I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 152

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Episode 152 Hell Training (1)

“hello. Dear viewers watching World Radar Issues Channel. Today, we have two panels to discuss the mysterious grave robbery that took place in the great ruins of Iceland a few days ago.

Ballack, an S-class raider and representative of the European Union. And the world’s first S-class wizard, Camilla Raider of the European Union. Nice to meet you!”

“yes. Nice to meet you.”

“… … Nice to meet you.”

The scene where the TV live broadcast is in full swing. The main point of discussion was the great ruins of Iceland, which were famously robbed some time ago.

Ballack and Camilla were invited to a panel on the program to hear about the incident because they were on the scene during the incident.

However, the reaction of the audience surrounding them was not good enough that the word invitation was colorless. The reason was simple.

‘Because they are suspicious of the European Union because of what happened at the time of the Great Ruins Robbery.’

Balak let out a sigh.

Since it was a broadcast with a free atmosphere, there were no special restrictions on behavior, but it was clear that it was a violation of etiquette.

Camilla noticed, but he didn’t even look at it.

‘I didn’t do anything wrong, so why should I notice?

Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand their position, but… … .’

There was a reason why the audience showed the way they are now.

At the time of the massive tomb robbery. Even though there were as many as two S-class raiders on the scene, why couldn’t the European Union stop the grave robbers?

Besides, ruins were robbed in the stronghold of the Alliance?

Truly absurd news.

It was not unreasonable that the citizens who heard this were puzzled.


Recently, reporters from around the world have been writing malicious articles about the European Union and accusing them of being criminals.

A conspiracy theory arose that the two S-class raiders and the European Union intentionally stole artifacts from the great ruins, and such rumors were spreading rapidly.


‘It’s all bullshit.’

It was an absurd rumor that made Balak and Camilla burst into laughter.

A raider whose identity they dealt with is unknown. He was the owner of outstanding skills to the extent that the depth could not be known.

As S-class raiders, it was dangerous to fight such a monster while protecting their comrades.

Even Balak said. He said he survived because the mysterious man looked after him.

If that statement is really true, it would be an issue that would bring great upheaval to the radar world.

No matter how you think about it, it is difficult to see that the man who dug the ruins was a good man, and each country had to negotiate and establish an important plan to stop him and stop the mysterious man.

Measures must be taken as soon as possible.

That was Ballack and Camilla’s idea.

… … but.

“This is a question that may be rude to you two, but there was a lot of controversy at the time of this robbery incident.”

The moderator sorted out the questions written on the card and let go of the rhyme, then looked at Balak and Camilla alternately.

“Why couldn’t the great ruins be defended even though there were two S-class raiders?

These two issues are the main controversies mentioned among viewers recently. What do you think about this, would it be okay if I ask your opinion?”

“I have nothing more to say. It is our tribe.”

Camilla responded calmly. Their purpose was obvious.

Writing provocative articles by inducing them to say unfavorable things to them.

Even if the raiders risked their lives to go to the frontlines, the next day’s headline read, ‘Dozens died in dungeon break…’ … The incompetence of the European Union, is it okay as it is?’ comes up.

Camilla let out a small breath and looked at Balak.

Indeed, this is not without a way to end the controversy produced by moderators and viewers.

Balak confessing everything that happened at the time.

However, this was difficult.

‘There’s no way Balak would admit his defeat. In a public setting, an S-class raider speaks of his lack of ability? He is even the representative of the European Union, which is said to be one of the strongest in the world?’

No matter how you think about it, it was impossible.

Camilla shook her head to get rid of her thoughts, but the host suddenly cleared her throat before opening her mouth again.

“Next question.”

He was holding on to a fishy sneer.

“The Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the US government are increasingly criticizing the failures of the European Union. You bought the right to capture the great ruins and boasted about the capture, are you sorry that things turned out like this?”

“Are you sorry?”

Balak narrowed his eyes and looked at the host as if he were going to kill him.

Know. This is a low-key guiding newspaper.

U.S. government and Japanese vigilantes. These are people with forces almost equal to the European Union, and they would have been looking for an opportunity to bite the union’s failures like now.

‘A dirty joke to manipulate public opinion.’

Camilla, too, chewed her lips in indignation.

