I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 151

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Episode 151 Circle Creation (2)

“… … I want to go in.”

Surprisingly, the answer came back from Seo Ina first. determined expression.

It seems that he wanted to enter the circle with Jaehyun from the beginning.

‘What am I? A great welcome.’

Even when he first went through the simulated dungeon incident with Seo In-na, Jae-hyun thought that he shouldn’t be involved with her anymore. She said she might get in her way.

Maybe you’ll get involved in something dangerous and hurt yourself.

It was the same with other colleagues.

Lee Jae-sang, Ahn Ho-yeon, Kim Yoo-jung, and even Seo Ah-hyun, though a little ambiguous. Jaehyun was afraid of hurting them because of him.

Because of this, I have always tried not to have a deep relationship. Because when you have a deep relationship, you have to reveal your shame and secrets.

This was too difficult for Jaehyun, who had feelings of distrust towards others.

So I was about to give up. I didn’t build interpersonal relationships, and ran self-righteously.

But now I seemed to know.

You cannot reach what you want in this way.

Jaehyun finally realized that simple truth.

‘I’ll protect you somehow. I won’t let anyone die.’

Jaehyun made up his mind and nodded.

Soon after, the rest of the party replied as if there was nothing to worry about.

“I’ll go in too.”

“If it’s okay with me… … .”

“I go in too. But you said you were going to do this anyway, so when you called back then, did you bounce?

I knew you had a really bad personality, but… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung’s last nagging was heard with one ear as always.

Jaehyun opened his mouth looking at his colleagues.

“Welcome everyone to the circle I created.”

“… … But I have a question, what will you name your circle by any chance?”

It was Seo Ina’s question. Jaehyun smiled and added.

“I’ve already decided on a name for the circle.”

Jaehyun raised his head.

“The circle name is… … .”

* * *

“Here is the document you mentioned.”

Jaehyun handed the documents to Chairman Jiyeon Kim and said, Files for circle creation.

It was written by Jaehyun himself as soon as he heard about the intentions of his colleagues.

Kim Ji-yeon reached out and accepted the file and said.

“We will take care of it right away. It won’t take long. It will take two days.”

Jaehyun nodded.

‘As expected, I have connections and I need to see them. It’s going smoothly.’

Currently, the place where Jaehyun arrives and has a conversation is none other than the director’s office of Milles Academy.

A place that was used by Jain Gu in the past, a place full of crazy white-toned furniture.

However, now it has become a place that is no different from a second hideout for reappearance.

‘Chairman Kim Ji-yeon is a member of the radar management headquarters, and I am also a radar belonging to the headquarters.’

It is a situation where Kim Ji-yeon, the chairman of the board, cannot help but pay attention to Jae-hyun.

Looking back, it was all thanks to Jaehyun and Yeonhwa Guild that he got to where he is now.

She would have no choice but to care a little.

‘I’ll do any request. I won’t be able to refuse even if it’s a bit unreasonable.’

Jaehyun laughed to himself and began to plan how to rip off the academy.

I decided to use everything that was available anyway.

I had no intention of wanting to be at the convenience of others here.

After thinking about it for a while, Kim Ji-yeon, who was suddenly looking through the documents, asked.

“… … The circle name is Nain? Does it have any special meaning?”

“It doesn’t mean much. It’s just my favorite number.”


Kim Ji-yeon nodded without asking deeply.

She continued to read the paper, then suddenly stopped in one place and opened her eyes wide.

Kim Ji-yeon raised her head and asked.

“By the way, I expected the other cadets to be Jaehyun’s colleagues… … Did you really recruit this cadet into the Circle?”

The place Kim Ji-yeon pointed at was the area where the founding member was written.

There was a familiar name written on it.

Soyul Kwon.

As a second-year cadet with the unique skill 《Search》, he had a pretty good relationship with Jaehyun.

Why is she trying to move a circle when she is already in a circle with a name?

Didn’t he even fall out with Jaehyun because of the freshman hunt?

Kim Ji-yeon asks a curious question.

Jaehyun nodded his head as if it were natural.


“But wasn’t cadet Kwon So-yul on good terms with Jae-hyun? It’s like when hunting freshmen… … .

I can still clearly see that when I entered the martial arts class before, I was screaming that I would kill you right away.”



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‘… … You said something like that. this old man is real See you later.’

Unlike the inside, Jaehyun smiled on the outside and replied.

“no way. It’s all in the past. It’s been a long time since I forgot. and.”

Kim Ji-yeon tilted her head at Jae-hyun’s naturally virtuous tone.

Jaehyun was

“I’m pretty good at persuasion.”

* * *

Circle Seed’s Circle Room.

Shin Jun-sang frowned and shouted at Kwon So-yul, who was packing his personal belongings.

A harsh voice reverberated from inside the circle room to the outside.

“so. Are you really going to leave our circle? Even the guy who fucked us in freshman hunt. Min Jae-hyun is going to move to a new circle?!”

“okay. But what does that have to do with you?

“Does that make sense?! Suddenly, there was something in the middle, so why are you saying this?”

“It’s on my mind, so shut up. before I kill you.”

Kwon So-yul responded coldly, packed his bags, and left the circle room.

‘It’s annoying.’

