I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 147

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147 The Night Before the Storm

Belt ring.

[Seo Ina: Jaehyun, how do you plan to join the circle?]

The content of the message that arrived was simple.

Jaehyun nodded, deep in thought.

‘Well, joining the Circle is one of the most important things in the academy event.’

I thought it was natural for my colleagues to be concerned.


This was one of the major policies of Radar academies nationwide, including Milles Academy.

To put it simply, it can be seen as a form similar to a regular school club. It is mainly a structure in which 2nd and 3rd year students create circles and accept and lead new students.

The main work of the circle is to receive requests from national or local organizations and solve them.

In this process, Miles’ side raises sales through relay commissions, and the cadets can also build awareness along with generating some profits.

At first glance, it looks very similar to a guild specializing in radar.

There was a reason for this.

‘Because the circle was modeled after the guild.’

The Circle was a national project designed to reduce countless trials and errors when academy cadets were later active in guilds.

‘Basically, the destination of the institutional system called Circle is clear. Developing radar cadets so that they can be put into the field as quickly as possible.

And in order to do so, various experiences and knowledge of cadets are inevitably required.’

A device for learning the rules of guild and group activities by experiencing circle activities in advance, and accumulating prior experience while solving requests.

Intention was good.

However, Jaehyun knew.

All of these advantages are completely unavailable unless you enter the circle of names.

If you enter a low-grade circle, you will only suffer losses.

‘My previous life was the same in many ways.’

Jaehyun smiled bitterly as he recalled the past.

before regression. He used to play in low-level circles.

To be honest, I didn’t want to join the circle, but as Miles’ basic rule was to join one circle per person, there was no way for Jaehyun.

Anyway, in the circle he entered like that, he couldn’t learn anything even though he was rolling to death.

People called seniors clumsily reached for discipline and openly ignored Jaehyun, who had low grades. Even if his level his wasn’t that high.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun felt a strong disillusionment with the circle.

‘But not from now on. How many corners can the circle system use?’

Jaehyun smiled.

In fact, there were a lot of parts that could be used in Milles’ circle system.

In particular, the S-ranked circle has a very strong right to speak within Milles.

Of course, in order to quickly raise the rank of the Circle, the recognition of the individual cadets belonging to the Circle was very important.

At this time, representation has a great advantage differentiated from others.

Possessing many S-class and A-class skills, a talent that is only a freshman at most.

Even Jaehyun was the one who changed all the records of first place in the midterm exam.

This was the reason why Jaehyun was an attractive talent to the upper circle.

“Although I thought of joining the same circle as the kids from the beginning.”

In fact, from the beginning, Jaehyun had the intention of joining the same circle as his colleagues.

In the first place, it was to help the growth of my colleagues for the sake of the current situation.

“Well, even so, it’s no fun if you do it easily. Children need to know how to be valuable.”

Jaehyun wrote and sent the reply with a fishy smile.

[Min Jae-hyun: Well. I haven’t decided yet. Find a suitable place and enter.]

[Seo Eana: If possible, there was a talk among the kids that we should all try to find out and enter the circle together. If it’s okay with you, won’t you join the same circle?]

[Min Jae-hyun: Um… … I just want to go in alone.]

last reply. For some reason, Seo Ina, who always responded with a knife, didn’t reply for a while.

Are you hurt? When Jaehyun scratched his head and thought about that.

Giing… … Giing… … .

For some reason, she got a phone call.

‘Is this really that serious… … .’

Jaehyun was a little surprised, but slowly cleared his throat.

Pros are more calm at times like this.

After waiting for about 3 seconds, Jaehyun answered the phone with a voice that sounded like he had just woken up.

[hey! Min Jaehyun!! Where is that?! You’re going to enter the circle alone?!

what shall we do! Are you going to throw it away?!]

A voice that seemed to rip your ears out as soon as you answered the phone. Of course, the owner was Kim Yoo-jung.

Jaehyun frowned and put the smartphone back to his ear.

“Hey, Kim Yoo-jung. You were surprised. We never promised to be in the same circle in the first place… … .”

[hey! If we formed a team together, shouldn’t we be responsible?]

It was sophistry even pretending to listen, so Jaehyun listened with one ear and let it go.

But I decided to make one thing clear.

“hey. Be honest. You’re seducing me because I covet the benefit of being number one in my grade. no?”

[…] … .]

It was a very brief silence, but Jaehyun immediately grasped their intentions.

“Kim Yoo-jung. Did you really think I wouldn’t know that?”

[Keuk, kuhm. Ho, Hoyeoni needs to change.]



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[What, what?! Why are you giving it to me all of a sudden!? I don’t have the confidence to convince Jaehyun… … Oh, is that hello?]

“You guys are really different.”

Jaehyun shook his head as if he was dumbfounded and fixed his smartphone.

After a while. Hearing Ahn Ho-yeon’s gibberish, he raised the corner of his mouth and said.

“Well, it’s not difficult to join the same circle.”

[Gee, is it real?]

Ahn Ho-yeon’s bewildered voice came from beyond the receiver.

‘This guy will take voice phishing well. I like all of them, but they are too naive.’

As a representation, it was a good thing. The best personality to use.

Jaehyun spoke.

“Instead, there is one condition.”

[…] … After all, if it was Jaehyun, I knew that would be the case.]

I heard the voice of Seo Ina muttering and sighing from behind.