If they really cared about citizens, the world situation would not be as dizzy as it is now. Radar and the media, which are currently voicing, have almost died, and this was all done by the media of each country.

Unbearable, Balak jumped up from his seat.

I couldn’t stand them spitting out trash anymore. He showed his teeth to the moderator and was clear.

“That’s right. I’m sorry. But, one thing must be made clear.”

The audience’s eyes widen, and their attention is focused on Balak.

He was nonstop.

“We, the European Union, have done our best. To protect the great ruins.”

“Then why was the great ruin robbed?”

The moderator seemed to have waited. Her balak raised one corner of her mouth.

“I am that man. I was defeated by a mysterious man.”




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“The battle was fought and swords crossed. However, I couldn’t beat him.”

“Balack, one of the strongest in the world, you lost?”

The host muttered in shock.

Camilla was also shocked.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Balak admit his defeat… … .’

Even before Balak reached the S rank, Camilla had been with him. He also did a lot of sparring.

However, it was the first time I had ever seen Balak readily admit his defeat like he is now.

What was the change in his image, what had he gone through in the fight with that man, that made him change like that?

‘What the hell is going on… … .’


Ballack’s voice interrupted suddenly.

Urgently coming to her senses, she quickly nodded in agreement.

“I will vouch for it. Balak was defeated by a mysterious man, and I was unable to completely stop him either.”

“Camilla and the European Union have done their best. If you ask for responsibility, you will have to ask me, the representative.

But, know one thing for sure.”

Balak took Camilla’s words. He raised his head, clenching his fists.

“The man in the black robe we dealt with. He seemed to have a purpose. You may be watching this show right now. and… …

The next target might not be us, but the United States and Japan.”

Balak sneered.

“I hope you take care of yourself.”

* * *

TV program World Radar Issues Channel.

It was one of the broadcasts Jaehyun watched every day.

At first, it was small, and it was conducted in a visible radio format, but now it has changed to an almost host show-like atmosphere.

Even before the return, Jaehyun would often watch channels like this to study world radar trends.

Of course, I never thought that a story about myself would come out all of a sudden.

“by the way. For a proud Balak, he readily admitted his defeat.

You seemed to be very unhappy that day.”

Jae-hyun recalled the fight with Balak at the great ruins in the past.

At that time, he succeeded in defeating Balak by using various tricks (?) including Balmung.

“Well, luck is also skill.”

Few people can say that they were lucky even after winning the S-class Raider, but Jaehyun knew very well that his victory was a fluke.

S-class level. This was a high mountain that Jaehyun had to climb now.

A wall that has not yet been crossed even after clearing the Great Ruins and securing all kinds of advantages.

To overcome this, Jaehyun was still working hard.

“You have to let your colleagues grow up enough.”

Recently he founded his own academy Circle Nine. It’s still only a temporary stage, but the next circle will be of great help to Jaehyun. The circle of Milles Academy that exerts great influence on various political situations and media.

Among them, the S-class circle was treated the same as the B-class raider guild. It was an unspoken proof that he was no longer at the level of a cadet.

“First, develop and establish the circle. And we have to make sure the kids can fend for themselves.”

Soon Heimdall will attack him. Considering his situation in which Jae-hyeon could not be killed by the power of prophecy, it was natural for him to take care of the people around him.

In the case of the mother, it is a situation that can be hidden somehow with Hella’s black magic, but the rest of the colleagues do not have the conditions.

It is difficult to fight while protecting everyone with Jaehyun’s current skills.

The ideal at this time was to develop one’s allies sufficiently so that they could at least escape their own danger from the coming threat.

“My role is one. It is to open an avenue for our comrades to escape.”

For this, rapid growth was essential.

Jaehyun had already laid out all the plans, and now only action was left.

“Outdoor camping event. Most cadets are at one of two crossroads here.”

Either grow rapidly, or quit the academy after realizing your limitations.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t worried. Because none of his colleagues would announce that he would quit the academy and return home.

“Then let’s start slowly.”

Hell training in preparation for the camp. All preparations for reenactment have been completed.

* * *

next day. after afternoon classes.

Jaehyun summoned all the freshmen.

“so. What is the reason you summoned us like this?”

It was Ahn Ho-yeon’s question. Jaehyun smiled and looked around her.

