I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 146

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Episode 146: Two Swords (3)

The first time Balak’s attack was directed at him.

Jaehyun thought.

At least once, I want to be attacked from the front by an S-class raider.

If so, wouldn’t it be possible to know where I am now more clearly?

‘Of course, I still lack both single stats and destructive power compared to S-class raiders.

But I have the skills and agility to offset all of that.’

Various equipment items and skills including TRP’s Thunder Walk.

Jaehyun was well aware of his strengths.

There was no doubt about the confidence to use it properly.

‘Well, even so, it’s a fight with an S-class raider. It wasn’t easy.’

Recalling the battle, Jaehyun controlled his mana to release Balmung, then turned his numb wrist. Maybe it’s because the aftertaste hasn’t gone away yet, but the aftermath of the swords meeting a little while ago still remains.

S-class radar. It was also natural since it was the first time he faced a strong fighter.

Jaehyun looked down at Balak’s new model, which had been eaten by a huge sandstorm.

Even though he had to overcome a big mountain, he would have been able to do it with his real skills.

Jaehyun was still weak, and the enemy he had to deal with in the future was too strong.

The current victory is nothing more than a fluke.

Jaehyun repeated that to not be conceited and fell into thought.

‘Thor from Hrungnir’s memory… … The guy was incredibly strong. It would be the same for Heimdall, who will have to fight after a while.

There is only one thing to become stronger even a little faster.’

Repeating battles with stronger opponents.

To steadily develop step by step, optimizing the direction of battle.

For this, Jaehyun decided to fight Balak.

I had to take a lot of risk, but it wasn’t a big problem.

‘It wasn’t even powerful enough to kill me anyway. In the first place, my current defensive power far exceeds A-class, comparable to that of S-class.

No matter how much the enemy is S-class, it’s not easy to fall down.’

Reinforced by the 《Abyssal Armor》, Jaehyun’s defense is at a level beyond imagination.

It is numerically more than three times more efficient than the previously worn 《Shadow Armor》, as well as being able to respond to enemy attacks more colorfully by strengthening the skill.

In the worst case, even if you allow Balak’s attack, you won’t be knocked out easily.

‘At least enough to secure enough power to escape.’

Jaehyun nodded.

By any chance, even if he gets hurt, Jaehyun has «Sacrifice».

Unless it was a wound so deep that he could not use magic, the impact of the enemy’s attack on Jaehyun was negligible.

[Come on this way.]

Jaehyun was calmly organizing his thoughts, but Hella suddenly spoke to him.

Jae-hyun quickly erased his presence and threw himself into the bush where the telepathic message came from.

I didn’t forget to use “stealth” to hide myself.

‘Although there is a high possibility of getting caught in an artifact that detects magical power.’

In a premarital situation like this, even this is quite helpful.

‘Because I like to do whatever I can.’


Camilla’s harsh voice erupted from behind.

She murmured in disbelief at the horrors unfolding before her eyes.

“This is nonsense… … .”

The balak in his own eyes was literally a wreck.

The aftermath of the impact pushed him against a tree and barely moaned. It seemed that his condition, which was constantly breathing heavily, was already approaching a critical point.

‘This is nonsense! Ballack… … You made the head of the European Union look like this?’

It was beyond my understanding.

Camilla chewed her lips and was mesmerized by the unfolding scenery.

S-class radar. They, including himself, are some of the best monsters in the world.

Each one is equipped with overwhelming destructive power at the level of destroying a city. Beings that even dozens of A-class radars can’t handle.

But, did that assailant defeat such a Balak?

thought Camilla.

What if a being with such grotesque power roamed the city freely?

Even if he takes a hostile stance to the Coalition?

This is a major issue that can affect the safety of citizens as well as the alliance.

‘The fact that he defeated Ballack, who was ranked 4th in the world’s radar ranking, means that the guy from earlier had more skills than an S-class raider. I have to deal with it somehow!’

If you can’t capture it, you must kill it.

Camilla immediately made a decision and corrected her posture.

“You think I’ll let you run away?!”

Camilla let out a harsh shout and released the remaining magic power at once.


