded in the head, one of the cores of magical power, it is only natural that the magical power that can be operated will decrease.”

Thanks to Hella’s explanation, Jaehyun finally realized how things had turned out.

“You’ve been aiming for it from the beginning. He sacrificed himself to weaken Thor’s power.”

“It was a decision I made for you.”

“Precisely, it will be for the one who will fight Thor in the future.”

Jaehyun corrected it, but had no choice but to focus on the situation that soon followed.

The enraged Thor came down to the ground and stood in front of the fallen Hrungnir.

The appearance of a giant who was gasping for breath, virtually dead.

Jaehyun held his breath involuntarily.

After a while. Thor’s trembling voice continued.

“How dare a giant humiliate me like this. Do you think this can be forgiven?”

“Cool! forgive… … What needs to be saved… … no I am… … Whoops!”

However, Hrungnir’s words were not finished.

It was because Thor, who had Mjolnir in his hand again, approached Hrungnir and placed his foot on his chest.

Hrungnir could not resist.

Everyone in the arena felt it. It is as if the life of a giant is no longer there.

Heavy words fell from Jaehyun’s mouth as he watched this.

“It’s a fucking ending.”

“It is also the future you must change.”

“Iknow, right. You guys left me with a filthy, difficult fate.”


Seeing the giant collapsed on the floor, countless spectators cheered.

It was to celebrate Thor’s victory.

However, only tears flowed endlessly from the eyes of a giant abandoned alone.

Smir. As he witnessed the death of his father following his mother, something that was pulling tight in his heart was cut off.

At the end of intense emotions, all that remains is pitch-black emptiness and loneliness.

“By doing this… … What did your father get?”

Smir’s empty voice is heard.

Jaehyun’s head bowed. At the same time, along with a torrent of emotion, magic was released.

The mana of reappearance that spreads like a blaze and the atmosphere of Asgard that circulates.

The activated magic gathers at one point of Jaehyun’s fingertips, and then it is radiated and scattered in the form of threads.

Hella spoke calmly.

“Jaehyun-kun, reap your magic. These are just memories of the past. If you raise your mana too much right now, there may be problems with memory retrieval.”

Jaehyun laughed lightly, ignoring Hella.

‘okay. Dangerous. But there are plenty of possibilities to walk.’

Jaehyun knew.

However, nothing can be changed as it is.

Although weakened, Thor is an overwhelming force.

In order to deal with such a strong person, there was no choice but to find a short cut.

However, Hella, who did not understand Jaehyun’s intention, continued to elaborate.

“Now you can’t change anything in this memory, and even if you did, nothing would change. You’re clever, don’t you know?”

“Do not worry. I am not an overly emotional person.

Well, what happens to the guy who is already dead. It’s not my business. just… … .”

I guess no. Jaehyun added that and quickly opened the subspace.

Hella tilted her head.

After a while. What Jaehyun took out from his inventory was none other than a blank card.

“You can’t… … !”

Hella’s eyes trembled as she watched Jaehyun’s actions.

Jaehyun turned the card around once and said.

“I thought it would be better if I gave Thor a shot.”

Just in time, Thor raised Mjolnir to end Hrungnir’s breath.

Unfortunately, Jaehyun had been waiting for this moment.

The time when the thunderbolt that moved to Mjolnir over Thor’s head drew out high-pressure mana.

―You can use a blank card.

-caution! This is an excessively high-grade skill compared to the user’s level!

―Copied skills cannot be fully used until the user’s level does not rise.

―Do you want to copy the passive skill «The Power of the Thunder God»?


Jaehyun laughed.

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