This is Yeonhwa Guild’s secret training ground. This is the place where Jae-hyeon rented it for a while with the permission of Yoo Seong-eun.

For reference, at Jae-hyun’s suggestion, Yoo Seong-eun very readily accepted the rental of the training ground.

[what? If you need it, I’ll give you a secret training ground or whatever.]

Thanks to Jaehyun, Hoyeon Ahn, Yujeong Kim, and Ina Seo, all four of them gathered together.

It was for training to be active in the outdoor training camp to be held later.

Jaehyun cleared his throat and let go.

“There is only one reason why I called you to Yeonhwa Guild’s training ground. It’s to prepare for the outdoor training camp that will begin soon.”

“wow! Is this really made of arc metal?! I heard it was very expensive!”

“… … Kim Yoo-jung?”

“Oh sorry. I am so excited.”

Kim Yoo-jung scratched her head. Actually, Yeonhwa Guild’s training ground. Even so, the number of people who can set foot in the secret training ground can be counted on one hand.

If you’re not curious about being here, that’s even weirder.

‘I thought there were less than 10 people including the people involved in the construction, but maybe.’

Jaehyun laughed as he recalled the boasts that Yooseong secretly shared in the past.

Unbeknownst to her, she secretly enjoyed flaunting herself and the Yeonhwa Guild. Perhaps this was part of a strategy to keep Jaehyun from paying attention to other guilds.


Jaehyun shook his head and lightly brushed away his thoughts.

“Our circle has just begun. I’ll get Yeonhwa’s support, and honestly, I’ll be able to borrow the power of Instructor Jiyeon Kim, who is the chairman of the board.

But I can’t go long that way.”

“… … Well, sure it is.”

Kim Yoo-jung agreed. Ahn Ho-yeon also nodded her head and crossed her arms.

“Anyway, Milles Academy is a strictly skill-oriented academy. It’s not that you don’t need connections, but if you lean too much on it, you’ll get into trouble later.”

“… … In the first place, I hate being judged on something other than my skills.”

Seo In-na also wrapped her arms around her and gave a helping hand.

Jaehyun was Joo Eok.

“okay. But I’ll be honest. Your skills are not yet high enough to beat the top ranks of the senior year. Of course, he is gifted with natural talent, but he is still in the 1st to 5th place among freshmen. It is true that it is regrettable by the standards of current students.”

“That’s right.”

“From now on, all the circle members will train together. you said before How was I able to grow in such a short period of time? From now on, watch me and follow me. Then you will know what to do.”

“oh… … !”

Ahn Ho-yeon admired. Kim Yoo-jung made a satisfied expression and burned her passion.

“Finally, Min Jae-hyun’s secret notebook is revealed… … ! He got stronger quickly on his own, so to be honest, it was a bit of a twist… … !”

“… … Shall I tell you?”


Kim Yoo-jung immediately denied it and laughed bashfully.

When I turned my head, Seo Eana’s expression also hardened. It seems that they have not been satisfied with the speed of their growth lately.

‘Well, since I’m by your side, it has to be.’

Of course, it is impossible for them to keep up with Jaehyun’s growth rate.

In the first place, the system they used was different, and in the case of Jaehyun, he was constantly overcoming his limitations by gaining opportunities.

Compared to the other cadets, no, even the raiders, it was embarrassing.

“Then Jaehyun, what are you planning to teach me? Is there anything you can teach me, a martial artist?”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked with anticipation.

Jaehyun tilted his head as if it was strange and replied.

“huh? What do you mean? When did I say I was teaching you unilaterally? I will learn a lot from you too.”


“… … Can you learn anything from us?”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Eana’s reaction was worth seeing. Ahn Ho-yeon also didn’t seem to understand right away.

Isn’t it a representation that is at least four or five times stronger than them?

But what are you going to learn from them?

However, whether or not he knew their feelings, Jaehyun was just smiling.

“Then, training for the outdoor camp begins. And there. Senior Kwon So-yul, please come in quickly. Don’t sneak up there.”

“… … Chit.”

As a result, all the members of the circle except for Lee Jae-sang, a non-combatant, and Seo Ah-hyun, a middle school student, gathered.

It was the beginning of full circle training.

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