―Active skill 《Hell Fire》.

―Active skill 《Wind Chaser》.

A huge fireball flies with a double casting that follows immediately.

‘what… … This heat… … !’

Hot flames hit Jaehyun’s feet as he and Hela escaped from the ruins.

Unstoppable speed and insane destructive power. The power of the Hellfire, with the pursuit skill added, was beyond imagination.



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‘shit! Is it Camilla’s work? … !’


Hearing Hella’s urgent cry, Jaehyun quickly raised his head.

The moment he stretched out his arms and drew out the mana of his entire body to activate «Absolute Calculation».

―As a penalty for the active skill 《Overdrive》, the use of magical power is temporarily limited.

―The activation of the active skill 《Absolute Calculation》 is canceled.


Jaehyun frowned as he watched the dark purple flames flying toward him.



«Hellfire», with «Wind Chaser» attached, hit Jaehyun’s torso as it was.

It was an unavoidable, precise and destructive blow.

* * *

“ha… … ha… … .”

After a while. After all the dust from the explosion has cleared.

Appearing from the swirling dust, Camilla clicked her tongue.

“Tch, did you run away after all?”

It seemed that the Hellfire he had fired after reading his feelings a moment ago unfortunately missed.

I thought I had accurately grasped the enemy’s movements, but it seemed that the opponent’s agility was higher.

Camilla made a quick decision.

“It can’t be like this. Somehow find traces of him and finish… … .”

“No, stop. Camilla.”

It was none other than Balak who stopped Camilla, who was about to leave.

He had been attacked by Jaehyun a little while ago and was knocked down, but luckily the wounds weren’t deep, so he seemed to have just woken up.

Camilla let out a sigh of relief and put her hand on her waist.

“Looks like he was alive.”

“why? sorry? Because the day to pay my portrait has been delayed?”

“a little?”

Perhaps because he had calmed down a bit, Balak’s tone was softer than before.

Camilla sighed and asked.

“so. What do you mean a moment ago? Shall we not chase after the grave robber?”

“It is literally. Chasing him is dangerous. Contact your superiors first.”

Camilla’s eyes narrowed at Balak’s unexpected words.

Isn’t he the one who usually doesn’t contact headquarters first even if he dies?

I don’t like the nagging of old people or something.

Since Balak was always ignoring regular contact for various reasons, Camilla couldn’t help but be surprised by his change.

Camilla chewed her lips and thought.

‘There is only one reason why Balak has been able to maintain his position as the head of the coalition so far.

overwhelming skill. His awe-inspiring skills, incomparable to others, keep him in his place. however.’

That he is trying to figure out the seriousness of the situation first and then contact the upper management?

“What is it? You don’t really like contacting your superiors. Was he that strong?”

Camilla’s hard question. Upon receiving the question, Balak’s expression quickly darkened.

Silence flows for a while. Her ballak opened her mouth with difficulty.

“okay. He was a strong guy.”

“… … I really didn’t expect those words to come out of your mouth. Is there something going on? why. Even if your wife wants to reunite?”

Camilla asked genuinely concerned. Her balak glared at her, crinkling her expression.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Camilla. Well, maybe you haven’t seen it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He stopped the sword at the end.”

“… … what?”

A gasp escaped from Camilla’s mouth.

Ballack was nervous.

“I’m saying you didn’t cut me on purpose. S-class radar. With Balak in front of me, who is among the top five in the world.”

“that… … !”

It was hardly believable.

Of course, Camilla also watched the fight between Jaehyun and Balak.

However, she is always magical.

I didn’t know as much knowledge about martial arts fights as Balak.

‘If it comes from Balak’s mouth, you can trust it. At least for the sword.’

“That’s why I told you not to pursue me. Sending other guys will only make it a super corpse.”

“… … okay. Then I’ll contact the superiors.”

“Please. I need to get some rest.”

Balak gritted his teeth and said so.

A deep fighting spirit was boiling in his appearance as he turned around.

‘I don’t know who he is… … The day will come when we will meet again someday.

I won’t give up then.’

while he was reconsidering his decision.

