I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 143

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Episode 143 Last Question

―Do you want to copy the passive skill «The Power of the Thunder God»?


At the same time as Jaehyun’s words landed, the blank card he was holding was dyed with pure white light.

Brilliant and transparent light slowly began to permeate the card, and the color of the card gradually began to change.

Originally, the appearance of the blank card is a white background with a gold frame decoration.

However, the color of the card that copied the Thunder God’s power was clearly black.

―The special effect of 《Odin’s Lost Eye》 blooms.

―You can copy a skill that is one level higher than the original skill.

―However, the penalty for using the skill will be fully borne by the user.

―You succeeded in copying the passive skill «The Power of Thunder God».

―Displays acquired skill information.

[Passive skill]

Name: Thunder God’s Power

Object Class: Myth (New)

Stats: –

It contained the lightning of Thor, the god of thunder. The efficiency and power of Brain attribute skills increase rapidly.

1. The damage of brain property skills is added by 300%.

2. The efficiency of brain attribute skills increases by 50%.

3. It is a skill that can switch the on/off state.

*caution! It is an excessively high-grade skill compared to the user’s level. The skill cannot last long, and if it is violated, the body organs will be permanently damaged.

Jaehyun smiled lightly, and Hella frowned and shouted.

“What are you doing now! God’s skill is still too much for you to handle! What on earth are you going to do by copying a skill you can’t use right away?”

“You just have to grow fast enough to handle it. You will help too.”

It was a story that could feel like an irrelevant remark.

However, looking back at Jaehyun’s usual behavior, it was also something that could not be overlooked.

Meanwhile, immediately after copying the skill. Thor’s attack accurately hit Hrungnir.


With a huge explosion, Hrungnir’s stone heart was shattered intact.

Hrungnir’s body thumped a few times and then stopped moving.

“father… … .”

A small, resigned whisper came from Smir.

Jaehyun contemplated the death of Hrungnir with a detached expression.

Silence flows for a while. Jaehyun added briefly while looking at the dead giant.

“This is the best tribute I can do. … … I will keep my promise.”

Jaehyun turned around. Soon after, the sound of the system sounded.

―You have finished replaying all of your last memories.

―It goes back allegorically.

* * *

A wall of darkness and flickering light blocked the familiar son-in-law.

Reappearance was able to go through this and come back as a metaphor.

At the entrance of the ruins, as at the beginning, Smir stood tall.

The sense of intimidation that comes from its gigantic size. But why?

What makes those heavy shoulders look lonely?

“Did you see the memories?”

Smir spoke first. Jaehyun replied in a quiet voice.

“… … yes.”

“This is the last ordeal. I will ask you a question. Are you ready?”


Smir hesitated for a moment at Jaehyun’s cool answer, but it didn’t take long before he opened his mouth.

“O antagonist of the prophecy.

If you lose something precious to you, can you not be shaken?”

Jaehyun smiled lightly, clenched his fists for a moment, then opened them.

“no. I will undoubtedly be shaken. You will be sad, and you will suffer again.”

Just like you, Jaehyun barely swallowed these words down his throat.

Smir quietly listened to him.

After taking a deep breath, Jaehyun continued with a wet voice.

“But I will rise again. If you must go forward.”

Hela and Smir. The two transcendent beings looked at each other for a moment.

The deep silence that followed and the figure of Smir stroking his beard.

After a few minutes of silence. I wonder if Smir is like that, he muttered softly and then added.

“Passed. antagonist of the prophecy. You are qualified to pass the second trial.”

With Smir’s permission, a translucent window appeared before Jaehyun’s eyes.

―You have cleared the second trial.

―Your level has risen by 4.

[Main Quest]

Hrungnir’s Trial

Hrungnir, the leader of Jotunheim, presents you with an ordeal.



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Pass the three Wisdom Trials and clear the trials.

Difficulty: S+

Reward: Hrungnir’s Gift

Time remaining: –

Failure Penalty: –

Along with the voice, the quest window Hella showed me for the first time came to mind.

The level went up by 4.

In addition, Hrungnir’s gift written as a reward.

‘It must be at least an EX level or skill.’

Just when Jaehyun thought so.

―You have obtained Hrungnir’s Gift.

―You have acquired the passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Rage》.

―Displays information on newly acquired skills.

[Passive skill]

Name: Hrungnir’s Wrath

Rating: EX

Stats: –

Physical attack power and magic power increase by 2x when dealing with the throne of Aesir and Valkyries.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘… … what? Do you even have this skill?’

Of course, it wasn’t as efficient as Jaehyun’s other EX-class skills.

Hrungnir’s Rage is a skill that only takes effect when facing Aesir and Valkyrie.

It is true that it is difficult to expect the effect normally.

but. In an urgent situation like now, the story is different.

“That’s why I said that the second trial should be cleared quickly.”

Hella opened her chest and spoke confidently. Jaehyun petted her for the first time as she turned into her cat, thinking she was helpful to her.

“Wait a minute, what is this… … !”

As a demigod, Hela seemed quite ashamed, but Jaehyun didn’t care.

He was in a very good mood. This was because the settlement of compensation had not yet been completed.

―You have acquired the consumption item «Giant’s Blood».

Jaehyun also checked the following items sequentially.

