I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 144

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Episode 144: Two Swords (1)

“It would be better if you answered meekly. Unless you want to die here.”

Jaehyun smiled lightly at Ballack’s aggressive attitude.

“okay. You’re right. I attacked the Great Ruins.”

“As expected.”

Balak’s expression darkened slightly at Jaehyun’s words.

‘This guy’s words are true. I don’t feel the same magical energy from the ruins as before.

but… … How was that possible?’

No matter how you think about it, the great ruins are not at the level of attacking alone.

In the past, Balak had struggled for a long time even in a much smaller ruin. I was in danger of losing my life, and the artifact I got after barely clearing it was Balmung.

For this reason, close to hundreds of A-class raiders were summoned to attack the great ruins. It was to prepare for any accident that might happen.


Despite these enduring efforts, Ballack and the European Union were blocked by a strange wall called ‘credentials’ and could not even enter.

By the way, did you defeat the great ruins alone?

The one whose personal information is unknown?

‘But I can’t believe it. Actually, the ruins were attacked.

… … We have to dig that guy out somehow. He must know something.’

Balak glanced at Jaehyun with a distorted face.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders in a relaxed manner.

“I don’t think they’ll let go easily.”

“Huh, that sounds obvious. Not only did you infiltrate the great ruins owned by the European Union, but you even attacked them at will. How much risk did the alliance take with this incident? Do you think I’ll just let you go?”

“So what?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Balak took a step forward.

“I have to pay a fair reward. Of course, before that, I need to find out who you are.”

Balak’s eyes widened, and mighty magic power poured out of his body.

Jaehyun made a calm expression and wrapped magic around his body.

‘As expected, S-class radar. It’s a dangerous opponent. but… … .’

Compared to the overwhelming magical power of Thor and Hrungnir, this was nothing.

Jaehyun thought so and said with a stiff neck.

“I think one thing needs to be made clear. Even if you continued to challenge anyway, you would have failed in capturing the great ruins. It would have been absolutely impossible without me.”

It may sound a bit arrogant, but it wasn’t wrong.

According to the words of the Greeks, no one other than the opponents of the prophecies could set foot inside the Great Ruins.

However, it was an annoying answer for Ballack, who did not know the details.

He frowned.

“He’s an overconfident guy. Are you saying the EU lacked strength?”

“You know that. If you guys were so talented, why did you fail dozens of times? I heard that they couldn’t even get inside because their credentials failed.

No matter how you think about it, isn’t that a lack of qualifications?”

“This bastard… … !”

It was a cheap provocation, but Ballack was easily caught.

According to the information Jaehyun heard before returning, Balak had a very aggressive personality. He is very hot, and has such a fiery temper that he has never refused to fight with an opponent.

Jaehyun was thinking of using this appropriately.

‘The most meaningless thing in a fight is emotion. It goes without saying that the person who can stir up the enemy and create gaps has a higher chance of winning.’

“Originally, I tried to capture you, but… … Judging by his attitude, that must be difficult.”

“Then can I go soon? I have a TV program to watch in the evening.”

When Jaehyun spoke kindly, Balak’s eyes fell coldly.

His mouth twitched and a mischievous smile escaped.

‘Such confidence in front of an S-class radar. It seems that there is a corner to believe.

However, I will tell you clearly that it is meaningless to do so.’

The waves of magical power that exploded with his thoughts vibrated the entire field.

It was unbelievably thick magic for a martial art.

Balak did not stop there, opened the subspace and took a sword in his hand.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

A greatsword rolled up with a golden string neck.

It was a familiar artifact.

‘Looking at the way he took out the balmung from the beginning, he must have been very angry.’


It was a weapon that Jaehyun had handled before.

At the time of the second round of the midterm exam. He identified Balmung’s replica among the myriad of swords stuck in the cracks in the rock, and was able to easily defeat Red Drake using it.

‘But it’s completely different from then. That’s because it’s genuine.’

I have to deal with the power of the real thing that can’t be compared to replicas.

Jaehyun nervously prepared for battle.

Balak pointed his sword and said.

“I will catch you and hear how you set foot inside the ruins and how you attacked.”

“try. If you can.”

As soon as Jaehyun’s words fell, Balak kicked the ground.


Even though there was no distance to accelerate, Balak, who quickly arrived right in front of Jaehyun, rotated his body and swung his sword horizontally.

A speed that normal radar can never respond to.



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It was just cutting through the black air.

Jaehyun succeeded in avoiding Balak’s attack.

Balak’s eyes narrowed as the attack was futile.

‘My attack… … Missed?’

Jaehyun took about five steps back and smirked.

“Isn’t it faster than you thought?”

* * *

a few hours ago.

In the middle of the closed city of Daegu.

A giant dragon called a catastrophe has appeared.