Kwon So-yul clicked his tongue and put his hand in his pocket.

After all, my heart was hardened. There was no reason to listen to such a worthless bastard anymore. He already knew there was no vision here. There was no reason to stay.

‘Anyway, Min Jae-hyun. He’s a great guy. For a freshman, he’s on the level of A, and he’s already secured his academy connections… … .’

She smiled bitterly as she recalled the conversation she had with Jaehyun during the midterm exam.

It was when the moonlight fireflies went hunting.

[so. What do you have to offer me?]

[Come into the circle I will create.]

[…] … circle? Are you kidding? You’re going to make a circle on the freshman topic? No matter how good you are, that’s… … .]

[I’m saying this because I can. Well, I have connections. I’ve made all the plans, so don’t worry and just come. If you’re a senior, I’ll support you with anything I need.]

[Why are you doing this to me?]

[It’s a unique skill.]

[…] … Are you really filthy honest?]

[What is it? But you won’t regret it.]

How many people can’t trust Jaehyun’s words?

So far, he has risen to the present position by destroying the history of the academy. President Jain Gu incident, mock dungeon, hunting freshmen. In all kinds of events, Jaehyun stood out.

However, even with these stories, Kwon So-yul could not easily make a decision about moving the circle.

‘Because Circle Seed was great too. He thought there was no reason to move. but… … . He heard the story and changed his mind.’

Kwon So-yul looked back at the circle room and bit his lip as if it was dirty.

It was because Jaehyun had recently heard all the conversations they had about him.

[Kwon So-yul? He’s honestly a search shuttle. I can’t even fight properly, so what kind of radar is that? It’s just like my halo. It’s like a device to stand out.]

[Your face looks smooth too. I’ll have to pry it up later Maybe not? How will it work?]

[Fuck. Don’t approach me because I’ve pointed it out. Before killing him.]

It was the details of the conversation between the circle leader, the members, and the trusted Shin Jun-sang.

Jaehyun passed on the conversation details and audio files to her to convince him.

Kwon So-yul couldn’t help but be embarrassed. No, he was wrong before that. He himself has been devoted to Sid so far. Even if it wasn’t a situation that was revealed on the outside, I tried to grow the circle.

But is their reaction now the result of their efforts?

The look of those who just see themselves as a tool. Kwon So-yul was disappointed with this.

“Dirty bastards.”

No more emotions left. the size of their circle. That was my only regret, but now I know that it is no different from an illusion.

“Because he’ll break it soon.”

Kwon So-yul smiled and left. Shin Jun-sang, who had been following her with her devastated eyes, frowned at her and called her somewhere.

Undoubtedly, Jaehyun was up to something.

Such thoughts were simmering in his mind.

* * *

“Now, we are all gathered. All six members from the beginning.”

When Jaehyun crossed his arms and said, the five circle members sitting around nodded.

It was a place for light greetings, but well, you already know the face.

It became just a gathering for friendship under the guise of greetings.

“I knew that I had connections, but… … Could it be that you were one of the stockholders of Studio Elixir?”

Kwon So-yul looked around the meeting room on the second floor of the Studio Elixir building.

He was weak because he was intimidated by the murmur of his voice.

“Sister, nice to meet you! Thank you for helping me back then.”

Kim Yoo-jung greeted warmly as if she had forgotten the first awkwardness. Her title also changed from her senior to her older sister. Kwon So-yul also nodded her head happily.

“okay. Please take good care of me.”

“… … Please take care of me too.”

“Now, please take care of me.”

“i look forward to.”

The circle members lightly exchanged greetings with each other and looked at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun smiled softly. The reason we gathered here today is to inform you of the advance plans of the newly launched Circle Nine. This will be the starting point for Jaehyun to appear in earnest and raise her own value.

“For now, it’s not a formal circle because it’s still a temporary circle activity and promotion period.”

After Jaehyun got lucky, he looked at the other members.

‘As expected, no one seems to be going out.’

After clearing his throat, he began to connect again.

“Anyway, I called everyone because I wanted to tell them about their plans and vision for the future. So, listen carefully to what I am saying, and tell me if you have any disagreements.”

Seo Ina, who was sitting at the front, nodded.

The most passionate thing, it seemed a little excited.

‘but… … He said he’d never done club activities with other people.’

When she was in middle school, she was Seo In-na, who only practiced dying at an academy for awakened people without joining the clubs that everyone else did.

Events like these were what gave her the proper excitement.

“Well, let me explain. First of all, I plan to focus on the first event.

outdoor lodging. From there, the name of our circle will slowly begin to be known.”

“At the campsite?”

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms and asked. Jaehyun nodded.

“that’s right. Two of the most important elements of an outdoor training camp are: One is to hunt the monsters in the shallow area and bring the tokens, and the second is to track and find traces of as many monsters as possible.

Fortunately, there is a Soyul sunbaenim with 《Search》 in our circle.”

Jaehyun looked at Kwon Soyul with a greedy smile.

Kwon So-yul sighed.

‘After avoiding the garbage… … This side is full of thoughts of using me this way.’

However. Despite thinking so, her expression was very bright.

After looking at Kwon So-yul’s expression, Jaehyun pointed to the hideout screen and said,

“From now on, I will explain the strategy for the outdoor training camp.”

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