I felt a little guilty, but quickly forgot about it.

[Jae Jae-ah, conditions between friends… … that’s too… … .]

“no? Drink or not.”

[…] … Even a friend should definitely do this. Haha, after all, you are calculating… … No, it’s reasonable.]

Ahn Ho-yeon’s compliments, not praises, came. Jaehyun nodded his head appropriately.

“Certainly I’m not lacking in that kind of side.”

[wake up.]

This sounds like Kim Yoo-jung’s voice.

Jaehyun was a little uncomfortable, but he smiled and said.

“I’ll tell you the conditions later. See you later at the academy after the holiday.”

[Oh yeah.]

After saying hello, Jaehyun hung up the phone and thought for a moment.

“by the way. The fact that the circle sign-up event is already imminent… … After all, it must mean that an outdoor training camp is coming.”

As for Jaehyun, it was something that he had no choice but to worry about.

An outdoor training camp held together during the period of circle promotion and temporary activities. The location of the event was a problem.

“A closed area in Daegu. The next event will be held there.”

Jaehyun bit his lip.

The decisive battle with Heimdall was not over yet. According to Hella, Heimdall had not been attacking her even though he had been released from bondage a long time ago.

Coincidentally, the last place he appeared was an enclosed area.

Jaehyun thought.

Is this really a coincidence?

‘No, it can’t be.’

“There must be a reason why Heimdall doesn’t attack me right away. And the reason is Heimdall’s ability his. In other words, there is a high possibility that it is related to future predictions.”

Hela said that Heimdall has the power to predict the future.

Perhaps he actively used his power to destroy Jaehyun, and it is highly likely that he saw Jaehyun’s future in the process.

Now, Heimdall is waiting.

A chance to break Jaehyun in the most devastating way.

‘and… … Perhaps that opportunity is an outdoor training camp. Heimdall will come after me and my comrades then. They’ll think that’s the chance to ruin me the most.’

Jaehyun smiled and looked out the window with cold eyes.

‘I know how to play.’

Jaehyun has already decided on his course of action.

‘Collision from the front.’

As always, Jaehyun predicted all the variables to the point of getting sick of it.

All that was left was the strength and confidence to put it into practice.

* * *

The roof of the reproduction house. where the moon shines.

Hella, who had been looking at the moon alone for the first time in a while, was lost in thought.

‘Why did Jaehyun say that?

… … will die For sure.’

These were the words I heard earlier when I was preparing measures to prevent Jaehyun and Heimdall.

It kept gnawing at Hella’s nerves.

At that time, Jaehyun asked.

[Hella, you said Heimdall’s purpose was to destroy me, right?]

[That’s right. It gnaws at the human heart, and eventually causes it to collapse.

That is how the Aesir gods dominated and brainwashed other forces.]

Jaehyun, who was worried for a while at Hella’s words, got lucky.

[Can I ask you one favor?]

[Are you asking?]

[Can you protect my colleague and mother?]

Hella couldn’t help but show displeasure at those words.

[That’s hard! Even if you join forces in the first place, Heimdall is a difficult opponent. I’m not someone who can win with my strength dispersed!]

[I know. but… … There is no other way. please.]

Jaehyun’s voice was quiet.

A calm tone different from usual.

After visiting the great ruins of Hrungnir, his attitude has changed significantly. A little more aloof, and a more relaxed look.

You’ll understand now The weight of the fate that surrounds you.

If you think about what you’ve been through, it’s not strange if your image changes.

Hella thought that while looking at Jaehyun. with the expression of wanting to withdraw the decision.

However, Jaehyun’s will was stubborn.

A heavy voice fell once again.


In the end, Hela had no choice but to accept his offer.

[…] … All right. Instead, you won’t count on my help when you face Heimdall.

and… … There is only one person who can help. I can’t keep more than that.]

[Then ask your mother. I’ll do the rest somehow.]

Hella opened her eyes at Jaehyun’s falling words.

How on earth can Jaehyun always maintain that kind of attitude?

‘When I think about it, it was always like that.’

Even when he first encountered Smir at the Great Ruins, Jaehyun never gave up. He took out a cold weapon and fought to convince him to go back, and he was finally able to answer the test.

‘There’s something different about him. Should I say no?

Jaehyun is… … The feeling of frustration is lacking.’

I couldn’t figure out how the hell that was possible.

Even before returning, he had repeated his frustrations. He was pessimistic about himself and always envied the lives of others.

However, not now.

Jaehyun has grown up. I did not give up and kept moving forward.

He can still grow.

Hella put a smile on her lips.

“You are a scary person. I can’t help it.

I can only help once.”

Hella muttered into the air with a determined expression on her face.

“Hell. lend me your strength I want to save Jaehyun somehow.”

[Do you really not regret it?]

The ruler of Helheim from the sphere of magical power floating in the air.

Hel’s voice was heard.

Hella nodded.

[…] … I mean, you’re stubborn too. But if that’s your choice, I’ll respect it.]

[thank you.]

moment to answer. Suddenly, thick magic power permeated Hella’s entire body.

A piece of deep and vast magical darkness slowly began to stay in Hella’s body along with the moonlight.

‘also… … I can’t stand it for long.’

Hella laughed bitterly. she knew

opportunity only once.

Hella was determined to protect Jaehyun even at the risk of her own sacrifice.

Heimdall will never be able to kill him.

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