Camilla was immersed in an unknown anxiety.

“I don’t know what it is, but that guy… … We have to deal with it quickly somehow.”

I can’t say for sure. However, both S-class raiders had a vague idea.

The existence wearing the mysterious black robe that confronted them a while ago.

He will bring a blue wave.

That too in the very near future.

* * *

“under… … I thought it was real this time, but I got lucky. Right?”

Hotel near the grand ruins. Jaehyun let out a heavy breath and murmured.

He had just escaped from the great ruins and fled here.

Hella replied in an annoyed voice.

“Does that sound carefree? Just a moment ago, that magic was really dangerous! If it hit you directly, even you would have been hurt quite deeply!”

“I wish it wasn’t right. Well, I learned something.”

“How can you be so optimistic… … .”

Hella freaked out and shook her head.

Jaehyun laughed.

He briefly recalled the time of Camilla’s attack a moment ago.

―The passive skill «Shadow Fairy Tale» is activated.

-Dodging enemy attacks.

Initiation of 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

This was the reason Jaehyun was able to dodge Camilla’s attack.

A new skill of Abyssal Armor that evades enemy attacks with a 2% chance.

I didn’t expect it because the probability wasn’t high, but it was triggered at just the right time.

‘It was an unexpected benefit. After all, hyeonjil is the best.’

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

It was rewarding to invest hundreds of millions of shadow ore and strengthen it into 《Abyssal Armor》.

“By the way, the S-class wizard’s attack… … It was amazing too.”

“In spite of the fact that it takes time to cast, the destructive power of the magic system is superior to that of the martial arts system. Camilla… … It’s a magical power that can’t be defeated even by you, the opponent. He was a great person.”

“Well, even Sensei, if you look at the amount of magic power, you are almost equal. Monsters are everywhere.”

Jae-hyun briefly thought of his teacher, Yoo Seong-eun.

The overwhelming power of the first encounter with her.

The battle with these two S-class reminded me of that time.

‘As expected, S-class. But I was soon too. definitely feel it I am growing.’

Jaehyun knew the speed of his growth better than anyone else.

Of course, I had the confidence to try harder.

After clearing things up for a while, Hella suddenly asked.

“Jaehyun. Let me ask you one thing. The man from before… … Why didn’t you kill him?”

The intention of Hella’s question was clear.

In the battle with Balak a little while ago, Jaehyun stopped his sword at the last moment.


It was Jaehyun who had the right to take the life and death of the enemy. If he was afraid of repercussions, it would have been better to kill him there, and Jaehyun would not have known this either.

However, he didn’t do that even though he knew everything.

Hella wanted to know if Jaehyun’s behavior was due to a simple whim or some other reason.

What is Jaehyun fighting for?

Jaehyun shrugged and replied.

“Because I didn’t have to kill him.”

“Please explain properly.”

When Hella rarely bothered, Jaehyun let out a sigh.

“If Balak had been killed there, everyone who could have survived would have died. Even though he is a bad guy, his skills are certain.”

“… … okay.”

Hella smiled as if she was satisfied with Jaehyun’s answer.

“Now. The second ruins attack must have been completed. Shall we go back soon?”

“great. Let’s go.”

Hearing Jaehyun’s words, Hella cried softly.

It was a sound she usually made when she was in a good mood.

‘That’s why it’s like a real cat.’

Jaehyun went to the central portal center in Reykjavik with a smile on his face.

The destination is Korea.

It was time to go back.

* * *

The first thing that welcomed Jaehyun back was a missed call from Seo Eana.

“what? Ina finishes calling first.”

Wasn’t it Seo Eana, who was usually shy and only communicated through text messages?

Jaehyun sent a reply with a puzzled expression.

[Min Jae-hyun: Why? What’s going on?]

Giing… … .

Almost immediately after sending the text, a reply arrived.

Jaehyun smiled strangely as he read the contents displayed on the screen of his smartphone.

“It’s a circle… … It was about time.”

Jaehyun thought with a smile.

Joining the Circle is one of the major events of Milles Academy.

It’s almost a month ahead.

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