[consumption item]

Name: Giant’s Blood

Rating: S+

Stats: –

The blood of a giant with both strength and wisdom.

When worn on the body, strength and wisdom stats increase rapidly.

1. Strength and Wisdom stats + 30

*This item cannot be used if the user does not have the minimum qualifications.

*Minimum Qualifications: Strength, Wisdom stats 150 or higher.

‘The giant’s blood… … It has limited stats, but it’s a good item.

Well, even if it’s not the case, I was thinking of putting some strength on it recently.’

Horsepower has already exceeded 150. The problem is that his strength stat is still less than 100 degrees.

‘Maybe because of this item, the proper grade for the second trial was S. Raising both stats to 150 is impossible without reaching S-class. It’s also difficult.’

However, there was no reason to worry deeply.

“Thank you for taking care of this and that… … .”

The moment Jaehyun said thank you, the last alarm sounded.

―You have acquired the title 《The One Who Overcame the Second Ordeal》.

[Title item]

Name: The One Who Overcame the Second Ordeal

Rating: A+

A title given to opponents who have overcome the second ordeal, the ordeal of Hrungnir.

1. Favorability of all giants +50

2. All stats +20

The 20 increase in all stats alone is worth it, but Jaehyun focused on the former.

‘In order to fight the Aesir gods later, I need to make allies. Even more so, the power of a giant was clearly seen in the battle of Hrungnir a while ago.’

If you can subdue the giants, your chances of winning the second Ragnarok will increase.

For Jaehyun, it was as important as improving his immediate stats.

“Looks like you got everything you deserve with this.”

“Are you going?”

It was Smir’s question that came unexpectedly.

A warm voice, not the same as when we first met.

Jaehyun said, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Because there’s nothing to do with these musty ruins anymore.”


After Smir spoke, I was about to close my eyes again.

Jaehyun took a step towards him and said.

“no. There was one more thing I had to do, but I forgot.”

“A thing to do?”

“He said he was sorry.”

There was no need to explain who the subject of the message was.

Jaehyun had a slightly stiff expression.

“To blame you, he said. of course… … .”

Maybe that’s not what you wanted.

After adding a little bit, Jaehyun turned around and started walking toward the outside of the large ruins.

“I kept my promise.”

With the last words, Jaehyun stood in front of the road heading straight outside.

After a while. The darkness devours Jaehyun’s body ravenously.

Only Smir was left alone in the empty cavity.

The entrance to the great ruins is closed, and in the ensuing unknown silence.

The corners of Smir’s mouth rose very slightly.

“Not even one day… … I was not resentful.”

Those words, too, did not require an explanation of the subject.

* * *

When I returned to the entrance of the great ruins with the darkness overshadowed by reappearance.

He couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

It was because the situation that was literally all over the place was waiting for reappearance.

‘crazy. They’ve already smelled it and flocked to it like this?’

Jaehyun hid himself in a nearby shelter and cast his gaze outside the great ruins for a moment. There, dozens of members of the European Union were already besieging the great ruins.

“It looks like they noticed that there are intruders in the great ruins.”

“All of them are talented. It will be difficult to get out.”

Jaehyun bit his lip at Hella’s words.

As she said, it is very difficult to sneak out of here.

In the first place, from their point of view, Jaehyun is in a position similar to that of a grave robber. The possibility of letting go smoothly is infinitely converging to zero.

Of course, it is none other than the European Union who currently has the right to capture the great ruins.

‘How much did you buy the strategy for? … I think it was over 200 billion at least.’

Jaehyun let out a sigh.

The magic power of the raiders surrounding him is at least A-class or higher.


‘Balack and Camilla are also here. With my current skills, it’s difficult to deal with two S-ranks alone.’

He calmly cooled his head.

How can I get out of here with minimal damage?

Jaehyun gave an answer.

‘I have to fight.’

He immediately unleashed so little magic that Ballack and the European Union didn’t even notice.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in crafting the equipment item 《Robe of Cognitive Error – Black》.

Jaehyun put on the robe he made using his skills and gestured to Hella.

“I will take my time. I will leave the way to escape to you.”

“under. all right. I don’t want to use that method… … I will signal, so please give me a chance to divert the enemy’s attention.”

“All right.”

Lobes of Cognitive Errors. It was an item that Jaehyun had touched at Radar Department Store the other day. It won’t last long, but at least it will confuse the enemy.


‘There’s one more way to confuse it, so it’s okay.’

Jaehyun nodded and took a deep breath.

In my previous life, I always thought that I wanted to have skills even half of them.

I really never dreamed that I would be facing an S-class raider, who is said to be in the heavenly world, at such an early date.

But you have to.

‘There is no time to be late. Heimdall’s restraints have already been released.’

An irresistibly disquieting being with enormous magical power began to move. Jaehyun is the only one who can stop this.


Jaehyun revealed a side of himself that he had been hiding. Of course, the robe was properly worn.


At the same time, shouts in my ears.

Immediately, a bright light fell on Jaehyun’s head, and dozens of union members armed with weapons aimed swords, spears, and staff at him.

at that time. A man appeared from behind, breaking through the crowd.

“Is it you? The one who stepped into the Great Ruins?”

There was no need to explain the man’s true identity.


The representative of the great ruins aimed a sword at Jaehyun.

“It would be better to answer meekly. Unless you want to die here.”

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