One of the boss monsters, a monster that terrorized the world.

black drake.

Unlike Red Drake, whom Jaehyun faced before, he was a tricky being who had an S grade, not only a stronger body, but also using light magic.

It is only classified as such because it resembles a drake, but it is a beast of a predator class that does not fall far behind even compared to a dragon.

Aaaaa… … !!

A roar that echoes the heavens fills the field. At the same time, the black drake began to move little by little in search of prey.

Drake’s main food is lifeforms with magical powers.

i.e. Awoken. Or it was the same monster.

However, in recent years, few people have visited the closed city.

Thanks to this, Black Drake was in a very ferocious state. This is the reason why even those with very little magical power can never survive once they set foot here.

However, there is one thing that stands out about such a guy.

An existence that has magical power that is different from the Awakeners and monsters you have eaten so far.

Dotted, he was bound to something.

Kreur… … !

Unable to withstand hunger, Black Drake opened his mouth towards the mysterious existence.

A man with deep magical power that can’t be fathomed even at first glance.

And just when he was about to devour the being.


In an instant, the sound of a huge explosion pierced my ears.

The earth was shattered along with waves of mysterious magic that burst out in a semicircle. Dust rises, and cracks in the ground gradually expand their momentum, constantly causing a series of explosions.

coo cooo… … !!

Buildings collapse, everything around is destroyed.

Everything nearby is shattered beyond recognition.

After a while. the dust clears

The site of the explosion was truly shocking.

Black Drake’s upper body flew off with precision, as if measured with a ruler.

The Witchbeast looked as if it had been attacked by someone.

Both wings were burnt away, and the barely remaining leg beneath them was soon petrified and shattered.

However, in the midst of all the surroundings collapsing, only one remained in its place.

The man with the magic that Drake first tried to swallow.

Only he stood still, unmoving, looking around.

“hmm. Also, Odin was right. I can’t use all my powers in Midgard. Maybe Hella knew this and challenged me. but.

If you thought you could weaken me to this extent, you were mistaken.”

A rare voice.

Soon, with the sun shining down on him, the man’s face was colored with water.

A god with a huge horn on his back and a sword at his waist.


The Æsir’s watchman was finally unchained and set free.

“My mind has changed. good. Let’s go have a little more fun.”

Severing all the chains that bound him, he smiled, showing white teeth.

“wait. antagonist of the prophecy. This Heimdall will test you.”

* * *

‘How the hell did you avoid my attack? Among the fighting worlds, he is one of the best in terms of speed. If I’m not careful, I’ll be beaten.’

Balak watched the reenactment in front of him nervously.

“He was a strong guy after all. Well, if it wasn’t like this, you wouldn’t have thought of attacking me.”

Jaehyun shrugged, but didn’t respond.

However, in Balak’s mind, wariness against him was rapidly rising.

‘Among the S-class raiders, there are few guys who are faster than me. A similar level except for the wind god guild master in Korea. But what is that movement?’

On the other hand, Jaehyun had a clear understanding of Balak’s thoughts.

‘Perhaps he’s very upset right now. But the real thing starts now.’

Jaehyun opened his magic lightly with a smile.

Tsutsutsut… … !

The shape of the magical power concentrated on the fingertips begins to change little by little, and eventually begins to take on a complete form.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do… … You seem to be watching!”

Balak leaped again and swung his sword at Jaehyun.

The speed is obviously faster than before.

‘It seems like I used the speed compensation skill together.’

However, Jaehyun just calmly watched the enemy’s attack with a calm face.



Balak’s hand, which was swinging the sword horizontally, hesitated for a moment.

It was because something that looked like a weapon was slowly forming in Jaehyun’s hands.

Balak hurriedly changed his sword path and lowered his sword vertically.

However, that choice was not right.

It was because the speed at which artifacts formed in Jaehyun’s hand was much faster.

After a while. Balak’s gaze wavered when he saw the artifact created with magic.

at the same time.


His sword was blocked by something dull.

A simple but neat uplift that is suitable for deflecting attacks.

Balak’s heart was beating like crazy. All her nerves were sharpened, as if her blood was pumping backwards.


That was my first thought.

‘This, this is nonsense… … !’

Normally, I would have wondered why the attack didn’t work. He must have evaluated the enemy’s strength and thought about what swordsmanship to use afterwards.

But now was not the time to discuss such trivial matters.

Balak quickly kicked the ground and opened up the distance.


It was the only thought swirling in my head, clouding my thinking.

“you… … How, how could you have the same artifact as me?!”

An astonishment erupted from Balak’s mouth.

Jaehyun smiled and turned the sword in his hand once.

The sword that Jaehyun is holding right now is exactly the same as the one that Balak is holding.

It was Balmung, the dragon killing sword.

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